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Daddy's Confession


There she was. Stretched out on the lounger in the back yard. She was on her front reading a book. I knew it was something intellectual. She never read trashy girly magazines nor did she read the typical novels that women her age were supposed to read. Her body was curvy and the light pink swimsuit hugged her curves perfectly. She was humming along to the music playing softly from the radio next to her. Her blonde locks were up on a ponytail and the curls in the ponytail were so sweet and innocent.

I leaned up against the patio doorframe and just watched. The cold air-conditioned air hit my back and the hot California heat was against my front. I crossed my arms and just waited. I wanted to enjoy the view for as long as I could.

Our house was large but not a mansion. Five bedrooms and four bathrooms were enough space for our activities. She had her own room that was filled with books and records. The walls were covered with posters and I knew she dreamed of meeting those heartthrobs one day.

I took a deep breath and continued to watch her. My member was already swollen, as it did every time I saw her. Luckily I was wearing jeans that held in my erection. If anyone saw what was going on he or she would be shocked. I was not a young man but even though I did not look my age, fifty, I did look much older then her.

I was tall, 6'5", with greyish brown hair and brown eyes. I used to be very thin but a recent injury had caused a bit of weight to be gained. My arms were muscular and I liked how the sleeves of my t-shirt stretched around my arms.

I stepped back and away from the doorway. She had shifted onto her back and I didn't want to surprise her. The marble counter was cold on my hands and I then moved to look out the kitchen window at my goddess.

She had put the book down and was adjusting her suit. She was picky about her tan lines but I always told her it didn't matter. She was gorgeous no matter what. Her breasts fell to her sides and I watched her rub oil in between them. My hand dropped down to my crotch and soon I was rubbing the head gently against the material of my jeans.

As if she knew I was watching she continued pouring oil on her body. She lifted her right leg to massage the oil into her calf and my eyes stared right between her legs. I knew exactly what her pussy looked like and I felt precum oozing from my cock.

Her pussy was tight and pink with a little gold stud pushed through her clit hood. She had asked for laser hair removal two years ago and I couldn't say no. I could never say no to her. I had assumed she meant her legs and underarms but when I saw the bill I was shocked to find 'full Brazilian' as part of the package.

I sucked on my tongue, not even realizing that it was the piercing that I wanted to suck on instead. I had been very angry when she came home and told me. Most of my anger came from the fact that she had not told me beforehand. I would have gone with her and made sure the place was reputable and that the technician was gentle. Part of me was jealous that she had let another man see her private parts. She had told me it had hurt and it was the most un-arousing thing she had ever done.

I glanced over at the overstuffed chair in the den. I remember how she had crawled into my lap and cried when she told me this. She knew she had disappointed me and I was very happy she was willing to admit it. I held her tight as she sobbed. Had she been younger I probably would have spanked her. Now that she was older I knew that wouldn't have helped. She liked it rough.

"Hi Daddy."

I jerked away from the window as I heard her voice. My eyes had been closed as I imagined what had happened after that episode and she startled me.

"Hi baby. Is that a new suit?"

I watched her eyes, wondering if she would realize what I had been doing. Sometimes she knew and other times she was oblivious to my naughty thoughts. Today she knew.

"Unhuh. I have the same one in blue, white, and black."

She spun around as she showed off her body. My fingernails dug into the counter top and my cock reminded me that it was close to exploding. Seeing my daughter oiling herself up and then remembering our first time had pushed it over the edge. I hadn't jerked off this morning and this was a bad idea. When I was around her I came so fast I felt like a fucking teenager.

"That's nice sweetie. I'm going to go upstairs to my office."

I walked around the kitchen island, partly to conceal my hard on, partly because I knew the moment I smelled the oil and was close to her I'd want her. She pouted but let me go. She had always been told that my work was important and she was never to disturb me. When she was younger she associated my work with her ability to buy new clothes and go on expensive vacations for Christmas and summer holidays. Now that she was older she knew that my job allowed her to stay at home and be the perfect replacement wife.

