tagIncest/TabooMy Daddy and Me

My Daddy and Me


(Author's note: Anyone engaged in any sexual activity is over 18.)

"Hi, Daddy."

"Hi, sweetpea, how was school today?"

"How long are you going to keep calling me 'sweetpea'?"

"You'll always be my sweetpea."

"Daddy, I'm a senior in high school, I'm eighteen, and I'm a grown woman."

"I've noticed you're a woman now, but in my heart, you'll always be my little girl."

"Can I have my welcome home hug?"

I threw my arms around him and held him tight. My firm tits pressed into his chest, and I ground my groin into his. He looked a little bit uncomfortable, but hugged me tight anyway. I pulled his face down to mine, to give him a kiss, like I've done every day since I was a little girl. Only this time, I held it a little longer, before he pulled away.

I've always loved my Daddy, unconditionally, but lately my feelings for him have changed. I look at him, not as a father, but as a man. A man I want to make love with. I want him to take me, to ravish me, to love me as a woman.

It's just been Daddy and me since I was three years old. My mother left us and moved in with her boss, who had a lot of money. She married him and they moved all the way across the country. She used to send me birthday cards, but stopped when I was ten years old.

I haven't seen her since she left us, and I can't even remember what she looks like. I have a picture of her with me when I was just starting to walk; she was very pretty. I have her blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She was very slim, with small breasts. I'm a lot curvier and I've got nice C cup boobs, with pink nipples that stick out at least a half an inch when I'm aroused. Lately, thinking about Daddy gets me really turned on. I know it's wrong, but I can't help myself.

Daddy just turned forty, but he doesn't look it. He's just over six feet tall, and in really good shape; he works out regularly. He's got black hair, without a hint of grey, and dark brown eyes. He looks like Orlando Bloom, and my best friend, Amy, has a terrible crush on him. Oh, by the way, my name is Carly. That's my real name, it's not short for Charlene or anything; my mother was crazy about Carly Simon, so they named me after her.

Daddy has spent most of his life taking care of me. He would kiss my knees when I'd fall down and hurt myself, and kiss the tears away.

He taught me how to ride a bike, how to swim and, when I was sixteen, he bought me a car and taught me how to drive it; it's a really pretty red Mazda Miata. I love to drive it with the top down and let my hair blow in the wind.

Daddy doesn't have a steady girlfriend. He has a few women friends that are "fuck buddies," but he doesn't see them that often. I know he has sex, because I've heard him in his room; his friend Gloria is kind of a screamer. It didn't bother me when I was younger, but now I find myself getting jealous. I know he jerks off, because I do the laundry, and there's cum on his sheets. I wonder if he thinks about me when he masturbates?

Amy was spending the weekend with me. We always have a good time together; we stay up most of the night, laughing and talking about all kinds of things, and a lot about boys and sex. I had a bottle of wine stashed in my closet, and Amy brought a couple of joints with her, so we got pretty high as the evening went along. Sometimes our conversations get kind of lewd.

Amy has lots of experience in that regard; she and her boyfriend, Gary, fuck each other like bunnies. She's told me about giving him blowjobs, and about him eating her pussy--that really turns me on.

I have almost no experience with sex. I had a boyfriend, Lance. We made out a lot in his car, and I liked that a lot. Then one night, he put his hand on my boob. I was going to let him do it, because Amy says it feels really good, but he started squeezing really hard and it hurt. I pushed his hand away and made him stop. He called me a "frigid bitch" and we never went out again.

Amy taught me how to masturbate and make myself cum, and I really love doing it. We were sitting cross-legged on my bed, and she was telling me how much better Gary had gotten in going down on her, and I started to feel a tingle between my legs.

Our usual nightwear is a tee shirt and panties. As Amy was telling me about getting her pussy eaten, I unconsciously slipped my hand under my shirt and was teasing my cunt through my panties. Her tee shirt rode up on her thighs a bit; I could see she wasn't wearing any panties, and I could see her shaven pubes. That made me tingle even more, and I could feel heat rising in my belly.

"God, Amy, that is so HOT. I wish I could get Daddy to do that to me."

"Daddy!?! You want to fuck your father?"

"Oops, I guess I let the cat out of the bag. I can't help it; I'm in love with him. Do you think I'm a horrible person?"

"Does he know how you feel?"

"Oh God no."

"Well, how are you going to get there, if you don't let him know?"

