tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Big Girl

Daddy's Big Girl


It was my 18th birthday; it was special because it was my first boy/girl party. Everything was ok until the bys showed up. They started acting like crazy, bored monkeys. Needless to say we had to make them leave & we were left with cookies and cake thrown all over the living room. My dad wasn't mad; he had warned me that inviting boys was a bad idea. But of course I ignored him.

When everyone had left dad & I cleaned. We just chattered a bit.

"Dad, why are boys such jerks?"

"Well sweetheart they are still young and think that being wild is the only way of having fun."

"I hate them."

"No you don't, you just have to be patient and wait until they mature a bit. Aren't there boys in your class you like?

I shrug, there was one boy I thought was cute but he was a jerk. He was mean and was always messing everything up. So I say "Sure but that doesn't make them any less mean"

My dad smiles and says "Well I think it is safe to say that you won't be dating anytime soon." And he gives a hearty laugh.

I frowned.

"Daddy, what is sex?" Stammering I quickly said "I know what sex is, but I don't know how you do it, I mean they tell us all the facts in sex Ed but don't tell us any more than that"

My dad had completely stopped loading the dishwasher and just stood there for a moment. Than, closing the dishwasher he said "Well sweetheart, I'm sorry I didn't bring it up first. It is my job but since your mom died I just wasn't sure how to approach the subject"

It's ok daddy, I know"

"Well sweetheart the first thing you have to understand is that sex is meant to be shared between two people who love each other very much. And you should always use a condom. Do you know what that is?"

"Yeah, it's plastic and you put it over his.. Thing..?"

"Yes, do you know what the pill is?"

"Yeah it's something that the girl takes that will keep from getting pregnant."

"Yes, very good, so do you have questions?"

"Yeah what does it mean when a girl has lost her cherry?"

My daddy blushed, and chuckled before saying "It means a girl has lost her virginity"

"Oh" I say. "And what does it mean when I girl say he went down on me?"

Daddy gasped, I could tell he was a little shocked. "Well sweetie, that's when a boy or girl licks and sucks on the other persons private parts."

I was starting to get wet and feel a little tingle down in my private parts like when I touched myself.

"Daddy, what is a cock?"

"That is another word for penis"

"What does a penis look like?"

"Oh honey I don't know if you should know this stuff."

"Please daddy, how will I know if you don't tell me?"

"Well, I would feel a lot better knowing you learned it from me. Ok come with me, I'll show you."

Following daddy into his room I watched as he pulled up the corner of his mattress and took out a magazine.

"What is that daddy?"

"This is called a porn magazine, have you heard of it?"


"Well this magazine has pictures of naked women and men having sex together, sit next to me"

I went and sat at the end of his bed next to him and watched as he flipped open the cover to reveal a woman on all fours completely naked with one leg high in the air as a man pumped his cock into her ass.

"Eww, daddy what is he doing to her butt?"

"Well sweetie that is called anal sex"

Than he flipped it to the next page that had a close up shot of a man cumming on a women's face.

"Sweetie that is what a cock looks like"

"What is that stuff coming out of it?"

"That is called semen, that's what happens when a man cums"

"Daddy I feel tingly down there," pointing to my crotch

"Sweetie have you ever masturbated?"


"Well you feel all good inside because you are getting excited, don't worry, so is daddy" he pointed to the crotch of his trousers. There was a big lump where his cock was.

"Daddy can I see your cock?"

"Honey I am your daddy & it's wrong for us to have any sexual contact"

"But daddy I only wanna see it, I'm curious"

He sat there for a moment and he had that look on his face like he was choosing no.

Putting my lower lip out and doing the puppy dogface I said, "Please daddy"

"Oh well I suppose" Then he unzips his pants and pulled his cock out from the folds of his boxers.

I gasped, it was so big. I wanted to touch it. "Gosh, it is so big. How big is it?"

Looking kinds of proud he smiled and said "9 inches long 1 inch thick"

Without saying a word I put my hand out and caressed the big mushroom head, my touch made it jump and I could feel it growing larger. "Oh daddy it's so soft"

He moaned lightly, I moved my hand up and down trying so hard to encircle the whole thing. His cock was rock hard by the third stroke and so soft.

"Mmmmm, sweetie that feels so good. Daddy hasn't been fucked in ages, mmm, don't stop"

His hips started gyrating, up and down. "Mmm, honey lick my cock. Put your mouth over it so I can fuck your mouth nice and slow." Slight hesitant but growing more & more excited I licked the tip of his huge monster, it jumped and his groaning became louder. I licked up & down, under his shaft & finding his balls I sucked them into my mouth. "Ooh, fuck yeah, that feels so god damn good. MM, suck daddy's dick, put it in your mouth and suck it baby" I came up to the tip, opening my mouth I engulfed first the tip & moved down until I felt it hit the back of my throat. "Ooh, honey take it deeper. I wanna fuck your mouth until I cum," Grabbing the back of my head he thrust his hips forward forcing the rest of his monster down my throat. I gagged for a second and than I got used to it, he started moving his cock in and out of my mouth. First slow than fast & hard. Suddenly he pulled out and lifted up his hips. He removed his shirt & pants quickly and almost tearing my clothes undressed me also. Leaning forward he started licking my budding breast. I sighed deeply. "You like that, you liked sucking your daddy's cock didn't you?"

"Yeah daddy I did, I'm so wet."

"Ooh, do you want your daddy to fuck you, to take your virginity?"

