tagIncest/TabooDaddy, He Fucked Me SOOOO Good!

Daddy, He Fucked Me SOOOO Good!


I was aroused awake by the soft, effeminate voice of me late-teen daughter Lacey calling "Daddy, I'm home, wake up, sleepy-head," while her soft little hands were groping to massage my dick through my boxers. I was in one of those deep slumbers that it took a few moments just to realize who the fuck I was, but peeling open an eyelid I saw my clock reporting the time a little past 10 am, and Lacey's grinning sexy face was leaning over me. The urgent fondling of my cock and balls through my thin cotton boxers made me roll onto my back, my disheveled sheets strewn away from me, so Lacey had complete access to my crotch.

She was in the same outfit I put on her last night when she left for her date -- pink front-button blouse, super-tight to show off her b-cups and cut short to reveal her flat tanned tummy, with white Capri pants so tight they looked painted onto her thin thighs. Lacey's long blonde hair, which was full of curls last night, was now droopy and dirty, even matted in places -- definitely unclean, frizzy, mangled. But even with messy hair she looked so deliciously sexy me, although I suppose you'd expect her own father to say that.

Lacey had one knee on the bed next to me, her other foot on the floor, as she leaned over with both hands on my boxers. One hand was pulling open the hole of the boxers, while her other hand was reaching inside to fish out her daddy's penis. I must have been soft when she found me sleeping, but now I was a good semi-hard and heading quickly to a full erection. As she exposed my cock her soft little hand expertly started to stroke it up and down, not too much pressure, just loving attention, until her daddy was becoming rigid and hot in her hand.

"Mmm I missed you last night, Daddy," Lacey moaned just before she bent over and licked her tongue around the soft head of my penis. I groaned, my hands racing to stuff a pillow behind my neck and back so I could watch her work on my cock. I kept my thighs parted for her, my balls straining against my now-useless briefs, with my naked dick pointing up at the ceiling in her hand and against her tongue. The 19 year old swirled her lips and tongue in circles around the soft bulbous head, tasting her daddy's precum, then a few moments later her lips closed on it sucking my cockhead, and only it, into her mouth, where she bathed it in warm, sticky saliva.

"Oh fuck honey," groaned her now totally awake daddy. I gripped the bedsheets under me, wanting to just savagely fuck her hot mouth like I know she loves. But I remained still on the bed, allowing her to savor and suck my penis and cockhead as she wanted. Her hand around my base was not pumping but holding me firmly, pointing my dick into her mouth. With my cockhead in her mouth, she looked up at my face, laughing with her eyes, then she allowed my cock to drop out of her hand and mouth onto my abdomen. She lowered her head more, her messy golden locks falling to tickle my stomach, and with her tongue stuck out she began licking from the base of my cock to the soft round head, then back down the shaft to the base where my cock disappeared in my underwear.

My body on fire from the pleasure Lacey was giving me, as she always gave me, I forced out something comprehensible. "So -- oh god that's so good, ooh -- so did you have a good time baby?"

She finished licking back to the head of my dick, then she paused to push her tangled hair over and behind her ear, which worked to keep just a few strands in place. Sitting upright on her butt next to me, Lacey had one hand out on my dick, which she softly held and began to pump in slow, luxurious strokes. I felt her thumb sticking up on her hand, rubbing my wet cockhead in circles as her palm and fingers ascended my shaft, only to descend back down then come up again. "Yeah I did, it was cool." She had that know-it-all grin, her thin pink lips turned up with a big smile. She always played it calm and understated when she got home from her dates.

"So," I asked slowly, furiously thinking if she told me last night who the lucky date was, "did um, did you tell me who it was, or did I forget?"

Lacey stuck her tongue out a quarter-inch and bit it in her teeth as she winced in a half-guilty pout. "Oh Daddy no I didn't tell you, I thought you like surprises." Her hand squeezed my cock harder for a second, making my pelvis jerk up, drawing another giggle from her. "He was a doctor, I met him on the Internet, he was here for a convention or something."

From deep in my lust I exclaimed a low, pleasured grunt of satisfaction. Not having any more details, I knew I loved this story already. "Another guy from the internet huh -- wow -- how was he, how old, I guess you went to his hotel?"

