tagIncest/TabooDaddy Becomes a Teacher

Daddy Becomes a Teacher


It was almost 2 years ago that I had married off my only daughter Melanie to a nice young man called Jim, who worked in the Petro-Chemical business. I just wished that Jane her mother had been alive to see how radiant she looked.

Mel as I had always called her was now 23 years old, very pretty in my eyes but quite plain in others.

She was a very average quiet kid in all respects, she stood 5 feet 4 inches and weighed 129 lbs., short light brown hair and wore glasses. She wasn't overly endowed in any particular area but she had put on a little weight, which seemed to have all accumulated around her butt.

Her late Mom (Jane) was a bible thumper and got Mel deeply involved in charities and other church activities. Mel had met Jim during one of the church functions and they had dated for more than 3 years before they tied the knot.

She was probably one of the very few girls today that at 21 years old entered marriage as a virgin at least that's what she had told me a few nights before her marriage and I did believe her. During her young life she didn't party and only ever had one boyfriend, Jim, and they were just friends in my mind.

I say this because I would stand in my darkened bedroom and watch out of the window for when she came home and the parting kiss was always far from glamorous and more of a friendly peck. But I guess it must have been enough for them to want to marry each other.

Today Mel had called me and asked if she could stay over for the next two weeks, as Jim would be gone on a training course that would be held in their head office in Calgary.

I told her that I would just love to have her visit as she was welcome anytime, as I hadn't seen her since early February and that was some 5 months ago.

I was excited about having my only daughter visit so I called into work and arranged to have the next two weeks off. I rushed around tidying her old room and putting clean sheets on the bed, then I went off to the grocery store and bought some of her favorite things.

It was just before noon on Monday when she arrived in pouring rain and we stood in the doorway hugging and I got a small peck on the cheek, before I brought in her bags. "Hi Dad, you look great."

"Maybe it's the country air Mel. But come on inside quickly and get that wet coat off or you'll get one of those summer chills." I replied.

"The closer I got to your house Dad, the heavier the rain came down." She said as she tried to smile.

"Well Mel, we really needed this rain but probably not as heavy as this, the fields are bone dry. But we may pay for it later with the humidity." I told her as I took her coat and hung it in the closet.

"I like watching the rain, but not driving in it, especially when it creates those big pools of water on the road and you have no idea how deep it is going to be until you get there."

She said as we reached her old bedroom.

I put down her bags and told her to make herself comfortable and I would make her favorite Tim Hortons coffee blend.

Mel sat down with her coffee, she had changed into a plain gray dress that didn't do much for her figure, and it may have been almost one size too big. She had a small gold necklace around her neck that her Mom and I had bought her many years ago and then just her gold wedding ring on her finger.

That was my Mel still very modest and plain. We made lots of small talk as we looked out of the double patio doors and watched the rain slowing. Ah the weather was always something to talk about I thought.

"So how are you Mel, how's married life treating you?" I asked, as I couldn't think of anything else to say. You sometimes had to really dig deep to continue any sort of dialogue with Mel. I've known us drive 50 miles and only say a few words, she has always been that way, deeply wrapped up in her own private thoughts. Unlike many women she was never very talkative and not just with parents, most of her old school report cards would start with 'a quiet girl etc.' but she wasn't sad according to her teachers and her mother.

"Daddy, I really need to talk to you. I don't have anyone else that I can trust and can confide in, if Mom was here then I'm sure I would be asking her." She said and I thought wow that's a first.

"Well you know I'm here for you dear, tell me what's wrong." I said softly.

"It's my marriage Daddy, it seems to be failing I think. Probably in the bedroom area but I'm not really sure." She said as a tear formed and slowly ran down her cheek.

"Can you explain in a little more detail darling, I'm not exactly sure yet what you mean but look lets sit out on the porch under the canopy where the lounger is still dry." I told her as I took her hand and lightly hugged her, then we sat side by side on the lounger. I thought she would have preferred to be that way instead of face to face. The rain had almost stopped and the only noise was the odd bird cheeping.

