tagIncest/TabooDaddy Gets A Surprise

Daddy Gets A Surprise


Benjamin and Abigail are father and daughter, they also own and run fishing lodge on a lake in the mountains. She been working with her dad for the last 3 years. She the cook, and she stays away from the men who come up to fish. This weekend would be the last group coming up before winter comes.

"There will only be two men this week Abby. So you can come out and meet them for me after they get here. Get them settle and tell them I should be back by dark." he said.

"It will not be a problem dad." she said.

Abby could hear the men driving up, she went out side to meet them.

"Good afternoon gentlemen my father said you'd be here, and he has your rooms ready. Supper will be at 6, and Dad said. he'd be back by then. If you will follow me I'll show you to your rooms." she said.

" There's a pool and hot tub, should want to use them just ask me and I'll show you where they are." she told them.

"This is our first time here, but we were told that there was a lady here who could give a good massage. Would that be you Honey?" the tall, huge looking man ask.

"That would be me, and I'm very good at what I do, but you should be warn, I'm also the cook, don't piss me off." she said. With each man in his room, she went down stairs.

It was dark and dad wasn't back yet. An hour later she heard him come in, she watch him stager up stairs to his room. She went into his room and help him into bed. She wasn't listening to his rambling, till he said. something about wanting his baby.

"What did you say Daddy?" she ask.

" One day I'm going to fuck her. Or maybe I can get her to suck me, I got to come up with an idea, damn where's my drink, Hey O'Leroy give me my beer back." he said. She didn't know what he was saying. She watch her dad reach for something in the drawer. Walking over she open the drawer and was shock to find a nude picture of herself laying on the bed with a large dildo in her pussy. Her boyfriend wanted to take it for himself, but how did her dad get it. Then she watch her dad jerking his cock, while looking at her picture. She close the door leaving him to his fun, she'd ask him later when he wasn't drinking. The next morning the guys were off fishing. Abby relax a little, and went about cleaning the lodge. Putting off cleaning her dad's room, but she had to get it done. She strip the bed, gather up the dirty clothes. As she fix the room, putting things back, she came across a book. It look like a Journal, opening it she found it was in her dad's handwriting. Sitting on the bed she began to read it. The date at the top of the page was last year.

"I don't know what I'm going to do. My feelings for my baby aren't what they should be. Ever sense that no good boyfriend of hers, was showing off that picture of her around the bar. I beat the shit out of him. I told him that he shouldn't be showing off her to anyone. Well I guess I can't put it off any longer. I need to deal with these feelings sooner or later." She took the book with her.

Putting the clothes into the washer, she went to check on the food in the slow cooker, grabbing the clean sheets she headed back to his room. Sitting on the bed, after she made it. Opening the book again, this time to a date that was just last month.

"Oh god, I'm going crazy with wanting her. I want to feel her mouth on my cock, and I want to feel myself moving inside her. I watch her once with that asshole of a boyfriend. He was fucking her ass, I pretended it was me, and I jerk my cock to him moving in her ass, and my cock exploded." she read. [the door bell rings] Looking at the clock she ran down stairs to answer the door.

" Just put it in the kitchen please." she told the man. She started putting away the food. When he bought in the last load, she gave him a the check and he left. She finish putting the stuff away. She went back up stairs to his room.

She sat down on the bed, opening the book again. This time the date was last week.

"I've gone into her room, at night, once I lay down with her. I touch her, I even made her cum once while she was sleeping. When it gets to much for me I've been going into town and getting drunk." she read. He's talking about me, he wants to fuck me. She thought about how that made her feel. She was surprise that she wanted him the same way. She smile, grabbing the pen she wrote him something in the book.

"I've read some of your book, you should have come to me Daddy. I would have told you that I would love to suck your cock, Why don't you come to me tonight, and I'll be waiting for you. Abigail" she ran into her room getting a picture of her ass being fuck by that dildo. Putting it in the book she close it and sat it on his bed.

She had supper on the table when they came in from fishing. After eating Dad ask the guys if they wanted to play a game of cards. Abby went up stairs to shower and get ready. She took a long bath, with a rose scented oil. Standing in front of her closet trying to find something to wear. Way in the back she found a red sheer robe, and decided to wear only that. She turn off her lights, opening the curtains to let the moonlight in. She layed on the bed. Down stairs the game was breaking up and Benjamin told the guys that he'd take them up to the fishing hole, to be ready to leave by 6 am. She heard them come up the stairs.

"I see you guys in the morning, good night." Benjamin said. She heard his bedroom door close.

It's been over an hour sense she heard her dad go into his room. She was just getting up when she heard someone at her door. She watch the door open, someone coming in and closing the door.

"Abigail, it's me your father." he said.

"I've been waiting for you." she said, turning on the light, and standing up.

"Oh my God, you look so good." he said, looking at her with the light behind her. She open her robe, revealing her body to him. She walk to him reaching for his robe. She undid the belt, and kneel down in front of him. Opening his robe.

"Oh my" she gasps. His cock was enormous.

" Your so big." she said.

"I'm very proud of all 10 inches." he said.

"I've never had anyone this big." she said. He grab and squeeze his cock, pushing it towards her face. She open her mouth and close it on his cock.

"Oh Baby feels so good, Oh Yes Suck me." he cried out. She move her mouth down, taking more of his cock into her mouth. He started moving in her mouth. She held his balls, rolling them in her hands. He was moving in and out of her mouth faster. Ready to blow his load.

"Oh Baby I'm cumming!!!" he cried out. Stepping back when she was done drinking his cum. She walk back to the bed.

He followed her and lay on top of her, parting her legs he push his cock in her pussy.

"OH, GOD, FUCK, ME, DADDY." she said as she push her hips up to met his. Grabbing her hips Benjamin thrust his cock into her hard. He pound her pussy with his cock.



" Okay baby I'll fuck you, I'LL FUCK YOU SO FUCKING GOOD YOU WILL NEVER WANT ANYONE ELSE TO FUCK YOU." he told her. He pounds her pussy even harder, telling her how much cum he's going to plant in her. She's out of her mine with the pleasure she's feeling. They exploded together. In the morning they wake up with his cock still inside her.

"I really don't want to leave you, but I told them I'd take them up to the cliff to fish." he told her. Kissing him good morning.

" How do you feel about watching two men fucking me, then joining in with them." she ask.

"I think that will be great I ask the guys." he said.

"come over here big boy and I'll give you and good send off." she said. She took his hard cock and sucking him fast, he exploded quickly.

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