Angela had come not to appreciate how aggressive Andy's father was. Since he had been staying at their house for an extended visit -- he was driving her nuts. It was strange despite Andy and his rocky relationship they had spent a fair bit of time managed to rebuild some fences and even mend some broken fences. Ted had even been great with the kids despite not having seen them since they were born. However, where they we concerned it was different. She could swear that he was trying to keep her off-balance. He stood at bit too close or brushed up against her. Sometimes she would catch him eyeing her. Like Andy, he was a good-looking man. Both were 6 foot tall within an inch, brown hair, and hazel eyes -- Ted was just a bit rougher around the edge. But this Alpha-male bullshit -- while perhaps a turn on when you are a teenager -- had to stop.

From the kitchen Angela had watched Andy run to work for a couple hours, as an emergency had popped up, and the kids where at school. Angela was determined to have it out, while no one else was around. She would not be ogled in her own home by a man she did not really know, no matter whose father he was.

"Ted." She called out only to turn around and find him eyes fixed to where her ass had just been. She jumped back startled by him. "Fuck... we are going to have to get something straight here."

He looked right at her with dead eyes, "Okay talk." She stepped back to create some space between her and Ted.

"Look I know that this time has been good for you and Andy, however, you and I have to come to an understanding."

He smiled, "I agree..."

Angela relaxed and smiled -- maybe this was going to be easier than she had thought.

"... so, what options do you think you have?" Ted started.

Angela's smile faded and she tried to step away again only to find her back right up against the counters. Ted was up against her immediately. She tried to push him away but he was far too strong for her to escape. Panicked Angela did the only thing she could think of reached down and grabbed a hand full of the older man's crotch. His cock sprung to life immediately filling her hands. He was massive. Angela stopped mid-squeeze making a sound of surprise.

"I know impressive isn't it? And it likes it rough and you are about to find that out." He reached up an grabbed her the pony tail by the root. Twisting her hair around his hand he lifted her to her tiptoes. "Now what?"

Meeting his eye Angela was determined not to back down. "Look, I do not care who..."

"Stop lying to yourself. Otherwise you would not be rubbing my dick. Who am I?"

Angela noticed she had stopped squeezing and had started almost massaging Ted's member. She stopped playing with it but her hand remained. She was mesmerized by the heat and pulse of it. A light but rough slap broke her trance. Suddenly furious she locked eyes with him again.

"Slut, I ask you who am I?" Ted growled giving her a shake by the ponytail.

By the time Angela had gathered her wits again she found herself prone over his knee. Her legs where spread open due to the awkward position she found herself. "Don't you..." She felt the skirt she was wearing being hiked up.

His hand began to work her ass furiously. Occasionally, it seemed he would shift the angle of his blows striking other softer bits. "Sluts do not speak, unless they are told to. Who am I?"

Ted watched Angela's pale skin redden under his attention. She was determined not to give him the satisfaction but he knew he could fix that. Tears rolled down her face he knew she was close. He expertly targeted her sex with four or five shots. Angela twisted and howled. Then he felt her surrender. Angela sobbed so hard her body shook.

"Daddy." Angela shuddered with release as she gave in to the humiliation. She felt Ted's hand roughly handling her slit. It hurt so good. Prior to Andy she had a serious relationships with a very dominate male -- when he had moved on she had felt so empty. It was then she met Andy. He had helped her put herself back together. He was so loving and kind. Angela thought she had moved passed it. She was amazed at how quickly his father could reignite her need. She raised her bruised ass so that Ted could better handle her. She wanted to cum so bad. Her panties were already soaked with her juice. "Daddy, Daddy." she rambled.

"So, you like that? Speak."

"Yes Daddy."

Ted let go of her hair. "Strip."

Angela stood up took all her clothes off, placed them on the table, and stood with hands behind her. Ted inspected her. He stood up and walked around her to take in the full view. Despite two kids, she was in marvelous shape, not that it mattered. He loved broken little girls with big tits and a need to serve and he was going to use her as he pleased. He had smelled her need on her the first time Andy introduced them. That was the reason Andy had kept her away from him and he knew it. But today, his son had made the mistake of thinking people change and he was careless with his wife and father.

From behind Ted reached around her trapped her nipples in his grip and used them to pull her back to him. Pinching her nipples, he explained her position in this relationship. Angela purred and ground herself into him.

"I will do what I want to you. You will do what I want you to -- no exceptions. You do not cum unless you ask and are told to. There is no underwear while I am here. When we are alone you will be undressed. Is this too much for you to handle? Can you be a good cum slut?"

"Yes Daddy." Angela said.

He was fondling her breasts in a very specific way she enjoyed almost milking them. A way Andy did not and would not. Nor would such a brutal handling of her ever occur to him.

"Take it out and service me."

Angela turned to face Ted and immediately went to her knees. She unbuttoned his pants and quickly fished out the spike that was his cock. It was larger than she imagine. Andy had nothing to be ashamed of but this was something else. It almost seemed like unfinished an finished sculpture still hiding beneath the extra material. She blushed and Ted liked that. She licked her lips and then the tip of Ted's dick.

