tagIncest/TabooDaddy Horsecock Ch. 03

Daddy Horsecock Ch. 03


Several days later, my wife Mary made a disturbing announcement over dinner.

"I went to the doctor today," she began. "I've been having problems with . . . well, it's hard to put into words. My skin, my hair -- they don't seem as shiny as they used to be. All of a sudden, I seem to be getting wrinkles. And last week -- I think I had a hot flash."

"What are you saying, Mom?" asked Jenna.

Mary took a deep breath, then continued. "The doctor says I've started going through menopause."

"What?!" I said. "You're only 37 years old! How is that even possible?"

"Doctor Albertson says it's a rare disorder called . . . oh, hell, I can't even remember the fancy name. Anyway, it amounts to premature menopause. The good news is that it can be treated with a regime of hormones, medications and vitamins. With the proper treatment, I'll be back to normal within a few days." Mary looked over at me. "He says that my libido will go back to normal again, too, honey. Maybe even better than ever. I know I've been difficult for the last few months."

"And you'll have to take this stuff forever?" asked Jenna.

Mary shrugged. "It's too early to say. But I'll need everyone's help as I cope with this problem. The doctor says I need to take a cocktail of medications every day on a completely empty stomach. That means no lunches for me, and dinner will have to be delayed every day for a couple of hours after I get home and take my meds."

"Maybe you could take the medication in the morning," said Jenna. "At 8 AM, it would have been more than twelve hours since your last meal."

Mary smiled ruefully. "Not possible. The side effects will make it impossible for me to function for a couple of hours after I take the medication. There's no way I could take the pills before going to work."

"Side effects?" I asked.

Mary looked sheepish as she continued, "Some of the meds designed to restore my skin tone are related to retinol, the same substance present in the retina of my eyes. For about two hours after I take the pills, I'll be extremely sensitive to light and will have difficulty focusing. I won't be able to go outside, drive a car, read a book or even clearly see the images on a TV. The doctor gave me special sunglasses to wear indoors." She reached into her purse and pulled out a pair of extremely dark sunglasses, then put them on the table.

My stepdaughter Jenna picked them up and tried them on. "Geez, Mom. These are the darkest shades I've ever seen. I can't see a thing!"

She handed them to me. Wearing the dark glasses, I could barely see anything, even when I looked upward and stared directly into the overhead light. They were so dark, they might as well have been coated with black paint.

Mary said, "The medication will make my eyes dilate so much that even dim light will be too much to bear. Those glasses will cut down the incoming light so I can see something other than a bright, shiny blur. But it's okay -- the side effect only lasts for a couple of hours after I take the meds each day. And I've got my loving family right here to help me!"

The next day we had our first experience of seeing Mary under the influence of her medications. As soon as she came home, she pulled out a plastic bag full of vitamins, herbal supplements and prescription meds. Laying them out on the counter, she then counted out one of this, two of that, and on and on until there were about a dozen tablets large and small arrayed on the formica table top. Then she poured herself a hefty glass of water and one by one swallowed the whole lot of them.

About twenty minutes later the side effects started. "Oh god," she whispered. "The doctor wasn't kidding about my eyes being dilated. Can we turn down the lights?" She shut her eyes tightly and felt her way to one end of the couch while I went around the living room closing the drapes and turning off all the table lamps and overhead lights. I left the TV on, which, consistent with Mary's silly preconception that Jenna still had the tastes of a ten year old girl, was playing the old 1933 King Kong movie.

Once she was seated, Mary opened her eyes and squinted painfully. "It still seems so bright!" she said.

I went to our bedroom and fetched the sunglasses that the doctor had given her. They were so dark that she almost looked like a blind woman, wearing pitch-black sunglasses in a darkened room. "Can you see okay now?" I asked.

"It's better," she said. "At least the light doesn't hurt. But everything's blurry. I can sort of see the TV." She patted the space on the couch next to her. "Come sit with me, honey. Keep me company while I go through this."

I draped my arm over Mary's shoulder and we watched King Kong. After a few minutes, Jenna came in from the next room and joined us, sitting on my other side. Now the three of us were together, my arms draped over both women, while the black and white TV image flickered in front of us.