"Daddy I wasn't lying when I told you I was a virgin, when I got married. I guess I was also very green when it came to the marriage bedroom. On that first night with the lights off Jim took my virginity, he used a condom and in less than 2 minutes that was that, it was over. Since then its been a 2 minute repeat performance of that first night and about once a week that has slowly stretched out to 2 weeks and now its more like once a month. Is that normal daddy, I'm a little worried?" She told me as I held her hand and slowly stroked it, hoping to give her confidence to talk.

"Do you kiss and hug a lot first that's sometimes called foreplay, before he enters you?" I asked not knowing if she would be embarrassed by my slightly blunt description.

"No, not really." She said as I squeezed her hand gently.

"I'm sorry Mel that we never discussed sex when you lived at home, but I didn't want to embarrass you at the time. I assumed that you knew about these things." I said softly.

"I know Daddy but I wish you had." She replied.

"Does he still use condoms?" I asked and she told me that he usually does and that he buys different kinds even though she started taking the birth control pill almost a year ago.

"How do YOU feel, do you get pleasure from having sexual intercourse with Jim?" I asked.

"No, not really Daddy, sometimes it hurts a little when he forces his thing in me, but how should I feel?" She asked and I told her that if they only spent 2 minutes doing the act and didn't have any foreplay then its unlikely that she would get any pleasurable feelings.

"Well he fills his condom quickly and then he goes to the bathroom to remove it and that's it, he gets back into bed with his pajamas on again." She said.

"Do you touch his penis, put his condom on him or offer to take it off?" I asked and she looked at me and said, "No! Should I?"

Wow, I thought, it sounded like the blind leading the blind. I found it almost unbelievable that she was so green and I felt ashamed and somewhat disgusted with myself.

"Did you eat lunch, Mel?" I asked as I quickly changed the subject and she said that she hadn't, so I told her that she really needed a good Tim Hortons fix.

"Grab a coat and lets go feed our face at Tim's." I told her which raised a small smile on her face.

We had about a 25-minute drive to get to the closest Tim's so as we drove down the road we chatted about this and that, nothing too heavy until she suddenly asked me a more serious question.

"Did you use condoms Daddy?"

"I've probably only ever used about six in my lifetime, but it's like riding a bike you never forget how to put them on or take them off." I said as I laughed and then realized that it wasn't funny to my daughter.

"Will you buy some and show me how Daddy?" She asked and I was a little shocked but said that I would while we were in town.

"Did you mean how to put them on and take them off, like on a stick or a rod?" I asked.

"Oh, oh well, oh yes, I mean 'err yes I guess I think so." She said quickly and blushed.

"Mel, have you ever touched Jim's penis or any other?" I asked softly.

"No, not really daddy, only to help guide it when he was putting it into me, should I?" She said and I thought that I better stop asking anymore questions, the poor girl had only been here less than a few hours.

"Well right now Mel lets just enjoy our late lunch and then we will talk more when we get back home." I told her and she seemed happy with that.

By the time we got back home the sun was blaring down and the humidity had risen dramatically. I didn't have air conditioning so I opened many of the windows that I had closed when it rained. But there was very little breeze so it was still pretty hot and I was sweating like a pig. The place was like an inferno and I knew it would be even worse upstairs.

"Mel do you have something cooler to wear, you are same as me you're sweating. I'm going to put my shorts on and a thin a sleeveless tee shirt." I told her and Mel said she would look and see what she had. With that we both went upstairs and went our separate ways. Before I came back down I yelled to Mel to look in my walk-in closet as lots of Moms clothes were still in there.

I went down the basement and brought up a fan and set it on a far table and just let it rip on high, until I realized that papers were flying all over so I cut it back to just below medium, but at least I felt cooler.

Mel came into the kitchen wearing a very loose flowing lemon colored skirt that sat just above her knees and a thin white button up blouse, both of which used to belong to her Mom.

"Hey they fit nicely, why don't you take them with you when you go and any other clothes that you fancy." I said as she sat opposite me and I couldn't help but notice her dark colored bra showing plainly thru' the thin material. I remembered like it was yesterday, her Mom wearing that blouse with a thin white bra that pushed up her breasts.

