tagIncest/TabooDaddy Takes Ari

Daddy Takes Ari


I’m standing by the staircase talking on the phone as you start down the stairs. You are dressed to go out. My conversation stops mid sentence as I look up and see you. You look awesome. You’re wearing a very short black dress that is very clingy and tight in all the right places. It’s obvious you have on stockings and not panty hose. Very high heels finish the outfit well. You’re hair is down and frames your pretty face accenting your beauty.

(Ari is my foster daughter. She is 24, 5’3”, with a gorgeous face framed with shoulder length auburn hair. Big hazel eyes stare at the world with a certain innocence. Her tight compact body is accentuated with pert 34b breasts, a tight waist and flaring hips. She is a vision of innocence and loveliness. She is a little spoiled and likes to have her own way. Of course I had nothing to do with spoiling her as she grew up in my home. She has been a constant source of delight for me since she came into my home 14 years ago. And she was so helpful to me when a drunk driver killed my wife. She has such compassion and caring that she really helped me get through a tough time. As she matured, especially since my wife died, I have been having more and more thoughts about her as a woman. However, I am about to discover a dark and kinky side I did not know existed.)

You preen for me as you reach the bottom of the staircase. And look to me for approval.

“You look gorgeous, sweetie.” I tell you. “But, the dress is a little much, at least what there is of it.”

You look a little let down as you hear my words.

“Oh, Daddy. This ol’ thing?”

I can see the mischievousness in your eyes. And I decide to play the game. Though you are of legal age, you still in many respects are a child.

“Yeah, THAT ol’ thing. Get upstairs and change. Put on something that doesn’t say, “fuck me, I’m easy” I say. I have never spoken to you like this and it takes you aback a bit.

“Dad-dy.” You stomp your foot like a little child. “I will not. And don’t say that about me. I’m a nice girl.”

“Then dress like it. I swear, you kids today have no idea how to be provocative without being sluttish.”

“I will not!”

I grab you by the arm and pull you toward the living room. You begin to pull back against my hand. And then kick at me with those pointed toed heels. But you miss.

“You either stop acting like a little spoiled kid or I’m going to treat you like one.”

You try to pull away from me as you say,

“Daddy…no…. you wouldn’t!” realizing exactly what I am threatening you with.

“Are you going to change Ari?” I ask.

Trying to assert yourself you tell me no.

I yank you toward the living room and you plant both feet and try to stop me. Once again you kick out at me, but this time connect with my shin. The shock of the pain allows me to loosen my grip and you break free of my grasp. You feel as if you have won and turn on your heel and walk toward the door. Now, I’m mad. I take three quick steps and grab you by the hair. Swinging you around my other hand comes up to your throat. I shove you against the wall by the door. Holding you in place with one hand entangled in your hair and the other at your throat, I lean in close to you. You can see the anger in my eyes. And it is something you have never seen before.

“As long as you live in this house you will follow my rules.” I growl at you. “I don’t care if you’re 80, if you still like under my roof, you still follow my rules. I AM paying for you to get your Master’s.”

You look back at me with wide eyes and attempt to answer me.

“Please Daddy, let me go.” It is a struggle to talk because of my hand at your throat. “Daddeeee, what are you doing!” you complain.

“Are you going to change clothes, young lady?” I ask.


“Then I’m going to spank this cute little butt.”

“Daddeeee. You can’t!” you yell. “I’m too old to be spanked like a little girl.”

“Act like a little girl and get treated like a little girl.”

You begin to struggle again and I pull you toward the living room. You kick and struggle, but I never let you get into a position to have the advantage. When we reach the living room, I let my hand slide down to the front of your dress. My fingers catch the material and you pull away at the same time. As you turn, my other hand slips from your hair. The dress rips down the front. And in seconds you are standing there in your sexy little bra, a thong, stockings, and the “fuck me” heels. You stand stock-still. Then anger floods your face. The ruined dress is lying in tattered shreds on the floor.