"Mmm, Daddy," Lacey sighed, holding my cock at its base so it stuck up at the sky, as she leaned over again. I watched my slutty daughter take my cockhead into her thin face, sucking it as her cheeks flexed inward from the vacuum she was creating, and she sucked a few inches of my erection into her wet young mouth. Placing both hands flat on my abdomen and shorts around my dick, she began working her mouth up and down my shaft, stuffing my cock deeper in her mouth and against her tongue with each thrust downward. Her eyes looked over at me, ensuring I was watching this, and indeed my gaze was riveted on the sight of my throbbing penis disappearing down her mouth and throat. Lacey is such a fucking expert cocksucker, and I swear she sucks cocks just to see a guy's reaction. Since she started sucking and fucking me about a year ago, I must have had over one a day from her on average -- you know, sometimes I try to get multiple BJs to make up for lost days.

She didn't answer my question about her date, instead using her lips and tongue to make her daddy's cock totally engorged, so I was completely lusting for her. Finally, after a couple of minutes of sucking and mouthfucking, she leaned up again. Her hand found my penis drooling in her saliva, squishy and gooey and sticky, and she began jerking it forcefully but slowly. The outer skin of my dick moved under her sticky hand, and her thumb kept rubbing my cockhead each time her hand was at the top of my shaft. "He was nice, Daddy," Lacey finally informed me, her eyes watching my erection, "he's really handsome, and works out good."

My slender daughter was now sliding her body down the bed, crawling between my spread-open legs. Sitting on her ankles between my knees, she was working to stretch my boxers over my erection so she could strip me naked. I sucked in my gut and pulled my ass down so she could stretch the boxers, but you know, sometimes you just can' t pull a hard dick out of the eyehole of underwear. She laughed after a couple of efforts, then finally with a little pain, my whole cock squeezed through the small hole. With a little cheer of "yea!" from the former head cheerleader, Lacey pulled my boxers down my hairy legs and tossed them away so her daddy was totally naked. Instantly she put her hands on my knees and spread me legs wide open, and falling forward she rubbed her slender exquisite face against my shaved balls and throbbing penis. Moaning with familiar delight, her tongue darted out licking my shaft as her cheeks and nose rubbed along my aching penis for a few moment.

When her face was nicely soiled in her own saliva and my precum, she moved up a few inches and took the head of my dick back inside her little lips; and moving her torso up more, she bent down her head to swallow half of my dick into her mouth. I felt my fat head against the back of her tight mouth, where her tongue's base moved into her throat. Lacey gulped and pushed down more, and now my penis was stretching inside her throat. She was swallowing me, the little whore. She pushed down her mouth and lips until her lips were against the base of my cock, and daddy's big hard dick was now stuffed up inside her throat and neck. Her little body shook at the depths of my cock, and she made little moaning noises, slightly discomforted by her deep-throating. Looking up at me for a few moments, she slammed down on my dick as hard as her face could, sticking my cockhead into her neck, stretching her throat, and she let daddy feel how tight her tube was around my fat pulsating penis.

At last, god twenty seconds or more, she pulled up, gasping for air with a big gulp, and as her mouth pulled off of me, a thick swarm of mucus was dripping down my cock, with a strand like a wet bridge from the tip of my dick to her lips. She smiled at my messy cock, and after swallowing a couple of times to regain her sensibilities, she leaned forward, opened her mouth, and began licking off the throat mucus from my penis. Her licking was loud, you could hear her tongue and lips sucking off the messy goo all over my erection.

I almost had to contain myself from laughing, I mean, watching my 19 year old blonde daughter licking off her messy gooey yellow-green mucus from my cock was almost too hot to believe, and it wasn't every day she deep-throated me. "Whats the matta, baby," I asked in a low surly voice, "you seem awful horny this morning, didn't you get fucked?"

She laughed at the ridiculous comment, but keeping to her usual game plan of withholding information as long as she could, she just smiled up at me. "Why, can't I please my Daddy?" And keeping her eyes on mine, she put her mouth over my balls and began licking my salty scrotum.

Fuck that felt good. I reached to my knees, pulling them way back, exposing my balls and asshole to her. "Awww Lacey fuck that's nice," my eyes rolled as I droned on, "ahhh yeah sweetie, mmm suck em." But not forgetting what I wanted to know, I more pointedly demanded of her, "So tell me baby, was he a good fuck?"

"Uh huh," her quiet reply came as her tongue and lips were busy sucking her daddy's balls, "yeah he was."

My cock throbbed a little hotter, knowing for sure she got laid last night. "So didn't he fuck you this morning, is that why you're so horny?"

Her eyes were smiling at me, as her nose and mouth were against my cock and balls. I saw her shrug, and she leaned up, her mouth dripping with saliva. "Mmm he did Daddy, when we woke up -- and, uh, after our shower together." She said it so matter-of-factly, but she was watching me, knowing how horny with lust her answer would make her daddy. Seeing that indeed I was stirring with more frenzy for her, she sat upright, her little ass on her thin ankles, and she reached two hands forward to my dick. Cupping my balls with one hand, her other hand began stroking me, my thick hard shaft lubricated from her saliva and mucus. "He gave it to me good this morning Daddy, he said he wanted to get fucked good before he had to go fly home to his ugly wife."