"Dad, can we talk some more, I just need to get this off my mind."

"Sure we can Mel, go ahead please, I'm listening."

"I don't know Dad if its me, or if its Jim. He works overtime most every day during the week and then he has a few things to do and before you know it its bedtime. On the weekends he always finds something to do with Colin his work mate who is single. In the winter it was playing hockey with Colin, then it was curling, in the summer its golf with Colin or whatever." She said and then continued.

"Jim just doesn't seem happy and I guess I don't either Dad. I would be really embarrassed if the marriage didn't work because of me, I guess I should have also got a job. But he is a bit old fashioned that way and tells me that he is the breadwinner and he is responsible for keeping me. So I get up with him on a morning and put up his lunches and then he leaves and I go back to bed for a few hours. When I get up I clean and then read." She told me and I wondered how I was going to explain what I needed to tell Mel.

"Things are much more open today Mel, than even when me and your Mom got married. We gave ourselves to each other, we kissed openly and passionately, and we touched each other and looked at each other's naked bodies. We always had foreplay mainly because it was nice but it also lubricated Mom's vagina to be able to accept me easily without any pain at all. We never used condoms except on rare occasions and we talked about things, personal things to each other. I would fondle her breasts, sometimes licking and sucking them. Your Mom would have orgasms and I would be sad if she didn't, its always easy for the man to have a climax but it sometimes takes much more work to get the woman to orgasm." I told her and hoped that I hadn't gone too far.

"We have kissed daddy but maybe not with such vigor as you speak about, we haven't touched very much, Jim has never really seen me fully naked and he doesn't seem that interested either. I only saw him once by accident, he usually locks the bathroom door. He has touched my breasts but never for long and I am a bit confused about foreplay and what you mean by lubrication. I don't think I have ever had an orgasm but I'm not really sure I guess." She answered.

"Mel, you would know if you had an orgasm, you would tingle all over and feel a great deal of pleasure in your loins. Have you never masturbated Mel? But look don't be afraid to ask anything, also I don't mean to embarrass you with my descriptions." I told her.

"No, I don't have a mans thing so I can't masturbate. Jim has told me that he does and did more when he was a bit younger, but of course I've never seen him do that." She said rather quickly and I wondered if we were moving too fast.

"Mel, women do masturbate. They really get pleasurable results and often have an orgasm." I told her and she seemed shocked.

"It was drilled into me many times when I used to go to church bible study that I should never play with myself. So of course I haven't really, although I did try touching myself when I was younger and was terrified that one of you would walk in and catch me." She told me.

"You need to do that Mel, then you will learn the power of an orgasm and all the other little benefits. You need to be able to masturbate Jim in your hands, that will make him very happy." I told her very softly as she started to cry.

"Oh Daddy, I feel so woefully inadequate, will you teach me everything I need to know please. I have no one else I can turn to or trust." She said as tears ran down her face.

"Yes, I think I will have to Mel." I told her and thought about how to proceed, I had never looked at my daughter from a sexual aspect before.

Chapter 2

"Come and sit on my knee Mel, lets go over a few things first." I said as she sat uneasily until I swung around a little and opened my arm wide then she collapsed into my arm and laid her head on my shoulder.

"Daddy, you won't tell Jim will you?" She asked softly.

"No baby, I won't tell anyone." I answered and she quickly said, "Good, what things do we need to go over daddy."

"I'm going to need to touch you in places that we have always said was inappropriate. Whatever I do it is in an effort to teach you things about yourself. Tonight I want you to sleep beside me in my bed, so if you want to change your mind then you have several hours to reconsider. Right now I want you to remove your bra and then button up your blouse again, then I will unbutton your blouse and eventually slide my hand inside." I said as she got up and went to the bathroom and removed her bra.

She realized after she had put her blouse back on that it was somewhat see thru' and came back holding her hands across her chest.

"Now, by holding your hands across your chest, you are saying that you are nervous, shy and afraid of showing off your breasts. Would you do the same with Jim?" I asked.

She quickly answered. "Yes."

