tagIncest/TabooDaddy Teaches His Girl A Lesson

Daddy Teaches His Girl A Lesson


I stare at you with your eyes closed leaning against the hood of my car and realize that it's time you were taught a lesson. While no guy will pass up a girl who will be fucked in a side alley during the day, it's time you turn into a lady, not a fucking whore. Daddy has grown tired of this little slut that likes to put on a show and be fucked in public. Without you seeing, I wave over the guys from across the street. They silently come over and I tell them to grab your arms and pin you on the hood of the car.

The terror comes over your face quickly as the three men pick you up and slam you on the hood. There is one holding each arm and one holding your legs. You are spread on the hood of my car unable to move. I take the place of the guy on your left arm and tell him to take off his pants and kneel next to your head. I see the panic, but I don't give a fucking rat's ass. I want to put an end to this behavior. I tell you to open your mouth and suck him off, but you refuse. What the fuck are you thinking to tell Daddy no? I take one hand off your arm and open slap your breast. The shirt is thin and without a bra there is nothing to dull the slap against your meaty tit. You cry out and I tell you one again to open your mouth and suck him off. Reluctantly you do so. It is difficult for you to move your head, but you had better find a way to get him off or it is only going to get worse for you. As you suck him off I tell you that we will let go of your limbs for now, but if you do anything I do not tell you, you will be pinned to the car naked and be slapped all over your body.

You can only nod your head and continue to keep sucking the cock that is in your mouth. I tell the other two men to let go of you and they do. I reach over and rip the skimpy shirt off your body, but move between your lets keeping your pussy relatively hidden. I instruct the two other men to take out their cocks and rub themselves and rub you from the waist up with them. They comply and suddenly you have once cock in your mouth, one in your left hand and the third man climbs on top of the car to titty fuck you. While I can see your face, I know the reaction you are having to this as your pussy begins to leak its sweet nectar.

The men switch places, but it doesn't matter to you. Your mouth, your hands and your tits are full of cock. As this massive cock fest is going on, I reach between your legs and begin to rub your clit. This causes you to move your body faster and get the men more involved. I know that time is running out as traffic is beginning to pick up on the road, so I tell the men they need to hurry and their loads all over your chest. In time, I slide my fingers from your clit into your ass. I feel you squeeze your ass shut, but a quick slap to yoru pussy gets you to relax. I wet my fingers with your own juices and then slide my middle finger all the way into your tight ass. Soon the first, second and third man quickly cum covering you with their fluid.

I work my fingers in your ass and then use my other in your pussy to bring you to your second orgasm. As you lay there panting on the hood covered in cum, the men zip their pants and leave. I slide both my hands up your body rubbing the mounds of cum into your skin. I kiss you on the lips and whisper into your ear.

"Daddy is tired of this fucking whore you are for attention. You are going to act like a lady from now on and learn to fucking respect yourself young lady or the next time the lesson is going to be one on one with more pain. Do you fucking understand me?"

You only nod your head and I throw your torn shit on top of you. "Good. I'm going to drop you off so you can get your skanky ass cleaned up. Meet me at the part at 8 tonight, and remember what I said, the whore better not show up unless you want another lesson of humility."

Later that night, I enter the park and see you sitting on the park bench and smile to myself. You listened to daddy, that was good. I walk over and sit next to you. "Hey there sexy" I say as I lightly brush your arm. You jump a little and I put my arm around your shoulders. "I've been thinking a long tame about this baby," I say to you with a seriousness in my voice you aren't used to. "I know that you enjoy being daddy's little sex toy, and i noticed how well you liked being turned into a layer of cum this afternoon. But I'm going to be honest with you, you can't be the cum whore forever. You need to realize that if you want to use your assets that you've been given, you have to step up your game and go after a new audience. It's time to step up to the big leagues and stop giving head in the parking lot and getting nothing out of it. What I'm going to show you tonight is all about control. I want you to see what it is like, how much power you can have over a person if you are in control. The problem is right now, you don't want to be in control, and I get that, sometimes it is good to let someone else dominate you. But when you learn to be the one in control, you will be amazed at the doors that will open for you." I smile and I look into your eyes, "Do you think you are ready for tonight's lesson?"

I know that you are confused, but you agree. "Good," I say, "Trust me you won't be disappointed. But before we start, there is something you need to do." I pull out a little four inch vibrator, and turn it on low. I've just changed the batteries on this little baby, part of your lesson tonight is going to be about you controlling your orgasms. I've noticed how fast you cum, and then it isn't enough. You need to learn to let them build and explode inside of you. Go for the big burst, not the mini bursts. We are going out to dinner and then a few other activities, you however, are going to put this into your pussy, and you are going to have to not only concentrate on what we will be doing, but also on not allowing yourself to cum until I say you can. Once you see the power you can have, I think that you'll see your days of being the slutty little whore are over."

