tagIncest/TabooDaddy Can't Resist

Daddy Can't Resist


You're new interest in your daughter leaves you fighting the dark thoughts that threaten to consume you. You're cock has never been so hard as you masturbate frequently and furiously, fantasising about your eighteen year old girl.

You roll over in bed, your morning erection making a tent of the sheets. Letting your hand slide down lazily stroking you erection. Slowly pumping your hand up and down your entire length, envisaging my young naked body, my pert breasts, my small nipples hard and erect as I bounce my sweet Pussy up and down your shaft. Your strokes quicken as you close your eyes, my toned body writhing, convulsing on your manhood. My mousy brown curls cascading down over my shoulders. "you feel so good baby" you murmur to yourself "ride me baby, ohhh such a good girl for daddy!" You're furiously pumping your cock into your hand, rubbing your pre cum along the shaft. "Take daddy's cock! Deeper baby! Bury daddy inside your tight little pussy" you growl "Daddy's cuming princess! Ahhhhhh yesssssss" you shoot your load letting it spurt over your stomach.

You clamber out of bed, the warm afterglow of your orgasm sweeping through your veins. You know it's wrong but you want me, need me, have to have me. You walk along the passage to the bathroom, you wash your seed off yourself.

On the way back to bed, you pop your head round my door.

You've done it a thousand times but today feels different. Seeing me spread out on my bed, the blanket strewn across the floor, my nighty crumpled up above my hips revealing my white cotton panties. You feel a stirring in your loins, an overwhelming itch that needs to be scratched immediately.

You feel your muscles constrict, your pyjama bottoms seem to tighten as you swell to full length, watching the gentle rise and fall of your little girls breasts. You enter my room, convincing yourself you need to, you need to tuck me in make sure I'm warm. The only light is that from the passage, streaming through the open door

You reach the blanket on the floor, my legs spread, panties damp and clinging to my little lips. Outlining the shape, my panties almost transparent. You slip your bottoms off, letting your thumb rub over your bulbous head. Your balls so tight they physically hurt. Your need for your little girl growing by the second.

You creep cautiously closer, kneeling on the bed beside my head. My face turned towards you, my breathing shallow. Holding your throbbing tool steady you run it along my lips coating them with pre cum. The warmth of my breath on the tip of your cock is divine. Your hand strokes back and forth along my lips. You need me NOW!

Pinching my nose a little, you slip the head inside my mouth, you hesitate, surprised that I don't wake. You want me to wake up but you're irrepressible desire consumes you and all you can focus on is this urge, this demanding force driving you, spurring you on. You push your hips forward, your cock sliding into my mouth, your hand brushing against me through my panties. Softly stroking my most sensitive bud as you feed me my daddy's meat. Back and forth you rock your hips, fucking your little girls mouth. It's all too much, you feel the inevitable rush warning you of your impending climax. You pull back letting your cock slip from my lips. Leaning down you kiss my forehead gently. "Such a good girl" you whisper in the darkness.

Your tool throbs and pokes wildly into nothingness as you move to the bottom of the bed. You gently tug at my panties wriggling them slowly down my legs, I stir a little and you stood frozen. You swiftly pull them down over my knees and off. Your eyes held by my slick, smooth snatch glistening. Your finger strokes from my puckering little ass along my lips and over my clit, coated with your little girls cum you slip it inside your mouth, letting out a low groan as you suck it clean. Sweet as honey, you want more.

You kneel on my bed, pushing my legs apart at the thighs, your tongue traces circles over my clit. Swirling round and round. Taking it between your lips, sucking it softly at first then harder. You stroke your tongue down over my pussy, lapping at my juices trickling from my tiny opening. Using your fingers you spread my lips, pushing your tongue inside, I moan softly. My ass lifts off the bed pushing my snatch against my daddy's hungry mouth. Your tongue twists and turns inside me, my hand rests on the back of your head pressing you against me. "ohhhhh daddy" I whimper "i've been waiting for you so long!" Your tongue moves back up to my clit, tugging it gently between your teeth. Encircling it, teasing it whilst you ease two fingers into my dripping tunnel. Working them in and out, using a come hither motion as you apply pressure inside. The room is spinning, my whole body tingles, I can't focus on any one thing as my body spasms, my thighs clamp round your head threatening to suffocate you. I can't move, I can't speak, my whole body tenses, held in this beautiful rapture as my orgasm crashes against me, wave after wave rolling through my body, splashing against my daddy's face as a torrent of cum gushes out my tight hole, again and again.

You can't restrain yourself a moment longer, pressing the tip against my tight snatch you thrust forward sinking into your daughters depths. "Deeper Daddy!" I cry in the throes of passion. You are only too happy to oblige as your cock pumps deeper, harder, faster into my tight pussy. The heat from my opening enveloping your cock as you slide against my silky walls, my muscles contracting squeezing the shaft, pulling you deeper inside my velvet sheath. A low gutteral groan releases from deep in your throat, as you feel your balls rise up towards your torso. The warm tingly sensation in them swiftly mounting into a feeling of fullness, my pussy throbbing against you, you're getting closer, you can't stop, you feel your semen rising up your shaft. The euphoric rush so intense, as the first spurt of your hot creamy load forces it's way out of your cock head, quickly followed by a second and a third. Erupting like a volcano deep inside the depths of your daughter, splashing your seed against her fertile womb. You collapse forward onto my breasts, completely spent, your legs shaking and my smooth snatch still hugging your flaccid cock.

Our bodies shimmering with a thin layer of perspiration, our hearts racing and our breathing laboured. "That was incredibly daddy!" I murmur.

You roll over to the side of me, pulling me into you, our bodies fitting together like two pieces of a jigsaw, too exhausted to speak you slowly drift off, holding your angel in your arms.

I listen to the rhythmic pattern of your breathing, as it steadies and slows. I drift off with a smile, knowing that tonight is just a taster of what is still to come.

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