Daddy’s Little Party Favor


'Do you like it rough, little cumslut?' Lance said with gritted teeth.

'Yes, sir,' she moaned. 'I like cock anyway I can get it.'

'You are such a little slut.'

The girl groaned as his thrusts plowed into her. 'That's the way Daddy likes me.' She felt an orgasm gathering steam as she uttered, 'Daddy likes me to be a slut for you and others. So fuck me! You make me so wet! You are brutal! Kill me with your cock! Ahn! Ah! Oh!'

She released her orgasm and her juice flooded around Lance's near bursting cock.

Lance pulled out and grabbed his girl-slick cock and jacked his own orgasm onto the panting girl's ass and small of her back. He slapped his happy cock on her abused, red ass cheeks as more spurted from his pecker.

As Lance moved to sit down after fucking Daddy's Party Favor so thoroughly, someone immediately grabbed her off the couch and wrapped her legs around another guest. His cock was hard and sticking out, ready to be ridden. The slut's stilettos never touched the floor as the new guest rammed his hard cock into her juicy pussy.

Her arms still bound behind her helplessly, she squealed as his prick entered her. Other guests help wrap her legs around the fucker as he grabbed her tender ass and carried her around the room, like they were dancing to the music. But of course, she was being bounced on his cock as other guests laughed at the antics forced on the bound sex slave.

The drunken slut giggled and moaned and rode the cock that fucked her. Someone finally undid the bonds on her wrists and one hand steadied on his shoulder and the other went up in the air as she drunkenly said, 'Fuck 'em bronco!'

The other guests around them cheered as she was laid back on the couch so the bronco rider could pull out and cum on her tits.


Daddy mingled amongst his guests. They were smoking imported cigars and drinking expensive beer or scotch and catching glimpses of his submissive sex slave fucking cock in various positions with various guests.

Daddy was talking to his brother John and an old football buddy. They talked about sports and their alma mater and reminisced. There was a lull in their conversation as they turned and focused on Daddy's near naked sex slave about ten feet from them. The nympho was sitting on her knees sucking a large cock, holding two more in each hand. She was being brutally skull fucked as the guy hat both hand gripping and guiding her head with forceful thrusts down her throat.

As the cock in her mouth started to spurt its contents down her gullet and on her innocent pretty face, Daddy's brother smiled at the spectacle and patted Daddy on the back. 'She's a good girl,' John praised.

'She's a very good girl,' Daddy said in a deep voice. They watched the mouth fucker spray his load on her face and slap her cheeks with this cock. They admired the way she moaned and luxuriated in the cum bath and cock slaps. Then Daddy grinned and said to his two confidants, 'Watch this.'

The little slave looked around for Daddy when she heard his voice. Daddy's voice always grabbed her attention no matter what she was doing or who she was fucking. She was to pay attention to that voice at all times. It was drilled into her during her submissive training.

She lovingly looked over to Daddy as cum dribbled from her face and brutally fucked mouth and she jacked off two of his guests.

Daddy snapped his fingers.

The submissive slave immediately let go of the cocks she was fondling and quickly clasped her hands behind her back as if they were bound at the wrist. She closed her eyes and lifted her head and said to the men with their cocks in front of her, 'Please cum on my face.'

The little slut's reaction to Daddy's snap impressed his brother and football buddy.

'I'm a dirty little slut who needs cum all over,' she said in a sweet drunken voice. 'Please cum on me!'

The two men she just let go of started to jack themselves, touching the tips of their cocks on her cheeks, rubbing the near bursting cocks from her ears to her mouth, slapping her face with the heavy cocks occasionally as she penitently waited for their cum. When each man reached orgasm, they splashed her face with rivulets of cum, just as she requested. They groaned and called her dirty names.

'What a fuckin' slut you are.'

'Dirty cock loving cumslut.'

'We'll give you a cum bath.'

She opened her eyes and kept them focused on Daddy. All the while her hands were kept tightly behind her back like a good little submissive, luxuriating in the cum bath she asked for.

'She's a good girl,' Daddy repeated as the two men near him nodded.

His football buddy adjusted his pants and patted Daddy's back, 'Your good little girl is about to get a good little dose of my nine inch hose.'

Daddy smiled and encouraged his friend, 'Fuck her hard.' He looked back over to her as she swallowed more cum in that submissive pose. 'My little cumslut likes it hard.'

His buddy laughed, 'With a Daddy like you, I'm not surprised.'