"I haven't figured that out yet."

"Well, if you need help strategizing, let me know."

"Yeah, I will. But this is changing the subject. You were telling me about Gary giving you great head, and it was getting me all horny. I'd really like to know what that feels like."

We shared the last joint, and Amy looks at me with kind of a lewd expression on her face.

"Well, If you really want to know, I could show you."

"Y-you mean YOU go down on me?"

"Yeah, you see two chicks doing each other all the time in the porn videos. I've never done that before; it might be kind of fun."

I didn't know whether it was the wine and the weed, or the titillation that got to me, but all of a sudden the idea sounded good, and I found myself really turned on.

"Let's take our clothes off."

We both pulled our tee shirts over our heads, and I slipped out of my panties. Amy's tits are bigger than mine; she wears a D cup, and hers hang down a little bit, and really sway when she walks. I had never seen another girl naked before, and I really liked looking at her body.

She really surprised me, by pressing her lips to mine for a kiss. Her lips were really soft, and before long, we were tonguing the shit out of each other, and really getting hot. She put her hands on my tits, and I did the same to hers. I had never felt anyone else's breasts but my own, and it was really erotic. Hers were really soft, and when my hands skimmed over her nipples, they got really hard.

Amy kissed her way down my boob, then licked all around my nipple before taking it in her mouth and sucking. I felt like I had a hotwire to my pussy, and I could feel myself leaking juice out of my cunt.

She moved her mouth lower on my body, until she got right between my legs. My body shivered all over when her tongue ran up and down my slit. Amy spread my pussy lips apart, and plunged in with her mouth; kissing, licking, sucking. My hips started moving up and down, and I pulled her head in until I was fucking her face. I loved the feeling, and although I knew it was Amy, I was fantasizing that it was Daddy.

I was totally out of my mind with lust, and when she brought me over the top, I screamed, "DADDY....OH GOD....Dadeeee!"

All of a sudden my bedroom door flew open and Daddy ran into the room.

"What's wrong, sweetheart? Are you all right? I heard you scream my name."

He stood stock still when he saw us both naked. I scrambled to cover myself up with the bedspread, then for some reason, I hesitated and let him get a good look at my body. It only took a minute for him to figure out what was going on, then he just said, "Sorry for barging in," and he backed out of the room. There was a big bulge in the front of his pants.

"Oh shit!" I said. The whole room reeked of pot and ripe cunt. I jumped up and locked the door, and we just looked at each other and shrugged. Amy kissed me, and I could taste myself all over her mouth.

I returned the favor and went down on her. It was really hot to look at another girl's pussy, at all the lips and folds, and her hard clit, then use my lips and tongue on her. She was leaking this milk-white juice, and I lapped it all up. I really liked the taste. When she was ready to cum, she buried her face in the pillow to muffle the noise.

"God, Carly, that was hot; a little more practice and you'll be as good as Gary. Did you like it?"

"Oh yeah! No offence, Amy, but all I could think about was Daddy doing that to me."

"DUH! You sure yelled it loud enough."

"I guess I'm going to have to deal with that in the morning."

"At least he got a good look at your body; when he left, he had a hard-on."

"I'd really like to feel that in me. I really want to know what a cock feels like in my pussy."

"I can probably help you with that."

"You mean you have a cock on you that I don't know about? Are you a hermaphrodite or something?"

"No, but I've got the next best thing."

Amy rummaged around in her overnight bag and brought out a really life-like dildo. At least I think it looks life-like; I've seen cocks on porno videos, but never a real one. This one was flesh-colored, had a big head on it, and veins on the side. Amy said it felt real too; it's made of something that called Nu-skin that feels like the skin on a real dick. It was kind of exciting to hold in my hand.

"So, you want to try it?" she asked.

"Um, I'm still a virgin; I never had anything in me before."

"You still have your cherry?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Well, we can pop it for you; that way you won't have to deal with it when you fuck for the first time."

I was kind of nervous, and just a little bit afraid, because I knew it was going to hurt. Amy took out a bottle of Astro-glide and covered the dildo with it; it was all shiny and slick. I lay down on my back and drew my knees way up, so my pussy was all exposed.

She turned on the vibrator and ran it all over my lips, and then over my clit. It felt really good. I felt an orgasm building....and building.....and building, until I was teetering right on the edge. I put my fist in my mouth so I wouldn't make noise when I came.

