tagIncest/TabooDaddy Takes His Baby Girl

Daddy Takes His Baby Girl


It had been a rough week at work and awaking from my sleep on Saturday morning refreshed, I decided to lay in as long as I could. I finally roll out of bed around nine o'clock pulling on a shirt on and trudging out into the kitchen in just that and my boxer shorts.

Everything is quiet in the house as I put the bread in the toaster. Too quiet I thought as I started to wonder what had happened to my family. After moving to the kitchen bench I find a note explaining that my wife had taken Brandon (my Son) to his basketball game and Bella (my Daughter) was still asleep in the house when she had left.

Relived at knowing what had happened I butter my toast and pour my juice before sitting down to a relaxing breakfast. I enjoy reading the newspaper on a Saturday morning while eating my breakfast and today was no exception. Just as I was finishing my last bite I am startled to see Bella walk past me.

"You scared me my girl," I say.

With a grin on her face she says, "Why's that Daddy?"

"Because I thought you were in your bedroom sleeping still. I did not expect you to come in from the lounge room," I reply.

"I woke up a little while ago and decided to watch some TV," she explained.

Standing in front of me with her hands on her hips and in only a shirt and underwear I change the subject by asking, "Any plans today baby?"

"Umm," she said thinking out loud, "not really Daddy."

I glance again at her noticing for the first time her breasts against the shirt. Not only had it been a busy week, but a busy year I thought to myself. I haven't even noticed my own Daughter growing up. Remembering she is now eighteen, I concede she is not so little any more.

I slide my chair out from under the table about to get up when she skip towards me and jump onto my lap. "What are you doing today Daddy?" she asks in an upbeat tone.

"I hadn't decided yet baby," I say with my hand on her leg. Caressing her bare skin I can feel her start to develop goose bumps. "Why do you ask?"

"Umm, no reason," she says in a naughty tone. My hand accidently slides too high and I catch the side of her cotton panties, before quickly moving my hand away.

"What's on your mind," I say starting to put on my stern tone.

As she replies my mind wanders as I look over her shoulder and at her breasts pushing against the shirt.

When was the last time I looked at you, I thought. My God, you're not so little any more.

"Daddy..." she says. "Would you?"she asks innocently.

"Oh sorry baby, I missed that. Would I what?" I reply.

"Drive me to the shops. There is a dress I want to look at," she repeats.

"How much is that going to cost me," I say.

Giggling she says, "I didn't say I wanted you to buy it Daddy. I just want to look at it."

"I didn't think you girls got into fashion this early," I say, continuing to stroke her leg.

"Mummy said she might drive me later, but I really want to see it this morning," she explains.

She then stretches her arms upwards and yawns as her shirt lifts a little and when they return down I can see her nipples somewhat erect against her shirt. Almost in reflex, my cock stirs and lifts a little upward in my boxer shorts.

Again she giggles, but this time for a different reason. "That feels funny against me Daddy," she says. Again I try to think of something to change the subject. But all my mind can focus on is her breasts pushing against the shirt she is wearing, so I say nothing.

My hand then wanders up her leg again brushing against her panties once more. Neither of us speaks a word as my other hand caresses her hair as she sighs under her breath.

For the next minute we sit as she slides on my lap every so often as my cock stirs again. I begin to wonder if she is doing it on purpose.

Finally she hops off my lap, "So will you Daddy?" she says innocently.

My mind wanders once more.


"Yes baby. I will drive you," I reply.

Smiling she replies only with, "Thank you Daddy," as she skips away from me happy.

Watching her body as she skips away puts dangerous thoughts in my mind. "I'm just going to get dressed Daddy," she says, almost out of the room.

Deciding a shower would be the best option at this stage, a cold one perhaps, I start to walk to my bedroom. As I pass by Bella's room, I glance in as she catches me in her eyesight. Before I could say anything, she grabs her shirt and lifts it above her head in one motion.

Her breasts are so amazing as my eyes are fixed on them as she smiles and turns after a few seconds.

"Oh, sorry Daddy. I didn't know you were there," she says innocently.

I turn and walk towards my bedroom, knowing my cock was stretching out from what I had just seen. Getting in the shower, I start to realise she was teasing me and wanted me to watch her.

I try to put the thoughts out of my mind but I keep coming back to the image of my baby girl's breasts with her hands raised upwards burned into my mind.

My cock grows hard again in the shower with those images. I contemplate masturbating just to put the thoughts out of my mind, but decide against that, thinking that they are thoughts I should push away because they are wrong.

After drying off and getting dressed I walk out into the living area again but can't see Bella anywhere. I walk to her bedroom and she is wearing a different shirt and the same panties I saw her skip off in about half an hour earlier. "I thought you wanted to go to the shops?" I ask.

"I do Daddy," she says in a fluster, "But I just can't decide what to wear", as I look down at the bed to see a light summer dress sitting next to a top and jeans.

"I did do my hair though," she says with a grin on her face.

"It looks lovely baby," I say.

Bella turns around and grab the jeans and top and place them over the chair next to her small desk. My gaze focuses on her ass as the panties hug them close as I stare at her from behind.

Taking hold of the dress she spins back and puts it in front of her body, "What do you think Daddy, this one?"

"Looks good baby," I say as she puts the dress down and then turns away from me and takes her shirt off. She grabs the dress and steps into it and slides the straps over her shoulders.

"Do me up Daddy," she requests in a chirpy voice as she lifts her hair in her hands. I walk to her and zip her up to the top before letting go.

Spinning around, she adjusts her body slightly and then puts her hands on the outside of her dress pushing her breasts upwards.

"Does my cleavage look good in this Daddy," she says teasing me. This flirting makes me think I am not the only one who might want more. I don't answer as she sits down on the edge of her bed and sighs.

