tagIncest/TabooDaddy Fantasy Ch. 2

Daddy Fantasy Ch. 2


DISCLAIMER: This is a FANTASY story. Incest fantasy, like rape fantasy, in no way implies any personal, profession or other approval or justification of incest, which when perpetrated is a crime against children, the sanctity of the family, trust and love, and utterly destructive. Those who do not understand the difference between incest fantasy and its psychological reasons for existence, and incest in reality, should NOT involve themselves in the fantasy. All characters are over 18.

* * * * *

Taking you that way--quickly, in a moment of passion--had been the wrong way to go. I had gotten off in your mouth, made you cum with mine, and even though I loved the way you squirmed and screamed with my dick in your mouth while I hit you with the crop, I still feel guilty as I stand here, looking down at you, your legs pulled tight together, and that look on your face. You look afraid.

I hadn't meant to make you afraid, baby. I don't think you understand. Your hands are still tied together. I love that, that you are my prisoner, that I can tie you down like an animal in any position I like and do anything at all to you. You lie there on your back in the scratchy hay and I pull down one of the thick, soft blankets from the side of a stall and lay it down over a thick bed of fresh straw in that stall, then I take the leather strap that trails from your bound hands and I get you up. Despite your weak protests, I only have to take the lead in one hand and use my free hand to slap your flanks when you don't go where I want you, just like the dumb animals I lead around all day. You are sobbing quietly when I lay you down on the blanket, head in the darkest shadows at the end of the stall, feet toward the opening, close to the aisle. I kneel down , one knee on either side of your tits, while I fasten your lead rope to a slat in the stall, my semi-soft cock dribbling a bit of cum down over your throat, your tits pressed tight in my thighs. I squeeze my thighs together, pressing them harder, and you moan "Stop, Daddy", shaking your head from side to side in denial of what you know: that I am going to take you again, and kicking your feet, you try to dislodge me.

Once you're tied, I slap your back-talking mouth and you shut up.

"That's the way I like you best, baby girl," I bend down and breathe in your face. "Nice and quiet. Just do what I want. Make Daddy happy, and Daddy might let you cum some more." I caress your face, the sweet line of your lips with my thumb. When you try to turn away, I grip your face tight in my hand, forcing you to look at me in the dark stall.

"DON'T piss me off," I tell you plainly. "Or you know what will happen."

The fight goes out of you. I'd prefer you keep a little of that backbone, but you'll get it back soon enough. For now, I have time to move down your body and tie each of your ankles in straps just like the one binding your hands, pulling your legs open roughly while you sob, and securing them to wooden slats on either side of the stall. Then I do what I have been wanting to do forever...I lie down atop my sweet, pure baby girl, my big hard body pressing into your soft, fleshy curves, my arms around you, my mouth at yours. Like lovers.

I get to touch you now. What has been forbidden to me is now mine. YOU are mine, in a way you never have been before. Before, I could touch your face, pat you on the head, maybe give you a little caress on the back, but now....now, I can kiss your mouth. I can feel the squirming, cushioning heat of you beneath me; I can lick your sweet, sweet nipples and enter your cunt with my tongue, my fingers, my mouth. You and every part of you now belong to me.

I was torn before, torn between what I know other people say is wrong and what I wanted. It took some amount of stress to break my willpower down, but once broken, I took you. And now, whether they're right or wrong, I will keep taking you, over and over again, in every imaginable way, because I have to feast on what I've claimed.

I whisper to you, trying to explain it all to you, while our bodies are warm together on the blanket. I stroke your beautiful hair, your face, the sweet, soft lines of your throat and shoulders while I try to quiet you. While I tell you how long I've longed for you; how much I've yearned and ached to hold your naked body under mine; to feel your fresh, firm breasts on my chest, to know how deep and hot and wet you would be when you first take a cock inside you.

You jump at that, and whimper and protest, feeling my cock stirring against the inside of your thighs. You start pleading with me again as I grow harder; longer.

"Please, Daddy," you whine prettily. "Please let me go. I swear I won't tell."

"No, you won't tell, baby girl," I assure you as I kiss your cheek. "You won't ever tell anyone. If you do, you'll have to tell them the whole truth, that you came with Daddy's mouth on your pussy."

You turn your head away and start seeping tears again; I soothe your skin with my fingertips...forehead, brows, nose and cheeks, tracing the lines of your beloved face.

