tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Fetish Ch. 04

Daddy's Fetish Ch. 04


I was staring at the contents of my closet. Daddy had told mom that he was taking me bowling tonight and I had no clothes that would go with the underwear he’d left for me and that mom would let me walk out of the house in. I could smell that dinner was almost ready; I had to make my mind up soon. I’d just showered but I felt that familiar sweet wetness in my pussy. The weekend had been magical. Three days in a row daddy had brought friends around to fuck me while he watched. Yesterday had been the best. Not only had my high school principal and uncle shared my cunt, but daddy had taken my virgin ass. I couldn’t wait to see what he had planned for tonight.

The front door slammed and I knew daddy was home. I heard his voice in the kitchen and then he walked towards the master bedroom.

“Daddy,” I whispered out so that mom wouldn’t hear.

“Yes, princess,” he replied and walked into my room, closing the door behind him.

“I don’t know what to wear tonight,” I said as he pulled my robe open and cupped my breast, giving my nipple a quick kiss.

“What would you normally wear to go bowling?”

“Jeans and a t-shirt,” I replied.

“Then that’s what you’ll wear tonight. You’ll take those off and greet your guests in the new outfit. Put the shoes in a bag and wear sneakers when we leave.”

With those words daddy walked out and went to have a shower.

I started getting dressed. I felt so sexy in my black lace crotch less panties and the matching bra that had holes for my nipples. They were fully erect by now and I worried about how much they’d be visible through my t-shirt. The garter belt and lace topped stockings completed the slutty look. I dipped a finger in my cunt and licked off my juices. I was ready to be fucked right there and then. I hoped it wouldn’t be much longer.

I put on jeans and a black t-shirt and looked at myself in the mirror. My nipples were so erect they were almost poking a hole through the t-shirt. I couldn’t force them down. My tight jeans were putting pressure on my clit and I was so horny. I decided to put a shirt over the t-shirt, that’d hide my nipple problem a little bit.

Dinner was awful. I think mom could notice that I wasn’t my usual self. She kept asking me if I wanted to go bowling, saying that I could change my mind if I wanted to. I couldn’t explain to her that I was nervous because I just wanted to get out of the house to feel one of daddy’s friends’ cock in my dripping cunt.

Daddy and I drove off in silence. We soon arrived at a luxury hotel and daddy drove down into the garage. We got onto the elevator and rode straight up to the 12th floor. Daddy got a key card out of his pocket and unlocked the door and we entered a beautiful room. There was a big recliner for daddy that was facing a huge bed that was covered in satin sheets. The bathroom had a shower that was big enough for two and on the balcony there was a Jacuzzi. I wondered whether I’d get a chance to try it tonight.

“Take off your clothes,” daddy said and got comfortable in the recliner. “Your guests will be arriving soon.”

That was the second time he’d said guests in plural. Could I be so lucky to get to fuck two juicy cocks again tonight? I pulled off my shirt and t-shirt and daddy nodded his approval of my hard nipples. I then stepped out of my sneakers and took my jeans off and handed them to daddy who licked the wet patch. I took the high heel shoes out of the bag and put them on. I looked at myself in the mirror and felt sexier than ever before.

It wasn’t long before there was a knock on the door. Daddy motioned for me to open it. I gasped as I saw our neighbours, Mr and Mrs Donnelly. This explained why we couldn’t do this at their house or ours.

“Oh Steph, you’re so beautiful,” Mrs Donnelly caressed my breast as she walked past me.

“We’ve been watching you for so long, wanting to fuck you,” Mr Donnelly continued. “We were so pleased when your dad put you up for sale.”

The Donnellys quickly undressed before me. Mrs Donnelly was wearing an identical outfit to mine, it was obvious that she’d bought the matching set, and Mr Donnelly was naked, stroking his rapidly growing cock. Mrs Donnelly walked up to me and licked my lips. She was the same height as me and our nipples met, sending shockwaves down the pit of my stomach, as she parted my lips with her tongue and started kissing me.

