tagLetters & TranscriptsDaddy Takes a Side Trip Home

Daddy Takes a Side Trip Home


I didn't make the decision until I was driving to pick you up from school today. I'm not sure why it had to be today. Perhaps it was the reality that you just turned 18 and next year this time you'll be away at college and gone forever. Perhaps it was the way you looked last Friday night when you left the house to go dancing with your fellow cheerleader friends. Your long blonde hair, curled and perfect, hung down over your shoulders. You wore a slinky black top that revealed your tan midsection, a short black skirt, and black high heels. You looked so adult, so alive, so... ready.

Ofcourse not ready for me. You had no idea what I had planned for you today. I stopped on the way to your school and bought some beer, schnapps, and a few other goodies. I called my wife, who is away this week on a business trip, and told her you and I will be out tonight as I thought we'd have some fun together for a change so not to panic if she calls and finds no one home.

I arrive outside of your all girl Catholic prep school and see you exit the building surrounded by your friends as always. Your athletic, tanned body, tiny waste, and large C cup breasts are encased inside a white button down shirt and a plaid skirt. You're wearing your long blonde hair in a pony tail and on your legs and feet are white knee socks and brown shoes.

"Hi Daddy!" you chirp as you climb inside my SUV while simultaneously kissing me on the cheek.

I turn onto the highway instead of the main street towards our house.

"Where are we going, Daddy? Are we stopping somewhere before we go home?" you ask

"I KNOW you were drinking with your friends last weekend. I could smell it on your breath when you got home. I didn't want to say anything because I thought it might upset your mother." I said. This was of course, true, but at the time I simply wrote it off. She was home and safe and 18 so I was planning on letting it go, but today, as my dark side overtakes me, I'm going to use it to my advantage.

"I only had 3 beers at the party, Daddy and I was home on time wasn't I? Why is it a big deal?" you argue

"Mindy, you're going off to college next year. Do you know how many guys are going to try and get you drunk? Do you know how much is too much? Do you???" I ask with authority

"Well, not really but I'm sure I'll figure it out." You say with timid uncertainness

"We're going to find out today... for your own good." I say as I reach behind me and pull out a bottle of peach schnapps. I pour a generous portion into a large travel mug already filled with OJ and tell you to drink it. You do. I then have you drink two more as we continue on down the highway. On your third I can see you are very tipsy and when I pull over at a station to let you use the little girls room, I can see by the way you sway and stumble your mind is confused and your defenses are weakened.

We drive on until we reach the secluded motel where I last took my drunken secretary (which is a story for another time). I leave you in the car and instruct you to drink a beer as I go inside to pay and get a room key. Your eyes are glassy and distant; your body seems loose and free. I can't wait to have my way with you.

I lead you inside the motel room and you suddenly ask why we are here. I tell you to keep drinking as you'll understand it all soon enough.

I lock the door, close the shades, put down my paper bag and backpack and turn to you.

"Daddy?" you whimper, a little afraid

I say nothing but walk toward you, and begin to unbutton your uniform blouse. Button by button I reveal your tender body and white bra. The darkness of my intentions consumes me as I realize what I am about to do. My mind flashes back to 10 years ago when I seduced and raped your teenage babysitter Becky. Another story for another time. Ah, so many memories.

When we last left the motel room, I had just unbuttoned the white, button down, uniform shirt of my beautiful, sexy, now very drunken daughter. My innocent baby girl is going to be my slut.

I slide the shirt over your shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Your face shows confusion yet in the alcoholic stupor you feel strangely excited.. And scared. This is your father and he has a look in his eye that's never been there before, the smell of liquor on his breath and everything seems to be spinning. "Is this a dream?" you say to your self.

My strong hands now squeeze and jiggle your firm young tits.

"Daddy, we shouldn't be doing this should we???" you ask.

"SSSSHHHHH Sweetheart. Do what Daddy tells you."

"But.."you begin

At that I suddenly clamp down on your nipples thru the bra pinching and twisting them hard. You scream out in pain and shock.

"I told you to do what Daddy tells you Dammit! Now take your punishment!!"

With tears in your eyes you nod your head. (Your blonde pony tail bobbing behind you)

"Good girl." I say "But since you were bad you have to drink another shot of Apple Pucker."