I was chuckling from her self-confidence. Her hand felt so fucking good around my hard wet shaft, my pelvis was staring to gyrate, pumping my dick up and down in her fist. "You just don't deep-throat me much, was wondering why you came home so horny."

Her eyes looked down at my cock stuffed up between her little fingers and palm, then she smiled back at me. "'Cause I sucked him off in his car too, and I was just like horny ya know."

"Where in his car baby, at the airport or at the hotel something?"

"No, Daddy," she grinned, taking her hand off my balls a moment to push her messy hair back over her ears and out of her eyes, "he dropped me off going to the airport."

The logical conclusion of the details made my cock seem to get twice as hard in her hand. "So, you telling me, honey, that while your daddy was upstairs asleep, you were down in the driveway sucking off some other man's big penis?"

Her thin sexy body with the perky b-cup tits shivered from the way I described it, but she didn't stop jerking off my fat meat, and she looked at me with sincere trust. "Well of course Daddy, I had to say goodbye to him."

"Ooh that's a nice thought," I responded with a grin. "Nothing like saying goodbye by letting a man squirt all over your face -- or down your throat?"

"Mmm," she moaned as her eyes rolled, and I saw her tongue lick her lips, "down my throat Daddy!"

The thought of another man squirting his semen into Lacey's throat on my own fucking driveway, in some cheap rental car he was about to return to the airport, was about to make my cock squirt too. I was so full of lust I just wanted to unload my morning jism into Lacey's mouth or all over her gorgeous fucking teenage face; and her sexy hands squeezing my cock was going to make it happen. So, not wanting to cum yet but totally hot for her morning antics, I leaned upright and put my hands under her armpits. I lifted her torso up too, so her hands moved away from my cock, as I brought her face towards mine. "God you're so hot," I moaned, just before my lips touched hers. Immediately she opened her mouth and offered me her tongue, which I sucked into my mouth and started squeezing and sucking it. Daddy and daughter intensely sucked face, tongues sliding over each other, her damp messy hands flat on my hairy chest, moaning from the pressure of our lips locked together.

Breaking our kiss, panting, I pushed her to stand on her knees between my thighs, and I lowered my face past her sexy teenage tits in her thin tight pink blouse. Pointing at her flat tanned tummy just under her short blouse, and putting my hand flat against it, I smiled up at her, moaning, "Mmm so this hot doctor's cum is right here inside my babygirl?" Lacey giggled and arched her back, hands on her hips, making her flat tummy stick forward. I was already level with her tummy, just above her belly-button (an "innie," if you're asking), and I planted a wet, loving kiss on her soft bald tummy. My kiss turned into a couple of flicks of my tongue, making her giggle, leaving a little wet spot on her skin.

Pushing back from her, sliding my hands from her armpits to her hips, I let her watch me admire the mess in her hair. "Looks like this hot doctor also splattered himself all over your face and hair, baby."

Lacey beamed proudly, brushing tufts of tangled messy hair over her shoulder and twirling a finger through some strands near her forehead that remained curled. "Yeah, once last night."

"I see." I couldn't hide my grin, and it was making Lacey laugh. "And what else -- did this hot doctor get to squirt his cum into my baby princess's tight little pussy?"

She nodded as she giggled in delight. "Oh yeah, a few times Daddy."

"Oh, a few times huh? My my, fucking like rabbits weren't ya." My smile showed I didn't have an iota of objection. My hands were sliding to the button on her white Capris. "So let's let Daddy see where he put all that cum."

Her grin turned to a little pout, and her hands intercepted my wrists, holding me back. "Daddy, I'm so sore this morning." I could see from her eyes that she wasn't kidding. "We fucked so much, I hardly slept and don't think I can again for a while."

I was so horny, I wasn't about to be stopped. "I didn't say I wanted to fuck you too, baby, I just wanna see where he put it." She allowed me to push her onto her back on my bed, and she dutifully put her knees together as I unfastened her Capris then peeled them off. Instantly I saw she wasn't wearing her thong. "Where's that lacy thong I put on you last night?"

Lacey pretended to think about it like she didn't know, but then she offered, "I let him have it Daddy, a little present."