With a burst of excitement I said, "Oh god daddy, I would love that!"

With that he pushed me down onto the bed and started licking my pussy, first just licking my lips than he spread my lips and started taking long cowlicks from my asshole to my clit. I shivered and moaned "Oh, daddy that feels so good. MM, don't stop."

Than he stuck his tongue down into my fuck tunnel as far as it would go, with one hand he rubbed my clit and the other he pinched my nipples making me shudder.

"Oh daddy, god that's good"

All of a sudden he pushed one fat finger deep into my pussy, hooking his finger and grinding it into me. I screamed "Oh yes, finger fuck me daddy, stick your fat fingers into my hot fuck hole and finger me until I cum!" With that he shoved three fingers deep into my hole and fucked my hole fast & furiously. I was squirming and shuddering with pleasure, all of a sudden his tongue was on my engorged clit while his three fingers shoved in & out of my virgin cunt. All of a sudden I started shaking uncontrollably and my pussy clung to his fingers. I had just had my first real orgasm. He was still finger fucking me, in fact he had 4 fingers in me now, scratching at my G-spot and raking his fingers against the walls of my hot hole.

"Oh, honey. Did I make you cum?" "Yeas daddy, god it felt good, mm. Will you fuck me now? I want to feel you cock deep in my virgin pussy."

"Oh god damn, hell yes I'll fuck you, I'll fuck you senseless"

He pulled his fingers out and putting them to his mouth he licked them clean.

He opened my legs as wide as they would go, and positioned the head of his monster shaft at the entrance of my virgin pussy.

"Now honey, this will hurt. It will hurt real bad at first but don't be scared because daddy is here & won't let it hurt too much."

"Ok daddy, but fuck me already!"

He eased the head in first and it didn't hurt but then as he got deeper it started hurting real bad "Oooh, daddy it hurts"

"I know sweet heart but it won't for long"

He stroked back and forth scratching my virgin cant than he grabbed my hips and shoved the rest of the 6 inches deep into my pussy.

"Oo, ooowww.. That hurt daddy"

"Mmm, I know but god it will feel good in a minute"

He ground his cock into my pussy for a couple minutes than started a slow rhythm, back and forth pulling out a couple inches at a time.

"Oooh, honey your cunt is so tight and hot. It feels so good wrapped around my prick"

"Ohh, daddy. Fuck me, god it feels good. Fuck me hard and fast daddy, please fuck me"

With those words said he started shoving his dick in & out with sweet surrender. I could feel his balls as they hit my ass with each stroke.

"Ooh, honey daddy dick is filling up with cum. I'm gonna squirt my load deep into your belly. Oh, god honey I gonna cum."

"Daddy, come in my hot pussy, I want your cum to drip out of me. Oooh, daddy, fuck me harder!"

All of a sudden his hips froze, I could feel his cum as it filled me up. All of a sudden I started to shake with my own orgasm.

We both screamed in unison, he continued to shove his dick in and out of me milking his prick for all it was worth.

He slowly rolled off of me, completely exhausted.

"Oh, honey, god your pussy felt good. Mmm, I could fuck you all the time"\

"Daddy, that was the best, I want you to fuck me again & again."

I rolled over onto my belly got up on all fours. My ass was facing him as I started to crawl up towards the pillows. He reached out and grabbed my hips. Dragging me back to him.

"Oh I'm not done with that pussy of yours"

"Mmm, daddy are you gonna fuck my pussy again"

He laughed and scooping the juices from my pussy and smearing them on my ass he said "No I'm gonna fuck your virgin asshole, I'm gonna put my monster in your ass while you squirm" he slid a finger into my tight rectum and started working it in and out. I purred softly as he added a second finger slowly opening up my hole, forcing the muscles open he added a third finger & a fourth until he said "Mmm I think your ready. Are you ready to get your ass fucked hard?"

"Yes daddy, fuck my ass raw. Slam that monster in my ass until I scream"

He got behind me and slammed his full length deep into my bowels causing me to yell in sudden pain. His cock was all the way in and he started pistoning his dick in & out of my asshole faster than he had my pussy.,

"Oh daddy, that feels so good, I feel so full. Mmm, I think I'm gonna cum.. Ohh daddy fuck me harder."

Suddenly he pulled out of my ass "Daddy, fuck me please"

"Hold on sweetie I have a surprise for you. Your mommy left it behind after she passed."

He left the room, when he came back he had this monster dildo that was long and very thick.

"ooh daddy, what are you going to do with that?"

"I'm gonna put my cock in your ass and this dildo in your pussy, your mom used to love it when she was fucked in both holes at the same time, she would cum so hard"

"Mmm, daddy, I need it now. Shut up and shove it in me."

Flipping me into my back and positioning pillows under my ass first he shoved his cock back into my bum hole & than he shoved the dildo into my open cunt making me moan. "Oh my god, daddy. I'm going to cum, I'm so full. Oh fuck me harder, mmm yes HARDER, yes. I'm going to fucking cuummm."

"Oh sweetie, it feels so good, your bum hole is so damn tight. I'm cumming, I'm cumming."

I could feel as his cumm squirted in my ass, he continued shoving his dick & the dildo into me until I finally screamed with pleasure. "Oh god I'm CUMMING, yes, yes, yes, fuck me, harder. Faster. Yes, fuck yes."

I don't really remember what happened because I fell asleep, but I do remember waking up in his bed completely naked & very sore.

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So hot, I'd let any man fuck me like that every day

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