tagIncest/TabooDaddy and Dr. Perkins

Daddy and Dr. Perkins


Daddy, I have to confess, I was terrified when Dr. Perkins, my English professor, asked me to stay back after class; she has a reputation for unduly strict repercussions for minor transgressions. I searched my head for what I could have done to upset her. I knew it had to be my attire; ever since the phone call she made home to you about my inappropriate dress, it seems that the outfits you have been picking for me to wear to class have been getting more and more provocative.

I followed behind Dr. Perkins, quietly admiring the elegant way she walks; all long legs and swaying hips. She is tall, at least 5'9 and so beautiful; she has always reminded me of a pin-up girl from the 40's with her full curves and tiny waist. She was wearing a short sleeved, clinging, black cashmere sweater, grey wool pencil skirt that stopped several inches above her knees, and black netted stockings. The sophisticated outfit was capped off with a pair of closed toed black stiletto heels. Her striking wavy red hair was swept up in a loose bun.

We walked into her warmly decorated office and she locked the door behind us.

"Have a seat Miss C., we need to have a frank conversation." I sat on the red, velvet love seat tucked against the wall, as she leaned back against her wooden desk. She assessed me fully, judging me as I tried desperately to appear more modest than my clothes would allow.

You remember the outfit I was wearing that day, don't you Daddy? It was one of your favorite slutgirl ensembles; the faded, tattered, jean mini-skirt that barely covers my ass and my fitted pink button-up shirt, with only three buttons closed revealing my black, push-up bra and my belly. The black strappy heels I was wearing were so high, that I had to push my knees together tightly to make sure she couldn't see up my skirt and learn that you insisted that I not wear panties to class anymore. I hugged my books close to my body, trying to cover up my near nakedness.

She sneered at me as she absently caressed the chalkboard pointer she was never without.

"Do you know why I have asked you to my office today Miss C.?"

I looked at her dumbly, shaking my head trying to convey honest innocence. "No, Dr. Perkins, I have no idea what I could have done to upset you."

She ordered me to my feet and directed me to come to her. I stood in front of her, trembling, feeling amazingly vulnerable.

"Let's start by studying the outfit you have on this afternoon." She slid both her hands up the outside of my thighs until she reached the hem of my skirt. "This outfit, my dear, is much too revealing. Everyone in the class can see every part of you and believe me, it is becoming quite distracting, for us all. Is that what you want, you silly little slut?"

"No, ma'am. I am so sorry. I didn't mean to offend you; I just sometimes don't realize the impact of the outfits I select. I can be a little bit careless."

She laughed at me dismissively. "Don't give me that innocent act Miss C., we both know you are fully aware of the impact that your slutty outfits have. I am sure you have noticed that my teaching assistant, Brian, is no longer present in class. He came to me the other day, begging to be switched to another section, afraid he was going to fall to your constant temptation. Don't think that I haven't noticed that every time you call him to help you, you whisper in his ear and he walks away with a considerable bulge in his pants."

I protested, somewhat unconvincingly. "Dr. Perkins, that is simply not true. I have never said anything inappropriate to Brian. I just need his help sometimes that is all!"

Of course, you know I was lying to her Daddy. You had ordered me to seduce Brian and bring him home for some play time. I was so close Daddy! I did just what you told me and I whispered in his ear "Brian, I am not wearing any panties and just looking at you has made my pussy so fucking wet that I am dripping all over this seat. When I get up to leave, I want you to be my bad little boy and lick it clean for me. Will you do that for me Brian?" I made sure to be the last one to leave the room and as I left, he rushed to my seat and knelt beside it. I looked back at him dragging his tongue across my seat and knew it would be a matter of days before you watched him fuck me. I guess that little game has been put on hold, for now.

Dr. Perkins shook her head, dissatisfied with my weak lie. She fondled the hem of my skirt and moved it up my thighs slowly. I tried to push the skirt down, protesting softly, but she persisted and saw exactly what she had expected; my smooth, glistening cunt, bare for anyone to see. She feigned indignation, but for the first time, I saw something else in her stare; longing. She swallowed hard and bit her bottom lip.

"Young lady, your behavior has been so outrageous that I have been forced to take unprecedented measures in an effort to deal with you. I have been at wit-ends and as ridiculous as it sounds, I have even called your father, twice. After our first conversation, he assured me that he would be able to get you under control. Your father sounds like quite the disciplinarian, and I thought for sure he would be able to subdue the whore out of you. I thought he would be able to convince you that looking and acting like a little slut would garner you serious punishment."

Control, discipline, subdue, punish; she knew you too well Daddy. I tried to suppress a knowing smile. She put her fingers in the belt loops of my skirt and yanked me towards her as she leaned back on the desk. Her legs were spread in order to pull me as close as possible and her skirt was hiked up revealing that her thigh high stockings were held up with black lace garters. Her lips were inches from my neck, her breath was warm and her voice dripped with sex.

