Daddy and 18-year-old Daughter Dhan


He hooks his finger on either side.

Dhana arches her back in anticipation...

But now he pulls up gently, not down. Dhana is surprised, then gasps at the sensation.

It's wonderful. Her pussy feels cupped and gripped by the wet hammock of cloth.

Her pulled up underwear ride into her slit and outline the wet taut flesh below. A double line of her pussy lips appears in the wet relief. Her whole pussy comes through the cloth, cradled by the wet silk.

Daddy's eyes feast on her avidly. He gently rocks her, manipulating her expertly.

And she understands.

She is...

On display, wet, for Daddy,

Her clit being rocked by Daddy. In it's little sling.

Her clitoris begins to fatten up through the friction of the wet cloth that Daddy pulls on as if it's a handle for her pussy -- her tight white little sex on display for him. Cherished. Covered like a gift-wrapped package.

She almost hums down there.

Daddy groans as he watches. Watches her own little covered slit.

Turned on by her engorged wet pussy through the watering cloth.

Now Daddy released his hold on each side of her underwear.

"You're teasing me now, Daddy," she groans.

He doesn't reply.

And he softly pulls them down just an inch. Playing with her.

He wants to make this first display of his daughter's pussy last a long time.

The top of her pubic crease comes into view up above, just above the panty top.

There's just a sparse sprinkling of translucent hair along the tanned, V shaped crease that leads to her clit.

He stops right there.

Daddy looks closely at her, examining his daughter's pussy.

Daddy sees that mostly she's still hairless, the mound of her pubis shyly visible through the moonlight cotton.

The sight enraptures daddy.

"Please uncover more of me, Daddy, please" she pleads. Loving the pulse in his temple as it increases....

He pulls them down another two inches, and the V where it intersects with her slim thighs comes into view.

Her clit fattens more, and she groans. Daddy needs to touch her, but he doesn't.

He looks hungrily at the vertical white slit, so tight, the top of it now gleaming.

He lowers another two inches, and now he can see her fat, stiffening little sleek clitoris, the front of which is presenting itself, pushing through the lips, one little folded perfect tip, like an unblown rose.

"I love the way you look, sweetie."

"Oh, Daddy."

It's shining.

His daughter is already drenching wet. Growing. The translucent-haired, pink sides of her wonderful pussy blushing. Drooling.

Daddy groans with lust and desire.

He wants his mouth on her pussy.

He inhales her, coming close. She pinkens up more.

She pleads softly with him to touch her.

He nods, and hungrily leans forward, his mouth opening, and now...

He actually makes contact with his tongue and lips! He kisses her slit through the cotton V which still encloses her young, tight, white pussy, all incensing up and plumping up and beginning to leak its juice into the cotton.

His tongue laving her, washing along the cloth, swishing and sucking up through it, testing, hungrily.

She groans and comes up off the bed, her haunches rising. Trying to thrust into Daddy's eager, sucking mouth. But Daddy just keeps the tip of his tongue in contact with the panty cloth, the bulging wet clit.

The heat is incredible in her little pinkening slit, almost drooling with juice now that sops into the bunched up crease of her panties below.

But Daddy pulls away.

Dhana writhes now, her wet panties sopping.

"Daddy, don't stop.. Take my panties down. O please."

"'re so beautiful, sugar. But - "

"Daddy, please fuck me."

He groan erupts from his lips.

He bows his head, and gives in to his incredible hunger to see his daughter's pussy.

Now, with one motion, he yanks, smoothly, and rolls her panties down.

Dhana's wet panties come down and slither off her legs. She raises her buttocks to help.

Her panties come off of her ankles. Daddy puts them on the bed next to her, carefully.

Dhana stretches and moans hungrily.

Now she is naked on the bed -- splayed out for Daddy.

Her shoulders are up, her nipples are hard, and her long legs are nearly slick with the heat...

She groans for his touch.

Daddy folds her wet panties.

"These will stay right here unless you make too much noise. If you do," he whispers with a frown." I'll have to use your panties as a little gag for you, sugar. Press them against your mouth. Okay?"

"I'll...try to be quiet, Daddy," she whispers.

"That's a good girl."

Daddy returns to looking at her beautiful, wet, slavering, little pussy, with its nearly rigid clit all swollen and growing, is revealed in the moonlight.

Daddy comes forward to inhale her scent, and he sighs hungrily.

He holds her legs gently, and turns her to admire her from every angle, like a little love doll.

Her virgin pussy shines in its own juices, a whiter line against pink-mouthed lips.

He's so excited. He's never been so excited.