Mrs Donnelly took my hand and led me to the bed. I lay down and she parted my legs. Mr Donnelly caressed my hairless mound through the panties and then Mrs Donnelly climbed between my legs and pressed her lips against my pussy lips. She was kissing my pussy just as she had my mouth a moment ago. Then she started caressing the insides of my thighs with her fingers and blowing on my cunt. I moaned out loud with pleasure. I’d never been with a woman before, but it was obvious that she knew exactly what to do with me.

Mr Donnelly kneeled next to me and started kneading my tits, pulling at my nipples through the bra. I turned my head and started licking the precum that was leaking out of his hard meat. It seemed to stir him.

“Oh, so you’re hungry for cock,” Mr Donnelly smiled.

I nodded and moaned again as Mrs Donnelly’s tongue penetrated my wet cunt.

“I’ll be happy to oblige,” Mr Donnelly said and straddled my face, pressing his cock against my lips. I opened my lips and licked them before I slowly sucked him in, inch by inch. I let my tongue play with the veins on his erect shaft as I sucked him hard, rewarding me with a loud groan from Mr Donnelly.

Meanwhile Mrs Donnelly’s tongue was torturing me even more. She was tongue fucking me fast and hard. I was desperate to wrap my legs around her head to feel her tongue deeper inside my cunt, but her hands held my legs in place as she slurped on my free flowing juices.

I was slowly losing control of my mouth as well. I was sucking Mr Donnelly hard, but he was in control. His hips were moving up and down as he fucked my mouth, right down deep into my throat. He tasted so good. I sucked harder and harder. Each deep penetration of my throat produced a gagging reflex around his thick meat and this seemed to spur him on even further.

I cast a quick glance to the reclining chair where daddy was watching us intently. He’d already got his cock out and he was stroking it as he watched the show on the bed. I moaned around Mr Donnelly’s cock in my mouth as I saw daddy’s juice cock.

Suddenly Mrs Donnelly moved from my wet fuck hole and started sucking on my clit. I soon discovered why as she started slipping her fingers inside me. First one, then two, then three fingers started fucking me as she sucked my clit hard. I moaned louder and louder I felt so good. I knew I was going to cum soon.

I sucked Mr Donnelly as hard as I could as his thrusts got faster and deeper. I was sure he was close to cumming too. I finally had to give in. My cunt contracted hard around Mrs Donnelly’s pumping fingers and I screamed out around Mr Donnelly’s cock. My whole body buckled as I heard Mr Donnelly’s roar. The next second he was squirting his cum deep inside my throat and I swallowed every drop he gave me.

Mr Donnelly slid off me and lay on his side as Mrs Donnelly pulled me up. She walked me up to where daddy was sitting and held out her hand for him to lick my cunt juices. When he was done she pulled me into her arms again and started kissing me. I could taste my cunt on her lips. She reached around and unclasped my bra and then she pulled my panties off. She did the same to herself.

“Now it’s time for you to eat my pussy,” she smiled and lay next to her husband who started sucking on her tits.

“I’ve never eaten a pussy before in my life,” I said truthfully.

“Just do to me what you like to have done to yourself,” she said and pulled her legs wide apart, showing off glistening dark red folds.

She looked so juicy. I was dying to taste a cunt so I kneeled between her legs and leaned forward. I licked along her slit and flicked my tongue across her exposed clit. I was immediately rewarded with a sharp intake of breath. I felt movement on the bed next to me and soon I felt a tongue licking the length of my exposed slit. The tongue soon went away and I could feel Mr Donnelly rubbing his cock against my wet slit. I felt him getting harder and harder against me.

I pulled Mrs Donnelly’s pussy lips wide apart and started licking the wet, warm hole. I slowly entered her with my tongue and was amazed at the amount of pussy juices I got to lick up. This was wonderful. Her cunt tasted so good. Mr Donnelly’s cock was now hard against my hole. He grabbed hold of my hips and slowly slid inside me. I moaned against Mrs Donnelly’s hole as I felt the size of Mr Donnelly’s cock head opening my tight hole. He didn’t stop until he was deep inside me and then he slapped my ass before he slowly pulled out again.

