Daddy & Me


Suddenly I felt a wave of pity and tenderness for the old man. I knew I had taken advantage and practically raped him, but I also had feelings for him. I told Daddy that since he could not take care of himself, I would help him till he became better. It was to remain a secret just between the two of us. Like any red blooded male daddy readily agreed. I think at the fundamental level all men are the same. Despite all our social customs and traditions, no man ever looks at a young woman except as a possible channel to spread his seed and genes. While I knew that Daddy would keep our secret (after all he had everything to lose -- a young sexy partner); I had to retain the control of our relationship. I warned him that if he ever revealed any aspect of our relationship, I would accuse him of having raped me. I also berated him about his poor personal hygiene and said that he had to maintain my standards as long as were together, Daddy wanted to object but I brooked no opposition and remained firm.

The next few days established our routine. I decided to move to Daddy's bedroom as I did not want any traces of his presence in my marital bedroom. I knew my husband rarely if ever enters Daddy's room. Since Daddy could not use his hands (the doctor said the gashes on his right palm were healing slowly and extended the dressing for a week); he was almost totally dependent on me. Every morning, I would brush his teeth and give him his coffee, holding the cup to his mouth. We used to eat our breakfast and meals together, from the same plate. I would feed him with my hands, alternating between his and my mouth. We took our bath together, as I found that I became quite drenched while bathing him. We became used to nudity. I used to enjoy bathing him and took special care of his cock and ass hole. One day I discovered lint in his belly button. I scolded him and took extra care.

One area that bothered us was his nose. He was always very uncomfortable when I inserted my finger and turned it around to remove snot. I had to rebuke him several times until he slowly got used and would patiently sit while I dug into his nostrils. A few times I would sink my tongue deep inside his nose, trying to scour out small particles which I would roll on my tongue, taste and swallow. His toilet activity was fully monitored as I had to help hold his cock for pissing and clean him after shitting. He would always tell me when he wanted to visit the toilet. I cleaned his cock and asshole, and used to follow up by kissing or licking him with my tongue. From time to time, I would hold his cock to my face allowing the yellow fluid to bathe my face. I would even insert it into my mouth and let him pour himself into my belly. On occasions I was feeling particularly nasty I used my tongue to clean his cock and ass hole, dispensing with both water and toilet paper.

You may wonder how I was able to perform such acts, considered dirty by most. Here again the thinking of men and women is vastly different. From our childhood, women have to deal with dirt and filth. It is our job to clean the house, wash the clothes, dirty dishes and so on. When we are menstruating, we are considered unclean. Similarly women, even as children are exposed to babies from a young age. Our maternal instincts kick in and we are comfortable cleaning a young baby's bottom or washing wet and soiled nappies, even before we are married. When we are pregnant, the baby not only feeds from our body, but all the waste is also disposed through the mother. For women, dirt and filth are a part of life and we not only learn to deal with them, but accept it as a part of our life. It never bothered me that I would lick Daddy's shitty bottom clean, kiss his piss dripping cock and later forget all about it. To me it was no different than cleaning the bathroom and then going down for a meal.

We enjoyed sex. Daddy was an aggressive lover. He was insatiable often coming twice or thrice a day. I would enjoy his big cock pounding up my pussy and battering my cervix. Hubby never used to touch the heights (or is it depths?) daddy would. I was initially worried that daddy's big cock may stretch me wide open and my husband may become suspicious. Luckily the female vagina is very elastic and adaptable. My husband never realized that his small pencil like cock was just a minor a nuisance I put up with.

After he pleaded and begged me, I allowed Daddy to enter my ass hole. Till now he is the only person to have fucked my bottom. Fellatio, anal sex and rimming are pleasures reserved for Daddy. Daddy is also a breast man. He can never keep his hands or lips away from my boobs. After love making he would always sleep sucking my nipple. I got so used to sleeping in this manner that if he woke up he would promptly search and find a nipple to suck. He once asked me if this disturbed me & I replied that it had become almost instinctive for me to feed a nipple into his waiting mouth and it was now a reflex action.

