Daddy, He Fucked Me SOOOO Good!


I was getting so worked up for her now. Staring at her naked big tits and shaved dripping pink cuntlips wasn't helping. I wanted to feel my dick inside that vagina again, and watch her eyes close while daddy pounded her little body hard on my bed, like I have done so many times before. Jesus, the thought of fucking that cunt was making me close to orgasm, with her expert blowjob giving me all the incentive to blow. I knew I shouldn't try to fuck her sore pussy, she'd had plenty of cock in there already today.

Lacey kept one hand in front of her torso flat on the bed, for leverage as she leaned up to suck daddy's penis, and she reached up with her other hand. Those thin soft fingers wrapped around the sloppy-wet base of my dick, with her thumb reaching around the other way. Her fingertips and thumb formed a circle around the cockshaft, and with her palm and four fingers touching my dick she had it in a little flesh sheath. As I pumped in and out of her mouth, Lacey moved her hand up and down my sticky-wet dick for additional stimulation, especially keeping her soft palms flat up against my sensitive underside. As I plunged my erection into her mouth Lacey's hand pressed against her lips, so my dick was like completely enveloped by her hand and mouth. It was all so wet, her hand and mouth, making sticky, squishy noises as I fucked her a bit faster. Her soft brown eyes rolled up at me, her long curly blonde hair completely mangled by cum and sweat.

It was getting to be more than sufficient. "I'm gonna cum baby," I grunted, trying to hold back the swelling in my balls.

Her grinning eyes said it all. Continuing to stare up at me, she began bobbing her head now, keeping her fist against her lips, so her mouth and hand slid up and down my shaft in unison. I fucked back at her, sliding my penis between her tight fingers and into her tighter mouth. The bed was now shaking a little from daddy facefucking his daughter. I had to put a hand down to her head to steady myself fucking her, pulling her forward, pushing cock harder into the back of her mouth on top of her tongue. Lacey let me go even deeper, squeezing her fingers around my penis so my entire cock was clenched in a tight vice, like she was trying to milk all of the cum out of it in one squirt.

I was there. I let out my typical howl to let her know. "Ah jesus fucking christ you bitch!"

Lacey immediately pulled her face back, pushing her fist down to the base of my dick, pointing my cock right at her nose. She knows what daddy likes. As I felt my balls churning and muscles tensing, Lacey opened her lips and stuck out her tongue a couple of inches in front of my cockhead. Pumping her hand down my shaft hard, she took me over the edge. I felt my balls get so fucking tight and the hole on top of my penis hurt as the first huge blob of daddycum shot out of my cannon onto Lacey's waiting face. Daddy's sperm splattered loudly on her nose, cheek and tongue. She grinned and jerked my dick harder with her hand as she drew out more and more semen from my erection, one huge massive squirt of the hot gooey mess after another after another. I almost got dizzy, my body shooting out my orgasm in an intensely hard eruption. Lacey moved her face forward against my dickhead, smearing the cum directly on my penis and on her chin and cheeks, covering herself in daddy's mess as I continued to unload my cum on her.

She was grinning to herself, she kept rubbing her face back and forth over my dick as I kept dribbling out sperm, her fist softly pumping my dick to get out every last drop. Her face was fucking covered in white and clear spunk, just drooling down her skin in massive globs. When she knew I was done cumming Lacey put her lips to my messy dick and sucked off the cum from the rim and head, then she licked down the shaft a bit to clean up a bit of the mess on it.

"Oh my fucking god," I growled, falling back onto my ass on the bed, my shoulders and head crashing against the headboard with a thump. My knees were bent and spread open, my sweaty, messy dick reddened and still semi-rigid from the huge cum.

Lacey rose to sit on her ankles facing me, her creamy thin legs spread too, so I could stare at her glistening moist vagina while she sat on my bed in front of me. She stiffened two fingers and rubbed them through the cum on her cheeks, then stuffed her fingers into her mouth to clean them off and taste daddy's mess. Her eyes caught mine as she licked her fingers clean, and her shit-eating grin showed how proud she was of her ability to get her daddy off. "Was that a good way to wake up today, Daddy?"