Having two busty women on either side of me was too much of a temptation. Gradually, I snaked one arm down and began playing with my wife's breast. Mary turned and looked at me, but with her sunglasses on, it was hard to read her expression. She leaned forward slightly and, once she saw that Jenna was facing the TV, her body relaxed in my arms. Her hand came up and rested on top of mine, pressing my hand into one of her large breasts.

Then Jenna did the same. She reached her hand up to her shoulder and, taking my wrist, led my hand down to her own tits that were even larger than her mother's. She sighed quietly and snuggled closer to me, fitting her body into the crook of my shoulder. Thanks to the medication, Mary's eyesight was so bad that she was barely able to see her daughter's outline, much less notice that I had my hand on her daughter's tits.

"I love my family," I said, sighing. "My beautiful wife," I said as I pinched Mary's nipple, causing to jolt in her seat. "And my lovely stepdaughter," I added, pinching Jenna's nipple as well. Jenna looked up at me with an evil grin on her face.

I was in heaven. The feeling of sitting between two busty women and hugging them close to me with my hands on both their breasts was a fantasy come true. I was grinning from ear to ear. They were both so voluptuous! Their tits were so huge and soft! The fact that one of them, the mother, was unaware that I was also groping her daughter at the same time made the experience all the more crazy and erotic. I pulled them both tighter toward me so that I could feel their curvy bodies press against mine while I continued to caress and play with their funbags.

I groped both women's tits for several minutes, feeling the lush softness under my hands. Mary's DD tits were big, but her daughter's were so huge that they overflowed my hands. I loved the feeling of hefting my wife's and stepdaughter's tits and feeling them bounce in my hands. Both women had especially sensitive nipples, and I could feel them shiver every time my finger lightly grazed against their hardened nipples.

After several minutes of playing with both women's tits, I wanted more. "I don't know about the rest of you," I said, "but I'm a little chilly. Jenna, would you please go to the closet and get a light blanket that we can throw over us?"

Jenna knew exactly what I had in mind. She practically leaped off the couch to get a cover for our activities.

Mary noticed how quickly Jenna carried out my request. "Isn't she lovely?" Mary said. "The way she jumped up to make us more comfortable! She's really starting to fit in to our household!"

"Such a good daughter," I agreed, eying Jenna's firm, round ass as she bent over, rummaging through the linen drawer. I wondered yet again at how incredible her ass was, her round asscheeks sticking out prominently even when she was standing upright. Now, with her bending over for my viewing, the sight was so mouthwatering that I had to control myself from getting up and going over to her so I could grab and squeeze those amazing globes.

"So obedient!" Mary said to me. Jenna turned her head back to make sure I was watching her and her wide mouth broke open into a wicked smile directed at me. She wagged her tongue at me and nodded her head up and down laughingly as if we were sharing a private joke. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, making her ass shift provocatively.

A few moments later Jenna returned with the blanket. She spread it over the lower torsos of her mother and me before getting under the blanket as well. I repositioned my arms so that they were no longer draped over my girls' shoulders, resting my hands instead on their thighs.

Mary shot me a warning look through her dark glasses when my hand crept toward her crotch, but I raised my other hand to my face and pantomimed a shushing motion with my finger to my lips. Jenna, meanwhile, continued to stare at the TV screen, pretending to be oblivious.

Within a few seconds, I had my hands on both women's crotches, exploring their pussies with my fingers.

Meanwhile, on the TV, King Kong was getting pretty active. As Kong rampaged through the African village, my fingers began pumping in and out of both women's vaginas. I tried to time my invasions of their pussies so that their increasingly audible gasps coincided with the action on the screen.

Taking a side glance at my wife, I saw that she was rigidly facing forward. From the side, I could barely see a trace of her eyes behind the dark shades. Her eyelids were fluttering while she shivered slightly and struggled to keep her body motionless, thinking that Jenna was unaware of what we were doing.

Jenna, meanwhile, was reacting completely differently. Her upper torso leaned against me, while her legs splayed open to allow me better access to her pussy. "Oh God!" she gasped as King Kong grabbed Faye Wray, "This is so great!" she gushed as I pumped my fingers in her pussy. "It's incredible!" She grabbed my hand and pushed me deeper into her sex, masturbating herself with my hand.

"You like it?" I asked.


Mary jolted in her seat as I pushed two fingers deep into her twat, but she managed to squeak out, "Now, Jenna!" Mary gasped a couple of times, then continued, "Wa -- Watch your language!"