Except when the servant was at home, we were always close to each other, touching & feeling. Although I was very much in charge, Daddy was also getting more comfortable. He would occasionally slip an arm into my dress to finger my pussy, tweak a nipple or insert it into my rear hole. His cock was almost always erect although his testicles would be hanging low due to the frequent milking of their contents -- by my mouth, pussy or ass hole. By now Daddy's hands were fully healed, but I refused to allow any change to our daily life. We would still bathe together, except that now he would also soap, lather and caress my body, cleaning every nook and crevice. I also forbade Daddy from using the toilet without my permission. He had got used to being led by the cock to the toilet, me holding and directing his urine and cleaning him after a piss or shit.

Our relationship was both conventional and unorthodox. Daddy was a pure animal when it came to sex. Once he had inserted his seed in me (whether in my pussy, anus or mouth), like all males he became mild and docile. We women derive energy from sex, while men expend energy. Daddy would often rest for sometime after a bout of sex. It may surprise you to know that Daddy was much shorter than me. This proved an advantage to him. When we were lying down he would be able to fuck me and simultaneously suck my nipples.

Daddy & I used to enjoy me sitting on his lap, with his cock deep in me, while he pulled and tugged at my nipples. Sometimes he would make me go down on my knees and hands and try to milk my breasts, pretending I was a cow. He would often pull sharply, even causing me pain at times and when I would protest, he would simply ignore and pull with even greater force. I was worried that he would end up tearing my nipples off my breasts; but I was happy that he did want he wanted, ignoring my pleas. I prefer a man to a wimp and later, when I would rub my tender nipples, it was with a glow of pleasure, not pain.

Daddy wanted me to be more adventurous in my dressing. Once at his suggestion, I discarded my bra. However my nipples were erect and visible through my blouse and I found the maid servant observing me. After that, I refused to be without a bra, but Daddy insisted that I not wear panties. I agreed as no one could see. Daddy would often surprise me, slipping his hand under my dress and rub my pussy and ass hole. Sometimes he would push a finger inside me and keep rubbing until I came. He loved to sneak behind and shove a finger up my ass, while I was busy cooking. I would jump but he would just make me dance to his finger. I had to patiently put up with his wriggling finger, which he would withdraw and bring to my mouth for cleaning. I just love a man who makes me do whatever he likes. In fact the only time I would wear panties was when my husband was around!

It is funny how men & women differ. We women go to great lengths to make our body and skin smooth and soft. Men love to touch us and we take great pleasure (and pain) to beautify our body. I, like most young women took care of my body and skin. Daddy wanted me to shave my armpits and wear sleeveless dresses. I had never shaved my underarms and was worried what my husband may say. At Daddy's insistence, I once shyly asked hubby if he would object to me shaving my arms and wearing a sleeveless dress. The stupid clod did not even bat an eyelid and told me to suit myself. I then told hubby that I would do it as a surprise for him. It was a surprise. I went to a nearby saloon and got my arms waxed just a day before hubby returned from a tour. I wanted Daddy to be the first to see me wearing a sleeveless dress! I wore a special dress, with a low cut blouse. Daddy was over the moon and showered my armpits with kisses. He was particularly pleased that my dress allowed him to slip his palm through my armpits to reach under my bra and tweak my nipple!

While Daddy liked me smooth and soft, like all women, I liked my man to be hard, hairy and tough. Daddy had thick hair on his chest, and although he was graying, I loved running my hands over him. I was fascinated with the strong musty smell of his sweaty armpits. Many times, I would sit on his lap and lap away at his armpit, drinking the sweet sweat. After the accident, Daddy could not shave & I enjoyed the rough stubble scraping my soft skin, almost like sand paper. Daddy would also give me red hickeys especially on my breast and neck. The first time he did so, I had to make a story to my husband about an insect bite! After that incident we were more careful. However Daddy, like all males liked to mark his territory. Whenever we knew that hubby was going to be away for a month, he would take special care to kiss, suck and bit me all over my breasts. I prohibited him from my neck, as I was afraid the servant maid may notice.

Our life together became more and more comfortable. We were always close and yet there were interests we did not share. It was how we adjusted that made us accept and value each other even more. Daddy was an ardent cricket fan. I have never been a great fan of the game. During a game, Daddy would sit glued to the TV, while I would be sitting on the floor, my head between his legs slurping on his cock and balls. Daddy would find it difficult to switch between the match & me, but he never complained. Of course he took advantage of the situation too. If he was engrossed, he would not think twice about pissing down my throat, instead of missing a ball! He never bothered to warn me except if my mouth was occupied elsewhere, in which case he would simply pull me to him and shove his cock inside my lips. From time to time I had to bring snacks and if he ever wanted to spit out something, my mouth was the receptacle. Any wicket of Daddy's team or a dropped catch by our team would result in a severe pinch on my nipple or body. I knew how our team was faring purely by the pain and pinch marks on me.

