"Daddy?" I Whispered


"Sit with me Daddy," I said, patting the seat next to me in invitation as he hovered uncertainly in the middle of the room.

Finally sitting cautiously at the other end of the sofa he watched me, his eyes flicking from my breasts to my thighs before meeting mine.

"You're as bad as the bellboy," I giggled nervously, my sang-froid suddenly gone, knowing the next few minutes were so vital to my future happiness.

He moved towards me, and wrapping his arm around my shoulder and tucking me against his warm body, started to talk. "Oh Steffie, I love you so much honey. But not like this, not as a man and woman, ...not as lovers," he sputtered. "You're my daughter, my beautiful daughter... We can't...I don't think of you like that Steff," he finished, but his tentative words seemed said more to convince himself more than me.

"You don't want to love me Daddy?" I demanded.

"No sweetie... not like that," he replied hesitantly, the bulge rising in his robe belying every word.

"So why haven't you gone out on a date for the last four months?"


"You used to date all the time, now you never do," I insisted.

"But I ....," he stammered before I cut him off.

"Why were you secretly reading that psychology book on father-daughter relationships? Yes I saw it in your room Daddy," I said as I saw him about to protest. "I read it too Daddy, where it talks about incest, about love between fathers and daughters."

"Why have you been surfing internet incest sites? Reading stories about fathers making love with their daughters, watching forbidden videos," I demanded.

"How come you always get an erection every time I'm around you now?" I continued to pound at him, my legs now spread, exposing myself fully to his nervous looks.

"But Steff," he protested.

"Yes even now," I insisted, my hand sliding under his robe and grasping his thick cock. "Fuck me Daddy, please fuck me," I cried as I moved on top of him, straddling him as he sat, his long pole now leaping upwards as I spread his robe.

"Honey, we can't," he moaned, "its wrong sweetie. I don't want to hurt you Steff. You've got your whole life ahead of you," he groaned as his arms engulfed me, desperately holding me as he rejected me.

"Bullshit Daddy," I said as I moved my lips against his, burying my tongue deep in his mouth. If it's so wrong Daddy," I finally gasped, "How come there's ten million hits when you type in father-daughter incest on Yahoo, how come there's been a thousand studies by respected scholars on the subject if no one else is doing it? If it's so unusual, so perverted how come a million fathers are sleeping with their daughters tonight? How come Daddy," I asked, almost yelling now, urging, demanding, stroking him.

"GOD STEPHANIE," he finally roared, a primeval sexual scream bursting from his lips as he stood, effortlessly lifting me and then carrying me towards the bedroom.

Watching his eyes as he carried me, I had a moment of panic, of fear, as I saw the raw male lust burning deep inside him, unleashed now, and wondered, too late maybe, if I had made a mistake, if we weren't about to cross some inviolate line.

He pulled my gaping robe off my shoulders as he walked, letting it slip to the floor even before we reached the bed. Throwing me on top of the sheets I fell back spread-eagled, my legs hanging over the edge of the bed, and watched transfixed as he almost tore his robe as he fumbled urgently to get it off.

Finally he stood naked between my legs, his angry cock now thrusting upward, pulsing in its eagerness to be buried deep in my pink, moist sheathe.

"Daddy!" I pled, scared now, convinced now it'd never fit, that it would split me. God, it's double the size of Jason's I thought, and even he had hurt me the first time.

He grabbed my rear cheeks and easily lifted me up, carrying me backwards up the bed as he crawled between my legs, his thick organ now bouncing between my thighs as he lowered his lips onto mine.

"Oh Daddy yesssss," I moaned as he left my lips and moved his tongue over my chin and down onto an aching nipple, swallowing it as his teeth pulled and stretched it. "Jesus," I screamed when I felt first one and then a second finger slip inside me, my hips arching upward in lust.

"Oh Steff, you feel so good, so perfect," Daddy groaned as he pumped his two fingers in and out of me, finally bringing them to his mouth where he tasted his daughter for the first time.

