tagIncest/TabooDaddy Takes Over Ch. 07

Daddy Takes Over Ch. 07


It had only been a few days since my last encounter with my hot eighteen year old daughter Suzy, and I was struggling to keep the picture of her in that tiny pink bikini out of my head. The summer heat wasn't helping, and even with the air conditioning blasting, my office was often stifling.

When I got home from work one afternoon, I found a note from my hag of a wife letting me know that she wouldn't be home until very late, if at all. "Bingo!" I thought and raced upstairs to put on my swim trunks and grab the digital camera.

When I got to the backyard Suzy was already paddling around in the pool, her hair slicked back and wet, and her skin glistening in the sun. "Hi Daddy!" she called out when she saw me, and in response I put the camera down on a chair and leapt into the deep end. I could hear Suzy shrieking a little as I splashed her, and I came up out of the water laughing.

I pulled my supple little girl tight into my body and kissed her hard on the mouth. "Hi babygirl, how was your day."

"Mmm good Daddy, but I was bored waiting for you to get home."

"Oh really?" I teased, taking in her firm body, stiff nipples poking through her thin pink bikini top before reaching under the water to grasp her round, barely covered ass and lifting her up to straddle me. I ground my stiffening cock against her and kissed her again as she wrapped her legs around me.

"Yes Daddy, I was so bored." She replied.

"Well, let's fix that then. I want to take some pictures of you baby, because you are so damn sexy in this little bikini."

"Aww but Daddy, I want you right now." Suzy pouted, grinding her pussy into me, trying to get me harder.

"Mmm if you are a very good girl for Daddy, you will get it soon enough." I said, letting her go and getting out of the pool. I towelled myself off a bit and grabbed the camera, getting Suzy to come to the edge of the pool and pose for me. I had her put her tits up on the edge, straining against the string of her bikini and glistening from the water. "Oooh that's nice sweetie, now pull your top down for Daddy." Suzy grinned and did as she was told, pulling the pink triangles down underneath her sweet tits, letting me see her hard pink nipples.

I snapped happily away for a while, before getting Suzy to come out of the pool and pose on a lounge chair. I had her stay wet and leave her tits exposed for me as I took more pictures. "Mmm yes, baby, you are so damn sexy for Daddy." I moaned as Suzy spread her legs for me, her puffy pussy lips visible through her tight, tiny bikini. "Pull those aside for me pumpkin, let Daddy see your sweet pussy." Suzy reached down to pull the fabric aside, her snatch looked slick and wet not just from the pool.

I took a few more photos before setting the camera aside and getting back in the pool. "Come sit on the edge here sweetie." I smiled at my baby girl and she came over to me, dangling her legs into the water. I grabbed her knees and pushed them apart, reached forward and grabbed her ass, pulling her right to the edge, her pussy level with my face.

Suzy leaned back, getting some sun on her exposed tits, and let out a low moan as my tongue made contact with her clit. She tasted like chlorine at first, but her sweet juices quickly took over as I sucked and lapped at her slit. I worked my tongue into her hole, and reached up to fondle her warm tits, pinching her nipples.

"Ohh Daddy." She moaned, arching her back as I sucked on her clit, flicking my tongue against it. I worked my tongue against her faster, sucking her hard little clit and lapping up and down her slit. She was breathing hard and then suddenly tensed up, moaning as her juices leaked out of her convulsing pussy. "Mmm Daddy that felt good" Suzy sighed.

"That's good sweetie" I replied, "Now, why don't you swim some more or lay in the sun, Daddy has something to do.

"Aww Daddy!" Suzy protested, but I gave her a glare and she just pouted at me instead as I got out of the pool.

I dried off, grabbed the camera and headed to the computer where I printed off a few choice snapshots for myself and put them in my briefcase. I then dug out our neighbourhood watch email list, and using a throwaway account, sent emails with the subject line "Backyard Slut" to the men on the list I thought would be interested. The subject line was spammy enough that any wives were sure to junk the email, but maybe their husbands would be curious enough to open it to find a picture of my little girl all wet and spread in the backyard along with the times that she was usually home (and my wife wasn't).

I sent off the email and went down to the living room, pulling a chair up to the double doors leading out to the back to have a good view of the whole yard, my bikini-clad girl included. She was lying on the lounge chair again, getting some sun.

It was only a few minutes before a head popped over the fence on one side of the yard, and one of our neighbours was trying to get Suzy's attention. She got a curious look on her face and went over to the fence. I couldn't hear them but I could imagine the conversation went something like this:

Neighbour: I got your picture. Suzy: My picture? Neighbour: Yeah, you know, you in that bikini on that chair over there. I got it in an email. Suzy: Oh, well, umm ... just a minute.

