tagIncest/TabooDaddy Worships Ch. 02

Daddy Worships Ch. 02


Waking up the next morning I couldn't believe it had all happened. My own father, dressed as a drop dead gorgeous woman not only got me rock hard but deep throated, gagged and spit all over my cock until making me shoot a huge cum load all over him. Rubbing my eyes I tried to figure out what this all means. Does this make me gay, I wondered to myself. All I knew for sure is it was a mistake and I couldn't do it again.

Rolling over it became apparent how big and hard my cock was. Oh, the problems in life when your cock is too big and hard to hide while walking around your house. I decided to get a quick stroke in before heading downstairs for breakfast. Reaching for my phonel, I had put some of my sisters pictures on there, I scrolled over a few times to find her and her friends in bikinis again.

Gripping my balls at first I groaned as precum began to roll down my cock. Stroking up my shaft I kept imagining Cindy and her tight little body riding up and down on my cock, begging me to go deeper. Stroking faster now, hoping to make this a quick cum when I realized there was some dried cum on my tummy. Suddenly my mind was brought back to last night and my slutty fathers lips wrapped around my cock. He seemed so happy with my cock inside his mouth. My cock throbbed more as I tried but failed to move my attention back to my sister. Looking at her photos but all I saw was my fathers long, blond hair in a ponytail bouncing up and down his back.

Suddenly I pictured how sexy his ass looked in those panties last night. His tight ass bounced up and down in rhythm with his blowjob. Wondering how tight his asshole might be I finally said "God Dammit" out loud and let go of my cock. Upset with myself that all I could think of sexually was my dad, I sat up as my cock tented through the blankets.

Without warning Cindy came bursting through the door as I scrambled to tuck my cock up my tummy. "What the hell Cindy", I yelled as she just smirked at me.

"It's a jerk off check. Don't you remember stupid" She sat just about on my legs on the bed and looked me up and down with a sheepish grin. The jerk off check all started when Mom and Dad had caught me jerking off in the bathroom one morning in High School. Cindy loved to make fun of me for it and would always barge into my room unannounced to make sure I was being good.

"Oh please Cindy, don't you think we are too old for that now?" I tried to be mad but how could I? She was sitting on my bed wearing tight red booty shorts, which matched her tan legs perfectly. Her plump, C cup breasts with no bra were barely held into her tight, light blue tank top. It was impossible not to look her up and down with how hard and turned on I currently was.

In her innocent way she quickly grabbed the blanket and began to tug at it jokingly. "Why, John? Are you actually stroking that cock this morning?" I grabbed the blanket to stop her and we played tug a war for a few moments. "Are you missing those dirty college sluts this morning?"

Shocked by my sisters' language I sat stunned for a second. When I had left for college she was an innocent little girl, a virgin. But clearly something had changed. "Cindy, stop it. I don't fuck all college sluts and no that's not why I am hard. But I am naked under here so get out of here."

She didn't stop and seemed to get a determined twinkle in her eye upon hearing I was naked under the covers. Getting to her hands and knees on the bed, she started to yank harder on the bed cover. It was playful but I couldn't tell if she really wanted to see my cock or if she was just playing around.

To show my dominance I quickly kicked my leg and swiped her arms from under her. This caused her to lose balance and fall face first into my crotch, which was still rock hard under the blankets. She gasped and sat up slowly, staring wide eyed at me. "What the hell is that John? Its too big to be your cock." She lifted herself up and then grabbed my cock through the blankets.

I groaned loudly as my sister's fingers grasped my thick shaft. She held it for just a few seconds before she realized it really was my cock she was feeling through the blankets. She jumped up and screamed. "Ewwww, gross John!" Running out of my room.

What the hell I thought to myself. Cindy was being so odd lately and so was my Dad. Here I thought seeing my family this morning would be weird because of my father sucking my cock last night. Now I had to deal with Cindy "accidentally" grabbing my cock.

Putting on the baggiest pants and tucking my still hard cock into the waistband, I headed downstairs. Knowing if I take even 5minutes to release my built up load, it will just be 5 extra minutes Cindy has to convince Mom and Dad that I forced her to touch my cock or even worse. Heading downstairs, all I could hear was Cindy whining, saying eww, eww, eww, gross, gross, gross.

