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Daddy's Baby


Hello. My name's Jessie. I'm a Senior at Lakeview High School. I'm very small for my age only 5'1" tall and 115 pounds. I have a very small frame and a bubble butt. I was in gymnastics until a few years ago when my breasts got too big for me to really compete anymore. Today they are full, high and round, my tits fill a D cup with a bit extra. They seem a little silly on my frame but they are what God gave me. I have red hair though not carroty red...more like almost auburn. I have a rather ready smile and tend to get along well with everyone around me. Until a very little while ago I was also the only 18 year old virgin in like my whole world.

That all changed in a rather spectacular way two weeks ago. You see I had always been daddy's little girl, and being very small of stature, I never broke myself of the habit of crawling into my daddy's lap. That was unfortunately my undoing. You see Daddy had been repressing his desire for me for the last few years, and doing an admirable job of it. Partially because while the feel of my ass on his lap had been sweet torture, my mother was always around, and that made it impossible for him to even think of anything non daddy like.

The night my daddy stopped denying himself, he and my mom had been arguing about money and their retirement fund, and my college fund all day. My mom got pissed and went to stay with her sister. My daddy got rip-roaring drunk. I got scared. I was sure they were gonna divorce or something. So even though I was already in my pajama's I went downstairs and climbed into Daddy's lap. Daddy is a big man. Not fat, but big. He is 6'7" tall and very muscular. So when I climb into his lap I always feel safe as if nothing in the world could hurt me.

When I climbed into his lap that night I was wearing only a small pair of panties and one of his old tee shirts, he had ripped the sleeves off of when it was still his. He gathered me close and hugged me tight. "Daddy's baby is always here for daddy." I smiled cause I liked thinking that tonight I was comforting daddy instead of the other way around. But something wasn't right. I wiggled around, but couldn't find a really comfortable position on his lap. He groaned into my ear. "So fucking good baby. You feel so...fucking... good." Then he buried his nose in my hair and breathed. Deep. "Smell good too." He held me tight and pressed me against the ridge in his lap that was making it impossible for me to be fully comfortable. "gonna fuck you tonight. Gonna fuck you good and hard. You're gonna be daddy's little baby slut tonight." He slid his hand into the arm holes of my nightshirt, and started squeezing my titty. I tried to get away. I got really scared and tried to get up and run to my room.

It didn't work and made him pretty mad. "Not going anywhere baby." he grunted as he forced me back into his lap. He ripped his shirt over my head, and tore my panties off me. He forced my legs to either side of his own, and pressed them against the side of his big daddy's chair to keep me from moving them. Then he started to play. He let one hand drift over my breasts. Teasing and tickling them, twirling around my nipples until they grew hard. I asked him to stop. I told him this wasn't right. But he just shushed me. " Baby I'm gonna fuck you. You ain't got a choice in this world about that. But it ain't gotta be all bad. I can make it so that I'm not the only one cuming. In fact, I'm gonna make you scream in pleasure. I'm gonna show you so much pleasure that next time, you're gonna come to me begging for it. "

Daddy's strong fingers started to pinch and pull at my nipples, while his other had ghosted over my stomach, I felt the change in him when he encountered my main vanity. I'd obsessive about keeping hairless. So I have my pussy waxed completely smooth every six-weeks. I had just had it redone a couple of days before this all happened and it was smoother than a baby's butt. "You fucking little slut. I'm gonna enjoy this; your mom absolutely refused to even trim her snatch, I've always wanted to fuck a shaved cunt. Baby, you are gonna cum so much tonight."

He resumed playing with my nipples this time with both hands. It was crazy. It made me feel so weird. Hot and slidey and heavy in between my legs and in my tits. "I love your tits baby. So big and full, and so sensitive and responsive. I've barely been touching you and I can already smell you. So fucking good." He said that a lot that night. In fact he has said that a lot these last two weeks.

He played with me until I was writhing on his lap. When I came he laughed and called me his 'sweet little slut'. Then he stood up. He just let me fall. I tried to scramble away, but my legs weren't cooperating. He stripped off his clothes and I saw his penis for the first time...but no that's not right a penis is small, harmless. Daddy was too big to call it that or prick, or even dick. Daddy had a cock. It was huge, heavy and red, and almost visibly throbbing. He grabbed it and squeezed it tightly from base to tip. He stood over me and looked down at me. The look in his eyes scared me and made me want to run. It also excited me and made me want to get closer. He reached down and grabbed me, like he knew the part telling me to run was winning. He fisted a hand in my hair, and pulled me up onto my knees. I'm not sure why I opened my mouth, I think I wanted to try again to get him to stop. But he just shoved his cock into my mouth.

He used his hand in my hair to pull me up and down over his cock. I looked up at him and something in me changed. I was still scared spitless. But I was also very excited, and then I quailed in fear as he forced the head of his cock into my throat. I tried to yank back. But Daddy is very strong, and he really like the way my throat felt around his cock as I tried to scream. I didn't realize that as conflicted as I was Daddy understood exactly what was going on with me. I was getting wetter and wetter, even as I tried to get away. "you don't really want to get away, so even though you think you are fighting me; your little pussy is dripping. You are gonna be my little slut, not just tonight, but forever. No matter how many boys you have had before me, or how many you have after me. You will always remember tonight, you will always wish for more."

With that he wrenched his cock from my mouth and pressed me down onto the floor. He pushed my legs apart and lined himself up with my pussy. "So damned tight. Damn, gotta love a tight cunt." He pushed in and My back arched in pain. He must have thought I was offering my tits for his attention, cause he bent his back and tormented my nipple for a minute. I could feel his shock when he hit my hymen, or what was left of it, he bit down hard on the lower swell of my breast as he pushed past my maidenhead. I screeched a bit. But he didn't care. He fucked his way deeper into me until he was balls deep.

"Love you baby. You are daddy's lil girl, first and foremost, never forget that." Then he kissed me, sweet and soft and gently. Then my daddy was gone again. Trapped behind his lust and anger and drink. His every thrust into me was ecstasy and agony. Until all that remained was pleasure. I started fucking myself on his cock, and god did it feel good. The first time I came with him inside, my pussy clamped down so tight he couldn't move. I was making a mewing sound, and saying Daddy, over and over again.

Daddy took his pleasure. He fucked me over and over again. Making me scream out my pleasure, despite anything, and everything else. And each time I came he told me "such a good slut for daddy. Feels so fucking good." I can't tell you how many times he made me come that night. I can only tell you that each time was stronger than the one before. By the time he came I was a babbling incoherent mess. But I could hear his voice through the haze of pleasure. Calling me daddy's baby, and daddy's little slut. I could feel the rush of heat deep inside me when he came. It scalded me and threw me back into orgasm. It never occurred to me to tell him that I wasn't on the pill or anything.

In the last two weeks daddy has made me writhe under him seven more times. He says that he loves me more than ever before. He traps me in corners and fingers me until I'm panting and breathless. He picks me up from school and fucks me in parks where anyone can see. He sneaks into my room at night and makes me use my mouth for his pleasure. He has never pulled out of me as he came. Even in my mouth, he makes me swallow. He tells me that soon he's going to piss mom off so that we can have the house to ourselves. He wants my last virginity. He wants me on my hands and knees, and he fucks my ass, forcing my compliance there as well. Daddy likes making me his slut; he figures he'll like making me his bitch too.

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Wow this story made me cum sooo hard I wish my Daddy would fuck me.

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