At this point Suzy scampered over to the door and slipped inside.

"Daddy, did you send out my picture?" She asked, looking a little panicked.

"Yes, baby, I thought you would like to have a little fun while Daddy is at work all day. There are lots of men close to home who don't work every day in the summer. Just remember, either Daddy has to be here to watch, or you have to record it, okay baby?"

Suzy blushed a little as she thought about how she could keep herself occupied all day long. "Are you sure, Daddy?"

"Of course, babygirl, I know that only Daddy's cock can really satisfy you, so you go have some fun while I watch." Suzy smiled and bent down to give me a long kiss on the mouth before running back outside.

I grabbed my nearby "bird-watching" binoculars and settled in to watch the show. Suzy and the neighbour had a quick little chat over the fence before they both moved to a new spot a little ways up the yard. I realised why when Suzy got down on her knees in the grass and I saw the neighbour stick his fat cock through a sizeable hole in the fence.

Suzy got to work sucking and stroking his cock through the hole, his chubby fingers gripping the top of the fence. Suzy put her hands up flat on the fence, taking his cock deep in her throat, her head bobbing back and forth.

I was so consumed watching Suzy suck our neighbour's cock that I almost didn't notice a second neighbour come in through the side gate. Suzy noticed him though and stood up to greet him. He immediately pulled her bikini top down, fondling her sweet tits, pinching her nipples and burying her face in her chest. I could see her cheeks flush with pleasure.

The first neighbour must have made some protest because Suzy pulled down her bathing suit bottoms and backed her ass up against the hole in the fence. I could see Suzy moan as the neighbours cock entered her pussy from behind the fence and the second neighbour continued to grope her tits. The wood strained and jiggled as the neighbour started humping my little girl through the fence.

The second neighbour undid his fly and started stroking his cock in front of Suzy and she took the hint. She licked all up and down his length, gently suckling his balls as he beat himself off slowly. She popped the head in her mouth and started to suck as she rocked back and forth, one cock pistoning in and out of her tight pussy, the other in her mouth. My little girl's eyes were closed in bliss as the first neighbour pulled out of her hot snatch, spraying his cum over her bare ass, and undoubtedly all down the fence on his side.

I saw the first neighbours hands disappear from the fence and Suzy dropped to her knees in front of the second neighbour, paying her full attention to his hard dick. He put his hands behind his head, clearly enjoying her mouth. Suzy paused in her work as they had an exchange of words before she lay down on the grass on her back and he straddled her stomach.

The neighbour thrust his cock up underneath the string of her bikini, between her sweet tits, as he reached down to push and rub them against his dick. He thumbed her nipples, as he thrust back and forth, using her tits as he pleased and it didn't take long for him to throw his head back and shoot a thick stream of cum over her ample breasts.

After Suzy had seen him off, she did a quick lap of the pool, no doubt rinsing the semen off herself before coming in to the house.

She straddled my lap and gave me a big kiss on the mouth. "Did you like that baby?" I asked, and she nodded in response, blushing and biting her lip a little bit. Her top was still pulled down so I bent forward to suck and lick her erect nipples as she squirmed against my raging hardon.

She took matters into her own hands, ripping apart the Velcro fly of my bathing suit and pulling out my stiff and aching cock. She stroked me with both hands as I reached around to fondle her ass, pulling her bathing suit bottoms to the side before lifting her up and letting her settle herself down on my cock.

"Ohh Daddy!" She moaned as I entered her dripping wet pussy.

"Mmm that's it pumpkin. Daddy is so hard for you right now; he loved watching you be a little slut with our neighbours. Do you think you will have enough cocks to keep you occupied now?"

"Ohh yes Daddy." She replied, bouncing up and down on my stiff cock, making her tits jiggle in my face.

"Whose slut are you baby?" I groaned, thrusting up into her hot, tight snatch, meeting her downward thrusts.

"Yours Daddy! I'm Daddy's slut!" She practically screamed as I felt her pussy clamp down around me, practically milking the cum out of me as she orgasmed. I moaned and dug my fingers into her ass cheeks, spurting streams of cum up into her hole.

We were both breathing hard and I kissed her on the mouth, my cock starting to shrink inside her. "And don't you forget it baby girl" I whispered in her ear and she grinned down at me, clearly satisfied.

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When does he tie her up so anyone who wants to can rape her sweet young cunt?

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Wish there is more chapters to read !

Read the first to the last #7 and wish there was more to read. Please keep going with this series. I loved them !

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