Like most women, I was ardently watching a soap opera. Thrice a week, it was my turn to enjoy the TV. However I did not have it so easy. Daddy was clear that although I could watch the TV, my primary focus was to satisfy him. I agreed as that is the way it should be. The woman has to adjust and accommodate to the man, not otherwise. Daddy would lie down on my lap and I had to suckle him while I watched TV. One hand was engaged holding my breast and feeding a nipple, while the other was around his neck, caressing his head. I was allowed to watch the program as long I was suckling Daddy. If ever his mouth slipped away (which he would purposely do), I had to ensure that he was back on the breast.

When my husband returned from his tour, we had to make some adjustments. Hubby was very happy to know how well Daddy & I were getting along. If only he knew the truth! The minute hubby left for office, we would be back to our games. When evening came, we reverted to our conventional behavior. Once we were sitting for a Sunday lunch. I was feeling particularly horny. Suddenly my husband had to take a telephone call. I moved my hand to Daddy's lap, undid his zip and stroked his cock. He ejaculated a copious amount into my hands. I waited till hubby came back. I calmly mixed the cum and the rice on my plate and began eating it. Daddy almost choked in surprise. I innocently asked him if anything was wrong. I then told my husband that the rice was a little extra for me and put a portion on his plate. My husband said that the rice had a new exotic taste and gulped it down!

My life was filled with joy and I used to enjoy playing games with the two men in my life. Sometimes I would kiss my husband when Daddy was away or my husband could not see him. I never bothered about what daddy saw me doing with hubby, but took great care that hubby never caught me with Daddy. The sufferer was Daddy, who would get aroused and had great trouble pretending to be normal. I would give Daddy a blow job or rim his ass hole and then give hubby a deep kiss. Once I just licked all of Daddy's mouth, teeth and gums while hubby was downstairs and then jumped into hubby's arms and gave him a deep kiss. Daddy had spit and filled my mouth with his saliva which I now passed on to hubby. While watching a movie at home, I would sit close to my husband and press my tits into his chest.

My husband wanted us to have a baby and start our family. I was reluctant, not ready to change my lifestyle. I pointed out to hubby that his frequent travel would leave me alone with the baby and that a child required both parents. Hubby replied that I should not worry as Daddy was there to help. Hubby was insistent and I decided to oblige him. However, there would be a small change. Since I wanted the father of my child to be near the baby and my hubby said Daddy would be there, I decided that Daddy would father my child! I decided to go off my birth control pills. Although my husband & I had regular sex, I made sure that it was on the days, I could not conceive. I also took a douche & spermicidal pill after we had sex. I was waiting for the right opportunity & it came soon. My husband told me that he would have to go away for a short trip of a week. Luckily this coincided with my most fertile time. I took great care to get hubby fuck me every day until he left. When he left, I told him that I was definite to get pregnant this month. It was true, but not what hubby understood.

As soon as hubby left Daddy & I were back to our normal selves. That afternoon, after a particularly intense bout of sex, I was in a very good mood. Daddy had taken me in my pussy, mouth and ass, coming all three times. I tried to suck & prime his cock for a fourth round, but he was simply too tired. I allowed him to rest, and he promptly put his head on my breast and began sucking. Seeing him nurse like a baby, I asked him if he ever fantasized drinking my milk. Daddy answered yes and said that he looked forward to drinking my breast milk. I could feel his cock getting erect once again. I then told him about hubby's wish for us to have a baby. Daddy got worried whether this would mean the end of our relationship. I laughed and teasingly asked him if he would like to make a baby with me. The primal instinct in Daddy came alive. We fucked with abandon. For the whole week Daddy refused to fuck my ass or mouth, saying that his seed was reserved for my egg. I allowed and encouraged him, promising him that I would proudly bear his son.

