tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Dirty Buttslut Act 14

Daddy's Dirty Buttslut Act 14


Preface - PLEASE READ!:

This is the fourteenth part of what is a running story. It is all about the taboo. You will not find romance here. Any notion and talk of love is subverted to serve the taboo.

Anal sex and incest are MAJOR themes of this story.

You may want to not read this part and other parts if you take offence to any of the following in a lurid, obscene (and of course fantastical) context: incest, rough sex, submission and domination, degradation, extreme sodomy, ass worship, extreme dirty assplay, light or implied scat, and EFRO (erotic female relieving observance).

All characters involved are 18 or older.

As for everything, I really welcome feedback! I appreciate every fan I have, and your comments and messages are most fun to receive!


Your cockhead sinks itself inside your daughter's lax brown hole. It farts at you as the wet and slightly gaping exit/entrance gets your fat meat pushed in. After her previous activity her anus is far from a tight squeeze. Her warm and greasy rectum slops itself easily around your cock, despite its size.

Ana jiggles her ass from side to side and you feel your shaft press hard against the walls of her anus."Fuck daddy my ass is so loose after that big poo. I'm such a buttslut."

"That's what a real asswhore's butt should feel like inside, like you've been taking dicks in it all your life, getting double buttfucked every day until anyone can just slip inside and masturbate themselves with your asshole."

"Shove it deep in my big bottom daddy. Jack off with your daughter's sloppy anus."

You sit up astride your daughter, mounting her like an animal, and lean forward so you can squeeze her big breasts. She arches back against you and turns her head, and you share a lustful tongue kiss as you rut her fat butt, feeling and hearing your cockmeat slopping slickly out her bowels, pummeling her nasty rectum.

"What do you like about me daddy?" she says in a little girl voice as you sodomise her bum.

"The same things you like about yourself sweetie."

"You mean like my sexy face?" she smiles.

"Your sexy dumb face, let's get it right."

She grins widely. "I'm sorry daddy, I forgot about that!"

"And why did you forget?"

"...Cause I'm so dumb?" She giggles.

"That's right baby."

"Imagine if I was intelligent daddy."

"That wouldn't be much fun."

"I know right! It'd be soooo boring! Nobody taking advantage of me or making fun of me or treating me like a silly slut." She bites her lip and pushes her ass back to receive a thrust particularly deep.

"Stupid girls have all the best fun baby. And they're the biggest anal lovers."

"Definitely daddy. And I feel even dumber than I am when my bum is packed with cock, I dunno why but it's cool."

"You definitely seem even stupider to me when I'm buttfucking you. Nice and dirty and hot. A girl can't act all intelligent when you've got your cock deep in her ass."

"I don't understand why they'd even want to!"

"You don't understand much do you, baby?"

"No daddy. I like it that way." She smiles, and uses one hand to pull a big asscheek open to let you even deeper in.

"Me too. Tell me now, does anyone else notice your stupidity?"

"Well of course daddy, it's hard not to notice! It's pretty obvious I'm a dumb slut just from looking at me! I love it when I just see people looking at me in a bar or club or on the street and you can tell they're just thinking about how dumb and slutty I look. You know, when I'm all dolled up in my whore makeup and slut clothes. And I'm drunk and giggling and trying to run in high heels and my big boobies are jiggling and bouncing everywhere. Like when I'm running to catch the bus and my tits are like about to fall out of my top -- or sometimes they do fall out -- and everyone on the bus is staring at me and thinking how pretty and dumb I am."

"That's a really sexy image baby. Do you ever hear what they say about you?"

"I overhear a lot. Comments like 'did you see her tits?' 'look at that fucking big ass falling out' 'what a slut', 'I bet she's really stupid' and such. I love the last one, I always smile at them if I hear it. My favourite though is when I hear 'I bet she takes it in the ass'. When I hear that I always look at them and wink and giggle, making my boobs jiggle. I love that people can look at me and think I look like I take it in the ass. And it's so right!"

You maul her breasts even harder at this, and increase the speed at which you slop into your daughter's deliciously juiced bumhole.

"Tell me I'm your cumdumpster daddy."

"You are my cumdumpster. You know your only purpose is a place for daddy to deposit his big cumloads."

"Mmm yes that's all I'm for. Pound my pretty teenage anus, make it gape," Ana breathes, bucking her buttcheeks back up into you in sync with your own steady rhythm. With each buck of her ass your cock makes it all the way down to the hilt inside her rectum. Each of these deep, rutting movements is to the tune of her slutty farts.

