tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Girl

Daddy's Girl


My fate was decided when I decided to go off to college in another city. My mother was too paranoid to allow me to stay in a dorm room five states away, so she called my father on the phone and arranged for me to stay with him while I was in school.

I had not seen him in eight years and I expected that he would vehemently refuse, but he disappointed me on that point too. He had talked to me as my mother looked on and told me how much he had missed me and that he was really looking forward to my coming to stay with him. I wanted to ask him why, if he had missed me, he rarely called and never came down to Baltimore to see me, but I couldn't with my mother standing there staring at me and listening.

That was in my mind as the plane landed, leaving an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach, and the signs came on as we were herded like cattle out of the pen. When I went through the terminal, the first person I saw on the other end was my father in a nice pen striped suit.

He was slim with slightly graying hair and he had a cool smile attached to his lips. He looked very different from the man with the beer belly who came home every night only to yell at anyone, and anything, that got in his way. I moved to him quickly and when our eyes locked he smiled widely and suddenly ran towards me. He the hugged me so tight around the waist that he picked me up. When he put me down, I was smiling despite myself.

"Daddy, you look different," I told him.

He smiled and did a dramatic turn for me. "Do you like the changes I've made, pumpkin?" he asked as a struck a pose.

I laughed and clapped my hands at his antics. "I like the changes very much, I just hope they go more than skin deep."

My father, suddenly serious, looked me in the eyes. "I have changed a lot, Brittany, and I think you are going to like all the changes my therapist and I have worked hard on these past eight years."

I nodded. "Well, in that case, Daddy, I think I want to see my new home now," I told him.

He smiled again, held out his arm to me, and when I slipped my arm into his he escorted me to the baggage claim. I was laughing all the way and all the thoughts of him not coming to see me and my mother staring at me flew out of my head. We picked up my few bags and as I pulled the strap of my pink tot bag over my shoulder, by father feigned pain when he picked up the two suitcases.

I laughed again and when he was done goofing around, we walked out of the airport and into the parking lot where he headed for a black Oldsmobile. It was a nice car, but what I was really looking at was the redheaded woman who was in the passenger seat. My father opened the door for me to get into the back seat and proceeded to stow my bags in the trunk with no explanation. I climbed into the seat and arranged my skirt around me.

"Nice to meet you, Brittany," the woman said as she turned around.

She had an annoyingly high voice and I barely wanted to answer, but I also did not want to be rude. "Nice to meet you too, Ma'am, though I have no idea who you are," I told her.

"Your father must have told you all about me, I'm Rachel, his fiancée," she insisted.

"He never told me he was engaged," I admitted.

She pouted and turned back around. I looked back at my father, who had just shut the trunk and was walking back to the driver's seat. When he sat down, he pulled the door closed and leaned over to kiss Rachel on the cheek. She flinched, but she allowed him to do it. "What's wrong, honey?"

"Your daughter has never heard of me," she whined.

"I'm sorry, honey, I must have forgotten," he explained.

Rachel continued to pout, but instead of trying to make her happy my father shook his head and started the car. I smiled to myself at my father's nonchalance as we pulled out of the parking lot and onto an almost empty street. It was a long drive to my father's house and somewhere along the drive I must have leaned back and dozed off.

I didn't remember doing that, but I must have because the next thing I remembered was my father shaking me awake in the darkened garage of his house. I sat up groggily and guessed that Rachel had already gone into the house since I was alone with my smiling father. His smile brightened as I stopped yawning and smiled back at him.

"I was tempted to let you sleep forever, pumpkin, you look just like a little angel when you sleep," he told me as he mussed my short hair.

I laughed. "A perfect Angel?" I asked as I climbed off the seat only to jump into my father's waiting arms. "I think I just dived out of heaven," I told him as he put me down in the floor.

"Good thing you kept your wings because now you're in my heaven," he answered without missing a beat.

I slipped my arm through my father's and we walked together through the spacious garage, through an open doorway and into a large, bright kitchen. The kitchen was painted a soft yellow and as my father let my arm go in order to do something on the counter, I thought about my mother saying that a kitchen always looks nice in any shade of yellow.

