tagIncest/TabooDaddy Spanks Roni

Daddy Spanks Roni


Growing up, when we were bad our mother would scold us but our father would spank us. He would take us into the bedroom then make us lay across his lap. Then he would firmly swat us five to ten times. When he was finished he would have us sit cross-legged on the floor, on our sore bottoms, while he lectured us on being good children.

The last time my father spanked me I was eighteen! I had just turned eighteen and living at home. My boyfriend had borrowed a Polaroid camera and we took turns taking pictures of each other. One thing led to another and as these things usually do, I ended up naked. They weren't all that bad (by today's standards) but of course my Southern Baptist father found some of the pictures and he hit the roof! His house, his rules, even though I was an 'adult' we were taught to be respectful and obey our parents. Dad was pretty upset and said he would decide on my punishment. I didn't want to be grounded and begged my dad for some other punishment, Dad asked me if I'd rather have a spanking. Anything, I told him, just so I didn't have to stay home.

About a week later I had just gotten out of the shower and had on my robe when he told me to come into his bedroom and shut the door. Back in those days our parents' bedroom was off limits, the only time we were allowed in was when we were going to be punished. Hesitantly entering, I saw my mother sitting silently at her dressing table, facing my father, she was in her robe as it was nearing bedtime. Papa was seated on a chair he had placed in the in the middle of the room and he told me to take off my robe.

Standing on the cold wooden floor, I was naked, my young body still pink from the warm shower I had just taken. My breast were a C cup and the heat from the shower had caused my aureoles to swell to about three inches in diameter and my nipples were always extended. My pubic area was covered by a patch of dark brown hair that didn't quite hide my clitoris. I didn't know Papa was going to call me into his room or I would not have played with myself in the shower. I was standing in front of my father with my labia very red and swollen and my engorged clitoris almost purple and visibly noticeable, like small penis peeking from between my pussy lips. I felt embarrassed as I stared down at the floor. He sat down in his chair and told me to kneel across his lap. My naked breasts were pressed against his leg as he first rested his hand on my bare butt.

He began to spank me. At first it was like he had done when we were young; but the second slap was harder and the third even harder. Stopping momentarily to pull my legs apart, he next put the fingers from his other hand in my ass crack, separating my butt cheeks. He then lowered his 'spanking' hand so that I could feel each swat on my pussy. It was then I felt his erection. He was slapping my pussy and I was giving my Papa a hard-on. I tightly gripped his leg, pressing myself against his hardening cock. He in turn began pressing his pelvis against me, moving up against my ribcage. I could feel his pelvis slowly moving against me as if he was fucking me.

He spanked me harder; my pussy was wet, dripping down my leg. His cock pressed harder against me, I could only imagine how beautiful his swollen member was. He began to spank me even harder and faster, almost in a frenzy. I couldn't stand it; I moaned, I cried, I was sobbing as I began to spasm, shaking, I was cumming! A huge orgasm began to sweep over me, my juices started gushing out onto the floor.

My ass was burning when he finally stopped. His cock was like I had never known it, it felt huge and I could feel the spreading sticky wetness of his cum. My father had cum. I had made Papa shoot his wad! His semen was beginning to seep through his pants and I could feel the ejaculate that I had caused. Then he began rubbing my ass like he did when I was little only this time my legs were open, wide open and he was massaging, rubbing my pussy cum all over me. Reaching down on my thighs and spreading it between my legs, on my anus, making me slick with all my lotion.

Tenderly rubbing his fingers down my ass crack to my purple clit, he then started to finger me. I felt his fingers almost delicately search out my tight little ass as he worked his finger inside me. Collecting some of my cum from my pussy he wet his fingers and worked what felt like two fingers into my anus, grinding them deep into my hole. He was slowly fucking my ass when he removed his fingers and reached around my waist with his other arm lifting my little ass up to his lips, I could feel him lick my butthole! I could hear him softly moan as he rimmed my anus then poked his tongue inside of me. As he buried his tongue in my ass he closed his lips around me and softly sucked. I had never had anyone eat out my ass and with his arm holding me up to his face I couldn't believe how incredible it felt! He was tongue fucking me and sucking out my asshole!

Lowering me once more to his lap he put his hand on my pussy. Spreading my wet lips he slid one finger inside me, gently sliding it deep inside, then twisting it and moving it around like he was trying to feel my insides. He began telling me what a beautiful woman I had become and how he wanted me to be his little girl forever. It was almost like he was experimenting as I felt him working one, then two, three fingers in my pussy. I was so wet He could have probably fist fucked me!

He was slowly using two fingers to fuck me when I slid off his lap to my knees. I almost instinctively began to rub his dick through his pants while trying to unzip his fly. He leaned back a bit in his chair and I was able to unbutton pants, then as I started to unzip him, his beautiful swollen cock head popped into view. Oh my god! It still had his sweet man cream oozing out of it and I swear it looked gigantic! Pulling his cock free from the nasty stickiness of his underwear I had to taste him. I could see the globs of cum on his shaft as I wrapped my small hand around him and brought him to my mouth, leaning forward I began sucking my father's cock..

It was then I felt my mother's hand on my shoulder, "Rhonda Sue," she said.

I could feel my father's hand on my head as he had wrapped his fingers into my hair and pulling my head up and down on his cock, he was thrusting himself deep into my mouth.

"Rhonda Sue," mother said again in a soft, firm voice.

I didn't want to stop, my Papa didn't want to stop. He continued fucking my mouth, pushing my head down on his lap, forcing his cock deep into my mouth, then pulling up then back down. I couldn't help but gag as his member choked me, it hurt, it felt good, divine. My tears were running down my cheeks onto my father's dick as he pumped my head up and down.

Finally she called out my father's name. Twice.

Releasing my head, Papa quit hunching my face, though his dick was still hard. I kept him in my mouth. I wanted him to cum.

Mother reached down and put her hand on my forehead and pulled gently back as his cock fell out of my mouth. Then helping me to my feet, she tenderly draped my robe over my shoulders. I could feel my pussy juice running out of me and down my legs as I stood there unsteadily. Looking down I studied my father's penis, an uncircumcised thick piece of meat, covered in his own sticky goo as well as my saliva and spit, it seemed to pulse, throb as his swollen, purple head was still leaking his semen. I could see the scrape marks from my teeth, the streaks of blood I had drawn as he had introduced me to the pain/pleasure formula that would be a part of my life forever.

I was dazed, my mind a hazy fog that seemed to hug me in a warm bliss, ecstasy that I hoped would never end.

As I closed the door behind me I looked back to see my mother silently kneel in front of my father and lower her head to his lap.


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