He turned from his little slut as she was being bent over by his old football pal and taken doggy style. She squealed and shrieked at the size of the football guy's hard cock as he slammed into the cum-covered girl.

'It's – so – big!' she said between thrusts. Her knees were spread wide and the big man filled her cunt with brute force.

'Daddy said you liked it rough,' the football guy said, pounding away at her tight cunt.

'Fuck me,' she surrendered, hearing about Daddy's comments. 'Fuck me as hard as Daddy says! Oh! Ah! Ughn!'

Daddy's football buddy did not disappoint. He flipped her over on the floor so they were facing each other and he put her legs on his shoulders and pounded her cunt. She grunted and groaned with every thrust, not able to help herself. His nine-inch hose did give the little slut quite a ride. Soon, she was begging for more as she came as hard as he pounded her.

Daddy heard her moan in orgasmic pleasure/ pain and smiled as he walked away to tend to other guests gathered around the keg out on the patio. Daddy knew his little slave would be very hospitable to his guests. No matter how brutally they fucked her, she would find a way to accommodate them and ultimately enjoy it.


'Damn, look at that heart shaped ass,' one of Daddy's friends commented to a couple other guests. All three looked at the little slut kneeling in front of another guest sucking on his cock. He smeared cake all over his cock and ordered the submissive slut to clean it up using only her mouth. The obedient sex slave swallowed the last cake-coated load of cum, pertly sitting on her knees with her arms demurely behind her back.

'Hey, little cumslut,' Daddy's co-worker said as he elbowed his buddies, 'come over here.'

Cum dribbled from her mouth as she turned to look at the man commanding her next move.

The submissive sex slave did as she was told, realizing there were three more men she must "entertain". As she was trained, she clasped her unbound hands behind her, she obediently, yet drunkenly walked over to them. Her little nightie was still on but a strap had fallen from her shoulder. Her bright red bow adorning her neck looked a little worn and had cum on it. But her sexy little walk in those high stilettos and her pert titties barely covered by the sheer nightie made all three men a little more hard.

They were standing in front of the fireplace. 'How may I please you?' she submissively asked with some trepidation. Two of the guys grabbed her wrists and guided them to the mantel. She gripped the wood shelf and was commanded to spread her legs. The submissive's position forced her to bend over slightly and stick her naked ass out. The slut arched her back instinctively.

Her hands kept her steady on the mantel as the three men fondled and caressed her bulbous ass, legs, torso, tits and cunt. She moaned, surrounded by these men. The guy standing behind her felt her ass and his hands curved around her hips as he fingers delved into her warm wet crevice and flicked her clit from behind until she gasped and then moaned.

'Just hold on tight to that mantel, sweet thing,' the man behind her said as grabbed his cock and aimed it at her wet tunnel.

She grunted as he shoved his hard cock into her pussy, but then he pulled out. 'I gotta fuck that heart-shaped ass.'

She yelped as his fit the knot of his hard pecker into her balloon knot. 'Oh! Your cock is so big. How will it all fit in my little ass?,' she whispered, secretly relishing the harsh treatment of these guests.

'You want this, bitch?' the ass-fucker said as more of his pecker scraped in to her tight, forbidden hole.

'Yes, please' she groaned with that innocent drunk voice. 'Fuck my ass.'

Daddy's friend smirked at her polite yet filthy answer. He tightened his grip on her hips and pushed his hard cock relentlessly into her ass until his belly slapped her ass cheeks.

Daddy's Little Party Favor gripped the mantle and held on for dear life as this guest brutally fucked her ass. His friends fondled her tits and twisted her sensitive nipples and played with her pussy as she was pounded in the ass. Both men commented with anticipation on their turn with the moaning little slut.

'She's got great tits,' one said.

'Her ass is so tight,' the ass-fucker gritted out as he pounded her. 'Her asshole is sucking the cum right out of me.'

Her eyes were closed and she moaned as her ass was violated. Then she heard Daddy's voice and looked up.

'Let me see my little baby doll's face,' Daddy commanded. 'I want to see her face as she gets fucked in the ass.'

Daddy had the new video camera and was framing the shot so her whole body showed as his work colleague fucked his baby doll's ass.

'Daddy!' she squealed and smiled lovingly into the camera. Then she bit her cherry red bottom lip and closed her eyes as the ass fucker smack her ass. Her long neck arched. One of the other guys caressed her neck and stuck his thumb in her mouth.