"Dhana, you're the prettiest I've ever seen."

She's on fire, bucking up, trying to raise her hot crotch up to Daddy's face.. He hasn't touched her pussy.!He's teasing her, she can feel his warm breath, but... He's touching all around it, but it feels like it needs him on her, it's hungry and he won't touch it yet.

He's still trying to be good, even now.

She feels a wild flame adding to the growing itchy hotness between her legs.

Daddy puts his hands down on either side of her pussy.

He still doesn't touch it, but pulls the skin away just on either side of her tight slit.

It opens her pussy for his inspection -- her little slit is seined with moisture. Her pink lips slowly roll back, under his guiding palms.

She emits a sweet scent that fills his nose with pleasure. She smells it too and it makes her even hungrier.

Dhana feels an electrical pleasure running up her spine. She gasps.

She feels his breath.

Daddy's powerless to stop his own hunger for his daughter's pussy. He gives up trying.

He wants to eat it.

His fingers roll her clit like a marble in oil. Her red virginal pussy lips, a thin little beautiful scallop of flesh on either side of her clit, unfurl their tiny lengths open like a flower, revealing more wet flesh, with succulent juice exuding. Daddy peels her pussy open a little more, dying to taste it, to get his mouth on its growing red lushness. He fingers along the left side of her pussy lips, watching fascinated as the tiny strip of flesh undulates under his finger...

Agggh...Dhana sighs, trying to stay quiet. It's so hard.

"Your little kitten?" he whispers. "It has the sleekest pink lips. A little Y that folds into the top of your thighs.

"Do you like my kitty, Daddy?' she gasps.

Kiss it, please, please, take it, she thinks pleads silently.

"I love it, honey."

His voice is loving, thick with desire.

His fingers part her clean-cut lips, pushing them aside to get to her clit, which he so hungers for. It is now stiffly upright, engorged and proud. Like a tiny little red piece sex flesh that needs to be eaten and taken, glistening in its own excitement.

"It's the most gorgeous kitty I've ever seen, honey. Want Daddy to show you how much he loves it?"

"Please, Daddy."

"I'm going to eat it, "he says, fascinated.

Daddy's so hungry for Dhana to be in his mouth. Hungry to suck up that clit first and then feed on it all.

Daddy lets go of her upper thighs. she gasps.

Daddy pushes her legs wide apart, strongly, and, his eyes still fixated on her pussy, he kneels before her, and pulls her towards him as his head goes down towards her pussy.

Daddy is now between his daughter's legs, lying down, spreading her knees.

Daddy licks lovingly but avidly all along the insides of her long, coltish lean thighs.

Her soft white skin tastes so good. A little salty and sweet, too.

He licks further up past the opening curve of the top of her open thighs.

Dhana is splayed out for her Daddy. She gasps.

Daddy licks with his tongue up her inner thighs, and sees the neat little Y of her pussy above, gleaming in the moonlight, tight and with just the tip of her glistening new clit peeking from the vertical lips like a dew dripping rose.

He just stares hungrily. Daddy has never seen anything he wants to take into his mouth more.

He wants to taste his daughter so badly. Nurse on her pussy. It's all he can think about.

He wants to taste and suck his daughter's pussy. Without the cloth between it and his mouth.

Dhana can look down and now she reaches down with her hands.

She wants to feel Daddy's head poised between her legs.

Now he is only inches from her slit, and he pauses.

Daddy and Dana's breaths are both coming fast now.

She is anticipating his mouth on her.

So is he.

He hungrily breathes her wonderful scent in. He looks with deep lust at wet little Y-shaped slit, which is leaking a little clear fluid nearly down to the crack of her ass.

He reaches forward with his tongue, and avidly touches just the tip to the pink ridge at the top of her gorgeous clit.

"Please, Daddy!"

daddy's tongue feels like a warm little mouth of its own. It laps at Dhana.

"Oh God!"

He sucks up the little trickle of juice that's just burst out of the taut lips, the grape of her clitoris, trickling down, to the curve of her beautiful ass, almost to the pink rosebud below.

She tastes peppery and sweet and he wants to suck on her like fruit.

Closer, and now a wet, warm pressing of lubricated tongue like a hot spot of light laving against her, sucking her up, inhaling her almost scentless juices, just a faint peppery lusciousness that he savors she's salty.

She groans loudly, and he shushes her, but he's too engrossed to keep his hungering mouth away from her pussy for more than a moment.

He gives her a quick smile and then his head eagerly goes back to her pussy.

