tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Christmas Gift Ch. 02

Daddy's Christmas Gift Ch. 02

byL.A. Wicker©

"Hey." Alex heard come from his side and there she stood.

He looked up to his seductress, his daughter Darcy and Alex wanted to scream. "Holy fuck, you're unbelievable!" he gasped, stood and walked up to her, not touching, but close enough that they could feel each others' presence.

He smiled at the way Darcy fixed her hair into two long pigtails and she changed her makeup. She had light pink eyelids, soft pink cheeks and pink lipstick. She had on a top and it was also pink. Well, it was more like a fishing net and it gave Alex a great look at Darcy's hard nipples as each of them poked through the tiny holes.

He looked down, her stomach was bare and Darcy had a thin gold chain wrapped around it. He looked lower, until his quest was complete and her new panties filled his eyes. Alex didn't dare to look any lower, if he had, he might have died. The stockings were pink and so were the four-inch high-heels on her tiny feet.

"Is this better...Daddy?" she asked looking to the floor with her hands behind her back and Darcy's blood started to boil in her veins.

She knew this is what Daddy loved to look to see. She saw it on his computer the last time he came to visit her and Darcy counted the days, waiting to dress up for him. Every picture and video was with girls' or beautiful women wearing things like this.

"Do ya like it...Daddy?" Darcy asked with a soft purr, keeping her eyes on the floor, just like the video that was on the computer screen that day. "I hope you do. I want to get you ready for Christmas. She might come dressed like this...you never know," she purred again, slowly looking up to his face and she saw a little smile.

He could not believe her; Darcy was just like her late Mom. She was a born teaser and a damn good one too. "I should spank your ass for looking at my computer." Alex smiled and he was glad that she saw what he liked.

"It was there and I was too...so...I peeked!" she giggled and skipped across the deck and flopped into the same plush chair as last night, making sure that Daddy could see her long legs and the stockings.

"Well, I'll let it slide this time, but I better not catch you peeking at my things again." Alex said with a wink as he sat with her. "I'm glad I left that up, maybe I'll do it again if my tastes change!"

Darcy returned his smiled and slid her small hand on his lap, searching for the big thing that made her. "When do I get to see if I made you hard or um...not, Daddy?" she asked putting out her lip and snuggled closer to him and Darcy found it. "Mmmm Daddy, that feels nice!" she purred into his ear as her fingers tried wrapping around his mass, but Darcy couldn't and she moaned.

"It's all for you," he smiled and looked down to watch her hand on his stiffened shaft, enjoying her loving touch.

"Oh really?" she panted and slid her fingers up his length, knowing another reason why Mom loved him so much.

"Yep, all of it, but how is this getting me ready for my Christmas girl?" he teased Darcy and he felt her hold in a giggle.

"I gotta make sure I tell Santa all the things you like and what you want 'her' to do for you. Wouldn't that be so much better? So when Christmas comes, she'll be the perfect...um...lover."

He sat there enjoying Darcy's hand caressed up and down his straining cock as he admired her long legs and skimpy panties. "Are your other things going to look as good as this one?" Alex asked as he reached to run his hand over her right leg, savoring the smooth feel of the sheer stocking on his fingertips and he grew more.

"I don't know...they might or they might not, you gotta wait and see, Daddy," she whispered and Darcy wanted to hold his bare flesh in her hands. She slipped in the floor in front of him, sat on her knees and she slowly unzipped his pants. "Oh Daddy, it's so beautiful!" Darcy moaned and it sounded like she just orgasmed, but she was holding that until, Christmas Eve.

He watched Darcy and he hoped she wasn't going to kill him. Hell, he was an old man that hadn't been with a woman in a long time and here he was with a beautiful woman that was a fraction of his age. He was hard as a steel pole and she was pulling out his cock to play with. If Darcy was anything like her late Mom, she loved to suck things.

"What are you planning on doing with him?" Alex asked looking down to Darcy between his legs. She was holding him with both of her small hands and she was just looking at it, as if she was sizing it up.

"Oh God, Daddy..." Darcy moaned as her pussy dripped like never before and it was all because of him. His cock was a gigantic and close to a foot long. The head of it looked like a small apple and the shaft was slightly bent downward. "I wish it was Christmas Eve right now. This poor thing needs somewhere nice, wet and um...warm to spend the night," she whispered, opened her mouth and licked a big blob of pre-cum from the tip of his thick cock-head.