Mr Donnelly kept sliding inside my cunt, slapping me and pulling out again. I started sucking on his wife’s clit and sliding my fingers inside her hole. I easily slid four fingers inside her and started masturbating her fast. She was dripping into my hand and I was dying to lick some of that juice up, but I didn’t. I kept sucking on her nub. Mr Donnelly slowly picked up the pace and fucked me harder and faster, each time getting deeper into my cunt.

I couldn’t tell who was moaning louder, Mrs Donnelly or me. Mr Donnelly’s thrusts kept forcing me harder into Mrs Donnelly’s wet cunt. I sucked, licked and finger fucked her while being taken to new heights by Mr Donnelly’s wonderful fuck meat. Daddy was out of his recliner. He was standing right next to us, jerking his cock fast and hard.

Then Mrs Donnelly started screaming. It was a high pitched scream and she shook underneath me, almost breaking my pumping fingers as her cunt squeezed me tight. She showered my hand with her juices and I slowly pulled out. Mr Donnelly grabbed hold of my tits and pulled me up, all the time fucking me hard from behind. I reached back and let him taste his wife’s juices. He quickly lapped them up and grabbed hold of my shoulders. Mrs Donnelly reached out and started massaging my clit and as my cunt gripped Mr Donnelly’s cock hard in my second orgasm for the night daddy shot his load straight onto my tits.

Mr Donnelly pulled out of my throbbing cunt when I was done cumming. He lay down on his back and daddy sat down in his recliner again to watch what happened next. Mrs Donnelly kept rubbing my clit, frequently slipping a finger into my hole. She knew that I was horny for more so she made me straddle her husband and then she guided his shaft into my wet hole, while massaging his balls.

When Mr Donnelly was all the way inside me Mrs Donnelly straddled his face, facing me. I was just starting to ride Mr Donnelly’s cock as she reached forward and embraced me. As she kissed me deeply our tits were squeezed together and daddy’s cum was smeared across both our chests. Mrs Donnelly and I kept kissing and fondling each others’ tits as I started sliding up and down Mr Donnelly’s juicy shaft. I could hear the wet fuck noises as I slammed down on Mr Donnelly and the wet slurps of Mr Donnelly eating his wife’s cunt.

After a while Mrs Donnelly stopped kissing me and she started focusing on my tits instead. She leaned forward and tweaked one nipple between her thumb and index finger and she sucked my other nipple into her mouth. She sucked and pulled hard and I loved what she was doing to me. Mr Donnelly’s cock was spreading my cunt so wide and Mrs Donnelly was man handling my tits in the most erotic way. I reached down and cupped Mrs Donnelly’s tits, kneading them hard as she continued sucking on mine.

I picked up the pace on Mr Donnelly’s cock. Despite having his face buried in his wife’s wet cunt he kept moving his hips, meeting my slams with thrusts of his own. We kept moving faster, matching each other’s pace, stroke by stroke. I could feel my pussy juices dripping down on his groin and balls. He was as slippery as I was, making me slide faster and faster. I soon let go of one of Mrs Donnelly’s tits and started rubbing my clit. I could feel Mr Donnelly’s cock with the tip of my finger as he slid in and out of my hungry cunt.

Mrs Donnelly came first. With a scream she let go of my tits and grinded her cunt all over her husband’s face. Her wonderful orgasm was all I needed to go over the hill and I moaned out loud as I felt my cunt contracting around Mr Donnelly’s fuck meat. My second orgasm in a row around his shaft then proved the breaking point for Mr Donnelly. His face wet with his wife’s cunt juices he roared out and shot his load straight up my cunt.

When I finally managed to roll off Mr Donnelly I lay on my back and cupped my tits, absently playing with my nipples. Tonight I’d had my neighbour Mr Donnelly’s spunk down my throat and up my cunt. What a wonderful way to spend the night.