You do as you are told and now the whole world is fuzzy. I am in complete control of you as you stumble around.

I reach into the paper bag and pull out another item I purchased at the liquor store. A disposable camera. I tell you to pose leaning against the wall looking sweet in your bra and skirt and snap the picture.

I walk over and unzip your skirt; I then very slowly slide it down your legs. I remove your shoes and socks and command you to take off your bra.

You look at me say "what for?" Then you break out into a hysterical drunken giggle. Once again you look so sweet that I almost laugh but this is your punishment after all. So I stand up, throw you over my shoulder like a fireman, and slap your panty covered ass very hard. "Ow!! Daddiee!!!" you squeal. But now the feeling of power as I manhandle you has doubled my resolve. I rub and squeeze your amazingly tight ass cheek as I speak, "Do as I say little girl! Don't make me tell you again!" With that I throw you onto the king size bed. You land on your back, bounce once then look up at me. Your eyes wide with excitement, slight fear, and mounting desire. Your heart beats rapidly and your chest moves up and down.

For a moment we stare at each other. Then I pounce on the bed. I grab the center of your bra and pull you up to a sitting position. You just stare at me and then lick your lips. I put one hand behind your head and draw you close to me. I kiss your young pouting lips and my tongue slides inside your mouth. You respond out of instinct.

As this happens, my hand slides down your back and unsnaps your white bra. I lean back, not wanting to miss this. First I slowly slide one strap down your arm. Then the other. No words are spoken but you are breathing heavy and your body is shaking.

Finally I pull the bra off. There they are at last, my young daughter's perfect, firm little titties. I'm staring at what no father should stare at. Your nipples stand at full attention now. Your ponytail rests over your right shoulder and cascades down your chest. I reach out and hold them. Feeling their weight in my hands.

"My little girl is growing up." I say. Now it's my turn to breath heavy and speak in low almost sinister tones.

"You're the first man to touch them like this Daddy, it feels kind of funny," you whisper

I lean over and take your left breast into my mouth. Your skin is warm and soft. Your nipple is rock hard. Your body is truly a work of art.

I nibble and tease your nipple as my hand caresses the other one. I take almost the whole thing in my mouth as I suck and tease.

Your head is thrown back and you moan"Ooooooh Daddy... that feels soooo good! Ummmm!!"

Slowly I work my free hand down your firm stomach to your panties. My hand glides over the satin material and works a feather touch around your inner thighs where the nerve endings are the most sensitive. The booze has made you even more confused and relaxed and the feeling is amazing to you. But you are not a slut and by sheer habit and instinct you reach your hand down and try and pull my hand away.

"Daddy, we can't. I'm your daughter." you say in half whisper of ecstasy and half pleading grovel. You bat your blue eyes as you speak.

"What did I tell you before about doing as I say??" I say, my voice suddenly stern and fatherly. "Stay there, don't move."

I reach the camera and snap a photo of you lying on the bed in only panties, your legs spread, your tits perfect, your hair in a ponytail and your eyes glazed and seductive.

"You seem to want to make this hard on yourself Mindy. Fine, have it your way." With that I pull you up and throw you over my knee.

"No Daddy, don't spank me! Please!"

It's too late as I smack your behind hard. It stings my hand.

I look down and realize my daughters firm young tits are pressed against my leg and her ass is mine for the taking. I grab the elastic on your silk panties and begin to slide them down.

You begin to sniffle a small cry but it's not from the pain or fear that I will really hurt you so much as the returning instinct of a little girl being punished. But all I can think of is the rock hard, tight, sexy, perfectly rounded little ass that has just been unveiled before me.

I savor the moment and ponder what to do to you next.

I spank your bottom once more to get your attention but not as hard. Your body is shaking beneath me and I can feel, though I have not yet had the thrill of seeing it, your hot bald little pussy on my muscular thigh.

My head is exploding with possibilities.

I pull your panties all the way off and tell you to stand up before me. You rise and automatically cover your breasts and cunt with your hands. I gently take your hands and place them at your side.

Your naked young body is now mine. Your form is perfection. Your abs are tight, your waist is tiny, your legs are toned, your breasts rise high and your pussy is hairless, tight, and unspoiled.