“Look what you did!” you scream. “Do you KNOW what that dress cost me!”

“YES, I do, you spoiled little bitch. I just paid the credit card bill.” I yell back at you. “I think it’s time you start acting like an adult, young lady.”

With those words, I pounce on you and literally throw you on the couch on your tummy. I place my knee in your back and hold you face down. Grabbing your wrist I tie them together. You are struggling as best you can, but in reality you are no match for me. Grabbing a handful of your hair I drag you to your feet.

“It’s high time you learned a lesson, you little bitch.” I say. And I start to drag you to the door that leads to the basement. You are aware of the room in the basement that is always locked and you have the foreboding feeling that you are about to find out what’s in there. I let my hand off your arm for one brief moment and slap you Hard on the ass.

“Oowwww!’ you yelp.

“Be careful going down the stairs…or do I have to carry you?”

You look me in the eyes and decide that it might be better just to go down the stairs rather than fall and break your neck. You lead the way down, ever aware of my hand in your hair.

I drag you to the door and hold you by the hair as I struggle with the key. When I get the door open I push you inside.

You are suddenly in a room unlike anything you have ever seen.

There is a leather-covered table-type device that has chains on the four corners. There is a leather-covered device that reminds you of the gymnastics horse you used in high school. And on the walls are various pieces of equipment some of which you have no idea about. The gags, the blindfolds, the wrist and ankle restraints are pretty obvious, as are the paddles, whips and collars. You are stunned. You have no idea that this room existed. Well at least not what is in it. An evil grin forms in your mind’s eye as you take all of this in. Your foster father it turns out it quite the kink master.

I once again propel you across the room and lift you bodily onto the table. The leather is cool against your skin. I push you down and grab your hands and cuff them to the table. Then move to your feet and cuff them as well.

You are now lying on your back spread eagled on the leather table. You feel movement of the table as I press a button in my hand. The table rights itself and you are now standing. I walk up to you and look you in the eyes.

“I think it’s time for you to learn how to behave properly. If you want to be a slut, then you can BE a slut, but for ME not for the world.”

You are not sure you heard that last part right, but you stare back at me intently as I talk.

I continue to tell you all that I will expect of you as I walk around behind the table. I tell you how I believe you should act in public. As the lecture continues you hear noises that are unfamiliar to you. Then the back of the table falls way. You are now strapped to a rectangular frame. Your body is accessible from both front and back.

You begin to tremble ever so slightly as you realize that you are in the most vulnerable positions. Then I am in front of you once more.

“You are going to get a spanking, Ari. After that we’ll see. But I am starting with a spanking since you seem to have forgotten how to properly behave.”

I raise my hands and your eyes fly wide open as you see the glint of the knife in my hand. In a flash, your bra is laying on the floor at your feet. Your little breasts are now exposed to my eyes. You blush a bright red as you look at my eyes and see that they are staring at your breasts and nipples. My hand comes up and flips one nipple ring then the other. You cannot conceal a moan.

“Would never have guessed.” I say softly.

Then the hand holding the knife moves to your hips. You feel the coldness of the blade as it slips between your panties and your hot skin. In seconds your panties are laying on top of the bra. And I stare at your shaved pussy. The blush on your face intensifies. I slowly walk around you staring at your lithe young body intently.

Leaving you to your plight, I walk to one wall and select a paddle. Then return to stand in front of you again.

“I’m going to start with 15 smacks to that adorable ass of yours, Ari. Then we’ll see from there.”

It is fairly obvious that you are turned on. Your pussy lips are glistening with your juices and your nipples are erect.

“You can scream, yell, whatever as much as you want…. the room is soundproof.”

I rub the paddle over your butt cheeks and the back of your thighs. You are trembling and begin to pull against the cuffs. But it is to no avail. I pull the paddle back and slap your ass.


“Oowww! Please, Daddy.”






“Pplleeaaassseee, Stop!”



Your ass is turning a nice shade of red as I spank you soundly. You are wiggling as much as you can and trying to get away. I reach down and run my hands lightly up between your legs. You quiver as you feel my hand. I slip a finger against your pussy lips and feel that you are very wet.