The shade she had picked, however, was garish and took far too much away from the dark wood and I had always hated it. My father's colour of choice was more neutral, however, and it read more as a neutral amongst the light cabinets and all the gleaming ceramic surfaces that were spread throughout the room. Even the floor, which was a brown, red, and black pattern of pretty tiles, was pretty and warm in the room.

I immediately liked the room and slid comfortably into one of the high chairs that stood on the side of the counter that faced the sitting room. My father smiled at me from the other side as he hurriedly made sandwiches for what I supposed would be our lunch. What surprised me was that he had remembered my favorite ingredients when my mother, who saw me everyday, could not.

He was spreading mustard on top of ham and mozzarella cheese as he prepared to put dill pickles in the shape of a smiley face. He was feeding me one of the pickle slices when Rachel appeared again in a very skimpy bikini and flip-flops. Her body matched her voice. She was tiny everywhere, with dull blue eyes, pale skin and a dopey smile.

"You two catch up now, I'll be in the pool if you need me," she said.

My father barely glanced at her as I chewed on the pickle he had given me, but he nodded his acknowledgement and she flopped on out of the room after flashing me a bright smile. I smiled back, but was more interested in my father.

"How long have you two been engaged?" I asked.

My father looked at me with humour in his eyes. "I've never been engaged to Rachel, pumpkin. Is that what she told you?" he asked.

I nodded. "Well, if you're not engaged then how long have you been with the Barbie doll?" I asked and immediately wished I could take the words back.

Surprisingly, my father laughed. "I've been with her three years and sometimes I slip up and call her Barbie myself. That's why she dyed her hair that horrible red in the first place," he admitted.

I laughed then too. "I can't believe you remembered how to make my favorite sandwich when even Mama forgets on the regular."

"I can't forget anything about you, pumpkin. I wasn't around for so long that I had to create a permanent picture of you in my mind," he told me as he slid in the chair beside me and handed me one of the sandwiches.

"I'm really glad you aren't engaged to that Barbie doll out there, Daddy," I said as I bit into my sandwich. "I mean, she is Mama's opposite with her deep voice, serious demeanor and all her curves, but I don't see why she should appeal to you."

My father was silent.

I peeked at him and put my sandwich down. "I'm sorry, am I getting too personal with that?" I asked with apologetic eyes.

My father shook his head though he didn't look too sure. "Its just that I'm not even sure why Rachel appeals to me. I mean, she's clingy and flighty, and prone to fly into jealous rages at the slightest provocation."

"Perhaps you were attracted to that because Mama would not fight for you and simply left you alone to deal with your problems as she raised me," I said seriously.

"I was the one who left," he answered without looking at me.

"That's not what I meant," I tried to explain. "I meant that Mama had given up on you and that Barbie doll probably won't leave you hanging like that no matter what you do."

My father was staring at me then. "When did you become so analytical when it comes to relationships?" he asked me with a strange look in his eye.

I shrugged as I began munching again. "Some things about your little girl have remained the same, but a lot about me has changed and mutated to create the woman you see before you," I said.

He laughed and I was glad because that look he had been giving me was a disturbing one. "Will you still allow me to call you pumpkin, my little girl turned insightful woman?"

"Of course!" I cried. "It makes me feel like I'm home."

"You are home, pumpkin," my father told me as he wrapped his arms around me and gave me a squeeze. When he let me go, we went on with a very delightful lunch and we had been done for an hour when Rachel finally came back in.


Later that same night, I was in my new room admiring all the things that my father knew I would love. There was a huge bed, a pretty cherry armoire despite the walk in closet that would hold all of my clothes, cinnamon coloured walls, a very high ceiling, and a window seat on one side of the bed.

The room smelled of peppermint and vanilla and I was in love with it as soon as I walked into it. I had already had dinner and I had even taken a bath in the huge, claw-footed tub that was in my own private bathroom. My own private bathroom!

I was walking around in the room with my bathrobe on, admiring all the pretty things in the room, when I noticed the full length mirror tucked into a corner by the head of the queen sized bed. I walked over to it, took off my robe and began going over again all the things about my body that had changed since I had been my father's little girl.