"A man does like to see a woman's breasts, especially his wife's, but they shouldn't really be on show for just anyone, just her husband. Remove your hands and get used to me being able to see them." She did slowly and then I moved my hand to indicate that she needed to sit back on my lap.

I kissed her on the cheek and told her not to worry it was just I, her Daddy that was looking.

"Kiss me Mel, on the lips." I said as I unbuttoned 3 buttons on her blouse and slowly eased my hand inside. She kissed me very quickly and then moved back so I told her to kiss me again and this time for much longer.

"Open your lips a little then lick them so they are not dry, then kiss me with a slightly open mouth." I told her and she complied as my hand met her breast and cupped it in my palm.

I let my thumb and forefinger roll over and over her nipple until I felt her nipple getting more erect. Her open mouth kiss was getting better and better.

"Now your kiss has improved, watch what I do with my tongue. Now lets try again." I said as she brought her lips to mine and I slowly slid my tongue into her mouth and pressed my lips firmer to hers. I opened another 2 buttons and eased the material back as I caught sight of her full gorgeous breast with a light brown two inch diameter aureole with a darker nipple peering out at me which allowed me to move my hand all over it with ease. They weren't huge and they weren't too small, they were just right.

She wriggled a little on my knee and kissed me with a touch more gusto.

"Keep kissing me Mel, you are doing really good. Your beautiful breast is in my hand, can you feel how your nipple has grown?" I said and she sighed softly then nodded.

We were a little squashed in this chair, it was almost impossible for me to touch her other breast so I told her to stand and then I laid her on the couch. I knelt on the floor by her side and kissed her first before I slid my hand back inside her wide open blouse to take her other breast in my hand.

Her kissing had improved dramatically to the point where it was exciting me but I soldiered on and kissed her much more passionately as I fondled her breasts and tweaked her nipples. Her mouth seemed to be permanently open and her eyes half open as I moved my mouth to her breasts and gently sucked on her dark colored nipples.

"Mmmm." She cried softly as her hands ran thru' my hair and her back arched ever so slightly. I replaced my mouth with my hand and kissed her deeply but her hand was still on my head and eased me back down to her breasts.

I sucked and licked her like I have never sucked a breast before and her bottom started to undulate up and down off the couch. Her breathing was more rapid and her mouth was wide open as she moaned loudly and pressed both of her hands down very firmly on my head indicating that she wanted me to keep going.

She started to cry tears and thru the tears she moaned and cried out "Oooooh, oooooh, oooooh Daddy, what's happening to me."

I quickly put my hand up her skirt and felt her wet panties before I rubbed her pussy mound and found her wet spot, then I found her clit. At least I thought I had found it and if I had it was enormous.

I just sucked like I had never had a breast in my mouth before. She sobbed loudly and shouted out that something was really happening to her body and that maybe she wanted to pee, she thought, but I kept going. It was so easy; her arse was lifting up and down like a yo-yo making my hand movements a snap.

Writing this I can't even do justice to her sounds, those guttural sighs, incomplete words, wails and screams that reached a fever pitch. Not swear words, but some words that do not appear in any dictionary.

I told her to just let it go, to just give in to the high that she was experiencing.

She did and almost looked like she was having an epileptic seizure as I felt her explode like I have never ever felt or seen a woman do before.

Her panty unfortunately acted as a filter but there was still an incredible amount of female juices exuded from her body in just a few brief seconds before she blacked out.

This was way too much for me, without even thinking I stood and pulled down my shorts and jacked off right there and then, within what seemed like seconds I was cummin all over her breasts and belly. It was an incredible sight but I feared that I had gone too far and she would be offended so I quickly walked like a penguin to get a washcloth then lovingly wiped her breasts and belly clean. I was beat, the excitement the fear the adrenaline had almost worn me out.

I pulled up my shorts and closed her blouse but as I closed the 3rd button she awoke with a huge smile, one that she had hidden from me for goodness knows how many years.

"Daddy oh my wonderful Daddy, am I ever glad I came here, wow oh wow, please kiss me again. I feel on top of the world but I also need to rest." She said as I kissed her and then folded a large towel to ease under her soggy bum, before she nodded off into a beautiful sleep.

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