Sitting beside her, I caress her soft skin on her leg as we make small talk. My other hand then slides on her bare leg once more, but this time it doesn't flinch when hitting the side of her underwear.

"So what does this dress look like baby?" I say with my mind interested in something completely different than the answer.

"You just saw it Daddy, I'm wearing it now" she says a little confused.

I chuckle, "No baby, the one at the shop."

"Oh," she says giggling. "Well I could describe it to you, but as you know, you never get what I mean until you see it."

"Well that is true," I say as my hands slide off as she spins sideways.

"Unzip me now Daddy," she asks offering me her back. I reach up and draw the zipper down as I stare at her back.

"That tickles Daddy," Bella says as I start to caress her back.

"You are very beautiful baby," I say as my hand slides upwards a little more.

"Thank you Daddy," she says as my hands brush her dress straps pushing them off her shoulders. Bella does not say a word as I can feel her holding her breath.

My hand then slides down her back and around the side slightly, brushing the underside of her breast as I caress her skin. Her body jumps a little not expecting that, as I say "It's alright baby."

She slowly turns back towards me with my hands still attached to her body. The dress falls down under her breasts and she looks straight into my eyes.

"Daddy, I've been thinking about you all day," she confesses.

"That makes two of us my girl," I say as my hands caress her breasts as the nipples harden immediately.

"Do you love me baby?" I ask, my mind now on the edge of the place it was before and I know I should stop now.

"Yes Daddy, very much," she says sincerely.

In one motion I push her upper body back against the unmade bed as I kiss her softly on the lips.

"I have wanted that moment for so long Daddy. You have no idea," she says.

One of my hands slides up under her dress and starts rubbing against the outside of her panties. I could not go back as I fall over the edge of reason.

"Daddy, please don't stop there," she says with a gasp as my hand presses against her pussy from outside her underwear.

"Daddy," she says as I press against her and feel a small bit of dampness soak through her underwear. "Will you make love to me?"

I kiss her again, before placing two fingers under her panties and peel them off her body and down her legs then off the bed.

My cock begins to stand to attention as I release the monster, sliding my pants off.

I then lean forward and kiss her on her forehead, then her cheeks.

"I love you baby," I say caressing the cheek I just kissed, with the back of my hand.

I grab her dress and pull it down off her body. Her firm breasts sit perfectly on her chest as I move closer and put one in my mouth. She leans her head back as I suck her nipple and cup the other breast with my hand.

I then kiss back up to her neck and then onto her lips gently as she kisses me back. I then move back off her body and crouch on the edge of the bed. My mouth then moves into her pussy as I gently press against it with my lips and tongue. Bella lets out a little gasp as I do and I know she is enjoying the feeling.

After a few minutes eating her soft pussy, Bella becomes wetter and I know I can't last any longer, needing to have her. I stand up, grab her legs in both arms and guide my rock hard cock against her pussy lips.

Bella lifts her head and looks at me as I press my cock head into her. I can see her mouth contort as I guide my cock into her tight pussy. I push hard and break through her virgin pussy as I watch her face.

"Are you alright baby?" I ask.

"Yes Daddy," she replies.

Leaning forward, I then grab under her body and lift it further up the bed, my cock still inside her as I am now on the bed myself.

Lying on top of her, I start to slide inside her wetness as I lean down and kiss her delicately on the lips. I can feel her breathing become heavy as I start to move deeper inside her.

"I love you so much baby," I say with my face right in front of hers as I move faster inside her. With her breathing becoming heavy, she starts to moan, not answering me. My hands move down over her body, one grasping her breast as the other moves down her side and under her arched back, with my body still close to her.

My body starting to thrust faster inside her, as I feel her hips start to move in time with me. The cock that was made hard by my little girl was now inside her feeling the inside of her pussy as it grips my cock tightly.

My mind again questions what I am doing, but only for a fleeting second. Crossing the line further I start to realise that I have never felt a pussy wrapped more around my cock as the one I was pushing into now. I thought to myself how much tighter this was than my wife's pussy.

I am snapped back out of my thoughts by a loud gasp and moan as I look up at her face as she is biting her lip. I lose control and start to thrust faster as I know I won't last too much longer with the sensation of my cock in such a tight pussy.

Sensing too that she was close, I lean forward and whisper in her ear, "I love you baby. Let go and let's enjoy this moment together."

"Yes Daddy," she pants, "I love you so much Daddy." Looking at her face I watch her close her eyes and slightly lean her head back as I thrust inside my daughter deeper, feeling ever part of her. Biting her lip again I arch my back a little as I penetrate her pussy as deep as I can filling her up completely.

I then move by lowering my body close to hers as I slide my hands under her upper back and hands over onto her shoulders from underneath. My face is an inch away from hers as I can feel her uneven breathing as I slide my cock deep inside my girl.

Hearing Bella start to moan, I realise she is on the edge and about to orgasm. Leaning forward I whisper, "Let go baby." Closing her eyes I see her bite her lip again as she arches her back as her hips meet mine as my body moves faster now.

"Daddy... Daddy... Dad... dy..." she cries out as I can see the orgasmic wave roll over her. Hearing and seeing her teeter over the edge having her first orgasm pushes me to the edge and I lose control, thrusting powerfully inside her as my cum starts to build.

With her body shaking, I let go myself and shoot my hot cum inside her as we both reach ecstasy at the same time. I continue to thrust inside her as my cum spurts more with each thrust. I hear Bella moan as she feels me filling her up and I keep going until I am spent.

Laying there for a few seconds, neither of us moves as she opens her eyes and looks at me and smiles. I lean forward and kiss her on the forehead before finally getting out of her. "I love you baby," I say as I do.

"I love you too Daddy, thank you," she says smiling as we lie in the bed and talk as I caress her beautiful hair.

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