"S -- S-- Sorry, M-M-Mom!" Jenna stammered. She quivered as my fingers pumped in and out of her pussy.

While the white explorers grappled with King Kong, I felt a hand begin to stroke my hard cock under the blanket. I couldn't tell whose hand it was, which made the feeling all the more incredible. The thin fabric of my trousers was the only thing between the anonymous feminine hand and my thick rod.

A few moments later, I felt another hand slowly creeping up my thigh. That second hand came from Jenna's side, which meant that the first hand stroking my cock must have belonged to my wife. I turned my head toward Jenna to try to warn her off, but she continued to face the TV screen, maintaining the fiction that nothing was going on under the blanket cover.

A moment later my effort to catch her eye was useless anyway. Jenna's hand got close enough to brush against her mother's and then both hands scooted away from my crotch as if they were magnets bouncing off one another. Mary's body went rigid for a moment, and her fingernails clawed into the sides of my thigh, obviously a response to anxiety on her part.

I stroked both women's thighs soothingly while all three of us continued to pretend to pay attention to the movie. Soon I felt both women's bodies relax again -- because neither one wanted the other to find out what they were up to, they both acted oblivious, pretending that their action in brushing against each other's hands had been an accident. Quietly, slowly, two hands began caressing my thighs again, and a moment later, Mary laid claim again to my hard cock. My hands roamed all over both girls' thighs and pussies.

"Horsecock!" my stepdaughter moaned. "Daddy Horsecock!"

Suddenly my wife's body became stiff again. "What?" she asked. "What did you say?"

I glanced out of the corner of my eye at my stepdaughter. She had royally fucked up. Her eyes went wide and she had a panicked expression on her face. But then the panic faded, her brow furrowed and she began talking. What then came out of Jenna's mouth confirmed my suspicion that she was one of the most facile liars I had ever met.

"'Horsecock,'" she said easily. "It's an Indonesian word. I doubt you'd find it in any dictionary, though. It's kind of a slang word, and only common on the island we lived on. And I'm sure my pronunciation is terrible -- I've got this thick American accent whenever I try to speak Indonesian."

Mary had a shocked tone in her voice as she responded, "It sounds like you just said . . . . Uh, what does it mean?"

"Like I said, it's sort of a slang word. People only use it around the house when they're with their families or very close friends. Girls use it as a term of endearment for their fathers."


"And sometimes wives use it towards their husbands. It means 'Boss Daddy'." When you really feel close to your Daddy you call him 'Horsecock'."

Mary's hand grasped my rod under the blanket. "Horsecock?" she said, smiling.

"You don't mind if I call you Horsecock, do you, Daddy?" said Jenna with a deceptively innocent tone in her voice. Her wide grin and the devilish glint in her eyes were totally at odds with her words. With her free hand, just out of sight of her mother, she made a circle with her fingers and pumped her hand up and down, pantomiming the act of jacking off my cock.

"I don't know. . . ." I said.

"We'll both call you Horsecock! How does that sound, Mom?" Jenna turned in her seat and, wrapping her arms around my neck, planted an innocent-seeming peck on my cheek, taking the opportunity to push her delectable body and humongous tits into my side. The gleeful, pseudo-girlish tone that she put on made it sound as if she were talking about going on a merry-go-round. It was so ridiculously transparent that I was surprised that even my naive, trusting wife would fall for it.

"Horsecock!" said Mary. She silently unzipped my pants zipper and reached inside to wrap her small hand around my thick rod. "That's a great name for you, Danny! You're such a Horsecock!"

Jenna sat up snuggled against me for a moment more. With her arms still entwined around my neck, she continued to plant what looked to my wife like little kisses on my cheek. Unseen by Mary, though, those little pecks included a lot of tongue action. Jenna was kissing and licking my cheek and rubbing her incredible body against me while her mother stroked my dick.

"Sure, sweetheart," I said, grinning widely with horniness and pleasure and sheer forbidden lust. "Call me Horsecock. I want both of you to call me Horsecock!"

Jenna responded by swirling her wet tongue in my ear. "Horsecock!" She whispered. "My own Daddy Horsecock!"

By this time in the movie, King Kong had been captured and taken to New York. When he began his final rampage, I amped up my assault on both girls' pussies. Under the guise of reacting to the screams and panic on the TV screen, my wife and stepdaughter stopped trying to suppress their gasps and small cries.

