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Daddy's Bad Girl


A role-play piece for those that enjoy 'em. Not the longest in the world, but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

As ever, feedback is good. Even if you don't enjoy the piece, tell me what it was that spoiled it for you. Make it constructive though, 'you're sick and your writing sucks' doesn't rate as feedback, eh?

If my troll, the anonymous dickhead who posts those 'written by a pommy faggot' comments, reads this -- I see the comments on a summary page, laugh 'cos I've wound you up, and delete them. How sad for you! *smirk*

OK, sorry about that. Any mistakes I've left in I apologise for. They are mistakes and proof that I'm an idiot.

GA -- Camino Verde, Santa Elena, Costa Rica 7 April 2012.

Jessica enjoyed this gig, which had surprised for none of it was her usual thing -- the role play, his age. At first she'd thought him creepy, a dirty old pervert, and maybe he was, and perhaps she had a taste for perversion herself?

He came in through the front door, letting himself into the flat with his key. Straight away she saw his eyes slither over her body; she knew he was taking in the training shoes, the pink ankle socks and her legs -- her long, long legs. The hem of the skirt high on her smooth thighs was just, and only just, on the side of decency; she knew he liked it that way. She widened her stance and placed her hands on her hips, palm against her skirt as she regarded him with a truculent stare. She knew he liked that too, liked her feisty ... To begin with anyway. His tongue slid across dry lips as his gaze burned across her high, tight bosom, the perky, unsupported tits -- ripe peaches that had no need of a bra moulded inside a tee-shirt.

For long moments he stood there just staring. Finally his rheumy eyes found hers.

'What the fuck are you doin'?' The accent was flat-vowelled Mancunian -- delivered slowly, dangerous and threatening.

'Fuck all,' she answered in the same monotone, nasal drawl. Her nipples throbbed and her clitoris pulsed. She knew what was coming. 'Just thinkin' about goin' out.'

'Goin' out with lads?' His fingers clenched into fists, huge calloused hammers. He stood, staring at her, his hands clenching and unclenching, dirty boots cemented to the floor, a grubby-jacketed, ragged-hemmed parody of Gort in The Day the Earth Stood Still. 'Dressed like that?' His eyes slithered over the contours of her nubile body again. The lizard tongue wet the reptilian lips. 'I don't fuckin' think so.'

'You can't stop me,' she challenged. 'I can go out when I like, with who I like ... And,' she added with a petulant flick of her blonde hair. 'I can do what the fuck I like with 'em.'

'You can, can yuh?' He took a heavy step towards her. 'We'll see 'bout that.'

'I'm old enough to work,' Jessica spat. 'I'm old enough to drink; old enough to vote, if I wanted. I can do what the fuck I please, you old bastard.'

'You might be old enough,' he drawled, mocking her with his voice and with his sneer. 'But I still sez you en't gunna.' His chin, bristled and square as a miner's, jutted at her belligerently. 'Not dressed like that. Not with yer clout hanging out under yer skirt. Put some fuckin' clothes on.'

'Why should I?' Her expression shifted, eyes narrowing slyly. Her accusation came as sweet as sugar from her coral lips. 'You seem to like looking at me when I'm dressed like this.'

Time stood still. Jessica heard muted street sounds from beyond the window. Her heart hammered in her chest. She could hear the man's snuffling breath, in and out through his mouth. He stood immobile, his bulk blocking the door, the only way out if you discounted the window, but it was thirteen storeys to the pavement below.

'What did you say?' His face, those hammer fists and dark eyes. She'd gone too far; she knew it too.

But she wouldn't shut up. He didn't want her to.

'I said,' she turned and bent at the waist so her buttocks taunted him. 'You seem to like looking at me when I'm dressed like this.' She flicked the hem of the skirt.

He gasped when he saw the rabbit tail flash of skin. 'You ...' he began, eyes bulging, lips moving yet unable to make a single articulate sound -- a goldfish landed and gasping. He took another threatening step. 'I should just ...' he managed eventually, his face puce.

'What? Jessica jeered. 'What are you gonna do?' she challenged and flicked her skirt again. 'What are you gunna do? Hit me?'

'I'm gunna teach you some manners,' he yelled, spittle flying, eyes bulging, face a red mask of fury. 'I'm going to bend you over my knee and give you such a ...'

And he came at her, fingers like steel rods clamped viciously around her wrist.

She whimpered then, eyes wide with fright, and a squirt of piss spattered onto the carpet for she was naked underneath the inadequate skirt.

'No ...' she squealed. 'Please ...'

'Where's yer knickers,' the old man shouted. 'What do you mean by goin' out like that? What d'ya think yuh doin' flashin' yuh bare arse at me?'