"Oh Daddy." She opened her mouth wide and drew half of him in her. Stretching her lips wide around its girth until it almost hit the back of her throat.

"Angela, you need to do better. I am going to have this piece of meat buried in your ass so deep -- because if I fuck your pussy and Andy talks you into it screwing he'll know something is up. Did he ever tell you where our rift started -- I fucked a college girl friend of his and he caught wind of it because she did not know how to be quiet about getting her slit deep drilled? And the fact Whitney was far too loud during sex and Andy walked in on us at a point. You'd think he'd have been happy about my training the girl and having her practice on him constantly. But Andy does not work like that."

Angela was focusing on the story but making sure to pay attention to her job. This large knob in her ass -- could she take it? She pushed three-quarters down and she heard Ted grunt his approval. She so needed his approval. She could feel her own spit thicken and her throat tighten.

Ted grabbed her hair and pulling her up slung her over the kitchen island. Angela found her head pinned to the table and another head pushed up to her asshole. Ted started cracking her open like a wedge. "Please Daddy." She stretched to reach some coconut on the counter. "I need some help."

"What help? Use your words."

"Lube. Please. Daddy."

Ted was impressed but not in the mood. This was a breaking session and this little cunt needed to learn the way it was going to be. He reached over her to the oil and pushed it away. Grabbing both sides of the island he pushed himself deeper into her soft pink asshole. "Next time you will make sure my cock is better coated." She was tight. It was painful for Ted he could not imagine what she was dealing with although he had an idea. Gut impaled by him she clawed at the counter trying to lift herself off of his erection only to fail, due to the slick surface and his interference, when she would crash down on it again. Soon a combination of exhaustion, pain, and pleasure would make her collapse and he would use her like a fuck doll. The thought made him pick up his speed and a sound came from Angela that let him know she was rapidly nearing the end of her process. Her screaming had about hit the point that required him to pull out and proceed with her training in another way.

Ted jerked out and watched the eye in her bruise ass flutter making sure the exit was more agonizing than the entry. It was time for another round of humiliation. "Open your mouth."

"Daddy?" She asked but even as she did as she was told.

Ted rubbed her stew that was on his cock around her mouth before sliding in to her mouth. She started to clean him immediate. Soon most of his cock was touching her tongue or deeper, she was made for service.

Ted thought, "I wonder if she does this for Andy?" Then out loud, "Does Andy do this for you?"

"No, Daddy. Andy is too sweet to know what I really need." She stopped just long enough to answer and then swallowed him again.

"So, he fucks you all respectable like?"


"Well that is depressing. And you need to be a whore?"

She looked at him wickedly, "Yes."

"Andy does not work for you?"

"No, Andy is fine and lovely. Our sex is very good."

"So you are taking it ass to mouth from his old man in your kitchen?"

"I am taking care of Daddy. Daddy gets the best." She took both his balls into her mouth. He felt his balls start to tighten.

"Yes, you are but why?" He was curious. Although he was glad things seemed to be working for Andy.

"I need a cock that is rough like yours. Attached to a man that is rough. I need to be used by that man and his big cock." Her voice was not her own, it was deeper, and full of need. "I love Andy but he cannot do that. And I do not know you -- so you are perfect."

"Suck." Ted said but she was already back to work. It knew what it wanted. He thought maybe he had gone too far but that thought disappeared as he emptied his load down her throat. Also the last drops rolled down her chin he wiped his cock on her hair.

Angela looked up at him with pleading eyes. Ted pulled his jeans together and buttoned up. "Show me."

She leaned back and spread her legs. A barely there landing strip neatly trimmed.

"Touch yourself."

Angela started to rubbed her clit and play with her nipples. Within minutes sweat was falling from her. "Please, Daddy, may I cum?"

"Tonight you are going to do that thing with your mouth for Andy. You will suck his cock, lick his balls, and eat his ass."

"He will not let me. I am more than willing. I always have been." Angela was squirming across the floor, as she pushed three fingers in herself.

"Figure out how to make it happen."

"And if I can't." She could feel her walls start to crumble and fall. It would not take much more.....

"Stop." Ted said leaning over to pull her hand away.

Angela whined like a wounded animal. Ted scraped his nails across her labia and clit.

"Well, then you don't get to cum." He watched the inner muscles of her thighs tighten. "Until he does. Until everyone does. You are last, do you understand? And you do not get to cum unless the task is done."

"Yes Daddy." Angela answered.

"Go get cleaned up. I think Andy should be back shortly. Tonight after you are done report to me and we'll see about your O. Bring one of your toys."

"What if I don't have one?"

"You were too easy. I do not think you have a lover. You were trying to hold it together too much for something on the size. But there is a plastic prick in this house somewhere you worship -- it better make an appearance. Or your task is not done and you get nothing. And you think your ass is sore now, failure is not tolerated."

"Yes Daddy." She picked up her clothes and limped back to bathroom to wash and redress.

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