tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Baby Girl

Daddy's Baby Girl


It was around 8:30 and we were just sitting around watching the TV, Me in my recliner my daughter stretched out lying on her stomach on the floor. She had on a long tee shirt, which I noticed went almost up to her upturned butt. My daughter is 18; she has auburn hair and just the right amount of overweight. Large breast 48DD, (I seen one of her lacy bras in the bathroom and it said 48 D and she was complaining she needed bigger ones. And yes I watched for the new ones to find out they were 48 DD's. Back to the story. That night I notice my baby girl was not a baby any more. She start to get up and raised up onto her knees and her shirt rose up her butt and stay there as she lean down to kiss me good night her Large Breast were spilling out of the top of her v neck shirt. As she kissed me I turned and our lips met and stayed for an instant to long she back up a minute and kissed me again and said goodnight. As she left I was horrified to see my hard cock sticking out of my pajamas, she must have seen it.

About and hour later I decided to turning, maybe I could get her body off my mine. Her mother had been gone for six years and I just realized I had not been with a woman in 2 years. Walking down the hall I noticed her door was ajar, and I decided to check and make sure she was cover up, as it had a little nip in the air. Her bedroom bedside lamp was on, she was laying on her right side and her naked ass was sticking out in full view. After the initial shock I knew I had to see it up close. I tiptoed up over to the bed to stare at that pretty tail. As I reached out to touch it she rolled over and spread her legs like a butterfly fixing to fly, your aroma fills my nostrils and I swear I see her pussy sweating, proudly on display before me. I know I should leave but my feet want move. I reach out with a finger and rub it between those big lips and bring it back to my mouth and taste her, then I ran out of the room and masturbated with that sent on my mind.

The next morning I came in the kitchen and she is bent over getting a pan out of the cabinet, That fine tail and just a hint of those lips that I got a finger in the night before stare at me. She turned her head smiled and looking up at me and said " Hi Daddy", as she raised up her big titties stuck out like hug melons, big dark nipples, her shirt stuck up on her upturned butt, I hot had as a rock. She walked up to me and gave me a long kiss on my lips and smiled as she rubs against my hard cock. She pushed me down in my chair, turned and went to get my coffees, that find tail in full view. She came back, put the coffee on the table and raised her shirt to her belly button, her beautiful pussy smiling at me and set on my lap. She stuck her tongue in my mouth, pressed her hard nipples into my chest and whispered in my ear" I was awake last night when you came in my room. Did you like touching your little girls pussy? Did I taste good? I watched you beat off afterwards and saw Daddy's fine cock."

She wrapped her little fingers around my cock and started pumping it. She got up and pulled her shirt over her head and those fabulous titties jump out in front of my face, "Do you like your Baby Girl's titties, Daddy?" she said as she knelt in front of me. She leaned over with a smile and said "I have to taste Daddy's big dick". I have had a many blowjob in my life, but never the feeling of watching my baby suck my dick. When she smiled up at me with my dick in her mouth as I said I am cumming and swallowed it all the way down to my balls, her nose in the hair and my and behind her head as I shoot down her " Take Daddy's cum baby, swallow it all, Baby Girl". She pulls off and left her mouth open, tongue out and I spurted all over her lips and tongue. As her tongue licks the cum off she smiles up at me and says " Thank you for such a good breakfast", she stands up and rubs those big titties on my chest and I kiss one of those miniature marshmallows size nipples. She turns and walks toward the door and says, "It is a Good Morning Daddy".

Let me know if Daddy's Girl Two should come soon!!

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