I grunted mostly because she knows how to get me off better than any chick I'd ever met. "Fuck you know it, honey," I smiled back lovingly, "you are so precious to me." I paused to catch my breath, then couldn't repress a giggle at my next thought. "Sweetie, you should go take a big long nap."

Lacey smiled politely but didn't get the joke. "Why's that daddy?"

"Cuz," her horny daddy told her with his cock already getting stiff again, "you need to get that pussy of yours relaxed -- because daddy is going to fuck it all afternoon."

"Oh really, daddy?" Lacey smiled innocently, but not so innocently she laid herself backwards, her elbows behind her, spreading her thighs to show off her cunt to me. "But what if I have lots and lots of work to do today on my term paper for Psych?"

Seeing her naked body spreading for me told me, she was going to get me hard and get fucked right now, even if she was sore. Daddy can't get enough of his slutty princess.

And Lacey knew it too, opening her thighs up more to give her father more incentive to get hard again. Her hands wandered over her perky, pointy b-cup titties, softly caressing them so her nipples were extra-hard. "Mmm daddy," she moaned for effect, "do you wanna hear more about my date?" She giggled because she knew the answer without asking the question. Daddy's instant smile and excited nod were needless affirmation. "Mmm daddy!" she moaned again, plucking both nipples in fingers and thumbs as she recalled the memories of the last night. "Daddy, after he was eating me, I was screaming for him to fuck my cunt, I was like, put it in me baby, fuck my cunt -- but then like, daddy, he was SOOO big, and he just fucking stuffed it in me -- all at once -- I think or something -- god I fucking SCREAMED!"

I leaned back myself against the wall and sunk lower a bit more, as my legs splayed to my sides on my bed, exposing my dripping-wet erection and sweaty balls to my naked teenage daughter. The image in my head from her words was so fucking erotic, I could picture her screaming -- I've seen her do it with huge cocks and dildos in her, it's truly the most arousing thing she does to me. "Screamed huh -- what position was it?"

"He was on top!" Lacey leaned on her back now on my bed, her legs completely wide open, with her knees bent and her feet near her buttcheeks as she lay flat. Her cunthole was now visible, a little black hole surrounded by her wet pink shaved pussylips and the knobby little stiff clitty, peaking out from her little hood. "He was like, really big guy -- not fat daddy, just you know, built big and handsome -- so he just like was totally on top of me, and when he pushed his big dick into me, daddy, I was so fucking wet it went right into the back all the way so fast! I fucking screamed like, I dunno, you're so fucking huge mister, and he just started fucking me so fucking hard, I was screaming and he was fucking pumping the shit out of me!"

Lacey could see the effect of her story on her father's state of arousal, judged by how my recently-cummed cock was already springing back to life.

So she continued. "And he was like, you know, he wanted me to fuck him like his old wife or something can't, so he was like, put your feet over my shoulders baby, or wrap your legs around my waist, stuff like that, he was bending me all over the bed fucking me." She let her legs fly into the air, as if to demonstrate, then she laughed at the silly maneuver. "Then he was like, your tits are so nice, he had me ride him so he could suck and touch my breasts." Lacey pushed her shoulders back into my bed, arching her back, making her nude b-cup tits rise into the air a little. "He loved my breasts daddy, god I thought he'd suck them off, he was sucking them SOOO hard you know, licking them all over."

As she was talking, my daughter was staring at my penis, waiting for it to get fully stiff again.

"And ohmygawd daddy, when he was like, so deep in me, like his balls were up against my butt, I could feel his cock like in my womb or something you know? I mean fuck, daddy, he was so big and long, he was fucking pumping cum in my stomach or something I think."

Lacey's daddy was so fucking turned on hearing how she got fucked so hard. Grinning at her toying with my lust for her, so proud of what a hot little cockfucker she was, I let my legs drop flat onto the bed in a split-open V position, and as I leaned back against my headboard, my now-fully erect dick lay on my abdomen leaking precum. I was oogling Lacey's shaved teenage vagina, picturing that doctor's huge cock inside it, making her body arch as he flooded her with semen. Damn that was such a hot thought; Lacey is such a fucking awesome young woman.

