Daddy Likes it Rough, and So Do I!


"Damn, you're tight." He said, "Guess all your boyfriends have little boy dicks don't they?"

"Easy Daddy, please!"

"Oh, knock it off, slut, this is what you wanted!"

He went back to sucking my nipple, but was now doing it so hard my already sore nipple began to hurt again. My shoulders were hurting from my arms being pinned back and my pussy was starting to hurt from his fingers pounding into them. I was starting to whimper continuously and yelped yet again when Dad switched nipples, sucking the other one hard while pinching the one that had just been in his mouth.

"Daddy!!" I moaned.

"Oh, stop your whining!" he snapped, "Here, let me show you how much you like it!"

I gasped, but this time not in pain when the next time he drove his fingers into me his thumb pressed against my clit. As soon as he'd spoken, Dad went back to sucking on my nipple, but now taking as much of my small tit into his mouth as he could. I began breathing hard and alternately moaning and gasping as his fingers continued to hurt my pussy, but his thumb on my swollen clit was sending surges of pleasure through me.

His thumb began to move faster and the good feelings were now eclipsing the discomfort and I started rocking my hips. This not only caused his thumb to press into my swollen button harder, but sent his thrusting fingers even deeper. I'd never been fucked that hard before let alone fingered like this! My pussy was getting used to the size of his fingers and I could feel my thighs starting to shake as an orgasm started building within me.

"Oh, you like this? Like your daddy fingering your nasty little pussy don't you."

"Yes, oh yes!" I whimpered, "P...please don't stop daddy!"

"That sounds good." He said around my aching nipple, "Keep begging and maybe I'll let you get off, maybe."

"Please, oh please!" I begged, "Make your bad girl cum daddy!"

I stopped speaking as turning my head to the mirror I saw him hunching over me. The sight of my daddy's mouth fastened to my tit and his arm hand plunging back and forth between my legs caused my hips to twitch. I gasped and started moving my hips as hard as I could. His fingers were moving even faster, but there was no pain at all anymore. I began making small high pitched yelping noises as the orgasm that I had been fantasizing about was right around the corner.

"Yes!" I yelped, "Oh, daddy, please let me cum! Please....Yes!!"

Dad bit down hard on my nipple and the sudden pain sent me flying over the edge. Throwing my head back I squealed loudly as my pussy contracted around his fingers and the strongest orgasm I'd ever felt crashed through me.

"Oh daddy!" I howled as waves of intense pleasure slammed into my body.

My hips bucked wildly into his still thrusting fingers and I arched my back, shoving my nipple deeper into his mouth. I started to cry out again, but it was cut off, by Dad removing his mouth from my tit and pressing his mouth to mine. The kiss caught me off guard and all I could do was moan into his lips. He was kissing me as roughly as his fingers were fucking me, pressing his lips so hard into mine they were pushed up against my teeth.

I had no choice, but to open my mouth and his tongue immediately plunged into my mouth. My body was still convulsing and I moaned and groaned into his mouth as my pussy continued to contract around his fingers. I forced myself to try to kiss him back, but lost the battle and pulling my head back from his let out a long loud squeal as the last of the orgasm flowed through me. I sat there gasping for breath and sliding his fingers from my pussy; Dad brought them to his face and inhaled deeply.

"Damn, that smells good." He smiled down at me, "Bet it tastes good to doesn't it?"

"It does." I said in between deep breaths.

"You know it does, you suck on your fingers after you get off to thinking about your daddy?"

"Oh, yes." I told him, "I..."

I stopped when he grabbed my chin and shoved his fingers into my mouth. I closed my eyes and eagerly began sucking on them, moaning at the taste of my pussy from him. I opened my eyes to see Dad was breathing heavy as well and his eyes were fixed on my mouth as I sucked his fingers. I started to slide my tongue around them and moaned again.

"Like to suck do you?"

"Hmm-mmm" I nodded still working his fingers.

"Good, because daddy has a treat for his little slut."

Pulling his fingers from my mouth he leaned over and grabbing my ankles yanked me off the bed. I yelled in pain as my ass hit the floor hard. Dad looked down at me and reaching down unzipped his jeans. The pain in my ass forgotten, I watched, my eyes wide and my mouth watering as he opened his jeans to expose the fact he was wearing no underwear. He pushed them down and his cock sprang free.

"Oh, daddy." I said softly.