As I walked into the kitchen, everyone looked up at me with varying faces. Cindy had a devilish look to her that was sad enough to convince Mom. Mom looked pissed and looked down at my cock which probably was still bulging out of my pants. Dad faked looking angry and just stared at my cock. Locking eyes with my Dad I knew he was ready for more. It would be difficult to tell him no next time.

"Mom, Dad, don't listen to her. She was the one barging into my room. Its her own fault if she sees, or touches something she didn't want to." By now I had to adjust my cock as it was falling to the side and poking out more. Holding my cock for a second I stepped over to the counter and grabbed some eggs and bacon.

"Honey, your sister is just jealous of you being home again. Don't mind her." Mom whispers in my ears as she rubs my shoulders. "Did you get to cum this morning? Your father told me about what you told him last night. About you and your over active balls."

I spin around quickly in shock. My mom still pressed close, making my bulge rub across her leg before she backs away. "Shhhhh" she presses her finger to my lips. "Its ok baby, I wont tell Cindy or she will just tease you. I get it, college girls must be so easy to get. Look, if you need to, my office locks so you can go in there and jerk off anytime." She leaned in and kissed my lips quickly.

Cindy and Dad were eating in the other room at the table waiting for us. I could feel my cock now almost flowing precum into my sweat pants and wetting my whole cock. Walking into the room I locked eyes with my dad and mouthed, "What the fuck!" He could tell Mom had mentioned something to me and looked flustered. Standing up and motioning me to the kitchen.

Leaning against the counter as he walked in, he came close and leaned in for what seemed like a kiss. Instead, he held me close and whispered. "Sorry son, I had to tell your mother something as she wondered what took so long last night. She heard you moan something about your hard cock and it was the only story I could think of to tell her"

He started to rub my cock through my pants. "Besides, it will give me more of a chance to worship your big fat cock. We can sneak into that room and you can work my throat anyway you like." I pushed him away a few feet.

"Dad, last night was a mistake. You caught me off guard and we really can't do it again." I said. He quickly reached in and grabbed my cock again. "Oh yea son. Is that why your big cock is so hard for me? I'll where any panties you want baby." He started to beg. "Please, Son. Make Daddy your little bitch. You can dress me up in anything you like."

At that point my Mom walked in the room looking for us. She saw my Dad holding my cock and just watched for a moment. My Dad must have realized and he spun around to see my Mom looking shocked.

"Sorry, sweetie. John is having another issue that needs to be taken care of." When he said issues it was clear he meant my over active cock which he had completely made up. If only Sis had let me cum this morning I would be just fine.

My Dad led me to the office and grabbed my cock again. Knowing Mom would not bother us because Dad was helping me with my fake problem. "Dad!" I grabbed his wrist tight. "I said that was a mistake last night. You will not get my cock again. Stop being such little slut."

He tried to beg. "Its ok Son, Mom thinks I am showing you how to not get hard all the time. HAHA. Now please please let Daddy suck on your big fat cock." He had dropped to his knees but I used my other hand to grab his hair now. His tongue hung out of his mouth as he yelped in a little pain.

"Dad, I told you we can't do that anymore. You will not get my cock. Damn, stop being such a little slut." I let him lick up and down my cock just a few times before I kicked him away.

"Get out of here and I will get rid of this hard on my myself." Grabbing my cock in front of him and stroking it slowly. Using his drool to lube my cock I let him watch for a minute before yelling at him to leave.

Finally alone I started to stroke my cock hard and fast. Everything this morning had been way to hot for me to have not cum. Was my mom ok with Dad sucking my cock or did she really think Dad needed to help me learn how to control my hard on. Either way I was really close to cumming already as my other hand reached down to squeeze my balls. Suddenly my mother squeezing my shoulders from behind popped into my head and my balls tightened up.

She was almost my height and rather strong for being so slim. The thought of her hips pressing into mine from behind got my areshole to tingle and I lost control. Groaning loudly as I whimpered, "Yes, Mommy". My cum started to shoot out of my cock. So built up from the long morning it shot across her desk and even onto some papers she had laying around. I tried to stop but couldn't as more of my huge load spewed out of my cock head and onto her papers.

I tried to clean up the cum with tissues that she had laying around. I did the best I could and threw them in the trash. Damn, she told me to use this room right? She should have figured I would cum all over.

