Daddy, Please Undress Me Ch. 02


The next morning, the alarm clock went off at 6:00 AM right on schedule. I didn't shut it off the night before because I wanted to get up before her and try to get into the office for a few minutes to take care of a few things so I could take a few days off to get her settled.

When the alarm sounded, I really didn't notice or think about my morning hard-on as I bounded out of the bed and raced over to the desk to shut the alarm off. Turning around, I saw her squinting her eyes, having been woken up by the obnoxious sound. "I thought you weren't going to work today, Daddy?"

"I'm just going to go in for a few minutes and then make a quick stop at the store," I said, "you can stay in bed until I get back. I won't be gone long at all."

I saw her look down at my crotch. In the instant it took me to remember I wasn't dressed, I was faced with the decision on what to do. My hard-on was starting to droop, but it was still sticking out. I decided to play it cool, act like it was no biggie – after all, that's the way she acted last night. I reached for my watch on the desk, allowing her to look at me for another moment only, then turned toward her again and said "I'm going to jump in the shower first."

By the time I stepped into the shower, my cock was starting to get hard again. FUCK! My daughter saw my cock! And it was almost hard! She didn't look away and I didn't cover myself. What must she be thinking now?

Lathering up in the shower, I started to stroke my cock. I shut my eyes and stroked myself to a strong orgasm shooting my cum into the shower wall. The events of the last 24 hours were, well, way beyond anything I could imagine and well beyond anything I could ever hope for.

Stepping out of the shower, I grabbed a towel and dried off. I wrapped a towel around me and stepped out into the bedroom. She was still awake and sat up when I came out. "I thought you were gong to go back to sleep?" I asked.

"I made some coffee for you." She said, pointing to the desk where there were two steaming mugs of coffee sitting, then added "I think I needed some, too."

I picked up one of the mugs and took a sip. "Damn, you're hired!" I told her.

Walking over to my chest of drawers, I opened one of the drawers and pulled out some underwear and socks. A sudden feeling of anxiety filled me as I considered dressing while she watched or going back into the bathroom to dress. Waking over to the closet to look for a pull over shit and clean jeans, I threw the underwear and socks on the bed and said "Crissy, this is a little uncomfortable for me so I'm just going to say it……."

She interrupted me saying "Do you want me to go out while you get dressed, Daddy?"

"Kissy, uh, actually, if we're going to be living together now, I think we both have to accept the fact that we might run into each other in our undies or undressed. Since we've already seen each other, uh, at this point, I don't see any reason to make a big deal out of it. I don't mind if you don't."

She smiled. "Yeah," she said, "we're kind of even now, huh? You saw me and I saw you, so, no big deal from now on, right?"

"Okay," I said, "I think we're both old enough to handle it." With that, I pulled off the towel, threw it on the bed, held my arms out and let her look at me saying "See?"

I didn't wait for her answer as I turned back to the closet to get the jeans and shirt. I fumbled through the hanging clothes trying to burn a little time so she could look at me.

"You've got a cute butt, Daddy." She said.

Imitating her from last night, I said "Stop it. You're embarrassing me."

"No, Daddy, I'm not kidding," she said, "I consider myself an expert on boy's butts, and like…. you're a 10."

"Well, I'm flattered," I said, pulling the jeans and shirt out of the closet, "it's been a long time since a cute chick has complimented my butt!"

I picked up the underwear and socks and carried them back over to her side of the bed and laid all my clothes down next to her. I sat down facing her in the desk chair and reached for the socks. "Where are you going to shop?" she asked.

Acting as if nothing was unusual, I sat in the chair completely naked as I told her I was going to stop at the grocery to get us some things for breakfast. When I pulled my leg up to put the first sock on I saw her glance at my cock, which was starting to grow again. I pretended to be concentrating on getting my socks on while we talked, and by the time the second sock was on, my cock was almost at full strength and I knew she had been looking at it the whole time. Still acting unconcerned, I stood up in front of her and reached for my underwear. My cock was rock hard as I bent to pull the jockey shorts up my legs. Her eyes were glued to my cock as I pulled the jockeys up over my hips.

She was blushing when she looked up at me. "Hey, sorry." I said, kidding her "but, it's pretty normal in the morning for most guys."

She looked away, knowing full well I was commenting on my erection saying "Stop it, you're embarrassing me, Daddy." We both chuckled as I finished dressing. Even though I had done my best to be nonchalant about my nakedness in front of her, my cock was straining in my pants.

Finally, when I was dressed, I picked up my keys and leaned down to kiss her. "It's kind of fun having you here," I said, "…… the way, how are you feeling?"

She told me she as feeling a lot better than she was last night. I told her to go back to sleep and that I would be home in a while. I was just going to run by the office for a few minutes, then over to the grocery store and I would be right home.

I left the house feeling confident and good. I had seen her and she had seen me. No one freaked out and I was pretty turned on knowing she saw my hard cock. Maybe I would get to see more of her soon, but, I wasn't going to push that. I envisioned her lying on her back, pulling her virgin pussy lips apart so I could look inside her. That would be awesome.

In Chapter 3, Daddy and Daughter confront their desires and urges.

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