But he liked it. Even as he yelled and spat and cursed, his cock was growing. Uncoiling and thickening in the ancient, stained corduroys he wore.

That arse, those tight cheeks ... And the little oyster of her cunt nestled in the soft cleft between her thighs. Fuck but she was a saucy little bitch ...

He almost jerked Jessica off her feet when he yanked at her wrist. His work boots stumped across the tiny space between living room and bedroom door, pulling the girl in his wake. The mattress sagged beneath his weight when he slumped onto the bed. Holding Jessica's fragile wrists, both in one massive paw, he effortlessly draped the squirming, sobbing girl across his lap.

Jessica wriggled and writhed, begging through her tears to be released. She could feel, through his trousers, the great lump of his erection wedged against her stomach.

'No, Daddy, no. Please. Let me go. I'll be a good girl, Daddy. I promise.' Her entreaty fell upon deaf ears. The old bastard was implacable. 'I'll do anything, Daddy,' Jessica implored.' And then she felt his hand, the rough calluses against the backs of her smooth thighs. His hand slid along her leg, lifting the skirt to reveal the globes of her bare buttocks. Jessica wriggled, gasping at the pain in her wrists when the old man tightened his grip.

'Sweet fuckin' Jesus,' he blasphemed. He squeezed one globe, surprisingly gentle as, with his face slack-jawed and his breath snuffling through his open mouth, he softly caressed the girl's buttock. 'I know you'll be a good girl for me now,' he muttered absently, his mind on other things. 'But I can't let you get away unpunished.' His rough palms slid over the velvet of those peachy mounds. 'The things you said to me.' He shook his head from side to side, still kneading Jessica's bare arse. 'A complete lack of fuckin' respect. I just can't tolerate it, lass.' His voice sounded almost regretful now, as though this was a duty he didn't want to perform but, as her Daddy, was obliged to.

The girl ceased her struggles. She sniffed several times. 'But I'm so, so sorry, Daddy,' she whined, craning her neck to look around and up at his grizzled face. His eyes, shot through with red veins, stared down into the bright, glistening sclera of the girl's eyes across his lap. Almost imperceptibly Jessica's hips hinged and her buttocks lifted. The old man felt the movement under his palm and his fingers tightened. He looked down and saw the girl's thighs had parted; he could see her vulva, smoothly shaven, and the delicate folds of her labia peeping shyly from their hiding place between her legs.

'You're a bad girl,' he croaked. 'A very bad girl.'

Jessica gasped, biting her bottom lip as his middle finger slid into the heat of that crevice between her legs. Her labia parted with sticky reluctance. Jessica moaned, her hips jerking when the blunt fingertip slipped over the oily nub of her clitoris.

'Daddy?' she questioned. 'Daddy, what are you doing? Why are you touching me there?'

The finger came away from her body as though scalded. 'You moved,' he snarled. 'With your wriggling about; you moved, it's your fault I touched you there.' He let go of her wrists, using the same hand to lift Jessica's skirt over her buttocks, giving him a clear target. He thought his cock would rip through his clothing and stab the girl in her stomach it was so hard.

'I'm sorry, Daddy. I'm so -- Ow!'

The first open-handed slap stung her unprotected buttocks.

'Punished,' the old man hissed.

A second slap stung Jessica's tender cheeks. Two handprints, white at first then suffusing pink, patterned the soft flesh.

'Daddy, please,' the girl whimpered, her hips rolling from side to side as two more stinging smacks, a double-tap of callused palm on tender skin, whacked down.

'You need it,' the old man gasped. 'If I don't' -- smack -- 'Punish you' -- smack -- 'You'll never' -- smack -- 'Learn ...'

Jessica's buttocks glowed. The heat from that part of her suffused insidiously to her sex. 'But I want you to touch me there,' she groaned.

The old man's hand stopped in mid air on the upward trajectory, as though a divine puppeteer had held a string taut. His voice, low and dangerous: 'What did you say?'

As she lay across his lap like a rolled up carpet, her voice muffled and indistinct because of her head lolling close to the floor, while her hair hung over her face, Jessica repeated: 'But I want you to touch me there.'

'Oh, you ...' Jessica heard and braced herself for another whack from that huge hand. 'Oh you bad girl.'

But instead of the wasp sting of his hand against her buttocks, Jessica felt the finger probing at the sodden folds of her vulva.

'Oh, Daddy,' she purred.

His finger slid between the petals of Jessica's sex. She gasped again when, as before, the old man gently rubbed her clitoris. Then Jessica gave a quick squeal of surprise when the fingertip nudged into her opening.