Walking back to breakfast everyone was just about done. I had some cum on my sweatpants, or was it precum? I couldn't really remember, as this had already been a long morning. As I started to eat, Cindy started talking about her plans that day.

"I really have to go to the mall and get some clothes, particularly some sexy lingerie. Derek and I have our 6-month anniversary this week and I want something to surprise him." She looked at me and batted her eyes. "Big Bro, you know I still haven't gotten my license and was really hoping you could drive me" She started to rub my leg and was practically begging. "Please can you drive me?"

She continued on about how Derek told her to get something sexy and to ditch her little girl undies. "I also need your advice on what to get. I'm sure all those slutty girls at college wear panties that turn you on."

My Mom snapped at that comment and showed some of her Italian anger. "Dammit Cindy. I told you not to use language like that around me. I don't care if you are having sex, you will act like a lady!"

Mom handed me the credit card and held my hand when she said. "You control what this young lady buys John. Don't let her go overboard. She loves to spend my money. Don't make me punish you both!"

"Fred (my father), you go with them and make sure you daughter doesn't get as slutty as she wants to be." With that my bossy mother had set our day up. My father, sister and I were now going lingerie shopping. I pretended to look sad but certainly was excited at the chance to see my sister try on some Victoria Secret items.

It was a quick ride but in that time Cindy had caught me up on when she lost her virginity to Derek after just one month of dating. But after dating for 6 month she felt really good about it and wanted to please him more. Dad seemed to know the whole story, which wasn't surprising. My parents had always stressed us to be open and honest and they wouldn't react too harshly. She even went on to talk about how Derek had a huge cock, or at least she thought.

"Until I felt your cock this morning John. I thought Derek was the biggest. But wow, you are so huge and thick. That's why I reacted to strongly. A cock your size scares me. I mean how can that even fit into a girls pussy?" asked Cindy.

"Guess your boyfriend Derek just isn't as much a man as I am." I teased my little sister as my Dad sat in the back seat. Dad leaned over my shoulder and said in a stern voice.

"Your mother would not approve of this conversation. Let's focus on the road Cindy." He then whispered in my ear. "But we do know the men of our family have huge cocks, isn't that right son?" This made my cock start to grow again which I tried to ignore.

We finally arrived at the Mall and headed to Victoria's Secret. The talk in the car had gotten me rock hard and it only got worse as we entered the store. There were at least a half dozen girls working, all of whom wore sexy lingerie. Immediately wishing I had worn something more stylish. Instead I had on the same sweat pants, which by now had a few different cum stains scattered on them.

Cindy ran off with one of the employees to pick things out to try on. My father snuck up behind me and started rubbing my shoulders and pressed his hips into mine from behind.

"Be a good boy and pick out something for your slutty Daddy to wear for you tonight." I could feel his cock was hard and poking into my legs.

"Dammit Dad," I tried to stay cool. "I told you we weren't going to do that anymore. You are my father and you shouldn't be begging to suck on my cock."

We both jumped a tad when we heard. "Hello, gentlemen. Is there something I can help you with today?" A good-looking blond wearing nothing but boy short panties and a lacy bra had walked besides us. I had to push my dad off from behind me and take a deep breath before talking to the employee. Her large breasts seem to sway back and forth as she breathed.

"Hello there, No thank you. We are actually here with my sister and she is doing the shopping. We are just here to keep her spending limited," I said with a smile.

"Actually, I was also looking for something for my wife. She is about my size. Is there something extra slutty you can show me?" My father said. He spanked my ass as he walked away with the young lady. She seemed to have a good idea what he wanted.

I knew what he was doing and muttered. "Dad, don't you fucking dare." But it was too late as he just smiled back and me and licked his lips. My cock was now raging hard again in my sweat pants. I grabbed it to adjust and get it tucked in the waistband again.

Deciding to check on my sister and make sure she wasn't spending too much. My mother was mean when angry so I wanted to please her and keep Cindy's spending to a minimum. Walking to the back I could hear her in the changing room giggling with another girl, presumably the staff.

"This will get Derek wanting to fuck you all night." I heard the employee say. "This bra makes your breasts pop up and out. And look at whose nipples are already hard."