"You have such a polite and respectable ass," you tease.

She responds to this initially by grunting and forcing out a loud rubbery fart that lasts for several seconds and vibrates around your cockhead. "Fuck that," she says. "Buttwhores aren't meant to be polite. In fact, anal sex as a whole isn't designed to be respectable. If anyone thinks that then they're doing it wrong. It's supposed to be disgusting and obscene. You're being fucked in your ass, for god's sake. Your asshole, where you shit! You're taking a big log of meat up the dirty backdoor, up the shitter. Anyone trying to stay dignified is not only being ridiculous and hypocritical, but they're ruining all the fun."

"I know," you laugh. "I love your nasty slutty noisy bottom."

"Good, I love it too. I love being rude with it, I love my sloppy rude butthole. Meant for huge poos and hard incest. It's made for nasty sodomy, squeezing things out and pouting open to squeeze things back in."

You continue to ride her like a dog, and move your hands from mauling her big sweaty tits up to her face, which you rub and slap with one hand while pulling her hair hard with the other. Her impressive teenage chest now free from your clutches swings away beneath her.

"Fuck you're such a busty young whore," you say, punctuating your words with another slap to her beetroot red face.

"Screw your bigtittied daughter in the butt," she grunted. "Punish me for having such big tits, like a slut."

Her nasty hot rectum clutches and sucks away at you and her buttmeat jiggles about almost as much as her breasts. Her butthole continues to softly fart as you plunge in and out, withdrawing to the tip so it gapes at you like a huge black hole ringed in brown, and then you stuff and squelch it deep and hard and it noisily vibrates its rudeness back.

"Unnnghh, yeah fuck my asspussy, my other pussy that's always hot, tight and wet," she moans, reaching under her to squeeze her own breasts and pinch her fat swollen nipples.

"It's not always tight though is it," you reply. "Often it's the very opposite. I bet you could cram two cocks in there and you wouldn't bat an eyelid."

"You're right, it's loose and slutty and can open up to anything. I could take two guys' huge fat cocks in my ass without missing a beat. I'm such a good buttwhore for guys to use and abuse. Fuck my hot, wet and sloppy asspussy."

You keep your hand locked in a fistful of her hair but withdraw your other to hook a finger inside her asshole, just on top of your cock, as you settle back into a more conventional and easier to maintain doggystyle position. She doesn't make any further response, and perhaps she doesn't notice the small extra, and so you jam in two more fingers.

She responds by bouncing her buttcheeks back into you fiercely, her waist arched down and her head yanked back by her gripped hair. "More!" she yells.

You add a fourth finger on top of your cock, your finger tips turned up to tickle the insides of her rectum. Her butthole, once lax for you, is now definitely a tight squeeze. But you know she can take more, needs to take more.

"You ready for my thumb as well?" you ask. She jerks her head forward as a nod, causing her extra pain from her hair. "Just pretend its a second cock," you add as reassurance. "Two cocks doubleteaming your sexy teenage bottom."

You try to push your thumb in and, after some resistance, succeed, and it quickly moistens and warms inside her along with the others. You cause as much motion with your hand as you can manage while continuing to fuck her.

"Mmm," she groans. "I can't wait to get double assteamed for real. I'm going to be such a popular girl."

"Even more popular than you are already?"

"I'm already a favourite of the guys for all the times I suck them off or let them cum in my tight little pussy. They know I'm just a silly little girl of no intelligence or sense blessed with big slutty boobies. I've got a reputation for how easy I am. But when word gets around that I'm taking two guys in my ass at once I'm gonna find myself with so many friends and party invites and sleepovers! I'm gonna be that girl in the upstairs bedroom at every party getting gangbanged."

"Aw, you sound like you're looking forward to all this," you say, yanking again on her hair.

"I can't wait daddy," she pants. "I can't wait to be a perfect pretty little whore with two cocks in my little bum and all my friends' boyfriends coming to me to use my ass like it's the town cumdumpster."

By this point anal juice is soaking your penis and her pussy juice is soaking your balls, and the anal sex couldn't sound more sickly sordid.

"My little bum is so wet for you daddy," she whimpers. "Just thinking about the whore I am."

"You're such a good girl," you murmur.

"I need to be open wider if we're gonna manage what I had in mind though."

"I know, I know. Are you ready for my fist in your ass?"

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