After making you drink another half of a beer, I pose you on the hotel dresser. (you know the typical hotel ones, low and long with a mirror where the suitcase normally winds up.) Laying against the mirror, your pussy in view between your spread legs, your hands behind your head like an old Marilyn Monroe photo. I snap several shots like this from various angles. (Some with your finger in your mouth and one of you sucking your thumb with your back arched)

It's time to get inside of you. As I walk towards you I flex my large hands. I also remove my shirt, tie, and kick off my shoes. My cock has been rock hard but continues to throb in anticipation of the unholy taboo act soon to come.

I know my little girl is a virgin. We've discussed it and I've even heard it confirmed while ease dropping on the teenagers in the neighborhood. But my Mindy looks so grown up most of the time. When I saw her in her homecoming dance dress last fall I almost grabbed her and raped her right then. I wanted to tear the low cut, blue satin dress off her, rip a hole in her black pantyhose, tear off her panties and stick my dick in her right there. I could feel her legs, still wearing the stiletto heels wrapped around my back as I fucked her. Her tits crushed between us. Her high pitched cries of "Daddy!!! What are you doing?!?!?!" But that was only a split second fantasy and I shook it off. This was my little girl after all. My beautiful angel Mindy. How could I do that? But now... it was going to happen. I was going to finally fuck my daughter.. my Mindy. She is so drunk and scared I have complete and total power over her. Her first sensation of a throbbing dick inside her tight young pussy will forever be mine. These thoughts race through my head as I approach her, still on the dresser where I placed her and posed her like my own personal Barbie doll.

"Daddy, I'm getting cold" you slur innocently. Soon you'll be very hot.

I kneel before the dresser and slide you into a sitting position so your legs are now spread and your pussy is now at my face level.

My hands glide, again with a feather touch up your ankles, then legs to your heavenly entrance. You realize on some level what's going to happen you. My fingers glide inside of you and you feel me explore your most private region. Your body twists and shivers and you try to struggle from the shock of what is happening to you. But I have you held in a position where I am in total control. I stand, command you to stay where you are, walkt to the bag and pull out a can of whipped cream. I drop my pants and spray the cream all over my throbbing cock. I walk to you and force your head down onto my shaft and command you to lick all of it off me. The fear and shock in your baby blue eyes as your mouth works on my member feeds the evil inside me and relishes the moment. I shoot my wad all over your face then lift you into the air just like I did when you were a babyy.

Your mind is spinning and confused. The whipped cream traces still on your sweet little face. You collapse into your father's arms as I place you in the sheets of the bed. Your Dad is now climbing onto the bed. He moves slowly, deliberately, like a lion approaching an innocent faun drinking at a stream. He knows his teenage daughter is helpless and under his control. Her young body, at it's unhampered perfection is his for the taking. What he's about to take from her.. nothing and no one will ever be able to give back.

Your eyes are half open in your foggy state but your body feels alive with a tingling sensation and surreal numbed out displacement. Your mind can't wrap around what is happening. This morning you were at cheer practice, at lunch you slapped the hand of the boy who tried to lift your skirt, and the biggest decision of the weekend was what outfit will make you look the sexiest to tease the guys at the party on Saturday night. But it was only to tease. Now, your clothes are gone, your arms feels heavy and your own Daddy has made you suck on his cock after he licked your pussy (although it did feel AMAZING what he did) and now he's going to (GULP) put his thing inside of you! This must be a dream. Your eyes focus on the strange pattern of the fabric of the closed drapes in the room. Why do all hotel drapes look so odd? You stare at them transfixed as your Daddy slides in the bed next to you.

"Mindy baby... Daddy is going to make you a woman."

"Please Daddy, we can't. I'm not on the birf conrol pilz" you slur, barely aware you are saying it. But your heart is beating and your body wants this.. badly.

"Sssshh Honey. Trust your Daddy to take care of you. You're mine and you'll do as I say" I whisper in a tone unlike anything fatherly

"Wha do you mean I'm "yours" Daddy?" you whisper, half awake, then hiccup.