"I love you, baby girl," I whisper in your ear, moving so that my cock is brushing your cunt; your soft, soft curls teasing my shaft, only making me harder. "Daddy loves you, baby." I do, you know. I love everything about you. I love the softness, the sweetness. I love the way you smile and the way you snuggle into your bed at night. It's because of all those things that I want to be with you like this; to be your lover. I want to protect you and I want you to know how very special you are to me. I want to make you my girl, for real.

I try to explain all this to you, while my hands slide up and down your delicate young body, caressing every curve; every hollow. I know where you are ticklish but I avoid those places because we are not Daddy and his little girl now, romping and playing, we are lovers, man and woman. I don't express myself very well; my words come out rough and uneducated, as I am, but in my heart you're my perfect girl. Daddy's baby. And I want to absorb you inside me and make you part of me forever; I don't ever want you to leave Daddy.

"Tonight, you're gonna take Daddy inside you," I murmur in your ear, already lost in the soft, hazy sexual fantasy of having you under me. You fight and beg and squirm, but I know you're just putting on a good show for the sake of what all those other people say: that this is wrong, that you shouldn't enjoy it.

"You don't have to pretend," I whisper in the darkness, the rain still pounding outside. "Nobody's here. You don't have to pretend you don't like it. Daddy knows you want it, baby."

You scream at me, some last-ditch effort to dissuade me, and regretfully I have to show you who's boss again, because you keep forgetting that. Holding your head between my big hands I kiss you, smashing your sweet, plush lips under mine, forcing your mouth open with my tongue, shoving it inside, fucking your mouth as I will soon fuck your body, and you are getting that fight back, aren't you? Trying so hard to buck me off, your strength nothing to me as I kiss my girl, taking your mouth as I have always wanted to do. You taste hot and sweet. Afraid. Innocent. It's a taste that makes my cock so fucking hard I want to slam it deep into your virgin cunt in one hard thrust.

But I will be patient, sweetheart. Kissing you more softly, gently, pulling out of your mouth then kissing the corners of your mouth, your silk-smooth cheeks, your chin, your throat. While I kiss my way down, you struggle, fighting the bonds and whimpering and crying out at the way the straps bite into your soft skin. I tell you to relax, to just enjoy. I tell you that Daddy's going to make his baby girl feel so good...but you insist on playing the victim. I smile at you and though the stall is dark when I pull away to look down into your face and smile, you suck in your breath and stop struggling for a moment. In that instant you lie under me, chest heaving with rough breaths, mouth wet from mine, my cock throbbing against your still-virgin cunt, and I know that you are struggling with the reality of what you really want...of the way you want Daddy to fuck you.

"It's okay, baby," I whisper to you, smoothing the silky hair back from your face. "It's okay. I know what you want, and I promise, Daddy will give it to you. But Daddy wants to hear you say it. Tell Daddy what you want, honey." I wait for you to answer, but you don't. Instead, you shake your head, press your lips together. You refuse to give me what I want, and I do NOT appreciate your little Miss Innocent routine. I take your face in my hands again and shake you a little.

"TELL DADDY!" I demand, growling in frustration when you only shake your head and cry and moan, "no, no....please Daddy..."

"Say it!" I demand again. "Tell Daddy you need him to fuck you. YOU WANT HIM TO FUCK YOU!"

"NOOOO!" You scream and I slap you for that. Rearing up on my knees between your thighs, I slap your lying mouth.

"You DO want Daddy to fuck you, angel," I hiss angrily. "You want it real bad, but you don't think you're a nice girl if you ask." I put my hands on your firm soft breasts, squeezing them, feeling your hard nipples pressing into my palms. "It's okay, angel," I assure you, grinning above you, my cock pulsing just above your forced-open cunt. "It's okay to be a bad girl. Daddy wants his angel to be bad. Now come on....tell Daddy how bad you need to be fucked."

"No...please Daddy," you moan, trying to twist away. "Not that. I'll do anything you want, but...don't do that to me. Pleeeeeeeease."

I fondle your breasts, watching you writhe below me, and the sight of you tied there, helpless and trying to get away only makes my dick thicker; harder. I can't help but stroke myself, freeing one hand to touch my cock; can't help but notice the way your eyes watch me touching myself.