I lay and watched as Mr and Mrs Donnelly got dressed and left. I looked at daddy. His cock was still hard in his hand.

“Do you want me to come over and suck your cock, daddy?” I looked at him as I asked the question.

“No, baby,” he replied as he stood up and started getting undressed. “I have something better in mind.”

“What are you going to do, daddy?” I asked as I watched him get naked in all his glory.

“Spread your legs, baby,” he said with a smile. “Daddy’s gonna eat that wonderful cunt of yours.”

My cunt was still full of Mr Donnelly’s cum as daddy got down between my legs and parted them before him. I could feel the white milk trickling out of my wet hole as daddy’s head went down and then I felt a long lick from my ass crack all the way up my slit to my mound. Daddy licked me like that again and again. Then he started parting my pussy lips with his tongue, getting more of my cum mixed juices. I felt great. I wrapped my legs around daddy’s head, lifting my hips, wanting his tongue deeper inside me.

He flicked his tongue across my sensitive clit, he slid his tongue inside my hole and then he sucked my clit again. I was kneading my tits as I looked down at daddy performing his magic on me with his talented tongue. Of everybody who’d eaten my pussy in the last couple of days, daddy was by far the best one. He knew exactly what I wanted and how to make me cum. He was better than I’d ever imagined.

“Daddy,” I panted as I felt his finger on my nub while his tongue was buried deep inside my fuck hole. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum for me, baby,” daddy said from my pussy. “Cum all over daddy’s face!”

I needed no more encouragement. I wrapped my legs tight around daddy’s head and shoved my cunt up in his face and sprayed my juices all over him. I was still throbbing as he pulled out and moved up to kiss me. As he kissed me and I tasted my pussy juices on his face I was extremely aware of his hard cock that was resting against my wet slit.

“Daddy?” I said and looked into his eyes.

“Yes, baby.”

“How does it feel when you watch all these men fuck my tight little cunt?”

“It’s wonderful, baby.”

“And how did it feel to take my ass yesterday?”

“It was the best ass I’ve ever had.”

“Have you ever wanted to know how it would feel to have your cock inside my wet cunt?”

“I wonder that every time I look at you, honey.”

“Fuck me, daddy.”

He took one look in my eyes to see that I was serious. Then he stood up and picked me up from the bed, carrying me into the shower.

“We have to get home,” he said and for a moment I thought I was going to be disappointed again. “So we better make this quick.”

With those words all tenderness was gone. He pressed me up against the cold tiles in the shower and parted my legs. He slammed his rock hard cock straight inside my tight cunt. I cried out as I felt him tearing my cunt apart. My daddy was so wonderful. He had the best cock a girl could ever want in her cunt. He slammed me deep and hard. He was kissing me deeply as he rammed me over and over and over with his big shaft. I could hardly breathe. I’d forgotten how cold the tiles were against my back. With each thrust he slammed into my clit and stopped to grind against it briefly. I’d lost count of how many orgasms I’d had, but they didn’t stop me from having more.

We were both overwhelmed with the eroticism of the situation and the hard and violent nature of our fucking. The last four days had been foreplay leading up to this. Nothing else mattered now apart from daddy’s cock in my cunt.

“Daddy,” I panted.

“Yes, Stephie.”

“I have to cum.”

“Cum for me, baby.”

No more encouragement was needed. My body shook in his arms, my legs shivered as I wrapped them around his waist. Daddy kept fucking me hard as my cunt convulsed violently around his meat. The minute he knew that I’d gone over the edge, daddy groaned and with a final hard thrust he slammed into me and stopped. I could feel his cock twitching inside my tight hole as he finally released his load, deep inside his little girl.

Half an hour later we walked through the front door at home. Mom was watching TV.

“Did you have a good time?” she asked us without turning around.

Daddy and I looked at each other with love shining out of our eyes.

“We had a great time,” we said in unison.

Shortly afterwards I went away to college. As I kissed my daddy goodbye I was already looking forward to my first trip home. Daddy had promised me something extra special as a welcome home present.

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