“You hot little bitch.” I say. “You’re loving every bit of this. You are SO wet.”

That blush returns three fold as you feel my finger and your own wet slick pussy lips. You attempt to move your hips away from me. I slip my finger inside you and you cannot stifle a moan.

Removing my finger, I draw the paddle back one more time.


“Oh…Daddy. You’re making me so hot.”


“Oucheee, Oucheee….Oucheeee.” a little tear falls down one cheek

The next sharp slap of the paddle falls on the back of your right thigh.


“Eeeiiiiiiiii.” You scream.


“PleasePleasePleasePlease. I’ll do anything you want. Only Please stop.”

The last one hits you squarely on both ass cheeks.


Your whole body is covered with a light sheen of perspiration, making in glow in the soft light.

I walk around in front of you and lean in close to your face.

“Has my little slut learned her lesson yet?” I ask.

Sobbing softly, you raise your eyes to mine.

“Yes. Daddy. I have. I’ll be a good girl for my Daddy.” You say softly

My hand once again comes down to your smooth pussy lips. I drop to my knees before you and with one hand in the small of your back pull you towards me. My tongue comes out and licks at your pussy lips lightly. You shove your hips forward and moan loudly as you feel the hot wt contact of my tongue. I hold you there and begin to lick you. With the other hand I reach over and unhook the ankle cuff. Then repeat the procedure with the other cuff. I lift your sexy legs up and over my shoulders. Your hot wet little cunt is now very close to me. I lock my mouth onto you and begin to suck. One hand again in the small of your back and the other sliding up one thigh. As my lips center on your clit one finger slides into your wetness. I suck hard and nibble your clit as my finger fucks your tight pussy.

You begin to gyrate your hips as you push into me. Your moans are increasing and you are lolling your head on your shoulders, enjoying the immense thrill of pending release.

I give your clit a hard bite and that sends you over the edge. You scream out your orgasm and flood my mouth and hand with your juices. Your hips are gyrating hard as you moan and groan and finally collapse against your bonds.

I stand and walk to a counter and come back in front of you. I hold a pair of nipple clamps up for you to see and watch as your eyes crow wide. I take out your nipple rings and start playing with your nipples, pinching and pulling on them making them hard and erect. When I feel they are hard enough, I snap one clip onto your left nipple. You groan with the pleasure/pain. Then I snap the other one to your right nipple. You groan once again. There I a chain between the two that now dangles down and brushes your tummy. I reach down and un cuff your ankles and then your wrists. You slump as your knees give way and I catch you. I slide my hands under your arms and hold you in front of me. You raise your eyes to mine and move in to be kissed. I lean down and kiss your lips passionately. You moan in to my mouth and wrap your arms around my neck. Your nipples press into my body and you feel the delicious thrill course through you. I break the kiss and lead you toward the bed by the chain on the clips. You follow me; the feelings coursing through your young body almost make walking impossible. When we get to the side of the bed, I tell you to raise your hands and hold your hair back. I snap a collar around your neck and then add a leash. I then tell you to get on the bed on your hands and knees. You crawl onto the bed. I open my pants and drop them in front of your waiting face. You look at my hard cock and then up to my eyes.

“Show Daddy that you learned your lesson little one.” I say.

You lean forward and begin to lick and kiss my cock. I place my hand on the back of your head and you open your mouth to take me in. I know it won’t be long since I have been to totally turned on since all this started. You suck and lick as my hand guides your rhythm and depth. In a few seconds you feel my cock head expand in your mouth. You suck even harder. And I explode in your waiting mouth. As you drink down my cum you are moaning and whimpering. You lick me clean like a kitten when I am done. You look up at me one more time, amazement in your eyes that I haven’t gone limp.

“Ari, my sub slut,” I say to you. “I’m not near done with you, yet.”

You feel shudder at the thought of the many things to cum.

End of chapter one.

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