I grin at you. "You like that, baby girl?" I ask softly. "You like to see Daddy play with his cock?" You turn your head, but I think you're still watching, out of the corner of your eye, and I go on, masturbating and talking to you.

"Do you know how many times Daddy had to jerk himself off because of you, angel? Oh, lots and lots of times. In my bed at night, lying there thinking about you in your bed all alone. And in the shower, when I could hear you in your bedroom next door." I can tell, by the way you stay silent, listening, and the way your body begins to tremble, that what I'm saying is getting you wet.

"Once," I say, "I shot my load in the car right after I dropped you off to school. You were wearing that pretty little skirt that day. Having you sitting there right next to me in the car....shit, you made me so fucking hard I wanted to drive off in the woods and shove your face down in the seat and fuck you so hard you'd scream...but I had to wait, and after you got out and I got out on the road, I had to find a spot to pull over and cum, I was so hard it hurt."

"Does that make you wet, baby?" I murmur, bending over you, bracing myself on one hand on the blanket under your outstretched arm, my other hand on my cock. "Does knowing how you made Daddy hard.....how Daddy had to cum because of you...does that make you wet, sugar?"

You toss your head, mutely denying it. But I know better. You're still wet because I made you cum, and this is only making your tight virgin pussy hotter and wetter. Holding my cock just under the head, I slide the head through your pussy lips, up and down....

You scream again, and I tell you quickly to shut the fuck up. I love the way your scream dies to desperate whimpers; I can't tell if the slick hot moisture that helps my cock head glide along your folds is your cum or my precum, but it doesn't matter.

"You'll be taking Daddy's dick inside your pussy real soon, angel," I growl, sliding my cock up....down....up.....down....

"You know," I whisper in confidence to you, "Sometimes, when you aren't home, I go in your room. Daddy likes to lie on you bed and use your panties to rub his cock. Sometimes I cum so hard in them I have to scream into your pillows." I see you are alarmed at this revelation, but I don't stop there.

"I know you saw the website...the one with the pictures of the lady who looks like a little girl sucking her ‘daddy's' cock...I left it there for you, baby; I knew you'd like to look. Maybe someday, when you're a little older, we'll take pictures of you sucking my cock...and let the whole world see them."

You start sobbing at this, but I know the idea makes you even hotter; your pussy is sopping wet against the head of my cock. Even though you buck against me again then try to squirm away, I know you want it.

I rub the head of my cock over your clit, the skin so slick they just glide over one another like wet silk; I chuckle when you jump at the contact.

"Yeah....you like that, don't you baby? Daddy's gonna teach you all kinds of ways to play with your clit." I rub again; you jump and whimper. Bending my head, I begin licking at your right nipple while I masturbate you with my cock, rubbing more firmly; more quickly, over your hard little clit. You start to beg me to stop...but your pleas are so weak now; I know you want Daddy to fuck you, angel.

I suck your nipple into my mouth and while you arch and moan, you say NO but your body is responding to me, baby. I rub your clit faster....harder...and suck at your nipple, then tease it with the edges of my teeth. You start to shake under me; I know you want to cum for me. But I want it in my mouth again.

Moving away from your breast, I get up on my knees again and lift your hips; you try to kick out, but you're off balance and still tied. I manage to just get my arms around your belly, your thighs on my shoulders, calves hanging down over my back, and my mouth hovering over your damp, hot pussy. You beg again.

"NO Daddy! PLEASE NO!" You cry out, but the smell of your ripe cunt is too much temptation and I have to bury my face in you hard, shoving my tongue full into your wet hole and fucking you hard and fast, the taste of you like tangy honey in my mouth; I love it so much that I have to moan as I eat my little girl's sweet pussy. I take my time, first tongue fucking you, then licking every niche and hole and fold over and over and over until you are writhing again. So close to cumming...

You are so responsive to my mouth. Not cold like your bitch mother, but so hot. So needy. You cry in protest but a few soft moans escape you as well. Those sounds, of my girl needing me to make her cum, make me so hot I nearly cum just licking out your sweet pussy. I think about finger fucking you, to see how tight you are, but decide against it. Your cunt will feel my cock first. Nothing less.

I let your cunt fall away from my mouth as I lower your hips, your legs falling to either side of my thighs. Getting one hand between your thighs, I keep you on the edge of orgasm, not letting you cum, but making you so fucking hot you don't care what is happening...you only care about Daddy making you his bad girl. About Daddy making you explode.

