tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDaddy, Mommy, and Me

Daddy, Mommy, and Me


Today was Ray's eighteenth birthday, and she was very excited. Her dad promised that he'd buy her a new car.

Her mom made her a cake and they had the whole party planned for her.

She wore short shorts and an off the shoulder shirt that was white and you could clearly see her blue bra through it and lots of cleavage. She was a 36 D and actually enjoyed them.

A few of her friends including the boy she likes were also coming to her party and she wanted to look good for him.

She walked downstairs and into her backyard, her family and friends yelled, "Happy Birthday!" to her.

"Thanks guys." She said.

Ray sat beside Connor, the boy she liked, he smiled at her.

He looked right at her breasts and she knew he was staring at them, she liked it.

She really ended up getting that car from her dad, she was so happy and she hugged hugged him tightly and as she pulled away she noticed he looked down at her chest, she felt a little awkward as she pulled away.

After she finished opening her presents and eating cake, she said good bye to her family and friends.

"Bye... Ray." Connor said starring at her breasts for a moment before looking into her eyes.

"Bye Connor." I said as he left.

"Good night and happy birthday my sweet girl." my mom said kissing my forehead and going to sleep.

"Thanks mom." I said then she left.

I walked into my bedroom and my dad was in there, leaned against the wall, "We need to talk." he said.

"About what?" I asked him.

"Why you were dressed like a slut today."

"I was not. So what if I showed a little cleavage. Get over it." I said.

He approached me and put his hand to my neck and squeezed, my dad was never like this.

"Dad let go, your scaring me."

"If you're going to dress like a slut then I'm going to treat you like one."

"What are you talking about?" I asked frightened.

Suddenly he pulled my shirt off and I clued in to what he was about to do, but why? This was my dad... My father! Why would he do this to me?!

"Dad don't." I begged as I began to cry.

He pulled my shorts and underwear off at the same time.

"Shut up Ray, I haven't had sex with your mother in months! And it's not like she's any good for anything anymore! She's warn out! Your young, tight. Maybe not a virgin..." he said and stuck his fingers at my vagina and felt around, "Damn pardon me, your still a virgin."

I was crying so hard, "Daddy, don't."

"That's right, I'm your daddy." he said and kissed me hard, forcing his tongue into my mouth.

He then ripped my bra off and began sucking my nipples, I started to fight him, kicking and screaming, hoping my mom would hear.

Finally my mother ran in, "Charlie what the hell--" she asked shocked at what she saw.

"Shut up Karen, hold her down, I swear women if you don't help hold her down I will slit your throat."

He was going mental. I started crying more as my father pushed me down on the bed and my mother helped tie my arms down.

My dad kept sucking my nipples hard and used his hand to rub my clit, I fought back the urge to moan, I hated what he was doing but it felt so good.

I let out an involuntary moan and my dad started to rub my clit harder.

"Now Karen, pull out your tits and let your daughter suck on your nipples."

My mother and I were both crying as she obeyed my father and took off her night gown, leaving her fully nude. She got on the bed and leaned down so I could suck on her nipples and I did.

My dads fingers traced the slit of my vagina and then thrusted his fingers in, it felt amazing. And I moaned, I wished it was not my father, I tried to imagine it was Connor.

"Sit on your daughters face." My dad said.

"What?! No!" she demanded.

"I swear to god I will kill you then our daughter."

She obeyed and sat on my face. I started licking her pussy and she moaned with pleasure.

I felt the tip of my dads penis play in my vagina, he rubbed it hard against my clit and I moaned loud and sucked harder on my moms clit really getting into and starting to enjoy it.

"What do you want baby?" my dad asked me.

I couldn't help it, by this time I was so horny and wet, I couldn't help but want more.

"I want you to fuck me daddy!" I moaned. I felt the tip of his hard dick against my vagina and he thrusted it in me with full force, I screamed. I lost my virginity.

I started to bleed I could feel it, my dad bent down and started licking and sucking my pussy juices and blood. He then put his dick against my vagina again and thrusted it in me so hard I yelled again.

He thrusted in and out so hard.

I kept eating my mother pussy.

After a few moments of my dad fucking me he turned me over so my face was in the bed, my mom got up and started eating my dads ass as he aimed his dick at my anus.

"Daddy don't!" I begged.

"Don't worry honey." he said.

He pushed in lightly so about an inch went in, then he thrusted harder so his whole dick went in.

He thrusted harder and harder and I was screaming with joy.

I brought my hand down to my pussy and played with my clit, I felt an orgasm coming as I rubbed harder and harder.

"Daddy fuck my harder!" I screamed and he thrusted into me harder as I rubbed my clit and I orgasmed.

But daddy didn't stop. He came over and sat on my face, shoving his cock down my throat and I sucked, my mom then began to eat out my pussy, rough too, sticking her tongue into my vagina and fingering my hole rough.

I put my hands on the back of my mom's head and held her face in my wet pussy.

My dad came down my throat and I quickly swallowed it.

My mom came up and started making out with me as my father watched.

We then turned around and started scissoring hard.

She started moaning loud and then I did and we both orgasmed.

My dad leaned down and took turn eating our pussy juices and then he put his clothes back on and smiled at us, "Thank you ladies. Maybe we can do this again sometime."

I put my clothes on and all the horror and embarrassment of what just happened hit me, I had sex with my mother and father.

He grabbed my mothers hand and pulled her out of my bedroom, I quickly packed up my room and took off out of my bedroom door.

Why did that have to happen?! And why did I had to enjoy it at the time?

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