Cindy just giggled at first and then I even heard a moan or two. "If only I had your huge breasts, then all the boys would be begging to fuck me." Now the employee started to moan and I wondered what was going on in there. I also found myself rubbing my cock through my pants as I started to soak the inside with precum.

Finally, the employee and my sister came out of the dressing room. I was sitting down just trying to control myself. The long legged brunette fixed her hair, as she looked me up and down. "Hey there sir, I am Melissa. Is this your girlfriend here?"

Then Cindy came out wearing a light blue lingerie set. The push up bra had straps that connected to her thong panties. Just below them were light blue stalking's that ran down her legs. Cindy smirked at me and said, "Well look who is here and eager to catch a peak of his little sister. Guess your thinking with that cock again."

Melissa giggled and said, "Oh sorry. Your Sister, I see. You two must be close."

"Oh please Cindy, shut up. I am here on Moms orders to make sure you don't spend too much money. Miss, how much does this set cost?" I said and looked at the sexy staff member.

"Its on sale for $400 and guaranteed to make any guys want to fuck your brains out. Tell me sir, if I had this on for you, wouldn't you want to take me into the dressing room and fuck me?" The employee Melissa got close and grabbed my arm. Clearly flirting so that I would let Cindy buy this expensive piece.

"Mom will kill you and me Cindy. Go find something cheaper." I sat down but it was clear Cindy was not going to give in. "Please big Bro, look how sexy I am." She then turned around slowly so I could see her sexy, plump ass in the tight thong. Shaking it back and forth every so gently as she looked over her shoulder and pouted her lips at me. Doesn't this make your cock hard like this morning?"

Melissa looked rather surprised but stayed quiet hoping to make the sale. Cindy proceeded to slap her ass a few times and inch closer to me. "Please Big Bro. Derek needs a special gift and I know he will be so big and hard when he sees me in this." She then sat on my lap and wrapped her arms over my shoulders. Her plump booty slid up my leg until it was pressed firmly against my hard cock. Wiggling a bit more until my cock was snuggly pressed between her bare ass cheeks I groaned loudly now.

"Wow, umm I will let you two talk about it. Let me know if you need any further assistance," said the employee as she walked away. Cindy cooed in my ear now and continued to beg.

"When did you learn to use sex to get things you want Cindy? Now go take that off and find something cheaper. You are very sexy and I'm sure Derek will get just as hard from a $100 outfit." I slapped her ass harder than I meant to, sending a loud pop throughout the store. To my surprise, Cindy didn't scream in pain and instead cooed and groaned in my ear. Clearly enjoying the pain I sent through her body.

Looking sad and defeated she stood up. "Yes big brother, as you wish. I have a few more outfits in the changing room. Can you come look at which one I should try on next?"

I stood up and followed her to the changing room. She closed the door behind me making me feel uneasy. "John, feeling your big hard cock press into my ass has really gotten me wet and after feeling your cock this morning I can't stop thinking about it. Tell you what. If you let me see your cock, I will show you my tits and pussy." She grinned ear-to-ear reminding me of a few of the college sluts who begged for my cock.

"Please, oh please big Bro. I will be a good girl and do anything you want. Just please let me touch your big cock again." Cindy said. I was shocked and stayed silent, just staring at her. Amazed my innocent little Sister could talk so dirty. Derek had clearly changed her.

She quickly grabbed my cock over my sweatpants and began to groan like a needy whore. "Oh, wow, fuck John. Your cock is so huge. Derek thinks he has the best cock but he is tiny compared to you. He acts so tough. I wish he could see your cock to put him in his place."

I roughly grabbed her wrist and spun her around. Pinning her to the wall of the changing room with her hands trapped behind her back. I had to wrestle her grip from my cock. "Cindy, get a hold of yourself. You are acting like a little whore. I am your brother for Christ's sake."

"Mmmm, you want to take control Big Bro?" She looked over her shoulder at me and licked her lips. "You can punish me John. Have I been a bad girl?"

I repeated. "No, Cindy. We are not doing this. I am your older brother. This is wrong." Granted, my cock was rock hard from all of this and oozing precum all over my sweatpants.

Suddenly, Cindy got an evil look in her eyes and started to yell. "Help, Help! This man is raping me!" Instinctively, I slammed her against the wall again and covered her mouth with my hand.

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