"I talked with your Daddy again Miss C. and he informed me of certain behavior modification tactics that have been known to get very good results from you. We met last night so he could demonstrate exactly how to perform the tactics in a way that would make you comply to my demands and desires. I must say he taught me a number of fantastic things. You are such a very lucky little babyfuck to have such a big, hard Daddy. " She groped my heaving tits and squeezed my aching nipples roughly.

I whimpered compliantly, knowing exactly how lucky I was. "I am so sorry; I have been so naughty Dr. Perkins. I am a filthy, little slut and I just can't help myself. Please teach me a lesson. I so want to be a goodgirl for you..." I brought her hand to my lips and kissed it adoringly.

She pouted and looked at me softly, almost patiently. "Ah, so I meet the sweet little cumbaby your Daddy told me about. We are not quite at forgiveness yet, my pet. Your father had one condition to allowing me to administer your punishment; he must be present to ensure your safety. Of course, I agreed, seizing any moment to see him and touch him again."

My heart began to race and I felt light headed. I had no idea you had any of this planned and I began to quiver in anticipation of seeing you. I hated the idea that the two of you had been alone together last night; imagining you kissing her, fucking her and maybe even slapping her with the crop, sent blood racing through my veins. Daddy, you know that I always worry that you will find a woman much more your match, closer in age and interests. She is so lovely and strong, much more appropriate for such a worldly, sensitive man like you than a slutty little babyfuck like me. I often worry you will tire of my submission and find someone like Dr. Perkins to satisfy your darkest cravings. I tried to remind myself, that it was me you were coming to protect; it was me you cherished most in the world.

"I want to prepare you for your Daddy so he can watch you taking your punishment in absolute comfort." Dr. Perkins pulled my shirt off, leaving me in my black push up bra and grabbed my wrists, pulled my arms behind my back and tied them together expertly. You love me tied up, displaying my tits so indecently, don't you Daddy? She pushed my hair to the side and kissed the back of my neck, seductively drawing her tongue across my shoulder blades.

It was her turn to prepare, undressing slowly, teasing me with her gorgeous, womanly body. She pulled her sweater up and over her head, revealing that she was wearing a tightly cinched black corset that supported her tremendous, creamy dd's. Her tits were much bigger than mine and unleashed a strong desire in me to kiss and suck like a devoted little babyfuck. She cupped them and grinned wickedly. She pulled them out of the corset, her nipples capping her heavy tits and so sweetly pointing upward. "Does babyslut like?"

"Yes. Very much, Mommy." My face turned scarlet at my transgression, she had not given me permission to call her Mommy and I had no idea how you would feel about such a slip up. She didn't seem to be bothered, but I would try to resist the urge to submit to her so readily again. She slid out of her skirt and stood before me in delicate black, crotchless panties and a matching garter belt, holding up her fishnet stockings. Her pussy looked so delicious, with just a well maintained strip of red hair trailing up her cunt lips. I watched her dotingly, as she glided to her desk and pulled out our riding crop. You had given it to her. Sometimes I wish you wouldn't share our secrets so easily but then I admonish these thoughts thinking about how hard

your big daddycock gets when you watch someone else dominate your little babyfuck.

There was a knock on her office door and I heard your deep voice, asking for Dr. Perkins. As usual, the sound of your voice sent me swooning. I watched her face light up and she busily cleared her desk, calling back to you in a sultry voice "I'll be right with you Sir."

She pushed me over the desk, grabbed the back of my neck and shoved my face down. Roughly, she hiked my skirt up over my ass and spread my legs, preparing me like a prop for a show. After smoothing her outfit, she opened the door for you and you walked in to the sight of your honeyfuck tied up, her round ass and wet cunt on display for you so salaciously. You inhaled deeply, the small room already smelled like sex.

"Dr. Perkins, it is so good to see you again. I am sorry that it is under these circumstances. I know she can be such an unruly little slut...Isn't that true, cumslut?" Your harsh words stung me but I answered dutifully, "Yes, Daddy. I am such bad slut."

There was silence and though I couldn't see either of you, I could tell you were taking in Dr. Perkins loveliness. I could hear the sound of you kissing her passionately; she hummed contentedly into your open mouth. You murmured how amazing she looked and how you couldn't wait to be inside of her again. She giggled girlishly and I cringed, hating how romantic you could be with other women.

But soon enough I had your attention again. You leaned over me, coarsely shoving two fingers up my hungry cunt, working them deeply into my sopping hole. "I cannot believe what a bad little girl you have been, my naughty cumbaby. Look at how much you need it, fucking Daddy's hand like this... She is such a slut isn't she Dr. Perkins." You scooped girlcum from my cunt and rubbed it into my tight little asshole, making it glisten. I bucked and grinded against your hand as you pushed a finger up my rosebud. I let out a dirty, guttural cry as you finger fucked my ass and cunt. You whispered gruffly in my ear "Dr. Perkins is going to give you what you deserve fuckslut. My pretty little fucktoy is going to be taught a lesson she won't forget."