'You shoulda been a good girl,' the man growled as his digit sank knuckle deep. 'But you always make me angry.' The finger curled inside the girl; she groaned a low, deep moan. 'An' I don't know why you do it,' he continued, sliding another finger in.

'Oh ... Daddy ...' The girl swallowed several times at the sensation of his hard fingers filling her. She bit her lower lip while her face screwed in concentration. 'Fuck ...,' she swore.

'You like that?' he asked. A rhetorical question as he lifted the girl, with his fingers buried inside her still, and rolled her onto the bed. 'I'll give you some more to be happy about then shall I?' A third finger entered her.

Jessica whimpered and opened her legs to accommodate him.

The old man looked down at her, legs wide, cunt stretched cerise around his digits, the cords on her neck taut as bowstrings. 'You'll be my good girl now, eh?'

'Yes, Daddy,' Jessica sighed. 'I'll be good. Anything you want ...'

He grabbed roughly at Jessica's tee-shirt before grunting in frustration when the hem caught underneath her. The girl lifted her buttocks clear of the bed, thus enabling him to yank the tee-shirt higher to reveal her breasts.

'Fuck me with your fingers,' Jessica implored. 'Please.'

The man stared at the girl's tits, firm and unyielding as he fucked her opening with a stiff-fingered triumvirate. His free hand stroked her face as, with eyes clenched tight, the girl grunted and swore. His palm slid down to her breasts, inciting the teats to lengthen at his touch. He leaned down, with his fingers still busy inside Jessica, and sucked at each of her nipples in turn.

The girl writhed and moaned, impaled on his fingers. She was close to coming, so near to her first climax.

This was why she enjoyed being with him. He was so talented. So. Fucking. Good.

At first, when he'd approached her as she sat behind the checkout and swiped his groceries -- chicken 'ding' for one -- a microwave meal -- a four-pack of Stella Artois, bread and beans, sad old man's food, she'd balked; he was too old, too wrinkly, too unkempt. But he'd persevered, almost stalked her, pursued her and bombarded her with gifts and money until one evening, a little worse for wear with a hangover and in a reckless mood, she relented.

And she'd seen his cock. That enormous ... thing ... swinging between his legs like a fucking elephant's trunk. His erection didn't look old. There weren't too many wrinkles in that huge thing. The old man possessed a gorgeously long, thick, gnarled penis that Jessica, to her surprise, couldn't wait to get into her mouth -- or between her legs.

'Daddy,' she gasped. 'Fuck me with your fingers. Daddy ... I'm going to come ...'

'Do it,' he grunted as, with one hand flat against the girl's stomach, he drove his fingers into her with dogged determination. 'Come for Daddy.'

Jessica writhed on his hand, desperate to feel him deeper. Her face, red with exertion as she sought her climax, twisted in a grimace of urgent focus. She looked along her body, past the tight tits, flexing stomach, and stretched cunt; she looked up at him and saw his expression. Jessica felt a paradoxical surge of revulsion and delight rush through her. What was she doing letting this disgusting old pig defile her body like this?

Because he made her feel so good. So. Fucking. Good. She came, reaching for his wrist with both her hands in an attempt to pull him deeper, harder ...

He left her gasping for air and moaning inanities while her orgasm cooled. He unbuckled his belt and, after kicking off his heavy boots, removed his corduroy trousers. Threadbare, grey underpants followed. He stood and stared at the girl, stroking his cock while he wondered at her beauty. He chuckled and shook his head in mild disbelief. Twenty years old, he thought lecherously. There was almost fifty years between them.

A ridiculous image in shirttails and socks, he commanded the girl to strip. 'Leave the trainers and socks on,' he said, staring with slack-jawed intent, almost salivating over Jessica's taut body. 'It's better for me that way.'

'Anything for you, Daddy ...'

Two easy moves and Jessica was naked, less the training shoes and socks as instructed. She contrived to make the simple act of slipping the tee-shirt over her head and sliding the skirt down her thighs as provocative as possible. She saw him watching her, drooling like a Labrador, the evidence of his arousal plain to see in the shape of his big cock.

'Are you gunna be my good girl from now on?' he asked, masturbating.

A wide-eyed, innocent pout and a nod from Jessica. 'Yes, Daddy,' she simpered.

'Turn around. Show me your backside.' The girl turned and presented her derriere. 'Kneel on the bed. Stick your arse up.'