One thumb on your clit, I keep you high, but never too high, while I grab my cock with the other and position the head in the little well your cunt makes just at the surface. I press my hips forward just a fraction, to make sure I'm in the right spot. One day soon, I will fuck you like this in the daylight, so that I can watch your wet pink lips swallow me whole, but for now, I need my angel's cunt around my cock too bad to wait. You writhe and thrash, and I have to release my cock to grab your hips, to keep you in place for me.

"Tell Daddy," I demand again.

You lie there, head thrashing back and forth and moan noooooooo. I pick up the speed of my thumb, letting you get right at the peak before stopping; making your orgasm stop.


"No...noooo...pleeeease don't make me," you whimper, hips trying to pump at my hand, still sobbing, caught between wanting to cum and not wanting to be bad.

"GODDAM IT!" I scream, my cock throbbing at your hole, "TELL DADDY!"

"I...need..." you sob

"Tell Daddy what you need baby," I croon, thumb keeping you on the edge.



"I need....I need....Daddy...to...to..."

"To what, angel? What do you need Daddy to do?"

That thumb presses you, rotates against you....gets you soooo close....

"FUCK ME!" You scream.

I growl in satisfaction, not letting you cum yet....not yet.

"Tell me," I push you. "SAY IT!"

"I want...to....I want you to fuck me, daddy....." You writhe and let out these feral feminine growls that turn my blood hot. "Ohhhhh god......PLEASE!!!"

I shove my cock into you, forcing the head past your virgin lips, the shaft deep into your wet, virgin walls, feeling the head jam into your cervix, and under me you arch hard as steel and clench and SCREAM for me....screaming for Daddy's cock.

The pleasure is so intense I want to explode; you're so fucking tight.

"Oh baby," I croon as I start to fuck you. I don't care you're a virgin, I'm so fucking stiff and I've been waiting so long to get my cock inside you that I lose my mind a little. I rub my thumb faster and faster over your hard little clit while I slam my cock into you over and over and over. Your little pussy is so tight it's like a fist. I feel you cumming, hear you screaming beyond the buzzing in my ears; I barely feel you jerk and spasm as you cum for Daddy again, creaming all over his hard cock as it plunges in and out of you.

Not able to hold myself up any longer, I slam down atop you, you tied under me in a forced missionary position, and I slide my arms under you, curl my hands over your shoulders, and jam my cock into your cunt like an animal. I can't think of anything but the feeling, the tight, wet hold of you around me. Your cunt is so swollen and wet the sounds I make as I force my big dick in and out of you make my mouth water again. I hear you moaning as I take you, lying there in the aftermath of your own orgasm, and I hear myself whispering against your ear.

"You're Daddy's girl now," I rasp, grunting as I fill your sweet pussy with Daddy's hard cock. "You're Daddy's little cumslut." Just saying the words sends electric shocks of pleasure down my spine. "You're Daddy's bad girl. Daddy's little slut." I'm jamming you full, listening to your moans as your slight body takes all of mine, as Daddy's angel takes his cock.

Then you make me cum.

You turn your head, whisper in my ear... "Yes, Daddy," you say. "I'm yours." And you get your mouth against mine and you kiss me, deeply, softly...lovingly, and I'm lost.

I explode inside you, you swallow my cry of ecstacy. I feel blasts of my cum splatter against your inner walls, my body twitches and trembles and I scream, tearing my mouth away from yours, howling in victory and moaning in the most incredible pleasure I have ever known.

And when you have milked my cock for every drop of Daddy's cum, when I lie atop you momentarily sated and my cock still inside your tight, warm cunt, I know that I have taken something precious. Your innocence. But I know that in return I have given something equally precious.

My heart.

I untie you gently, kissing your bruised wrists; your ankles, and then I wrap you in Daddy's strong, safe arms, and rock you, covering us both in more blankets. We lie there, the bed I made you soft beneath us, and we whisper gentle murmurs of love, while you wrap your arms around my neck and nestle into my body, still child but now lover, one of your soft, slight thighs thrown over mine. I soothe and pet you, my hands rough on your silk skin, sliding across your back and ass and thighs. In another hour or so, I know I will have to rouse you again, because I can already feel my cock stirring, but for now I hold you. My angel.

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