tagBDSMDaddy and His Girl

Daddy and His Girl

byrose butterfly©

I would like to give thanks to angel love for her editing skills of my story.


This was the day I would finally meet Him, the One who made my heart pound when He had called me on the phone, the One whom I had dreamt about since our first talk, the One who knew how to get my body to ache for Him, my juices to pour just from His voice. I was going to meet my Master.

I patiently waited for Him, dressed only in a sheer, brown, see-through nightie with roses on it. My nipples began to harden from the coolness of the air in the apartment.

The phone rang, and answering it I heard, "I am almost to your place, be waiting by the door with your back to it, do not speak, you will be blindfolded, and you know what I expect, just as we have discussed."

I replied to my Master, "Yes, Daddy," and I hung up the phone.

Instantly my mound was moist just thinking of meeting Him and being with Him. I positioned myself in front of the door as He had instructed, with my back to it and humbly kneeing on the floor with my head face down. A few moments passed before I heard the door open and lock shut. Master had finally arrived!

Immediately my eyes were covered with a handkerchief, blindfolding me. Master took my hand and led me with Him over to the couch as I felt his hands push my shoulders, placing me back into a kneeling position in front of Him. I could sense Him sitting and felt His legs on each side of me. His hand was placed behind my head as I heard the unzipping sound of His pants.

Violently He pressed my head down upon His hard cock so fast and hard that I choked. Master pulled my head back a little, laughing, as I took His cock into my mouth. I began to lick and suckle Him, tasting His precum and massaging His balls with my left hand as my right hand held firmly to His shaft.

Master thrusted His cock in and out of my mouth hard. I heard His guttural laugh as I choked from the intense thrusting, His cock hit the back of my throat. Lightly plunging into my mouth, He began testing me, seeing how hard I could stand the thrusts, and then He pushed harder hitting the back of my throat, making me gag. I know He was delighted in hearing my gagging, as I heard His moans begin to increase and He laughed wickedly again.

I began to tease the tip of His cock with my tongue, flicking it quickly around the top as I worked my lips up and down the shaft of His cock. Moaning loudly He pushed my head down again, forcing my mouth all the way upon Him as He thrust deep into my throat. He was fucking my mouth so hard that I couldn't stand it. The back of my throat was burning from the pressure of His thrusts.

Just as I thought I could not take any more I felt the hot spray of His salty cum hit the back of my throat slightly burning my irritated mouth. I tried swallowing His seed, but not fast enough, as some of His cum began to ooze out of the corners of my mouth. I thought I had swallowed it all, when I felt another rush of hot spray as Master is groaned more intensely. So I continued sucking Him, draining all that He had to give me, cherishing His essence and swallowing all of His delightfully thick salty cum. I felt His hand reach my head removing my blindfold and I looked up into His bright shining eyes seeing Him for the very first time.

"Come up here to Daddy," He said.

I eagerly climbed up onto His lap straddling Him and we embraced in our first passionate kiss. Our tongues instantly began probing, searching intensely one for another. Finding each other our tongues began winding around one another in sweet rapture as we took turns sucking the other's tongue.

I had never had this intense passionate kissing before. Feeling like He was sucking my very being out through my mouth, so breathless I felt as though I was about to pass out. Our lips parted as I inhaled; deeply looking into the eyes of my Master, my Love.

"Very good blowjob, baby," He said to me as He laughed that evil laugh which sends shudders up my spine.

"Glad you liked it Daddy," I replied softly and shyly.

"Oh, very very much indeed," He said breathlessly letting His hands run up and down my sides, around to my breasts.

"Get those clothes off now girl!" He barked at me.

Saying nothing, I simply stood and obey Him then I once again straddled Him. His hands grasped my heaving breasts and squeezed them tight as I moaned deeply.

"You like that don't you baby?" He asked.

"Oh yes," I replied.

"What are you?" He inquired of me.

"I'm your little slut," I answered shyly, my face burning from embarrassment.

"Whose slut?" He asked demandingly.

"Your slut Daddy!" I scream.

He began laughing that guttural laugh that sent shivers throughout me. "Yes, you're Daddy's little slut," He whispered to me. I smiled knowing that I had pleased Him with my response.

He lifted my ass slightly, lowering me down on His hardened cock. As He pushed, I felt a burning sensation from the size of His cock. He pushed hard and deep to get His entire cock inside of me and I let out a cry of pain.

"Do you like that My slut?" He asked.

"Yes Daddy," I said, in a mix of pleasure and pain.

He began thrusting His cock in and out of my hot, wet pussy, using His hands to push my hips down on Him. With each thrust I felt my body give way to allow more of Him inside of me as I began to lubricate and surround His cock.

Thrusting more intensely He hit my love spot so hard I felt my love cream ooze out and onto Him.

Laughing He muttered, "I felt that, did I tell you that you could cum?"

"No, Daddy," I said, ashamed I have let Him down.

"Well, bad girls need to be punished for not obeying," He whispered as He pulled out of me and maneuvered me over His knees.

His hand began cracking down hard on my ass, and a stinging pain resounded over my cheeks. Again! Another crack, this time harder stinging even more intensely! Tears formed in my eyes, but I didn't want to disappoint Him, so I held them back.

A third time He cracked my ass and I had to cry out in pain. As I cried, He gently rubbed my ass cheeks and showered them with His soft kisses.

"I love you and I have to punish you when you are bad, do you understand that I do this out of love for you?" He asked.

"Yes, Daddy," I replied, "I understand."

"Good girl," He said as He yet again cracked His hand on my ass cheek sending more pain throughout my entire ass.

My tears I could no longer hold back and I began sobbing. "Shh......," He told me, gently rubbing and caressing my ass cheeks.

Tenderly, He laid me onto my back, placing me on the couch. My bottom hurt so bad it stung just laying on it, but the pain was outweighed by pleasure as I opened my legs and He entered my throbbing, hot pussy again. He positioned Himself with one leg beside mine and the other on the floor, He gave Himself a prime position for fucking me hard and deep.

He began thrusting in and out of me so hard that I felt as though my poor pussy was beginning to swell around Him. I felt my body surrendering to Him as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure sweeps powerfully over me, so intense, my mind is blurry and my head is swimming in pleasure.

I shut my eyes and moaned rhythmically with each thrust. Master was now moaning loudly too, both of us gasping for air as He thrusted harder and faster. My body quivered from the orgasms, and I began to cum over and over until I was drenched in my wetness, from the rapture His cock was giving me. He groaned a long, deep, guttural noise as I felt Him cum deep inside of me. Continuing to thrust a few more times He made sure He got all of His juices deep inside of me.

My whole body was shaking and quivering, still orgasming wave after pleasurable wave. I moaned softly, as Master laughed at me.

"Damn girl!" He said, "that was good."

"Yes, Daddy," I told Him," it was very good indeed."

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