As soon as I started to really gasp and my body shuddered, Amy put the cock between my swollen lips and pushed it in me, just far enough to rip through my cherry. Fuck! It hurt like hell for few minutes. Then she slowly eased it farther into my cunt, stretching me as it went in, until it was all the way inside, filling my virgin tunnel.

She started fucking me with it, pushing it in and pulling it out, slowly at first, then faster and faster. I felt another orgasm building up inside me, but it was different; it started deep in my belly and worked lower and lower. Amy turned the vibrator on and pushed me over the abyss.


Oh God, I'm really going to like fucking!

The next morning, I went into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. Daddy was sitting at the table. I was really nervous about him seeing us last night, and I didn't really know what to say to him. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek, like I always do.

"Good morning, Daddy," I said, apprehensively. He patted my hand.

"Good morning, sweetpea."

"Say Carly, Daddy. Say 'Good morning, Carly.' "

"Good morning, Carly."

I went over to the counter to get my coffee. Daddy was looking at me differently, staring at my chest. I was still wearing my tee shirt, without a bra, and my tits jiggled under it as I walked. Knowing Daddy was looking at them made my nipples hard and they were poking out through the fabric.

"Daddy....about last night, I, uh, um wanted to talk to you about.....um, I'm sorry..."

"You don't need to apologize to me, sweetp... uh, Carly," he interrupted.

"But, Daddy, I just want to tell you that Amy and I aren't lesbians. Sometimes we just, umm, play together a little bit."

"I wouldn't care if you were lesbians, as long as you are happy. Your happiness is all I care about, Carly."

"We aren't, Daddy. It's just that sometimes my hormones are raging, and it's nice to have someone's touch but my own. And I like touching someone else too."

"Actually, it's kind of a common practice among girls, especially in college. They even have a name for it--GUG-- gay until graduation. After they graduate, they adopt a strictly heterosexual identity."

"Did my mother do that in college?" I can't call her Mom or Mommy, because she never was that to me.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, she did. And after we were dating for awhile, they let me watch."

"Did you like watching them, Daddy?" He blushed when I asked that.

"This is probably an inappropriate conversation to be having with my daughter, but yes, I did."

"Did you fuck them?"

"Carly! This is going out of bounds now."

"You always said I could ask you anything, Daddy."

"Uh, yes I did."

"Both of them?"


"Wow, that's really hot. Was your sex life with my mother good? I mean if you're doing a three-way, she must have been kind of kinky, er, adventurous."

"Yes, it was very good for awhile. Up until she got involved with her boss. It was all about money for her, and he had plenty of it."

"Uh, would you like to watch me and Amy sometime, Daddy?"

"My God! You're my daughter."

"You saw me naked last night, Daddy."

"That was unintentional."

"Do you like my body, Daddy?"

"You have a beautiful body, Carly."

"My boobs aren't as big as Amy's."

"Your breasts are lovely, just the right size."

"Did you like my shaved pussy, Daddy?"

"You're my daughter, Carly!"

"That's not answering my question; did you like my pussy?"

"Jesus! Yes Carly, your pussy is beautiful too."

"Oh, thank you, Daddy. I have to get ready for school now."

I hoped that I had planted a seed in his mind. Now I knew that he liked my body; I had to figure out how to get him to touch me, to make love to me, to make me his.

That night, when I was ready for bed, I was wearing my usual, a tee shirt and panties. Usually I wore a robe over it, but this night I didn't. Daddy was sitting in his chair, and I came up to give him a good night kiss. I played with my nipples to make them really stick out. When I walked over to him, my tits jiggled and it was obvious I wasn't wearing a bra.

I could see Daddy's eyes looking me up and down, looking at my long, toned legs and at my chest. When I bent over to kiss him, my boobs hung down under my shirt and looked even bigger. He didn't say anything; he just kept looking. I held the good night kiss longer than usual again, and I "accidently" just brushed his lips with my tongue.

"Good night, Daddy; I love you."

"Good night, Carly; I love you too."

When I turned to leave, the back of my tee shirt "accidently" rode up over my ass. I was wearing a thong and he could see both cheeks; I twitched it provocatively when I walked. I was so turned on when I went to bed that night, I took out my vibrator and fucked the hell out of myself with it. I left my bedroom door partway open, so Daddy could hear the buzzing and my moaning when I made myself cum.