Making murmuring sounds of pleasure, Daddy now sucks and laves his way down into the folds - he puts his hands under her ass and lifts it up so he can lick along the junction between her thighs and her ass.

Dhana groans. She can't believe how good it feels.

For two minutes he doesn't move much. Just stays with his mouth on her pussy. Palming her ass. Pulling her a part a little.

He's just getting familiar with her pussy. Learning it. Worshipping it. Cupping it with his mouth. Getting ready to know it better. Moving his mouth and tongue all around it, gauging it. Treasuring it. Preparing.

Daddy's never tasted anything so good as Dhana. All he can think about is sucking her.

Sucking her. Eating her. Sucking her pink lips in, feeling them wrinkle and unwrinkle up in his mouth, gathering them with his lips and tongue and vacuuming them in, his own lips widening to take more.

Daddy now reaches under her, palming her ass, lifting her up slightly, and parting her back thighs so he can lick all along her cheeks almost to her little red rosebud.

Dhana's so hot in her middle, she bucks a little till Daddy firmly keeps her from moving.

Daddy licks back up to her pink clitoris and its folds, now widening more and more, and he feeds on Dhana, hungrily licking now, sucking up all her juices, wanting more. It excites him to suck her juices, it makes him hungrier and hungrier.

He has a starving desire to drink her dry.

Soon the soft slight fur on her young pussy is drenched with his saliva along with her own juices. Her sparse hairs are wet with his saliva, too. His mouth travels up to the top of her slit and back down. Over and over.

Yes, Daddy has a starving desire to drink Dhana and eat Dhana's swelling, sleek, beautiful, wet pussy that moves like soft pink slit lips under his vacuuming mouth, his mouth fastening and keeping on her, even as she bucks, bucking along with her, taking her movement and encouraging it, loving feeling the sweet scented meat of her in his mouth.

As he sucks on it, he can feel her little marble shaped clit swelling in his mouth, and he eagerly laps at it, worshipping it, wanting nothing but to make it grow and grow in his mouth.

Now Daddy starts to suck in earnest.

For long minutes he sucks, but each time she feels herself growing close, he pulls away and shushes her.

It's an agony for her, but also the deepest pleasure she's ever. Had.

"Shush, Dhana,"

"Yes, Daddy." she groans almost helplessly beneath his sucking mouth. She's just an instrument for his oral pleasure now, for his addiction to sucking his daughter's pussy.

Daddy's hands roll up to his daughter's hips and then up, pushing her holding her, using her, controlling her for his own pleasure. His big hands palm her breasts, then spread under her to lift up her pert ass, his fingers paddling her ass checks apart just a little, pulling her pussy up closer so he can get to it better with his mouth.

To be eaten by Daddy. Controlled by Daddy. Used by Daddy for his pleasure and her own. Daddy is in charge of her hot, fastening pussy.

Completely in charge of his love doll daughter.

To make it easier for her to buck in and out of his mouth, Daddy now reaches up and puts the pillow further beneath her bottom to raise her up. Her legs are now splayed apart. The line of her pussy gleams.

He holds her legs apart, and Dhana opens them obediently to receive Daddy's licking.

Like a good little girl. She's gonna be sucked out by Daddy.

Daddy needs more to eat and drink. Daddy now begins to pull and suck at her pussy lips to the side of her taut, pert clit now, the pink lips growing redder, flaring.

Dhana buries her hands in Daddy's soft hair, pulling on his head.

Daddy is paying attention only to her pussy, his mouth glued to it, it's the only thing in Daddy's world right now, all by itself, something that Daddy desperately needs to worship and plump up and make come so he can drink his daughter all down.

this is Daddy's dream. Daddy wants everything this tight little pussy can give him, he wants all of it, all the fluids, all the pink glowing flesh, he wants to lave it up and down for hours.

Dhana just lets herself be so hungry. So, so hungry for Daddy's mouth to be on her.

He pulls her tight against his mouth and parts her pussy lips with his mouth, plumping them up, working them with the pressure of his lips and tongues, feeling them tight, flatten, and then plump up again, licking up and down, sucking in her juices with a panting sigh.

Her clit peeks up, hardening now, as hard as a rubber eraser on a pencil end, just quivering with wanting to come, leaking, and he takes it between his thumb and forefinger gently, and licks it worshipfully, watching the way his tongue pushes at it and makes it glisten and grow even harder. It looks like the prettiest little pink rose, all unfurled and blossoming. Like it wants to fit back into his mouth. He pulls and sighs at her pink nubbin, desiring it.