I look around real quick and see that no one is looking our direction. I spread your legs and maneuver the vibrator underneath your panties and into your waiting pussy. I feel the lips begin to twitch as the vibrations hit your lips, then quickly I slide the vibrator into you. I pull you my hand and fix your dress, then slowly lick your juices off my fingers. "We have a few minutes to spare, so get used to the vibrating inside of you and then ignore it. When you are ready, let me know and we will get going. And remember, you can't cum until I say so."

It takes a few moments for you to gain your composure, I can only imagine what the vibrations deep inside your pussy feel like. I can only guess it is torture as the color comes in and out of your face, and despite the bra and the dress I can see your nipples starting to harden through the material. You smile and say you are ready; so we head off to my car and drive to the outskirts of town to a quiet little Italian place. All through the meal and two bottles of wine you squirm in your seat on and off, and the flush keeps coming up to your face; but either you were able to control yourself from cumming, or you were having silent orgasms that I didn't know about.

As we leave the restaurant and head for my car, I grab your ass and pull you towards me. In the dark parking lot, there is barely anyone around, and I pull your lips towards mine and kiss you as softly as possible. You begin to kiss back and I play with your tongue for a bit, feeling your breathing pick up as your breasts press faster into my chest. I open the door for you, and we hop back in the car and head to the hotel room.

Once we are on the road, I tell you to learn back in the seat and take off your seatbelt. As you do so, I tell you that I want you to softly touch yourself as if there was no one around and you wanted to torture yourself. This isn't going to be a quick fuck, this is going to be a long drawn out romantic encounter that you will have. Out of the corner of my eye, I watch as you lean back and let your fingers trail over your face and down your neck. You gently rub the skin between your neck and breasts, and I can see the goosebumps forming as you begin to turn yourself on. You try to sneak your fingers down beneath your dress, but I stop you, telling you right now this has to be kept to pg13.

I can see the frustration on your face, knowing that this is complete torture for you especially after a few drinks and that vibrator still moving around in your pussy. You let your hands run down the side of your body and across your hips. Involuntarily your hips buck up, but I tell you to stop as we pull into the hotel parking lot. We stroll into the room and I close and lock the door behind us. I move behind you and run my fingers down your arms and cup your fingers in mine. I nuzzle your neck again tell you that I am hoping this will be the best experience of your life. All you need to do now is pull out that vibrator and Daddy can start making his little girls world rock.

I laugh as you dig in your panties and rip it out of you. I can't help but hear the smack as it breaks contact with your pussy. It sounds like a suction cup being pulled off a window. I tell you to take a deep breath and relax now. Daddy is going to be in complete control from this point on. There won't be any orders, there won't be any punishment, but you just have to follow along and have patience.

I walk you over to the bed and stop when your knees hit the bed. I push your head down and rub my fingers through your thick hair. I move it up to expose where you head and neck meet, and begin to kiss you softly. I trail my kisses and my tongue down your spine and move as far as I can till i am stopped by your dress. At that point I move toward your right shoulder and trace the line of fabric and meeting skin. I spin you around and follow the line of your nick and shoulders. I tip your head forward and kiss the nape of your neck and trail down your chest to the beginning of your beautiful breasts. I feel your hands on the back of my head and kiss your left breast and then your right as I them sit you down on the bed and begin kissing your ankle and calves moving up your legs. My tongue finds it way to your knees I hear you moan and then switch legs as I move my way down your other leg. I work my way back up and run my hands up your legs moving the material further and further up your legs. My hands find your panties and I fold the bottom of the dress up and focus my attention onto those shapely thighs.

I can tell you are getting excited as your legs begin to quiver and I can begin to smell your sweetness. God, you have no idea how much this is turning me on right now. I am doing everything in my power to keep my desires in check and focus on keeping in control. I move to the inside of your thighs and softly bite the flesh, I hear you moan quietly. "It's okay baby, you can be vocal. Don't keep it inside." You mutter "Yes daddy," and I go back to work. I place kissed on the thin material that is covering your quivering love mound, and move up to the top elastic. I slide the dress off your body and throw it on the chair in the corner. I lean up just so I can admire the beautiful, sensual woman you have become. I want to take in every curve of your body, saving it my memory for a later date.

I begin to kiss my way up your stomach and my lips find the bottom of your bra. I tease you a little by running my tongue underneath the fabric and touch the underside of your breasts. Once again you moan and I feel you arch your body towards my mouth. I roll on my back and roll you on top of me and become lost in your lips as your full breasts push against my chest and my cock is beginning to push through my pants against your body. Quickly you rip off my shirt so that there is one less piece of material between our desire.

"Lean up baby, I want you to ride me so I can rub those beautiful breasts of yours." You comply and grab my hands towards your chest. I can feel your hard nipples pushing against your bra knowing that they are aching for release. I open my palms and place them against your breasts and feel you push forward to increase the pressure on your nipples. You grab the back of my hands forcing my to cup your breasts and I begin so softly message those c cups. I move my hands away and place your hands on your breasts and I slide my hands down your stomach and begin to rub your hips.