I was going out night clubbing with my girlfriends the next night. I had a new dress that Daddy had never seen before. It was a deep blue, that matches my eyes. The skirt was slightly flared and really short, hitting me about mid-thigh. It had narrow spaghetti straps, and the bodice was really low-cut, showing lots of cleavage and the tops of my tits. It hugged me around the waist like it was painted on.

"Do you like my new dress, Daddy?" I asked, sashaying into the living room. His eyes opened really wide, looking me up and down, at my long toned legs, all the way up to my boobs. I did a little spin and my skirt flew up, showing off all my thighs and the garter belt I was wearing to hold up my stockings.

"My God, Carly, there's not much to it."

"I know it's kind of sexy, but do you like it?"

"I hate to think of all the men that will be ogling you when you go out in that."

"Would you be ogling me?" I asked with the sexiest smile I could put on my face.

"If I wasn't your father, I certainly would."

"The way you're looking at me might be considered ogling, Daddy."

"Hmmph," was the only thing he could say.

When I bent down to kiss him goodbye, the front of my dress fell away, and I could see his eyes looking down my front; at my tits encased in this really pretty white lace bra. It really lifted them up and gave me a wonderful cleavage. I could see him re-arranging the crotch in his pants. I could imagine his hard cock in my hand, in my mouth, in my pussy.... mmmmmm.

The club we went to was kind of a drag, because we were all under-aged and couldn't get served any alcohol. Amy, Becky, and I smoked a joint in the bathroom, and that really perked up the evening. As Daddy predicted, all kinds of guys tried to hit on me. I danced with a couple of them, but they seemed so immature compared to him.

I got home pretty early, and Daddy was still up, sitting on the couch watching Jay Leno. I sat in the chair across from him and pulled off my shoes, that were killing my feet. Spike heels must have been designed by a man, who would never have to wear them.

I wanted to get my hose off too, so I hiked my skirt up a little bit and unhooked the garters on one leg. Then I very slowly rolled the stocking down my leg. My legs were spread apart, and I knew Daddy could see my lacy thong. It had pulled up tight and was snugged in between my pussy lips, and I knew I was giving him a good look at my camel toe. I rolled the other stocking down, and he never shifted his gaze away from my pussy, which was starting to tingle. I stood up and, startled, he sat upright.

"Daddy, can you unzip my dress, please?"

When he pulled my zipper down, I slipped the straps off my shoulder and let the dress fall to the floor. Except for the thin strap that ran through the cleft between my cheeks, my shapely round ass was naked before his eyes.

His eyes swept over my body again, over my brief lacy panties, with just a little patch of fabric covering pussy, and my breasts spilling out of my lacy bra.

"You shouldn't walk around like that in front of me like that, Carly."

"Oh, don't be silly, Daddy, you've already seen me naked."

"But, I'm your fa...." I cut him off by planting a big kiss on his mouth. When I hugged him, I could feel his hard-on pressed into my stomach. I wiggled against him just a little bit.

"Good night, Daddy, I love you." I left him standing there and sputtering.

Amy came over to spend the weekend again. As usual she flirted shamelessly with Daddy, giving him a big hug and a kiss, and rubbing her big tits against him. He always flirts back at her, but this day he was looking at her a little differently, almost like he could see through her clothes, remembering the body he had seen that night.

We left my bedroom door halfway open and there was light from my bedside lamps illuminating the bed. Amy and I took our clothes off and knelt together on the bed. We held each other with our breasts pressed together, our hard nipples skimming against each other.

I reached between Amy's legs and cupped her pussy, and she did the same thing to me. We kissed and fingered each other, faster and faster, until we were both on the edge. When she grasped my clit between her thumb and forefinger and rolled it, I came, moaning, filling her hand with my juice. I crushed my mouth against hers to stifle the orgasmic scream I would have let out. She came right after me, moaning loudly.

While we held each other, quaking, coming down from our release, I saw a shadow on the door, that retreated after we were finished. Daddy had been watching us. Just what I wanted him to do. I hope when he jerks off, he's thinking of my body.

I took a long shower in the morning, soaping my body all over. When my tits were all slick and slippery, I ran my hands all over them, and I started to get hot. I rubbed my nipples, pinching and pulling them, and the heat ran right down to my pussy. I soaped it all up, running my fingers through all the folds and lips. My clit was hard and throbbing, and I made myself cum, fantasizing that it was Daddy's hands giving me my orgasm.

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