My skin was the same chocolate shade that it had been since I was born, but I had developed round hips that tapered down to slim legs, a slightly round stomach, and very large and round breasts. My feet and hands were still rather small and of course my eyes were the same unless you looked at them closely. They were large and such a dark brown that they almost looked black with perfectly arched brows and barely noticeable lashes.

I winked at myself as I turned around with the robe still clinging to my gently muscled arms. I lowered it a bit as I glanced over my shoulder and caught a quick glimpse of my rounded behind. I was so engaged when the door opened and my father came partially in only to cover his eyes.

"I'm sorry, pumpkin, I just wanted to give you your milk," he said nervously as he brandished the glass in front of him.

I quickly pulled my robe back on as I tried not to laugh. I was a bit embarrassed, but my father looked as if he had never seen a woman naked and I found that pretty funny. I tied it closed. "Its safe to look now," I said calmly.

He uncovered his eyes slowly and peeked at me. When he saw me covered in terrycloth, he exhaled and relaxed somewhat. "I'm going to have to remember to knock," he said. "I'm so sorry, pumpkin," he reiterated as if I hadn't believed him.

"Its alright," I assured him. "Honest mistake," I said as I took the milk from him and sipped it. It was warm and I smiled.

"I remember you could never get to sleep without a glass of warm milk," he said softly as he looked at me with a shy smile.

"Its still true," I said to him as I took another sip. "If you come back in fifteen minutes you can tuck me in."

He smiled then and relaxed completely. He hugged me for the third time that day, but held me longer than the previous times and I enjoyed it because I had a nose full of what smelled like a mixture of crushed flowers and pickles. "I'll be back in fifteen minutes, pumpkin," he promised when he let me go.

He left the room then and when I heard the door snap shut, I put the glass on the nightstand and pulled off my robe again. I glanced in the mirror again and looked down at when my thighs and stomach framed perfectly. My pussy looked like a large mound of curling black hair because of the way I was standing, but it was shaped like a perfect 'y'.

I stopped looking at that bit and pulled on a nightgown that my mother had given me for my eighteenth birthday and slipped under the cozy blankets that had been piled on my bed. I had so much room in the bed, despite my rounded features, that I could stretch completely out and not have any of my limbs touch empty air.

I was in heaven, and sipping my warm milk, when I heard footsteps and them a snap as the door opened.

My father peeked in cautiously first and them came walking back into the room that I would be calling my own for at least four years. He had changed his own clothes into a pair of black, silky looking pajama pants and a plaid top of the same fabric. His feet were bare and his dark skin appeared to be shinning as he smiled brightly at me and the fact that I had given him permission to tuck me in.

He walked over to the side of the bed that had the mirror and the walk in closet and beamed down on me so brightly that I could have sworn I saw stars in his eyes.

"Would you like me to read you a story?" he asked.

I laughed. "No, daddy, just give me my kiss," I told him.

He leaned over and kissed my forehead gently. "Goodnight, pumpkin my angel," he said when he had straightened my bed sheets and stood up.

"Goodnight, Daddy," I said as I smiled up at him.

Satisfied, my father left my side, turned out the light and shut my door as he slipped into the hallway. I heard his footsteps going down the hall and I was asleep before I could even finish my warm milk.


I woke up in the middle of the night, because I was hearing strange sounds. I hear my father groaning and, assuming that he was in some sort of pain, I hurriedly got up and left the room. I rushed down the hall towards the sound, but in the opposite direction of his room and got more scared as it got louder. The dream I had been having, about my father having a conversation with my eight-year-old self about sex, was squeezed out of my head as the urgency of the situation took over.

I made it to the living room in little time, but found a very different site then the one of my father writhing on the floor and groaning in agony. Instead, his pajamas were in a heap on the floor and he was sitting on the couch with his legs spread wide and his eyes closed while he pulled on his swollen penis.

"Oh, pumpkin," he said clearly between his murmurings.

"God," I let slip before I turned and hurried back down the hall to my room. I was in my room and sitting on the bed Indian style and chewing my newly manicured fingernails when my father came into the room wearing only his pajama pants.

"Are you all right, my angel?" he asked me.