Dad's cock was huge, far bigger than any of the boys I'd been with. It was long and thick and standing at full attention for his little girl. His head was swollen purple and I could see the precum dripping from it.

"Yeah, you want daddy's cock?"

"Yes please." I whispered and opening my mouth stuck my tongue out.

"Good girl." He said and taking his cock wiped the head across my tongue.

I could feel his juices on my tongue and taking it back into my mouth sucked on it and rolled my eyes at the sweet taste of his sticky fluid.

"Oh, you're such a pig." He said, "Guess I should keep treating you like one."

Grabbing my chin he lifted my face and holding his cock began to rub it all over my face. I opened my mouth to try to catch it with my tongue, but he snapped. "Just sit there slut, I'll tell you when to suck it."

I closed my mouth and sat there with my pussy dripping as he started slapping his cock against my cheeks. He was so hard it stung, but I could care less. He stopped and again rubbed it across each side of my face, smearing his pre cum all over me. He then took the tip and pressing it against my lips said, "Open wide for daddy."

I eagerly opened my mouth and sighed as he eased the head of his cock into my mouth. I closed my lips around him and gave him a hard suck. Dad gasped and my eyes rolled back as I received a mouthful of his sticky juice. He pushed forward, sending more of his huge dick into my mouth and I had to force my mouth wider to take him. He stayed still and I began to slowly bob my head forward, sucking him in and out. I closed my eyes and purred contentedly in my throat as I sat there, my hands bound, blowing my daddy.

Dad moaned softly then pulled his cock from my mouth.

"Please?" I looked up at him, "I want more!"

Dad's eyes widened and he smiled, "Oh, you'll get more, but right now," he stepped up closer to me and holding his cock against his stomach said, "Right now though my dirty slut of a daughter is going to lick my balls."

Daddy's bad girl didn't need to be told twice and leaning forward I started swirling my tongue across his hairy balls. Dad sighed and the sound made me lick even harder. He reached down and began to play with my nipple gently this time and I cooed softly as my tongue continued to bathe his balls.

"Suck on them."

"Yes daddy." I paused to look up at him through my long eyelashes, before taking his right nut into my mouth and gently sucking on it.

"Oh, that's right," he sighed, "Look at you with your daddy's balls in your mouth;" he laughed nastily "Wouldn't mommy be proud?"

Proving yet again how sick I was, the thought that my mother would never do this caused another thrill to go through me. If mom didn't want to be his pig, I would be more than happy to! On that note I switched to his other ball and sucked on that one as well. Dad's hips were moving and removing his balls from my face, he said, "Open your mouth, you little slut, it's time to give daddy a blow job."

I opened wide then squealed as stepping forward Dad shoved his cock deep into my mouth. I gurgled and tried to pull my head back, but I was up against the bed. Dad stopped with his cock halfway in my mouth and snapped, "I said fucking suck it!"

I opened wider and he pushed his cock the rest of the way in. I gagged and my eyes started to water as my mouth was forced open even wider by his thick cock. He was so deep my nose was pressed into his pubic hair and I could barely breathe. Dad stayed still then began to slowly pump his cock in and out of my mouth. I started to move my head, trying to match his thrust and keep him from going all the way in, but reaching down he grabbed my hair in his hands and shoving my head against the bed said, "Stay still slut, you're too young to know how to suck. Just sit there and let daddy fuck your mouth!"

I made another loud gurgling sound and squealed as he began thrusting his cock hard and deep into my mouth. I almost gagged as the head of his cock hit the back of my throat and started to whimper again as he began to go even faster. His cock was so thick my jaw was starting to hurt from staying open and the head of his cock was striking the back of my mouth with every thrust. Again my pussy was dripping more than my eyes as he continued to fuck my helpless mouth. I managed to turn my head slightly to the side and my pussy flowed at the sight of him face fucking me in the mirror. Dad was still holding my head and I saw him follow my gaze.

"You like watching daddy use your mouth?" he asked, "Good, you're going to be watching me use more than that!"

My only reply was another squeal as he let go of my head with one hand and reaching down gave my nipple a hard pinch.

"That's right pig, you sit there and take that fucking cock, you suck it like your mother's never sucked it!" he moaned and began to thrust his cock even deeper into my sore throat. "Oh, yeah I'm going to have fun fucking you instead of her, she don't want it? Fine I'll just take her pig of a daughter and you'll let me won't you?"

