tagIncest/TabooDaddy Dearest

Daddy Dearest


About midnight I am awakened by the shaking of my bed. In the dim light I see Audra my youngest daughter at 18, home from her date, but is now removing all her clothes?

"Audra, what is happening darling?"

Now I am getting a bit alarmed because I sleep in the nude, and here she is (also naked) and now raising the covers to climb into bed with me.

"Daddy, please don't talk, just help me. Please?"

Although embarrassed, I sense her alarm and roll to put my arms about her only to have my insensitive cock spring to attention! "Sorry sweetheart, but your nude body against mine is very sexy and I can't help myself."

"Please don't talk Daddy, I have a problem that really needs your help. I love you Daddy!" And then she starts covering my face with little kisses, that I start returning - until a light flashes in my mind.

"Whoa, this is too much. I love you also kitten, but this is too much of a tease for this old man!"

I roll away from my aggressive little daughter, and lie on my back with my cock tenting the covers only to have her pull the covers off, and climb on top of me straddling my body. She then slides herself downward until I feel her cunt making contact with my cock.

"Oh daddy, I really need you, please help me, don't let me suffer so," as she starts undulating her little pussy up and down my shaft making me shiver in delight. "Audra, we can't do this," not wanting it to stop, just fearing the worst.

"Help me daddy, no one needs to know, and Mama put me on the pill months ago so I could enjoy boyfriends safely." With that she moves up and puts her lips on mine and I cannot help myself, I respond and press my tongue into her mouth to feel her's dart rapidly to duel with mine. I reach down and put my hands on her ass cheeks to hold her in place; then I move my hand to feel her pussy that is now soaking wet, while she moans her pleasure from the contact into my mouth.

Breathlessly she separates slides down my body while raising hers above mine. Holding my cock in her hand, and feeling it twitch makes her snort in a giggle.

"Oh Daddy, your so big for your bad little girl," as she directs my tip into her soaking pussy, and quickly engulfs the whole thing so that her cunt lips are now resting on my testicles. "Thank you, oh God, oh thank you lover. I need you bad!"

She then waggles her hips forcing me to gasp for air as I put my hands on her tummy. "I see you are making yourself comfortable impaled in my uuh, cock dear."

"You betcha, and I am going (oh shit!) to do my best to give you a new meaning for getting lucky! That's it, hold me Dad!"

I feel the mussels of an experienced lady undulating about penis, and I can't help myself, and let out a soft moan of delight.

"Mmm, delicious, you feel so good and right inside me, that's it darling, lets fuck, I love it nice and slow like this. Oh Daddy, I want you so hot when you cum into me. I want to feel your hot cum drench my womb."

"Oh God, I feel your cock so good now that we are fucking together. That's it, nice and deep. In and out, you feel so delicious."

I see her bobbing titties in the dim light. I reach for them and feel the spikes of her nipples attempting to dig into my palms.

"Ohh Daddy, I am so hot!" As she violently rotates her hips to agitate our junction! I place my hands on her ass to help synchronize, and control the intensity of her action, whereby she softly cries "fuck me, I need you!"

I feel my Baby's rhythm increasing, and I can barely hang on matching her enthusiasm while enjoying more shocks to my flesh - when her pussy starts snapping and drooling intensely. I fight the urge to ejaculate to make sure of it being 'ladies first'. She screams, her body shakes, and she collapses onto me. And I put my arms around her with my cock slowly moving inside her cunt.

"I love you Audra" is all I can say when she looks into my eyes. I then notice tears streaming down her face.

I stop with my cock still embedded. "Did I hurt you darling?"

"Don't be silly Daddy, this is tears of joy. I have wanted to do this with you ever since I got my first 'tickle'. Now you are a problem Dad, I need to have you spurt inside me to punctuate this beautiful thing we just did."

With that she moves up and we start kissing again (with just the tip of my cock retained). After another tongue duel she asks, "Daddy? Don't you ever get soft? What can I do for you to make you cum in my pussy? You comforted me when I really needed you; so let me be your personal fuck toy! Your wish is my command!"

With that, I remove my cock from her cunt while she rolls off me. I get up and turn on the lights while asking her to lie on her back. I move between her outstretched legs and separate the lips of her cunt, totally exposing her to me. I admire her beautiful body, and when my breath is felt on her cunt, she shivers in delight.

"Oh Daddy, you are making me hot again, and if you do be prepared to fuck me silly. Just don't leave me hanging like my asshole boyfriend did. Oh God! Your tongue feels so good. That's it, circle my clit. Oh, you are making me so wet. How about 69 so I can return your favor?"

"Some other time dear, I already have my sights set. Here we go miss juicy pussy."

With that I raise her legs onto my shoulders, move forward and place my hard cock to the folds of her cunt while her hand separates her lips to aid penetration. I press into her willing body feeling the pudding within her vagina. She moans softly when the most sensitive region of her cunt is resting snugly against the base of my cock. We both are spasming to excite ourselves, while seeking our partner's pleasure. She has a little 'girl lost' look in her eyes as I start pumping my cock into her cunt. I remove the pressure on her legs and she removes them from my shoulders while I bend over and kiss her deeply. She is panting and moaning into my mouth. Our lips separate. I place my lips on her neck while feeling her hard nipples bite into my chest.

"Oh Daddy, I need you again. Oh fuck, you feel so damn good. I love you. Fuck meeee!"

Now I am on the way to the best fuck in my life. I can't stop sucking on her neck as I get closer and closer. I am selfishly concentrating on ejaculating into my daughters little pussy, and completely oblivious to the world around me - and cannot comprehend where our bodies end, the fusion is so intense. Now all the lights are flashing with her delightful encouragements.

"I'm cumming Daddy, please, please cum with me. I start to feel her juices soaking my testicles when she starts shaking in pleasure. I feel the hot upsurge of my cum squirting into her quivering pussy as I look into her eyes that are wildly staring at me. A big grin starts forming on her mouth as she feels squirt after squirt drenching her quivering cunt.

"Did I empty my big Daddy? Or shall we start over...I'm willing." (between huffs and puffs).

"Audra, I am not a 16 year old. Baby it will take me hours to recharge after that!"

"Believe me Daddy, I was comfy after the first time, but am always capable of being aroused – especially by you! You are the man of my dreams in the sex department, and the love of my life. Because of this understanding, I can now seek a husband to share raising a family - instead of fooling around with selfish fools that need a fast fuck, oops, just like I do." (snicker)

"Audra, you truly are a woman of the world now, and no longer a child. I love you sweetheart, and this wonderful secret that we now share. Tell me honey, how are you going to explain the hickey on your neck?"

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