Alex saw her mouth open and when her long, wet tongue lapped at his cock he wanted to scream. "Oh shit!" he moaned and hoped that she wasn't going to suck him. Alex knew he wouldn't last but a second, maybe two and that was it.

"Mmmm, did you like that...Daddy? I gotta make sure I know what you um...like. We want 'her' to be perfect, don't we?" Darcy whispered as her eyes looked up to his and she licked him again, letting her tongue linger longer, teasing him until he was ready to explode.

Darcy's tongue was like silk as she licked him again, making sure that she drove him crazy and Alex loved it. "Holy fuck!" he moaned and Alex wanted this teasing vamp so bad, he was thinking of taking her right there, but waiting would be better. He wanted to see what Darcy had planned for Christmas Eve and if he took her, it was sure to screw up her plans.

She looked up and giggled at him. "What Daddy, don't you like me doing that to you?" Darcy knew he loved it, but she also knew that he needed to release, but she would help him with that later that night. For now, she planned to drive him nuts.

"Oh girl, I loved it, but your 'playing' is killing me!" he moaned and Alex hoped that Darcy would help him or something. If she kept this up, he would never make it until Christmas.

"Well, if you need a little break, I could go find us some snacks and make us a drink. Is that ok, Daddy? Would you like to come with me?" she asked with a purr as she held his massive cock in her hands. "You can watch my butt while I work. I know how much you love that," she said with a low voice and Darcy saw he was dripping again. Her long tongue lashed out and Darcy quickly licked away the salty cum, letting it sit on her tongue and savoring the forbidden fruits from her Daddy.

"Oh my God!" he moaned and Alex could see his cock down her silky throat, being sucked hard and Darcy's mouth being filled with cum. "I hope my 'Christmas girl' enjoys sucking things. Do you think she will?" he asked and saw a tiny smiled on her lips.

Darcy moved up him, letting his stiff cock rub her body and she stopped when he slipped between her long legs. "I think she will, Daddy. Do you like a pretty girl to suck your big, hard cock? Hum? Do you want her to suck it, make it cum in her mouth and um...make her drink it all up?" she moaned in his ear and Darcy felt his cock jump.

He grabbed her pigtails and pulled Darcy to his face. "Yes, I love a sexy girl to suck me and swallow it! I hope she likes doing that...a lot!" Alex said as he kissed her panting mouth, letting his tongue trace her lips and Darcy tried sucking on it, but he pulled it away.

"Mmmm, Daddy, I think she'll love doing that for you. I know I sure would, but I'm your daughter and um...that would be sooo nasty, wouldn't it? Hum Daddy? Would Daddy like me being a bad, bad girl? Hum?"

He wanted to die. Darcy was killing him, but it was fun and Alex couldn't wait to see what the little vamp had planned for him. "I love bad girls. Your Mom was a real bad girl and I think you're just like her."

"Daddy, what makes you think I'm a um...bad girl?" Darcy teased as her right hand moved down to his cock and she gently held him, loving the feel of the hot blood racing through it and she knew that it was all for her.

"Yeah, I wonder!" he laughed and Alex pushed her back, stood up and he gave her a loving swat on her butt. "I need a drink and a cigarette. You're about to kill me!"

Darcy smiled and moved against him. "Silly Daddy, I would never do that to you. I love you too much and I got plans on keeping you around for a long, long time," she smiled, kissed him and walked into the kitchen, knowing his big brown eyes were on her wiggling ass. Daddy loved watching her butt and Darcy loved him looking at her.


Alex stepped out of his pants, while watching Darcy sashay into the kitchen and he followed her. "Damn, I could watch you and this sexy body any time!" he moved behind her and made sure that his cock was between her legs.

Darcy turned in his arms and returned his hug. "Well, I'm all yours...Daddy. You can look, touch or um...anything else, if you want. I'm all yours," she smiled as they looked into each other's eyes.

Her caressed the side of her face and so dearly wished that she wasn't his daughter, but she was also a grown woman and she was in heat, for him. "Oh baby, this is so fucking nasty and bad, but it feels so damn good!" Alex said as he filled his big hands with her round ass-cheeks.

"Daddy, remember...we are adults and not little kids playing behind the barn. If we want to mess around and get nasty with each other, so what! It's not like the 'incest cops' are going to kick in the door and take us to jail or something."

He had to laugh at her and Darcy was right, but that word just would not leave his mind. "I know, but...," he was saying until Darcy quickly cut him off.