"I mean Pumpkin, that Daddy is punishing you for drinking. You WILL do what I say because I'm your father. And right now, Daddy wants to fuck his little girl. He wants to feel his penis inside her tight little hole. He's going to push it deep inside you and there's nothing you can do to stop him. Do you understand me??" I can't believe these words are actually being said by my own mouth to my precious little Mindy. The child who I tucked in at night, rode on my shoulders, attended her dance recitals, and cheered her on as she played 8th grade girls volleyball. How could I be doing this? But some dark force has won over my good nature and the words I spoke made me hotter than ever. There was no more pretense. The little bitch was mine. I love her but right now I'm going to fuck her brains out.

I climb on top of you. Your skin is so soft and you smell so good. I force myself between your legs. (they offer little resistance at this stage of the game). I am now above you propped up on my hands looking down. The treasure of all treasures lay beneath me. It's time.

I wet my fingers and moisten your tight pussy lips but find you are already wet. With my hand I glide my rock hard swollen head over your soft, bald lips. There are shivers running through my spine. You begin to moan as the feeling is erotic and is driving you mad. First my head begins it's decent. It's so tight you'd think I was pushing a 6" square peg through a 5" round hole. I'm now half way inside of you and your pussy wraps around my cock like a suction cup.

"No!!Aaauuooowww!!!"Your blue eyes shoot open wide and you let out a shriek of pain and surprise as my invasion continues. I push farther and deeper.

Your hands reach out and grab the headboard. For some reason I grab them and hold your arms down above your head forcibly. I don't know why, but it adds to the thrill. I'm deep inside of you now and give a thrust as I feel the wall of your hymen. "Oh God!!" You scream out as a bolt of electric pain shoots through your young tiny body. I know now that you will bleed slightly as your cherry is forever mine. With this evil realization I begin to thrust more... starting with long slow strokes and gradually increasing them in speed and power.

The bolt of pain causes your firm athletic legs to wrap around my back. After the pain though the feeling is slowly making you hot, wet, and the sensation overloads your poor confused mind. Lust has taken over your mind and now, mixed with the alcohol, the idea of being fucked by your Daddy is the hottest thing in the world to you. You WANT to be his slut.. his slave. His little girl would do anything for him.

"More Daddy, more!!! Yes!!!!" you scream

Suddenly aware that you like this I move my control up a notch and stop the thrusts and withdraw.

"Do you want Daddy to keep going Pumpkin?" I ask

"Yes. Oh yes please Daddy!"

"Then tell me you want your Daddy to fuck you. Say it Mindy."

My little girl has never been one to cuss much less say the word fuck, but the mortal pleasure of the flesh washes over her and she screams at the top of her lungs "Oh YES Daddy FUCK ME!!! FUCK YOUR BABY GIRL!!!! TAKE ME!!!! PLEEEEAASE DADDY!" you sound close to groveling.

At this I plunge myself back inside of you, deep and hard. Again and again. Your body bucking with each thrust. Your tits bouncing. Your eyes clenched as your head thrashes back and fourth.

In a sudden move I flip us over and you're now on top of me. The buzz you have resulted in more dizziness for you and I have to steady you with my hands. Your ponytail hangs down over me and I slide it out it's clip. Your long blonde hair now cascades freely and you shake your head as it is released. Never in your life have you looked more beautiful or more sexy than in this moment.

I tell you to lean back and move up and down for Daddy. "Ohhhhh yesssss Daddy" you purr, your eyes still closed in ecstasy.

As my baby girl arches her back and leans backwards on her hands as she rides me rock hard dick I watch her perfectly proportioned body and realize that this is a dream come true.

We go on like this for awhile. I tell you sway your chest back and forth over Daddy's face and jiggle for titties for him. You do it like a good little girl. I squeeze and caress your firm tight ass as you ride me.

It dawns on me that not only every boy in your school would be jealous right now but also every adult man in town. I see them all look at you as we walk down the street as a family.

I'm reminded of the first day you cheered a football game at school. Your mother and I were there to watch you. I was so proud of you... of how well you did, how beautiful you were growing, and how well you moved your body. You were only a freshman at that time but you looked and moved like a professional dancer of 25. Your blue eyes sparkled as you smiled that perfect smile and rocked your hips to the beat. Your high kicks showed off your sexy legs and I found my self getting an erection seeing your panties and ass. I shook off the thought and pretended it was the other girls but the one turning me on was my little Mindy. I was lost in another fanatasy: My heart raced to the thought of lifting your leg up to a standing split and resting it on my shoulder.

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