Daddy's Bad Girl


It had been a while since the WWF superstars had a gangbang. The last gangbang started out with Amy and Jeff Hardy, followed by his brother Matt and his girlfriend Lita. Then Chris Jericho, Trish Stratus, Stephanie McMahon, Test and Terri Runnels.

Stephanie was in her room. She wore a towel around her slim body. Her hair was still wet from her shower, letting out a sweet scent. She unwrapped her towel. Her clit was neatly trimmed, breasts stood firm. Stephanie laid on her bed, bored.

Her hands went over her breasts, massaging her nipples. Pinching with her thumb and finger, she rolled them. She moaned, her nipples turning hard. Her fingers crept down, every move sending her chills and excitement. She rubbed her pussy, going faster and faster. Her clit was wet with cum juice.

Stephanie started to finger herself, one finger at a time. She put in 3 fingers. She pumped in faster harder. Suddenly Stephanie was moaning louder, sweating.

A huge load of cum came out. Stephanie relaxed, breathing hard. She licked the cum off her fingers.

"Nice show," said a deep male voice. Stephanie saw her husband Hunter. He walked over. " Really hot."

"Oh Hunter," she said, covering her body. But then Hunter took hold of her arms and licked her breast. Stephanie moaned , relaxing her arms.

Hunter took off his clothes. His cock was big but limp. Stephanie waited for Hunter to do something. He leaned forward, licking her clit. Stephanie moaned. "Mmmm, oh yeah, Hunter."

Hunter started to finger her. His 3 fingers penetrated her pussy. Cum began to squirt out between his fingers.

He pulled them out. Stephanie leaned forward and sucked on his cock. Deeper and deeper it went down into Steph's throat. She massaged his shaft while sucking.

"Oh yeah Steph. That's it. Suck it," he whispered. Stephanie began deep-throating it. Hunter turned his head back and moaned louder. "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum!"

But that didn't stop Steph. She kept on sucking. His load let loose in her mouth. She swallowed every bit of the cum that was in her mouth.

Hunter pushed her down. "So, you liked sucking on my cock huh? Let's see if you like this!" He thrust his cock in her tiny wet clit. Stephanie shrieked. His huge cock went in and out, harder. Stephanie felt an orgasm coming her way.

"Ah! Ah! Yes, Hunter! Yes! Oh fuck yeah!" screamed Stephanie. The orgasm hit her like a block of wood.

The door opened and Trish Stratus came in. Stephanie gasped. "What she doing?"

"Well, I'd thought we needed back-up," he said. Trish smiled, taking off her clothes.

"We had fun last time," she answered. Stephanie laid on her stomach.

"What should we do now?" asked Hunter.

"Get in a 69 with her," she ordered. The married couple was in a hot 69.

Trish went over to Steph's ass. She licked around the asshole. She then fingered the plump and nice ass. The fingers squeezed through the hole. Stephanie moaned. "Oh god, Trish. I want your whole hand in my ass," she said.

"You got it." Trish stuffed her hand in. Stephanie moaned loudly.

Hunter also put his whole hand in her pussy. "Like that? You like getting double-fucked?" he yelled.

"Or double-fisted, huh bitch?" taunted Trish. She and Hunter let out their hand. He rammed his cock towards her ass hard. Trish watched on as she fingered herself.

By now, Stephanie was sweating like a pig. She jerked her head up, screaming. Hunter, not satisfied with all her screams, rammed it in with all his power. "Ah! Oh god! Yes, yes!" she screamed.

Trish was getting horny just hearing Stephanie. Suddenly Chris Jericho came in.

"All right, let the Ayatollah of Rock N Rollah do the fucking," he said. Hunter stopped. Jericho laid on the floor, his cock hard and erect.

Stephanie licked her lips and started riding him. She closed her eyes as she pumped herself up and down. Her body began to relax when Hunter's cock slipped in. His cock pushing in and out, hard.

Lita was there in her skimpy thong. She went on one side and began sucking on Steph's nipple. Trish went on the other.

Stephanie took one hand and fingered Lita in the ass lightly. Everyone was fucking Da Bilion Dolla Princess. Stephanie was having another and a big orgasm and could feel a load about to burst.

"Oh shit! I'm gonna cum!" she yelled as a warning. Everyone pulled away, waiting. Stephanie rested back on her elbows and the cum exploded out.

Everyone leaned forward to get it. Stephanie felt everyone's tongue tickle her sore pussy. Stephanie watched Jericho's cock dangling, Lita's tits bouncing up and down. "Instead of Daddy's LiL Girl, it should be Daddy's Bad Girl."

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