So Daddy could film his little slave being fuck the two guys got on one side of her as the ass guy kept fucking. One guy had one hand on her wrist and the other on her neck. His large long fingers spread around her neck. The other guy just reached around to massage her large tit with one hand.

She was beautiful surrounded and held in place by big men. Their strong hands all over her body, holding her in place while one fucked her ass with brute force. She was a beauty with cherry red lips, big tits, alabaster skin, long supple legs in stilettos, bent over with three men fucking or fondling her. And Daddy holding the camera watching his baby doll get man-handled.

She could feel the guest's cock getting harder, bigger in her tight little ass. She groaned in rhythm to battering ram plunging into the depths of her ass.

'I'm cummin'! I'm cumming!' the brute said as some come was deposited in her ass. He pulled out and sprayed some more man juice over her ass cheeks and small of her back.

Daddy smiled and walked away. 'What a good girl you are.'

Before she could catch her breath from the brutal ass fucking she just endured, the other two party guests worked in tandem. Before she knew what hit her, Daddy's Little Party Favor found herself kneeling on the floor, straddling on top of one man as his hard cock invaded her wet pussy. The other guy was inserting his cock into her very recently open and moist asshole.

The surprise double penetration made her scream out with pleasure and pain. As she did, the ass-fucker that just finished pulled on her hair and thrust his half hard, dirty cock into her open, screaming mouth.

She gurgled and was forced to suck his cock as the other two men pounded a way at her ass and pussy.

A fourth guest waited until the ass-fucker's cock was clean and then made her suck his cock. He held her head with a steel grip and fucked her face with brute force. The other two pounded her pussy and ass with the same power and energy.

All the little sex slave could to was ride on all three cocks and let them have their way with her. The thought and the brutal three way just made her cum even harder as she was bounced between them.

When they all finished cumming on the submissive, she was required to suck their cocks clean.


The party was winding down, the last of his very satisfied guests left; Daddy went looking for his little party favor. Daddy was hoping to catch one more glimpse of his party guests banging his sweet little cumslut. Instead Daddy found the leftovers, which pleased him even more.

There she was, lying on her stomach and her knees on the floor near the fireplace. Her little nightie was bunched around her waist, her big titties billowing out on the floor beneath her. The green dildo and ball gag were lying next to her. The red bow was still around the slut's neck but was crumpled and coated with man juice. Her silky dark hair had streaks of jiz from the many cocks that skull fucked her. Cum was smeared all over her ass and face. What a sight!

Daddy grabbed a washcloth out of the bathroom and cleaned her up a bit. If Daddy was going take his turn on his sex slave, he'd be damned if he would touch some other guys come.

Daddy spread her ass cheeks and took a closer look at her wet pussy. Daddy got more and more excited as he stared at the glistening, inviting sight and decided not to waste any more time. Daddy took a hand and flicked her clit with a finger and his hand was covered in slick girl juice. Next, Daddy took a hold of his already hard 8 inches and greased it up with her wetness.

The sweet sex slave's face was to the side and she breathed lightly in a drunken sleep. Daddy stood there with his cock in his hand watching her face and thinking about what he was about to do to her next.

Daddy positioned himself behind her. He slid his cock up and down the slut's crack to lube her up and then plunged into her hot cunt.

She let out a gasp as Daddy bottomed out in the nympho's slick beautiful hole. Her eyes screwed up and her mouth opened with a gasp.

"Oh!" the slut cried. "Mmpherg lsshhssher," she mumbled and slurred something unintelligible.

Daddy pumped his cock out and back in, sawing at her fat pussy. Daddy moved his hips around in little circles trying to find her sweet spot.

She let out another little moan letting Daddy know he had found it. He then began to work it in earnest.

Pumping his hard cock into her snatch, Daddy gave his hips a little lift. His powerful thrusts lifted the petite slut's knees off the floor and made the unconscious girl wake up.

Daddy wanted to make his little party favor cum. She had given so much that night, he knew she deserved one more orgasm.

Daddy's powerful lunges at his sweet little fucktoy went on for some time when her breathing becoming heavier and deeper. The beautiful submissive's face was clenched up and her pouty lips were open and inviting.

'Oh! Ahn! Oh! Yeah!' the slut cried. She started fucking Daddy back and mewling with each of his thrusts, trying to hold on. 'Oh, yes Daddy! Happy birthday, Daddy! Fuck my pussy Daddy!' She cried out as Daddy came in his little Party Favor....

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