"Oh, a present huh, maybe so he could give his wife?" I laughed, and she retorted, "Don't think so!" and laughed with me. I was already pulling her pants off of her ankles, exposing her shaved bald cuntlips and her creamy tanned legs. Spreading open her knees, I gazed at the pussy that I had carefully shaved last night before she left on her date. Her pouty pink vaginal lips were glistening with beads of liquid, shimmering in the morning sunlight. God, I thought, staring at my daughter's naked twat as she pulled her legs back for me, how fucking hot is that image. I looked at her spread-open pussy, picturing some stranger she just met in person yesterday night, stuffing his fat adult penis into that cunt right there, making her moan and scream, and shooting cum into her womb. (Ok, ok, she's on Ortho, but still.) THAT pussy, right there, got fucked by some convention-attending doctor stud. It was making me so fucking hot to fuck her myself, although I knew I wouldn't because she asked me not to.

She saw me admiring her cunt, and she undulated her hips a little for effect. If she was trying to get me to fuck her, it was working, so I just mumbled what a tease she was. Then a little louder I asked, "So tell me Lacey, what were the very first words out of your mouth after he saw your shaved pussy for the first time last night?"

"Hmm, my very first words," she moaned, thinking to herself, watching me watch her gyrating pelvis and teenage cunt, "well I just sucked him off and he wanted to eat me, so I was like, 'eat my cunt, eat it.'" Her nasty mouth in its high-pitch squeal is such a turn-on to me, and seeing and smelling her tasty pussy while hearing her talk like a hooker was making my naked penis throb even harder for an orgasm. And she knew the effect of those words on me, I taught her to talk like a cumloving slut. "And Daddy, he just buried his tongue so deep in me, oh god Daddy, it was so hot, he made me cum so hard in his mouth Daddy, he made me scream for him."

"Did he now?" I was trying my best not to jump her, but she is so fucking hot. Since she ruled her pussy off-limits, I was now eyeing her tits. I crawls next to her writhing body, reaching out to unbutton her blouse. Her back was arching, those hard nipples sticking through the material of her blouse and bra. I exposed her bra then just pulled it up over her breasts, not bothering to unhook it. Her pale-white tits, with deep bronze tanlines forming a white triangle around her pink nipples, pointed at the ceiling. She sat up to pull off her blouse and the bra, and while I watched I asked more about her night. "So how long after you met him did you blow him?"

Lacey thought about her answer while she pulled off her bra and blouse. Lying flat on her back again, now totally naked, spreading her tanned thighs for her father, she answered me while reaching out for my penis. "It wasn't right away," she explained, "he took me to a fancy dinner with like some stupid old people dancing."

"Oh a real date," I giggled, comparing it to most of her recent hookups. I crawled forward on my knees, pushing my pelvis forward, as she grabbed my dick in her hand. I watched her stroke me hardness as I gazed down on her naked body. "Hope the food was good."

My long-haired blonde daughter giggled. "It was ok, but it was funny." Some memory was making her giddy. "He like was telling everyone I was like his daughter? And I was calling him Daddy, it was silly, but the waiter like, TOTALLY didn't believe it." Her hand was wrapped around my penis the whole time, it was very surreal hearing her talk about calling another man her father. When asked why the waiter "totally" didn't believe she was the doc's daughter, she gave me this guilty look. "Cuz um he caught us making out at the table."

I had to laugh too at that. "You little slut, kissing your daddy at the dinner table." But the idea was making me so fucking hard. "How about your REAL father takes you out to dinner tonight, but we pretend that you're not my daughter, we pretend you're my mistress, and we just totally are all over each other?"

"Mmm I like that Daddy," Lacey groaned in pleasure, rolling up onto her elbow so she could get her mouth near my penis, "then you can take me home and fuck me like your little slut." Her eyes locked onto mine, her mouth surrounded the head of my cock and she sucked it noisily, slurping it, drawing it into her mouth. I rocked my hips in a swirling fashion, slowly, pushing my throbbing erection into my slutty teenage daughter's wet mouth, bit by bit, until my swollen cockhead was against the back of her mouth. Lacey's tongue lathered the soft underside inside her mouth with warm saliva. Pulling back she closed her tongue and cheeks on my retreating penis, sucking it hard as if to keep it inside her mouth, until just my cockhead was left inside her puffy lips. Then pushing forward I again filled her mouth with cock, right until her eyes rolled from feeling dick at the deepest part of her mouth not yet her throat. Back and forth I went, stuffing my erection in my daughter's wet inviting mouth then pulling it back out slowly, in and out. Lacey kept herself steady on the bed so I could fuck her mouth, and she made low growling, moaning sounds that added vibrations to the sensation of her fucking. She made it sound like she was in heaven, that's for sure.

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