Jessica knew what was to follow. A trickle of lust dribbled out of her. He didn't disappoint. Supporting herself on her elbows Jessica knelt and pushed her glowing buttocks in the air. She gasped when his hot breath wafted across her vulva; and gasped again when his tongue slid into her opening. The man's thick fingers splayed the girl's buttocks, and a gurgle of pleasure, a rich moan of delight bubbled from her when the filthy bastard's tongue squirmed into the tight ring of her sphincter.

'Daddy,' she sighed and buried her face in the bedcovers.

The old man slurped and slobbered and laved at the girl until he was satisfied that he'd meet little resistance when he penetrated her. She was, as he'd hoped when he first set his cap at her, a tight little bitch. Her pussy squeezed his cock tighter than a Thai whore's. He liked the size of her too, with a diminutive but superbly scaled body, Jessica was as lithe and athletic as a gymnast. His physique and her petite form, he was still enormously strong in spite of his age, meant he could easily lift the girl into a multitude of sexual positions.

The ultimate for him was to jam Jessica onto his cock, with his hands hooked under her knees while she, with one arm draped around his neck, opened her legs as wide as she could manage and they both watched through a mirror. With Jessica facing the glass he could see her body stretched around his girth, her flesh so taut it looked sure to split. But far from being in pain the girl only exhorted him to fuck harder.

'Look at my cunt, Daddy,' she'd squeal. 'Aren't I a good girl to take Daddy's big cock?'

The obscenities that slipped from those angel lips, and the wild-eyed expression of delight on Jessica's face never failed to bring him off. He'd struggle to maintain his balance as he saw his own cock pulse, down at the root, the corpus spongiosum, that appeared to throb in synchronicity with the heavy spurts of semen that squirted into Jessica's nubile body. The old man imagined, as he filled the girl full of goo, that his balls, swinging low and heavy, were pumping furiously to maintain the supply of viscous jizm he squirted into her.

Afterwards, the old man, following his climax, would stand there with Jessica's knees still hooked over his arms, with her training shoes on her dangling feet, and watch as his diminishing erection slid out of her. Her pussy would gape hot and scarlet, dribbling his seed in a viscous trickle. That lewd image would spur him, whereupon he'd throw the girl to the bed, spread her legs and spear her supine form with a renewed erection.

And through it all Jessica would call him Daddy and tell him he was the best she'd ever had.

'Do it to me, Daddy,' she'd squeal. 'Tear my dirty-girl's cunt apart. Punish me with your big cock for being so bad. I'm a wicked, naughty girl, Daddy. Punish me.'

The old man's spunk would squelch and fart out of Jessica as he fucked her; the obscene sounds only enhancing the air of depravity.

This time the man merely stood, held his erection in one hand and opened the girl with the fingers of the other and nudged his cock at her opening. They both sighed when entire length slid balls deep. He immediately took hold of Jessica's hips and began to thrust urgently. His reward was to see the girl claw at the bed and turn her face towards him. That expression -- part unbridled lust, part hatred -- inflamed him.

'Be a good girl for Daddy,' he growled. 'Be a good girl for Daddy and you can have treats every day.'

Jessica smiled and flicked her pink tongue at him.

'I want to taste you,' she grinned. 'After I've come; I want to lick my pussy from your cock.' She smiled sweetly, her head lolling, blonde hair fanned across the grubby bedcover as the old man thrust into her. While the slapping of their bodies sounded like hand claps in the tiny bedroom, Jessica, with her buttocks rippling from the rhythmic beat of the old man's forceful drilling, taunted him with her words. 'Let me do it, Daddy,' she goaded. 'Let me come and then suck your cock. I'll lick it and suck it and clean it all up. I'll lick you all clean, Daddy. I want you to fuck my throat and make me drink your spunk.'

'Filthy,' the old man snuffled as he struggled for breath. He groaned, gritting his teeth against the sensations assaulting him. The girl's words and the images they put into his head; her cunt clenching around his girth and the struggle to hold back; the sight of her body, so sweet and blemish free -- all of it and more. He looked down to where she took him, his ancient penis inside her, defiling her. 'You're a filthy, dirty girl,' he groaned.

Which is why he enjoyed her so much -- The face of an angel; the body of an athlete; the mind and mouth of a gutter whore ...

'But I'm your filthy, dirty girl, Daddy,' Jessica reminded him. 'All yours. Nobody else gets to touch me. Nobody else can stick their thing into me. Only you. I'm only for you.'

And he came. With those whispered words of fidelity in his ears, he dug his fingers cruelly into the girl's flesh, grunted and, leaning low over her back, curled an arm under her to pull her tight against him. He shot the first glut of semen into Jessica and bellowed like a wounded beast. The girl cried out in surprise when she felt the surge inside her, gave a shout which curdled to a moan as her own climax overwhelmed her.

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