tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Darling

Daddy's Darling


Warm bed, snuggled up in your nighty, you rest peacefully. Dreams of your boyfriend dance through your head. Some of them are quite sexual and concern the things the two of you do when no one is around.

He kisses you. You respond. Tongues dance and intertwine. The kisses shoot tingly feelings all through your body. You feel your nipples tighten and become erect as he kisses you. His strong hands knead your breasts and his fingers tweak the nubs of your nipples. "Oh yes, Rob, that feels so good!" Your young body responds with enthusiasm. You can feel the excitement in the pit of your stomach. He is going to make love to you.

You open your eyes. He's really there! You can see his form in the darkness as he looms over you. How did he get in without your father hearing? Well, no matter, you aren't going to kick him out, you'll just have to be quiet.

His hands slide the straps of your red satin nighty from your shoulders, exposing your breasts. His hands touch your bare flesh as his lips pull at the soft skin of your neck. "Mmmmmmm," you sigh. His mouth moves to your breast, sucking at the nipple. You feel it stretch slightly as the vacuum in his mouth pulls on it. His tongue dances back and forth across the tip of it. Your young pussy is moistening in response. Your hands roam through his hair. "Oooh, Rob!"

One hand squeezes your breast and the other one grazes the skin on the back of your thigh, moving higher to reach the soft cotton panties you're wearing. You lift your bottom and his hand slides underneath the elastic band to cup the smooth firm skin of your ass. His mouth leaves your breast and kisses and sucks down until your nighty block his progress. His hand leaves your breast and with the other helping and your bottom raised, he slides your panties down and off one foot.

His tongue touches the skin above your pussy. It's bare. Shaven. Fuck it feels good to have his tongue on you. He lowers himself, his wet tongue rolling over and pressing firmly against your clit before it moves on to probe between the folds of your young snatch. He licks, sucks and probes you to your delight. Strong fingers grip your thighs, nails digging into your tender flesh. Your breathing escalates and you start to cry out. You clamp your lips shut to avoid waking your father. Knowing you are close, Rob doubles his efforts and soon you are struggling to stay quiet as your orgasm begins to peak. You grab your pillow and scream into it as your back arches and your hips thrust into his face, trying to capture more pleasure.

His ministrations slow, as does your climax. You set the pillow aside and gasping for air say "Oh Rob, that was great!" He slides up you, you can make out his silhouette in the darkness. His erect cock touches the outer lips of your wet pussy and parts the folds. "Oh god yes, I want you in me!" He strokes into you, filling you more than ever before. You close your eyes in ecstasy.

"Oh, yes! You are so tight Pumpkin!" Your eyes flash open, "Pumpkin"? only your father calls you that!

"Daddy?" you ask as the shaft moves with in you.

"Yes, baby. Daddy's here. Here to love you as no man can love you."

Your mind reels with the realization that you are committing incest with your father. It's wrong, it's a crime against God and nature. You've been taught this all your life. But why does it feel so good? The cock that brought you to life in your mother's womb should not be providing pleasure to you like this.

"Daddy, no! This is wrong!" Your hands move to his chest to push him away, but they only rest there, and exert no pressure to dislodge him. You feel his chest hair under your hands as they start to roam over his chest. His big cock moving in and out of his own daughter's pussy. "Oh baby, I love you! Daddy loves you honey!"

The inherent obscenity of those words and the act you are participating in turn you on. You start to cum.

"Oh, Daddy, I'm Cumming! Oh oh oh, yes!". Your hands move to his back and your hips buck against his. Part of you is deeply shamed for your wanton participation in this degenerate act. The rest of you revels in the pleasure he provides you. Rob was never this good!

"Oh, god, I love you Daddy! Fuck me please!" You say, swearing in front of him for the first time. He pumps into you, his balls banging against your cheeks and pelvic bone grinding into your clit. You cum again, crying out for Daddy. Your youthful cunt clamps down on his cock...on Daddy's cock as you squeal out your orgasm.

"That's it baby, cum for Daddy!" You do, his pubic hair is matted with your juices as you flow across him and down your ass to soak the sheets.

He cries out, your tight 18-year-old pussy having finally driven him to orgasm. "Oh, shit! Here it is baby, Daddy's cumming in you!" You can feel his cock pulsing in you as he unloads shot after shot of baby-making sperm into your fertile young womb. The thought of getting pregnant by your own father is too much and before the last orgasm even finishes, a new one begins.

Your nails dig into his back and you push your hips against his, grinding yourself to further the pleasure. He kisses you, it is the same kiss you dreamt of. The kiss you thought Rob was giving you. You respond, kissing your father as a lover and ignoring the lingering guilt of such a union. Eventually, your orgasms subside and his now flaccid penis slips from your cummy pussy.

"Daddy? Do you think I should go on the pill?"

His arms wrap around you, one hand cupping a firm breast, "Whatever you want, Pumpkin. I was thinking you could use a brother or sister...or son or daughter."

You giggle. In your heart, you know Rob is done. He can't compete. You'll tell him at work tomorrow...

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