"Oh then you know what daddy?" Lacey's eyes sparked with a memory from her date. "He was like -- he'd cum I dunno, three times I guess -- we were making out on the bed, right, when like, I was like, are you FINALLY done? And he was like NO, are you? I was like so totally sore, Daddy, but I was so turned on, he's such a good kisser. So I was like, no I'm not let's fuck some more, 'k? And he was like, ok you got it." Lacey turned her eyes from my dick to my face to make sure I was paying attention, and she smiled to see I most certainly was. "So, it was so awesome -- he like sat up against the bed, like you are, and he had me kinda sit on his lap and spread my legs, and he like used two fingers, and he was like, fingerfucking me you know? God daddy, his fingers were like a dick or something, I came so fucking hard--"

Shit that was an amazing image her words painted. My hand was already holding my penis. "Right on his lap baby?"

"Yeah daddy!" Lacey tossed back some of her skinny, messy blonde hair as she eyes me starting to pump my dick with my fist. "He was holding me up, with one arm you know? I was like just fucking cumming, he rammed me so good with his fingers, it was awesome." Her eyes rolled up with a flutter, and my daughter pulled open her thin legs to expose her pussy more. One of her slender hands slid down to her crotch and two long fingers slipped over her clitoris. "Fuck, daddy, I was humping his fingers so hard, it was so fucking good, so good." I watched her fingers sink into the wetness of her shaved puffy pussylips, not entering, just smearing the gathering juices over her lips.

Then her eyes opened, she pulled her hands back up and slipped them under her neck, as she simultaneously opened her legs wide to me. "Fuck me Daddy," coarsely moaned my slutty 19 year old daughter, "I'm so horny."

Even though I spewed a few moments ago, I was so rigid again, and the smell of Lacey's wet cunt gets me going in a heartbeat. I was already thinking that this young cunt had been filled with another man's cock earlier this morning, and I couldn't wait to get my dick into it too. I pushed up to my knees and crawled over to her slender nude body, leaning over her until my cockhead was touching my daughter's pussylips. "You're so fucking hot, Lacey, you're such a fucking gorgeous slut."

She moaned and reached down with her hands to my buttocks, pulling my cock against her cunt, and she undulated her sexy thin hips until the entrance to her pussy was against my cockhead. "I'm so wet Daddy fuck me!"

With a grunt I shoved my ass forward and felt my penis burst into my daughter's wet silky vagina. Her eyes clenched and she moaned, and I knew her pussy was still sore from fucking earlier. But what a slut, huh, to wanna get fucked again. I steadied myself above her, my arms locked straight as I leaned over her, and I undulated my pelvis until my dick worked deeper into her pussy bit by bit. She is so fucking tight, let me tell you, and smelling her naked body plus watching her pretty, sexy face grimace as she's getting fucked -- damn she's such a hot fuck. It's why I fuck this little bitch every night, if I can. I'm so fucking glad her mother divorced me years ago.

Lacey's legs pulled back and wrapped around my waist, and I felt her little ankles pressing against my spine right above my ass. I was rocking my entire body, not just my dick, so I was humping her slowly and making the bed shake too. Lacey opened her eyes up and stared up at me, her big brown eyes riveted on my gaze. She wasn't smiling, but she looked so content. Her vagina was so unbelievably tight this morning, all those orgasms really contracted her muscles or something. I was working to push my erection deeper into her, until I felt the soft head of my cock bump up against her cervix, applying pressure at the back of her vagina. Lacey moaned louder at that moment and her hands on my ass pulled me in deeper.

"Fuck me hard daddy," she groaned, "I'm such a slut."

I was getting more turned on with each thrust, and I have to admit, I was pushing harder now. If she was sore, well, she's gonna get more sore, I thought. My pelvis was slapping into her hips and ass and thighs, making a smacking sound each time, and I could hear her gushing pussy making squishy noises as my thick pole went inside it. We continued to stare into each other's eyes, and Lacey took her hands off my ass and instead wrapped them around my neck, holding me passionately. Our eyes were locked together as my dick pummeled her tight squishy teen pussy over and over, pumping harder into it. Her sexy nude body was now gyrating in circles under me, moving in rhythm to me fucking her, our bodies pumping together as her cunt swallowed the length of my concrete shaft.