My hand stole to his penis as he inhaled my aroma and tasted my sticky sex, and now fear gone, I grasped him and tried to pull him into my waiting pussy, already open and awash with my juices, urgently needing to be filled, to be impaled.

"DADDDDDY PLEASE," I wailed, begging him.

"We have all night honey," the strong, confident, sexy father I'd always known now back in control, all need for further artifice on my part now gone, I was finally going to be made love to by the only man I'd ever love.

I didn't need any more foreplay; I was already shaking in anticipation, moist, lubricated for the penetration I craved. As he ran his hands from my hair down over my breasts, stopping just for a second to tease my already puffy nipples, and then down to my hips and my butt, I stared transfixed at the pole that seemed to rise from between my legs.

Suddenly worried again at its size, I trembled when his hands moved over my ass and pulled my thighs apart, positioning me so his incredibly large cockhead rested lightly against my distended clit.

"Daddy," I moaned as he moved his cock so that it was perfectly aligned with my opening and gently pushed, steadily forcing the head into me.

"DADDY," I cried again, now convinced he'd never fit, my nether lips stretched wide, seemingly incapable of accepting him. "He's too big Daddy," I whimpered as he continued his assault.

"Aaaaaaaahh Daddy," I groaned as I felt the head pop through, and as I felt my cunt close behind the thick head and tighten on the blue veined shaft. He worked slowly now, first feeding me three more inches before retreating, gradually working more of himself into me as I adjusted to him, to his thickness, to his length.

And then he was completely in, bottomed out at the gate to my womb, and then watched as kneeling between my legs, his hands lifting and separating my legs, he started a steady rhythm of long, deep strokes, each stroke igniting a million nerve endings the length of my cunt.

I could feel my body stretching with each stroke, endlessly opening and closing on him, lubricating him as he pumped, coating the long shaft with my juice, welcoming this alien intruder into my center.

Faster and faster he pistoned, each deep penetration now producing an equal response from my now shuddering centre. As he lay on top of me and seized my lips in his, his tongue penetrating me, his hips started to relentlessly move over me, pushing his now throbbing shaft even deeper.

So this is what a real man is, what sex is, I groaned silently as my first spasm shuddered through my body, as my insides throbbed as they awaited the first burning jet of sperm to flood them. I locked my legs around his back and met every thrust as the feeling crashed through me, the liquid melting at my core.

"OH DADDDDY," I groaned or maybe screamed as I felt his big penis jerk inside of me, followed by a liquid explosion, then again, and again, each ejaculation met by a pulsing opening in my depths, an acceptance of his seed.

"STEFFIE, OH GOD STEFFIE," Daddy moaned as the last liquid spasm of his cock filled me.

I was sweating, whimpering, trembling when he finally pulled his still semi-hard spear from me, its wet head wearing our orgasmic juices like a proud cloak. I slid down Daddy's body, unable to resist the urge to taste him, engulfing his fat cockhead hungrily as I milked the last drops of cum from its one eye, savoring its taste as it slithered down my throat.

"Jesus baby, gently," Dad ordered, still panting, as one of my hands continued to pump him relentlessly while the other found and squeezed his tightened sack and balls, all the while trying to stuff even more of him into my mouth.

As I gulped him in he twirled me around and seconds later felt his tongue on my distended gash, licking, probing, sucking, nibbling, before he finally found my throbbing clitoris, his soft lips instantly restarting the liquid oozing, the shuddering buildup, the prelude to my inevitable orgasm.

I thought I'd go crazy as he worked me, writhing and thrashing on his mouth, and even attempted to lift away from his face before he grasped my butt and pulled me back, holding me spread to his lips, a finger deep in my ass. I could only swallow five or six inches of Daddy but my two hands continued to work him as I sucked him in and soon felt the first twitching of his cock.

I was shouting incoherently as I came, my voice garbled by the fat penis spurting urgently in my mouth, almost gagging on the thick, ropy sauce Daddy continued to pump into me. "Jesus Daddy," I finally gasped and with cum oozing from my lips moved up his body and kissed him. I could taste my cunt as our tongues met, as he licked some of his sperm from deep within my mouth.