"Daddy, I know what you're thinking. I've had the same thoughts since Mom left us," she paused to take one of his cigarettes and light it. "Before she passed away, Mom told me that I should dump the 'shit-head' and do my best to...get you! She knew how much I loved you and she didn't care one bit."

"She really said that?" Alex asked in shock that Carol would have thought such a thing.

"Yes Daddy and she was very serious about me getting you. She hated the thought of you being alone, when I loved you so much. So, she gave me a push towards you and um...I'm glad she did."

"Yep, that sounds like something she would do." Alex said as tears filled his eyes.

"She loved you so much Daddy and she was just trying to think of the best woman for you. Just so happens, it was me."

He walked to look out the back door and out over the ocean. "This is still a little tough for me, so..."

"I'll give you all the time you need, but I'm still playing our game and," she said looking down to Daddy's now limp cock. "One of us had best get his cock hard and very soon or I um...won't be able to use this." Darcy smiled as she opened the fridge and pulled out a can of whipped cream.

"Your Mom loved that shit! In one night, she would use an entire can of that, just sucking my cock." Alex said as he thought back to the many nights Carol would suck him for hours and use the whipped cream.

"Mmmm, Mom was a dirty girl!" Darcy smiled as she shook up the can, held it to her mouth and squirted it in. She watched Dad from the corner of her eye, he started growing, and he grew fast.

"Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about!" she moaned and sat down on her knees in front of him. "Can I play with you...Daddy?" she whispered and didn't wait for his reply.

She squirted some cream up the entire length of his thick and Darcy started licking it off her Dad. Her tongue licked slow, starting at the base, she worked her way up to the head and Darcy squirted it too. "Is this the way you like it, Daddy?" Darcy asked as she gave her lips a low and very sensual lick, watching a big smile cover his handsome face and she went back to pleasing him.

"Did you take lessons from her? This is the same shit she would do to me, but we'd be in bed and when was she finished, we'd screw each other like crazy."

She just smiled at him and Darcy loved the sound of that. "Well, the night is still very young and um...I do enjoy a nice bedtime snack. So, you never know what might happen." Darcy said with a seductive look and she squirted more on him.

"Oh baby!" he moaned and could not resist grabbing her long pigtails. Alex pulled her hair as Darcy licked and she would suck the side his cock shaft, but she wouldn't suck the head of it.

"Nope, you gotta wait until tonight for the good stuff, Daddy. I don't want you cuming all over the place. I want to enjoy that after we're relaxed and snuggling on the sofa or in bed." Darcy smiled at him and she hated seeing him suffer, but Daddy would enjoy it more, later. "Let's make some drinks and I'll go shower. All this playing with you has left me um...all wet and kind of sticky." Darcy slightly spread her legs, showing Dad her wet, dripping pussy and he just smiled at her.

"I love seeing my girl wet. It means I'm doing my job of getting you turned on."

"Daddy, if I think about you I get soaked, but...making out with you is far better that just, thinking about you!" Darcy giggled as she took his hand and they went to make some drinks.


The sun was setting and Alex was getting a bad case of blue balls, when Darcy said. "We don't we go shower and um...I'll help you with this," she smiled as her hand wrapped around his simi-hard cock and Darcy gently squeezed. "I know this shit has to hurt. When we're done...I'll kiss it and make it all better, Daddy. How does that sound?" she purred and couldn't wait to suck him off, but as horny as he was, she knew that poor Daddy, wasn't going to last very long and Darcy was like Mom, she loved to suck cock all night.

"That sounds real good! I'm about to freakin' die!" Alex laughed in pain and his cock started filling with blood again. "See, just talking about that makes me hard as a rock!" he smiled and pulled her on his lap, letting her feel him growing under her beautiful ass and he caressed her pretty face.

"Are you absolutely sure this is what you want to do? It's going to change us forever and we can never take it away." Alex said as he held Darcy in his arms, thinking of what they were about to do.

She hugged him, looked into his eyes and said with lust. "Daddy, I've never wanted anything so badly in my life. I've loved you for as long as I can remember and I'm so happy." Darcy smiled as she leaned to kiss him. "You go shower and met me in the family room. I need to fix this poor thing for Daddy," she smiled, kissed him and went to shower.

Alex sat there and he had to have a cigarette before he did anything else. This was a life-changing thing and he knew that there was no taking it back. Once he made love with Darcy, their lives would never be the same again.