My wife had died when I was forty-six. It had been traumatizing to lose her only a year after we had married. The first four months were a blur and I remember that I ignored Beth most of the time. I didn't blame her for the death but she looked too much like her mother. She was only sixteen and had no idea what was going on in my head. She was cute and innocent. All she knew was that her father and now her mother were both deceased and her mother's new husband was trying to get rid of her.

As I sat in my plush leather chair my mind raced with all the events that led up to that first time. I had stayed very distant the first few years. I had been stern and strict and she accepted the new rules. Thankfully I travelled a lot and was able to forgot my sexual feelings for my stepdaughter the only way I knew how -- I fucked a lot of escorts.

Beth was twenty now. It was legal. I knew the rules. She had her own room and I had mine. On the outside she was the perfect daughter, taking care of me and going to school part time. Sometimes she would travel with me and new clients would compliment me on my trophy wife. Beth loved that compliment but I'd be quick to correct them. Later on when she was deepthroating my cock in the elevator we'd smile, knowing that our secret was more naughty then anyone could imagine.

"You work too much."

I looked up and saw her in the doorway of my office. I had gotten caught up in statistics and reports and I realized the sun had set. She walked over slowly, knowing she was probably pushing her luck by coming in. She had showered and her blonde hair lay straight and wet against her shoulders. She was in her white plush robe that barely covered her knees. I nodded for her to proceed.

"I work because otherwise I'd be fucking you all the time."

I giggled at my own cocky response. She only smiled as she dropped the robe and ran her fingers along her body. Her body was perfect. Her 34D breasts were perfect for her frame. Her brown eyes were dark and her eyelashes framed her face, making her look like an angel. Her tan lines were impressive but my eyes locked on her bare pussy. My cock swelled again and reminded me that I had yet to jerk off today. Her eyes narrowed as she flicked her tongue against her upper lip. I grunted as I struggled to unzip my jeans.

"Sometimes I hate how much control you have over me baby."

I glared at her because right now she was going to get exactly what she wanted. I wanted it too but damn it I was supposed to be the one in charge. The moment my jeans were undone she slid into my lap and guided my cock into her wet pussy. She held my face and we looked deep into each other's eyes. I always loved that she made me wait after sliding inside her. She wanted me to feel her tight wetness and she wanted to feel my thick throbbing member. This was so wrong but it felt so good.

"You let me control you."

She winked before throwing her head back and began thrusting. She surprised me sometimes. I thought she wanted it slow and sensual tonight but instead she wanted it how I wanted it - hard and rough.

"You're fucking right I do."

I gripped her blonde hair with one hand as my other hand cupped her perky butt cheek. I spanked her so hard and grinned as she cried out.


She was lost in her own world and for the moment I would let her enjoy. Her hands were on my thighs as she lifted up and down on my cock. She let me spank her and pull her hair but she wasn't cumming. I growled.

"Cum. Beth. Do. It."

I gripped her shoulders and pulled her down, bringing her back to reality. Foreheads touching I rocked her gently against me. My hands wrapped around her back and I heard her whimper and moan. This was what it was about. It wasn't about how hard she sucked me. It wasn't about how wet she got when I licked her pussy. It wasn't about anything to do with the sex. It was about the connection we had.

As she came on my cock I held her tighter. She whimpered and purred as her teeth dug into my shoulder. She squirmed so hard and that pushed me over the edge. I buried my head in her thick curls and felt my body let go.

We remained still for a few minutes. My cock stopped throbbing and I felt our mixed juices running down my thighs. Beth lifted up her head and looked into my eyes. It was a different look and I knew the secret that I had been holding onto for almost six years needed to be revealed. I didn't think this was the time and place to tell her but my heart was eager to speak.

"I only started dating your mother because I wanted you."

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