We finally fell apart and lay for minutes side by side, the silence of the night broken only by our rasping breathing.

"I didn't know, Jesus," I finally gasped, "Is it always like that Daddy?"

"Oh sweetie, it's never been like that before, never, never, never," he laughed exultingly as he turned and pulled me to him.

"You mean I was okay Daddy," I asked coyly, knowing that we'd always be together.

"Pretty good sweetie," he allowed, "but maybe we better try it again just to make sure."

"You mean you can do it agaaaain Daddy?" I asked doubtfully, but even as I teased I grabbed his hard shaft and rolled on top of him. I sat astride him, riding his thick pole, pretending I was in control, but knowing I'd be his slave forever.


We awoke late the next morning, sticky and sweaty and smelly and sated, all thoughts of the Louvre and the Mona Lisa long forgotten. The only time either of us left the bed over the next twenty-four hours was for a quick shower, to refresh us before another bout of lovemaking. Daddy had totally accepted what we had become, any misgivings he may have had had been blown away in our passionate embraces.

We finally got to the Louvre two days later. And in the days that followed we visited Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame (but we saw no Hunchback!), took a boat trip down the Seine, etc., etc. But it's the nights I remember now, the nights I lay entwined with Daddy, my legs locked around his back, thrashing under him as he filled me with his pumping lance, spouting his seed as I groaned.

We got married ten days later, married in a small church by a smiling, cherubic priest in a little village in the south of France. Oh, maybe it wasn't a one hundred percent legal ceremony; perhaps most people would call it a sham, but for Daddy and me it was the most wonderful day of our lives.


As I look at those pictures today I see an innocent girl walking from the church, looking almost demure in my simple white dress, the lace veil hiding my eyes as I look up into Daddy's smiling face. We're both obviously happy; anyone looking at the pictures can see the joy, the love between the newlyweds, the sexual promise.

The rest of that wonderful summer is etched forever in my memory; Barcelona and Seville in Spain, walking naked on the beaches near St. Tropez, Rome and the Coliseum, the warm waters of the Aegean and the beaches of Rhodes, the Parthenon, the Blue Mosque in Istanbul...it was perfect, everything I had dreamed of...

But it was the small, romantic moments with Daddy that I treasure the most, the kiss as the sun set at Cape Sounion, making love on a deserted beach south of Rome, walking hand in hand through the Alhambra...

I've just turned thirty! It seems impossible. God, its twelve years already since that magical summer. I'm a doctor now. Daddy and I spent seven years in Boston while I struggled to keep up with my classmates; without my husband who'd been through med school, who knew all the tricks, who was always ready to tutor me it would have been impossible.

Our three girls were born during those years, and now at 11, 9, and seven they're the centre of our existence, of our happiness.

We live now in the south, in a medium sized town located on the ocean, a town of sand beaches and palm trees, a town where after closing the clinic for the day, my husband and I can grab the girls and we can be in our boat and on the water in twenty minutes. We're happy! Yes, somehow it worked; somehow our love triumphed over the fears, against the odds, against the naysayers warnings.

"Are you almost finished," I hear him call now. Daddy's almost fifty now, but seems to get younger each year, the boy in him never far from the surface, still surprising me, delighting me ... he's still the man of my dreams, my only love.

"Yes Daddy," I whisper as I move towards his open arms, towards his smiling face, his hungry body...


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family love

fulfilling human needs its very real

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by Anonymous04/08/18

There is no conflict

This story has high hopes but there is no other real conflict for the heroine to overcome besides some vague societal taboo. Shakespeare would have been disappointed.

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Superb! Vive l'amour!

Most enjoyable and credible.

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more sex

great story just needs more sex. along build for a short sex scene

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You have not only fascinated me with your "attention to detail" so brilliantly delivered but with how you managed to make something so taboo become intriguing. I was hooked from the first line. This ismore...

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