Dr. Perkins pulled you from me, you shoved your fingers in her mouth and she sucked my cum obediently. She pushed you down on the red velvet love seat and you lounged, relaxed and ready for a show.

"Have a seat big Daddy, and watch as I punish your bad little babygirl". She lifted each of my legs up on the desk so that I was perched on my knees, my ass high in the air, my face flat on the desk, my arms tied behind my back. She brought her face close to my gaping cunt and licked lightly, my lips opened even further for her. She opened me wider with two fingers and began slapping my open cunt with her hand, quickly and sharply. I winced and fuckjuice began gushing down my legs.

I heard you unzip your jeans and I knew you were jacking that cock and I wanted so desperately to see it getting hard. Dr. Perkins' breath grew ragid, "You are making your Daddy so hard, slut. He loves watching me slap this hot little cunt. Do you like knowing you are making your own Daddy want to fuck you?"

"Yes!! I love making my Daddy hard! Please don't stop. Harder. I need to be punished harder! Make my Daddy harder, please!"

Dr. Perkins didn't need much more prodding, she slapped the riding crop against my ass sharply and her and I both let out delicious, gratified moans, making your cock jump and twitch in your hand. You began to grip your daddydick tightly, fucking it more forcefully with each slap of the crop against my pussy. I gasped and cried and Dr. Perkins grunted and hissed fingering her own cunt in rhythm with her swats. I came forcefully crying out "Daddy!"

Through gritted teeth, you ordered Dr. Perkins to slap my asshole. She smiled mischievously at you and spread my ass cheeks then proceeded to punish my cherry red asshole mightily. Even after I came again, thunderously, she didn't let up. After what seemed an eternity, I begged her stop. It hurt and stung and I didn't think I could take it much longer. "Uh, Daddy, make her stop. Uh, God! Uh, it hurts, so fucking bad. Ow! Stop, please." I sobbed, my body shook violently and I dropped my knees, collapsing flat on the desk.

She didn't stop, instead she turned the riding crop around and began fucking my asshole with the handle; thrusting it in and out sadistically. I grunted with each thrust in, my body lurching forward. I was surprised and frightened by her force, not expecting this soft, feminine woman to be quite so rough. I think even you were a little surprised because soon you were at her side, drawing her away from me by seducing her into your arms.

"You made my dick so hard. I wanna fuck you in front of my slutdaughter. Can I fuck that cunt baby?" You pushed your finger up her pussy pleadingly. She softened and melted into your arms, tearing at your shirt and undressing you.

I choked back my tears, still sobbing, feeling so exposed and vulnerable. I didn't dare move, knowing you would tell me when and where to move if you so desired. As if you were in my head, you led Dr. Perkins to the love seat and said "Let me move the littleslut so she can watch her Daddy give it to you so fucking hard baby."

You grabbed my tied arms and lifted me up. You pushed me into the chair and then leaned over me to unhook my bra. As you did this, you lightly, sweetly kissed my shoulder, pushing your tongue out momentarily, instantly calming me and letting me know I was going to be okay.

Dr. Perkins was lying seductively on the couch, beckoning you to thrust your hard daddycock in between her luscious pussy lips. You positioned yourself between her long, stocking clad legs which she wrapped tightly around your waist, drawing you in. The sight of your dick sliding in and out of her fuckflesh made me flush with excitement.

"You like watching Daddy fuck, babygirl?"

"Oh, yes Daddy." I wished my hands were free so I could flick my little clit for you as you fucked this nasty, cruel woman.

She moaned, deeply satisfied with that tremendous cock, that I love so much, in her fuckhole, splitting her pussylips with its girth.

"Cum here Babyfuck. You owe Dr. Perkins an apology. Kneel next to her and suck these big, fat titties for Daddy."

I obeyed like a goodgirl, kneeling beside her on the floor and taking her big mommy tits into my mouth. You pushed your hand into my hair and guided my head, pushing my face into her cleavage roughly. She arched her back, offering me her sensitive nipples. I sucked and sucked as you continued to fuck her. The force of your manly fucking deep in her silken cunt and the sweetness of my adoring babygirl kisses on her tits, sent her over the edge and she came forcefully, gushing all over your hard cock and screaming loudly. Her cunt clutched at your cock greedily. You were about to cum so you pulled out of her and shot your wad all over her heaving tits and my tenderly sucking lips. You jerked every last drop out of that hard cock painting us both with your hot jizz, and collapsed on top of her, spent.

I remained on my knees next to you, watching as she kissed your neck and rubbed your back. My hands, still tied behind my back, I couldn't fulfill my need to touch your body with my hands, and so I just slid my tongue in your ear and kissed you devotedly.

"Take me home Daddy. Baby needs you to fuck her so bad."

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