You begin to softly moan as you drag your fingers from the base of your breasts towards your nipples. I watch you make small circles on your bra and slowly pinch yourself to increase your arousal. I slide my hands up your body and fully cup your left breast. "Reach back and take it off baby." You reach around and the bra falls to the floor exposing those gorgeous breasts to my vision. You grab my fingers and move them to your nipples that are already as stiff and I have ever felt them. You are so turned out that areolas are puffy as well. I firmly message your chest and begin to wiggle my hips so that my cock begins to catch your pussy and probe gently. You moan, and I sit up on the bed forcing you to wrap your legs around my body. I pull you hard into my as I bury my face in your tits licking and sucking away at your nipples. You arch your back even more so that I can better please you and begin to wiggle your hips.

I lean back on the bed almost throwing you face first on the pillows. I slide you up so that your sweet pussy is now right above my face. I inhale deeply so I can absorb your sweetness in my nose and mouth, and i kiss the flat of your panties feeling the liquid they have already absorbed. I let my tongue sneak around one of your leg holes, so that it hits your thigh, and move closer towards that sweet pussy. I hear you moaning up above me, but I am focusing all my attention on your gyrating hips above me. I move my one hand up your legs and let a finger apply some pressure on your asshole. I push back, trying to suck my finger into your ass, but are stopped because of the material. I pull off your panties, finally letting your dripping pussy meet the air and my waiting mouth. I run my tongue all over your lips lapping up every once of juice that has been leaked out during the past few hours.

My tongue firmly finds your clit and I hear a sharp intake of breath on your part. I move my head just enough to say , "It's time baby, this is where the parade of monster orgasms is about to start. Give Daddy all you have." With that I open my mouth and suck your entire clit into my mouth and begin to suck hard. You begin to move your hips as your need for release from the past few hours is building. Quickly I hear you screaming into your pillow and I am rewarded by a sweet stream all over my face. I crawl out from underneath you and flip you over on the bead. "Oh my god, Daddy, I can't believe that." is all you can say, and I smile telling you that the best is yet to come.

I slide up so that my thighs are touching your ass cheeks and I hold your legs up. You bend your legs hoping that I will plow my cock deep into your waiting pussy and stretch you open like I have done so many times in the past. Instead, I take the head of my penis and just penetrate you pussy enough so they juices flow onto me. I then slowly pull back and hear you moan and my head travels down your lips sinking ever so deeply into you. But I position myself so that my cock stays parallel to your lips and begin moving back and forth. Each time I pull back my cock grazed the surface or your dripping pussy, and as I puss forward it rubs across your lips and across your throbbing clit. I let the feeling build over the next few minutes and then begin moving my hips with ridiculous speed. I am going so fast that you can feel the liquid pouring out of your lips, onto my cock and being thrown up to your stomach and dripping down to your ass. I continue the speed as your next orgasm begins to build. You keep begging me to fuck your harder, but the only thing I do is raise your legs up higher as you begin to scream my name. Louder and louder you yell until you are yelling at the top of your lungs and I then pull back and bury my cock deep inside of you triggering another orgasm.

I can feel the muscles of your pussy grabbing at my dick as you come once again. Your spasms are so intense that I almost lose control and shoot my own load. But I stop myself from doing so. Eventually the orgasm passes and you are laying on the bed panting, just trying to catch your breath. "oh my fucking god, what have you done to me old man?"

I only smile at you, pick up your legs and then begin to pump deeply into your dripping wet pussy. My hips slam into yours and you open yours wide as the sensation is stronger than anything you have experienced in the past. You throw your head back and bite your lips which stifles your screams somewhat. But I can hear my thigh slapping into your ass. You pussy squeezes my cock on more time and you throw both hands on the pillow on top of your head and slam it down over your face. I know that you are on the verge of insanity and can't take much more, so I decide to finish strong. I pull my cock out of your pussy and slowly, firmly push it into your ass. You yell "Oh god Daddy, No! What are you doing?" but I ignore you cries and begin to slowly pump my cock in and out of your ass. I grab your hand and move it down to your clit and wet pussy. You begin playing with yourself as I start moving in your ass faster and harder. Your hand become a blur and you play with your slit and I feel a cascade of liquid shoot out of your pussy all over my legs. That sends me over the edge, as your squirts run down my legs, I feel my load shoot out of my cock and fill your asshole. I few more minutes, and I stop moving my hips, and worry about catching my breath.

We both feel the life beginning to leave my penis buried deep in your ass. I pull out slowly and you moan one more time, "Oh my god Daddy, I don't' even have the words for that."

"I know baby, sometimes Daddy knows best. Sometimes, it pays to be classy and guide a man to please you in a way that you want. trust me, if you can guide a man to do to you what I have done, you will have him eating out of your hands." I lay next to you, and hold my little girl in my arms.

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