"You were murmuring my name, Daddy," I said incredulously.

My father remained silent.

"Do you call that Barbie doll of yours pumpkin too?"

He shook his head. "Only you," he admitted softly.

I bit my bottom lip. "Then you were fantasizing about me as you masturbated," I said just to make it real.

He sighed as he sat down on my bed. "I was dreaming about you and what I saw when you were looking into the mirror naked," he told me. "I woke up with an erection and I went in the living room to get some relief. I didn't think you could hear me," he said as his eyes begged my forgiveness.

"How was I in your dream?" I asked instead of all the other questions that were buzzing in my head.

My father looked confused then smiled. "You were fantastic."

I nodded, not knowing exactly why I had asked. "Perhaps we had both better get back to sleep," I said numbly.

My father nodded and rose to leave with his eyes averted and his smile gone. "Goodnight, pumpkin," he said.

"No kiss?" I asked.

He froze. He looked at me to make sure I was serious, I guess and when he saw no humour in my eyes he bent over to kiss me. That time, however, he wasn't aiming for my forehead and allowed him to kiss me where he wanted. His kiss landed on my lips and I closed my eyes to feel the very real passion that was hidden in that kiss.

It wasn't the way a man kissed his child and I recognized it since I was not even half as innocent as my father wanted to believe. The kiss lingered on my lips even after he had pulled away and he stood above me looking at me as I enjoyed the tingling that it had caused. That feeling went through my entire body as I met his searching eyes.

"I think you enjoyed that," he said.

"Didn't you?"

He smiled. "I did, but I'm afraid it has only made me want more of you, pumpkin."

I held my arms out to him. "Take as much as you like."

His smile brightened as he sat back down on the bed, pulled me onto his lap and started kissing me again. His kisses were all intense and hungry as if he had never felt anything akin to what he was feeling at that moment. It made me think that Rachel hadn't been doing her job properly and it was no longer a mystery why they had been together for three years and still had separate homes.

For a long time, we just kissed as I felt my father's erection grow beneath me and my pussy became moist from simply thinking about how big I thought it had to be. I wanted to look very badly, but my father wouldn't let me go as his large hands caressed me slowly. I moved my hips so that my rounded ass rubbed against his erection and though I felt him get harder, he pulled his lips away from mine and he stopped touching me.

"What's wrong, Daddy?"

My father looked at me strangely. "Are you a virgin, pumpkin?"

"No," I admitted as I averted my eyes.

He rubbed the skin underneath my hairline, knowing that that always relaxed me. "Did you enjoy your first time?"

"No," I said again as I looked back up at him.

"What was wrong with it?"

"He was too rough," I told him.

My father nodded. "He didn't know how to treat a virgin," he concluded as he gave me a quick but deep kiss on my lips. "You have a chance to feel a real man now, do you want to take it, pumpkin?"

I nodded eagerly though no sound would come out of my mouth.

My father smiled with a wicked look in his eyes. "Lay down," he ordered.

I did as I was told.

"Now just close your eyes and enjoy," he said softly.

I did that too and I felt his warm hands pulling my thin gown up even as he pushed my legs apart. When my gown was up around my waist, he stopped pushing it and I felt him kissing my thighs as his long fingers played a bit with the hair on my pussy. His tongue was playing around with the hair as his middle finger pushed its way inside me slowly.

I groaned and I could hear him laugh against me as he removed the finger and removed his mouth from down there. I opened my eyes to witness him sucking on his fingers and moaning out his pleasure at the taste of my cum. He smiled when he saw me looking at him and that made me even wetter.

After that, he moved back down and started to lick my pussy very slowly as he tried to swallow the cum that had already built up. He was sucking at the cum and making me shiver as his tongue slipped in and out of my pussy. When he was done sucking, he spent a long time kissing different parts of my pussy and even that made me shiver. After a lot of kissing, he licked at my pussy very quickly and began sucking on it gently.

It was fantastic to me and I came very quickly after that but he kept me from closing my legs so much that I would push him out with his hands. Even as I came off that very first high, his tongue was pushing deeper inside me and he took his finger and rubbed at my throbbing clit. He was moaning against me and before long I was cumming again and I screamed.

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