I squealed around his dripping cock as he continued to abuse my mouth. He put his other hand back in my hair again and I cried out around his thick hard flesh as he started yanking on my hair, pulling my mouth from his cock then driving me back into it. The feeling of his hard shaft sliding along my soft lips was driving me crazy even as I whimpered at the force he was using to take his little girls mouth.

"Oh yeah!" he moaned, "That's right you pig, you're going to be my little cum dumpster aren't you? Going to suck me off anytime I want you too! Going to...oh fuck!"

I let out a high pitched squeal and as his cock exploded in my mouth. I almost gagged again as his first spurt of cum hit the back of my throat and poured down it. I moaned and started grinding my hips into the floor as he continued to thrust his spurting cock into my mouth. Having my daddy moaning and cumming in my mouth had ne even hotter than I had been before and I started to move my head on my own and sucking him as hard as I could.

Dad moaned louder and spurred on I started sucking even harder and sliding my tongue around the spurting head of his huge dick. He stopped thrusting, but I continued sucking, eagerly trying to get every drop of daddy's delicious cum.

"Oh goddamn." He moaned as he pulled his cock from my mouth.

I was still sucking and his cock came out of my mouth with a wet sucking sound. I felt some of his cum dribbling down my chin and quickly caught it with my tongue.

"What a pig." He laughed, then grabbing my shoulders said, "But I think my little girl should get a reward for that.

I yelped as he hauled me to my feet then pushed me back onto the bed. I sat down, but he pushed me again sending me on my back. I winced in pain as my arms were pinned behind me and the cuffs dug into my wrists. That discomfort was quickly forgotten as dropping to his knees Dad put my feet up on my shoulders and buried his face between my legs.

"Oh yes!" I cried out in joy as his tongue plunged into my sopping wet pussy.

"Oh, fuck you taste good!" he said before jamming his tongue back inside me.

I lay there moaning and squirming as his tongue swirled around inside me. Dad began to push his tongue in and out and I gasped at moved my hips as my daddy tongue fucked his bad little girl. Dad was panting and moaning into my pussy making me even wetter. He was sucking now and I could hear his lips smacking against my dripping slit. Dad removed his tongue from inside and I groaned as he started sliding it up through the soft wet folds of my pussy.

He was taking his time, working his tongue back and forth slowly making his way towards my yearning clit. He reached it and I squealed as at the same time he sucked it into his mouth, he drove two fingers inside my pussy. Like before he began thrusting them in hard and fast, but this time my dripping pussy was more than ready for him and I sighed delightedly as he began swirling his tongue around my swollen clit.

"Damn." He said around my clit, "Melanie, you've got the sweetest pussy I've ever tasted!"

"It's your pussy daddy!" I cooed as he sucked my clit back into his mouth again. "It's a bad pussy, but it's your pussy!"

He moaned into my pussy and his fingers began pumping even harder than before. He was starting to suck my clit hard enough that his lips were making smacking noises again and I could already feel my thighs quivering as my over heated pussy prepared to cum again.

"Right there daddy!" I moaned, "I want to cum for you again, I...ow!"

I shouted in surprise and more pain as with no warning he shoved a finger from his other hand into my ass. I'd never let anyone do that before and it hurt like hell, but at the same time sent my second orgasm in ten minutes smashing through me. I threw my head back and howled as my pussy and ass contracted around his fingers and his tongue continued to dance across my clit. Lifting my feet from his shoulders, I clamped my thighs around his face and began thrusting my hips, grinding my quivering pussy into his face.

Dad moaned into me and began sucking my clit again. I squealed as I writhed back and forth in pleasure. The feeling of his fingers pressing together between my pussy and ass were incredible and I was cumming even harder than before. I arched my back and released a long shuddering moan as the last of the orgasm flowed through me and I slumped back into the bed gasping. Dad immediately stood up and grabbing my ankles, lifted my legs, spread them wide and slammed his massive dick into my tight pussy.

"Oh fuck!" I shouted.

His huge cock spread my tight pussy painfully as he drove himself so hard into me I felt his balls hit my ass. With no hesitation Dad began fucking the shit out of me. I yelped each time his dick drove into my tender pussy. He was so much bigger than anyone I'd been with! He spread my legs even farther and began fucking me even harder, repeatedly slamming his dick deep into me and taking it almost all the way out before doing it again.

"Oh fuck!" he moaned, "Damn you're so fucking tight!"

"Oh daddy!" I cried out, "Oh fuck me! I need it daddy oh, I need it!"