We had to wait a few weeks, but I knew I was pregnant and the baby was Daddy was the father. My hubby was overjoyed at hearing the news. When hubby proudly announced the news of my pregnancy, Daddy could barely conceal a smirk as he congratulated us. He promised to assist me in the housework and take even better care of me. Hubby looked relieved and happy.

My pregnancy was a time of joy. Although hubby continued to travel and go about on his work, I never missed him. Daddy was always there for me. He arranged a cook who would come prepare the food. My mother wanted to come and stay for the delivery. I wrote and dissuaded her saying that I was very comfortable and she should stay & look after my sister who had her college exams. Pregnancy made me more horny. Daddy & I continued to fuck regularly. After a few months the doctor advised me to avoid sex till the delivery. This did not affect Daddy, as he still had access to my ass and mouth. Only hubby had to practice abstinence.

Daddy took great pleasure in feeling our child in my belly. We deliberately decided against a sex scan. Daddy wanted a daughter saying he already has a son, while I preferred a son. For the first trimester, I continued to give Daddy blow jobs and indulged in my taste for his urine and shit. Later we decided to shelve such activities till the baby was born. Daddy was fascinated at the changes in my body. He used to give me loving massages whenever I felt tired. As my pregnancy advanced, my breasts began to swell. Even before I began to lactate, Daddy would lie with his mouth on my nipple and try to draw milk. One day a small trickle dropped into his mouth and he jumped with excitement. Gradually my breasts began to produce more milk. I would cradle Daddy in my lap and allow him to suckle, while making soft cooing sounds. Both of us enjoyed the intimacy and tenderness we felt as I breastfed him. Daddy made me promise him that I would always share my breast milk. He further demanded that immediately after the delivery, I should feed him first before the baby suckled. I gladly agreed.

Finally D Day arrived. I had a normal delivery and gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby girl. Immediately after the delivery, I told my husband that I wanted him to get my mother's photo from our bedroom. Hubby rushed home. I quickly asked Daddy to lock the door of the hospital room and asked him to come and lay his head on my lap. I opened the buttons of my maternity gown and placed a leaking nipple in Daddy's mouth. He began to suck & pull on my nipple. I told him to be gentle, and wrapped my arm around him to caress his head. My other hand fed my full breast into his mouth. I suddenly felt the milk release from my breasts. Daddy drank and emptied my breast in a few minutes. He wanted to switch to the other side, but I wanted to reserve it for the baby. Finally we compromised. I allowed him to take a few sips as long as he promised to stop after a minute. He agreed saying that he wanted to be the first to nurse at both my breasts. I was both excited and a bit worried. Daddy was becoming jealous of our baby!

The hospital discharged me the very next day and happy to return home. Hubby took leave for a few days and threatened to become a nuisance. To placate Daddy, I had to send hubby out on errands. As soon as he was out of the house, Daddy would latch on to my tits to claim his share of my milk. Luckily my breasts were producing plenty for both. My husband was solicitous about me, but did not take any initiative in terms of sex. He seemed to find my leaking breasts offensive and hardly tried to come near them. I did not miss him, as I was busy with the baby and had Daddy's attentions.

Hubby soon resumed work. This gave Daddy & me more time together. Although Daddy was very proud and happy with our child, I could also detect signs of jealousy. Whenever I cleaned the baby after she had wet or soiled her nappy, daddy would have a grim face. One day I asked him what was bothering him. Daddy replied that it was several months since I had cleaned his cock or ass. I immediately took pity on him and told him to let me know when he wanted to empty his bowels. The next day Daddy came to me saying that he wanted to go to the toilet. He expected me to follow him to the bathroom. I surprised him by spreading a rubber sheet with an on old sheet top and sat on our bed. I undressed him and when he was totally naked, I made him lie on my lap and began to breast feed him. Saying that he was also my baby, I told him that he could piss and shit while feeding. I also began cooing and crooning sweet nothings to him as I do to my baby. Daddy's cock was erect and it took him a few minutes before he could piss. I held his cock carefully pointing it on my lap to avoid it splashing all over the room. A few seconds later, the strong smell of shit filled the room. I waited until he said he has finished. Suddenly he sneezed and a thick ball of snot came flowing down his nose. I quickly bent down and licked it off his face. Taking a small piece of cloth, I tenderly wiped his cock and ass clean. I told him that I will lick him clean only after I wean the baby. He was too happy to object to anything I said.

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