"Oh God!"


"Aah! Aah! Aah!"

My wife faced the screen while my stepdaughter was on her knees on the couch, rubbing herself against me and nibbling on my earlobe. Both pretended to pay attention to the movie, but they were barely controlling their bucking and twitching as I diddled their clits and thrust my fingers in and out of their snatches.

"OhGod! OhGod! OhGod!"

"Oh Daddy! Daddy Horsecock!"

Jenna slid down on the couch so that, like her mother, she faced forward while I played with her crotch. Now my stepdaughter and my wife were both bouncing their asses up and down on the couch almost in unison, each so much in thrall to the sensation in their pussies that they were oblivious to the thrashings of the other only a couple of feet away. Mary's hand never left my cock, and as she bounced uncontrollably on the couch, her hand pistoned up and down on my long hard dick. Both girls were gasping and shaking, yet they still faced forward maintaining the figleaf notion that they were merely excited by the monster movie. Mary, nearly blind from the medication, was so overwhelmed by lust and sensation that she did not even notice the bucking and gasping of her daughter. Jenna, on the other hand, knew exactly what I was doing to my wife, and she was clearly turned on by the forbidden eroticism of the situation. My fingers were buried deep in both their pussies, finger fucking them furiously.

By the time the movie ended a few minutes later, both girls were slumped in their seats on the couch, worn out yet still horny and unfucked. I gently took off the blanket and stood. With Mary barely able to see anything beyond a gray blur, I had no reason to cover myself up as I rose. My hard cock was hanging out of the open zipper at my stepdaughter's eye level. Jenna sat transfixed, staring at my cock.

"I hope the two of you enjoyed the movie as much as I did," I said. "Jenna, how would you like to come to the kitchen and help me make dinner while your mother stays in the living room and rests her eyes?"

Jenna rose and, right in front of her temporarily sight-impaired mother, grabbed my cock. Smirking, she began stroking it while looking back and forth between her mother's clueless face and my own.

"That sounds fine," said my wife. "Jenna, go do whatever your father wants."

"Okay, Mom. I promise I'll give Daddy what he needs." She jacked my cock up and down in front of her mother. I think part of her wanted me to ejaculate right there onto her mother's face.

Jenna and I paused and exchanged wide-open smiles, looking back and forth in the dim light between each other and my wife seated before us. We were standing only a foot or two in front of my wife, me towering more than a head taller than my stepdaughter, with my arm around her waist cupping one of her big tits, and busty little sexpot Jenna with her hand around my cock. I brought my other hand up to Jenna's other breast, and blatantly bounced both melon sized tits up and down in front of my wife's face while Jenna jacked me off. "See you in a few minutes," I said, grinning at my wife.

"Yeah, Mom," said Jenna as she pumped my rod a couple of feet from her mother's mouth. "I'll be in the kitchen taking care of Daddy." Jenna was so close to laughing out loud that she had to put her free hand over her mouth.

Once we had passed beyond the back of the couch and were beyond my wife's line of sight, Jenna turned around and faced me. Without saying a word, she wrapped her arms around my neck and hoisted herself into my arms. I helped her by reaching under her skirt and cupping her bare ass with my hands, and she then wrapped her legs around my pelvis, taking care to lift her short skirt as she did so. The fantastic crack of her ass was now suspended exactly at the level of my cock, which was still poking out of my zipper opening.

The feeling of the upper side of my dick bumping against her sexy ass was fantastic. Wordlessly, silently, she began humping up and down in my arms. My fingers tickling the soft skin of her bare ass felt incredible. She looked into my eyes and gave an open-mouthed grin, laughing silently. When I looked down in the space between our two bodies I could see her huge 32F tits bouncing as she joyfully rose up and down in my embrace.

With both hands cupping her round ass cheeks, I proudly carried my busty bouncing stepdaughter into the kitchen.

There was an open counter top that separated the kitchen area from the living room, so it was possible to stand in either room and see most of the other room. Once I entered the kitchen, I turned around and propped her ass onto the counter top. I silently motioned for her to stay there. I quickly filled one pot with water and another with store-bought spaghetti sauce. I turned on the burners and called out to my wife a few feet away, "Would you like some pasta?"

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