It quivers in the heat and moisture of Daddy's tongue, giving up heat and moisture of its own, which Daddy eagerly sucks in and laves with his tongue, lapping at her with soft guttural sighs of deep satisfaction. She hears him groan as she feels him hungrily feed on her, sucking in her nectar. He wants to drink her all in, he's desperate for the juice of her pussy. He spreads her lips so he can suck more, lapping and lapping.

Oh. Dhana groans. Her own lips feel hot just feeling his on hers. Dhana wants to memorize how her beloved, famished Daddy vacuums in her taut pink pussy lips, feeling them wrinkle and unwrinkle under his laving tongue. His hands go gently again onto the white rounded bottom cheeks, and he looks up and growls lovingly at her.

For long minutes all there is -- is the sound of sucking. The soft creak of the bed. Dhana lets herself go completely into the pleasure of being sucked by her Daddy. Her clit pops in and out of his mouth, with a rubbery soft popping sound. His head moves back and forth against her. She holds onto his jaw and puts her fingers against his lips as they suck on her. She feels the inch of flesh that anneals between his mouth and her flaring, drenched lips, pulling on her eagerly.

Now Daddy stops.

He raises up and whispers.

"Tell Daddy you're his suck toy."

"I am,'" she whimpers. "I'm your suck toy, Daddy."

"Daddy's pet. Open for Daddy when he wants you."

"Yes, Daddy."

"You're Daddy's little suck slut. Say it."

"I'm Daddy's little suck slut. Please."

"At night? You'll wear the panties he brings you and be ready to have them pulled down and your pussy wet for Daddy. Ready for Daddy. Ready for inspection by Daddy."

His voice is hoarse now, no more pretending that he's not doing this, that his whole being wants to suck and fuck her pussy. His hunger is out in the open now, his lust, too.

"Yes, Daddy."

"And no more clothes when we swim in the pool."

"Yes, Daddy."

"And Dhana? You are not to come without Daddy's permission."

"Oh, God, Daddy!"

"Say it."

"I'm...not to come...without Daddy's permission."

"That's a good girl."

Daddy's mouth goes back to work on Dhana's tight hot slit. Sucking ardently. Dhana can't believe it. It feels better than anything she's ever felt. Daddy's sucking her pussy.

He parts her lips again, and loves the taste of them. All there is for long while as Dhana lies back in the moonlight, her Daddy between her legs, groaning and sucking.

He expertly senses when her skin is ready for coming, and he pulls away...frustrated but so horny and wanting, Dhana tries to come to the sound of Daddy's mouth working against his daughter's pussy.

Dhana reaches down and holds Daddy's head against her, pressing in. She gasps as her pussy works against his lips. In, out, gleaming, stroking. The soft sound of Daddy's eager sucking. She watches it now. She can see him in the closet mirror, too.

This time as he works her the pressure mounts so hotly that she knows she can't stop it.

She gasps.

"Stop Daddy or I can't stop. I can't stop the come this time. I can't."

Daddy doesn't stop.


Her pussy is almost rigid with desire and she groans. Oh, she wants to come.

She's going to come.

But suddenly daddy pulls back again.

She comes off her high, off her almost come, her pussy burning and pulsing, twitching, wanting. Hungry, but not coming. Not satisfied.

Daddy loves seeing her bucking, moving, pussy under him.

He holds her apart from him, a little saliva connecting Daddy's mouth to Dhana's pussy. She groans. He toys with her clit, which is so fat and hard and glistening.

"No, Dhana. Not yet."

He's almost torturing her, he's so commanding and strong.

"Oh, god."

"Don't say that. Remember, you are learning how to be a slut. A slut for Daddy."

"Yes, Daddy."

"Daddy will handle you how he likes."

"Yes, please, Daddy."

"You're a suck slut for me. I'll take hours to make you come if I want. just to feed on you for the pleasure of pussy sucking, finding a way to keep that pleasure without letting you come."

"Yes, Daddy."

But she is so frustrated. Tears come to her eyes, but she trusts Daddy and her hunger feels right.

She is excited to be his slut, too. She knows that he knows what's best, and she knows she's becoming his love doll and that's what she wants more than anything.

Daddy knows what he wants, he knows best, and she has to take it, she has to ease her breathing.

He lays her back and strokes her. Her legs tremble.

She realizes there's going to be more, and she almost cries with pleasure. Of course she's going to also just be his fuck slut. That's what he's doing, that's what he's turning her into. Training her.

Daddy is training her to be his fuck slut.

" Oh, Daddy." She leans against him. "I've never felt anything like what you did. Never. But I want more."

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