I wasn't lying! This is what I'd dreamed about! His cock was starting to hurt less as my pussy began adjusting to him and the sight of him between my legs was incredible. Dad was sweating and every muscle in his chest and arms were bulging. His powerful hands were digging into my ankles so hard it hurt and my shoulders were throbbing from being pinned behind me. None of it mattered though, all that mattered was that this bad little girl was getting treated like the pig she was. Getting punished by her daddy's beautiful big dick and loving every minute of it!

Dad pulled his cock from my pussy and grabbing my hips flipped me completely over onto my stomach. I grunted with surprise, and then squealed in delight when after pushing me up onto the bed he got on it behind me. Grabbing my hips again he pulled me to my knees and kneeling behind me entered my pussy from behind with one long thrust.

"Oh my fucking god!" I wailed as his cock penetrated even deeper at this angle.

"Shut up and take it you little pig!" he shouted and gave my ass a hard slap, "You know you love it!"

He slapped me again and again and each time I cried out, but entirely in pleasure the stinging sensation adding to the thrill of him taking me. With my hands behind my back, my face was on the bed, pushing my ass up even higher and causing him to go as deep as he possibly could. I could see the mirror and moaned at the sight of my daddy on his knees behind me giving it to his little girl.

"Fuck me daddy" I called out as he continued his relentless assault on my pussy. "Give it to me, mommy doesn't want it, but her little girl does, your little girl does!"

"That's right!' he gasped as he hammered away at me even harder causing me to squeal, "You're going to give me what mommy won't aren't you? She'll be my good wife and you'll be my bad girl won't you?"

"Oh yes!" I cried out as I desperately thrust my hips back into him. "I want it so bad, I need my daddy so bad, oh keep fucking me! Keep oh fuck!"

Dad caused me to cry out yet again as his finger drove into my ass and he started thrusting it in and out as his cock plundered his daughters tight pussy.

"Who's pussy is it?" he demanded slapping my ass again.

"It's your daddy!" I cried.

"It is isn't it?"

"I'm all yours daddy! Anything you want, just keep fucking me!"

"Oh, I'm going to keep fucking you, you little whore. I'm going to fuck this pussy whenever I want it! I'm going to take your slutty ass the way all those daddy's did in your dirty little book, fuck next time I'm going to fuck you in your tight little asshole!"

"Yes!" I yelled, "You can have my ass too daddy! You'll be the only one to take it I'll give you anything you want, everything mommy won't!"

Dad slapped my ass and grabbing my arms pulled me up from the bed. He leaned back and angling his hips started fucking me even harder. I was totally sex drunk at this point, consumed by lust as my daddy took my needy pussy and made me his.

"I'll suck your cock anytime! I'll fuck you anywhere, I'll even fuck you when she's home! Just keep showing me how bad I am!"

"I like that Melanie," He moaned, "You're going to be my little girl in every way I..." he gasped and I screamed as he began fucking me so hard my head was being driven into the bed.

"Yes!" I egged him on, "Give it to me, and claim your little girl's pussy! I....oh!"

Dad yanked his cock from my oozing pussy and with a wrench of his shoulders rolled me over onto my back. He was holding his cock tightly in one hand and climbing up over me straddled my chest and pointed it at my face. I gladly opened my mouth and with a loud groan Dad let go of his cock. I yelped as a tremendous spurt of cum splashed against my lips and onto my waiting tongue. Dad moved his cock and his next spurt hit me on the cheek.

Reaching out he grabbed my chin and turning my face painted my other cheek with another squirt of sticky cum. I moaned as I could feel his cum dripping down my cheeks and oozing down my throat. Dad released another moan and shaking his cock over my face splattered me with a few more drops. Sliding off me he looked down at me and rolling me over onto my stomach got off the bed. I watched as he picked up his jeans from the floor.

He removed a small key and coming back to the bed un-cuffed my wrists. I groaned and let my arms drop limply to my sides.

"Look at you, you pig." He panted, laying there in a puddle of cum.

Grabbing the back of my head he rubbed my face into my pillow smearing his cum all over it. Without needing to be told, I stuck my tongue out and started licking it.

"Oh, goddamn." He whistled, "Melanie, you are...." He gave me a big smile, "So fucking bad!"

"For you daddy" I said, giving him a tired smile. "Will you let me be bad again?"

Standing, Dad pulled his jeans on, then reaching into his pocket pulled something out and dropped it on the bed. My eyes widened when I saw it was a hundred dollar bill.

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