"Daddy?" she asked as I fucked her, then seeing me still looking at her, she continued, "is it ok -- he wants me to go to Mexico in a few weeks for some other thing, conference -- is it ok if I go with him?"

With my dick buried in her pussy, I wasn't in the mood to disagree with her about anything. And imagining her in some Cancun or Acapulco hotel room getting fucked night and day by some rich doctor stud, it was a pretty sexy thought.

I grinned, and instead of just saying 'yes' like I wanted to, I half-jokingly argued with her. "I guess but... only if you let me fuck your friend Anastasia while you're gone."

(Ana was a birthday gift to me from Lacey earlier in the year, that's another story.)

Lacey grinned, not saying anything, but her hands around my neck were pulling my head down. I relented and a second later my lips were planted hard on Lacey's mouth, followed by her wet tongue entering my mouth. I sucked my daughter's tongue and shoved my hard penis deeper into her cunt, until my balls were getting wet from rubbing up against her body. Daddy and daughter made out and fucked faster and more frenetically on my bed, humping each other louder and with more energy thrust after thrust.

I felt Lacey's hand reach between us, and she put her fingertips on her clit to rub it while we fucked. It's what makes her cum. She broke our kiss, her head tossed back to the side under me, her eyes clenched shut and her hand started frigging her clit furiously as my cock was stuffed inside her hole. "Oh fuck daddy!" she squealed, as her body tensed. "Fucking make me cum! You stud make me cum!" I felt her pussy gush with fluids and she wailed sucking in the air, and my daughter was having a huge orgasm around my cock. I laughed that she must have called her doctor a "stud" all night, because she never uses that word with me when she orgasms.

Lacey's huge orgasm had my cock now so hard. I thrust my dick into my orgasming daughter as deep as it would go, wrapped tight in her juicy cunthole, and I pumped that spasming kitty with my thick daddycock until her screaming and wailing subsided and her tense body relaxed.

Her next words almost came with a sob. "Daddy I'm so sore," she moaned.

I figured I was on borrowed time anyway. I wanted to cum so hard, but I knew I should let Lacey relax her pussy so I could fuck it later in the day. I thrust into her pussy a few more times, then I pulled out mercifully, hearing her exhale in relief. My dick was now red-hot, covered in her slimy pussyjuice, and my balls ached to cum again. I rose to my knees, straddling her thighs as I leaned upright, and my hand grabbed my stiff wet dick. Lacey half-turned onto her side, her knees pressing together I guess because her pussy hurt so much. She looked down at my dick in my hands, and she arched her back under me to show off her sexy perky b-cup titties. She knew what I liked to see when I was jerking off.

"I'm such a slut daddy," she purred for me, watching me pump my fist on my cock faster over her, "I wanna take a nap cuz I kinda made a date with another married guy from online later today, I was thinking about meeting him and letting him stick his cock in me."

The fucking slut, she didn't mention that, in fact she might have told me earlier she didn't have plans. Whatever. Even if it was a lie, she's so fucking hot, I can't help myself. After just a few strokes of my dick I was close to cumming.

She knew it too. "Don't be mad daddy if I go out to get fucked?" she purred and pleaded with a girlish grin, "I'm just so horny today, when I get back you can fuck me and eat the cum out of me if you want."

That did it. Fuck, I was cumming again. I leaned back and bellowed some kind of earthy guttural grunt, and my balls erupted and cockhead exploded. I pumped my wet dick and felt the semen shooting out, and looking down I watched myself splattering my naked daughter's tits and tummy. She looked anxiously as I kept stroking my dick, pumping out more gooey white cream, until every last drop was shot out on her.

"Mmm daddy you're so sexy," moaned Lacey, pushing herself to sit up on her ass. I leaned over and our lips met again, followed by our tongues sliding together a few seconds.

I giggled, admiring how much cum she had on her now. "You plan on showering for your date or going like a cumslut?"

Lacey hardly answered. Breaking the kiss she flopped onto her back on my bed, but her hands found mine and she pulled me down next to her. Our sweaty and messy bodies rubbed gently as I reached an arm around her, kissing her forehead. Lacey purred contentedly. And we slept together a few hours.

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