"I hope this is what you really wanted us to do." Alex said as he thought of Carol and the unusual thing she told their daughter to do with him. "If you didn't, I'm sorry, but it's what I want. I would never find anyone better or anyone that would love me more," he added as he looked up to the sky.


The water felt good running down his tall and he saw the bathroom door open. "Need help washing your back?" Darcy asked as she stepped in and moved behind him. "And, I have a wonderful idea and I hope you like it," she said as her hands slithered down the front of his body, until she found his swelling cock-shaft and Darcy started stroking him.

"What might that be?" he asked enjoying Darcy's hands slowly going up and down his thick shaft and her tall body pressed against his back. Alex could feel her stiff nipples stab his back and Darcy's slender hips resting against his ass.

"I think this gorgeous thing might need some relief, am I right?" she purred to him and she reached for some soap.

He stood and held on to anything he could. Darcy squeezed harder and her hands moved a bit faster. "Oh baby! That feels so damn good!" Alex moaned and he was in heaven. Darcy's slick hands were sliding up and down his rigid cock, teasing the head with a gently twist and a tiny pull on it.

"Why don't you turn and lean against the wall. I want to see my Daddy's face when I let you, cum all over mine." Darcy said and loved the surprised look on his face. "That sounded so nasty, but I saw that look on your face. Did you like that, Daddy?" she asked as he turned and she quickly sank to her knees in front of him.

"I've only did that two times in my life. Once was when I was in the Marines and I came all over a real pretty hooker in London and the other time was," he stopped to watch Darcy's loving hands slipping up and down his stiff cock, loving the sweet smile on her beautiful face and the thought of what he was about to do. "Your Mom was real horny one night and we were watching a porno movie. After we fooled around some and she saw that a few times, she wanted me to do it on her," he said as he watched Darcy smiled up to him and she started going faster.

"She didn't like it?" Darcy asked, knowing she did.

"No, she loved drinking it!" he grunted as Darcy giggled, stood up to face him and she stroked faster.

She looked into his eyes and wished it were tomorrow night. "Mmmm, Mom was right about us being alike! I love all the same things and I remember hearing something real hot one night."

"What did you hear?" he asked, but Alex knew. Carol loved calling him Daddy and he liked it too.

"I heard Mom calling you Daddy. Did you like hearing that?" she panted in his ear, thinking of calling out 'Daddy' when he made love to her.

"Hell yes I did! And...it's going to be even better, when you do it!" he moaned and felt his cock jump. Alex knew it wasn't going to be very much longer and Darcy was going to be covered in his warm cum.

She felt his cock and Darcy knew Daddy was ready. She eased back down on her knees, stroked him faster and smiled up to him. "Oh Daddy, this is so good! Do you like it, Daddy?" she asked with a teasing, young voice as her hands slid up and down his shaft.


"My sweet Daddy...you're gunna cum all over me. Your young, sexy daughter and you're going to cum all over me!" she moaned and couldn't wait for him to blow. "Mmmm Daddy, I want your cum! Cum on me, Daddy! Cum all over me and my pretty face, please Daddy!" she begged with an innocent voice as her hands pumped up and down his long and very thick cock.

"Oh baby, yes...soon!" he moaned again and watched Darcy pleasing him. Her little hands were wrapped tightly around his cock; they slid up and down, twisting, pulling and any other thing she could dream up. "Damn, that's my girl! Pull it harder...I like that." Alex moaned as Darcy stroked and now, she was pulling on the head and slowly twisting it at the same time.

"Oh yeah, come on...Daddy! I want to see you cum! You can cum on me, if you want." Darcy said with that voice she used before and she had a good idea that he liked it. "My handsome Daddy is going to cum on me! Maybe, he'll even cum on my...face!" she moaned with lust as she pulled and stroked his long cock, waiting for it to explode and cover her body with his milky seeds. The same seeds that made her and Darcy couldn't wait.

He watched and it was as if Carol was sitting in front of him, not Darcy. It was so odd that Darcy was doing everything her late Mom did to him, but she was doing a few things of her own. He loved her soft and innocent voice, it was always sure to make his cock jump and it was only seconds away from making him cum on her.

"I'm going to cover you with cum! Are you ready?" he said as he leaned down to grab a fistful of her long hair and he gave it a light tug, like he did her Mom's. "You want some cum?" Alex growled in her ear, moving his hips with the movement of her hands, as they fucked his cock. "Or I could shot that Daddy cum in your...mouth! Would my nasty girl like that better?"

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