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Daddy's Girl


A deep and rather dark tale of life, if you don't like incest stories or have firm beliefs about transitioning and its processes and emotional issues then this story is not for you..

It isn't a true story either, just one from my dark imagination so don't take it too seriously

Cant wait for your feedback...

Lisa xx


Times had been hard living at home all these years and trying to hide the secret that I longed to become a woman, not just a transvestite but a full woman with ripe full breasts and a wet tight pussy for guys to enjoy but I knew for now I could only hope to dress as and when I could go away or had the family house to myself.

After making friends with a couple of other transgender girls and making my way out onto the scene socialising with others like me, getting a lot of compliments on my looks a friend suggested I try working as a Trans escort to earn some money towards moving to my own home or my surgery to become the woman I had always wanted to be.

Knowing there was no way I could do this from the family home a friend offered me a couple of evenings at her apartment , she always worked late a couple of evenings a week in a local bar giving me time to dress and entertain clients in total discretion.

So deciding to escort was a big step forward and soon after registering myself online and adding some photos I got a few emails from guys wanting discreet appointments and sure enough I had become an escort, normally I would spend time with 2 or 3 guys a week at around £100 an hour for anything from kissing and cuddling to being fucked or fucking them.

It wasn't until a few months had passed that I really started to gain a regular list of clientele some of which I even fancied and went out for meals and to clubs with and some that to be honest I was never comfortable with, as my bank balance grew I knew deep inside that the feminine side to me was becoming more and more strong so with that I decided it was time to move into my own home and make Lisa become a full time reality.

Around this time my friend was also looking to move so even better as we decided to move into a huge 3 bedroom flat on the outskirts of the town centre where we could discreetly work and play, the last thing I expected though was my mother and father to divorce and the world to be tipped upside down emotionally again.

There I was beginning my transition into the girl I have always felt inside and now I had my parents pulling me one way then the other, the short and long term of it is that I stopped speaking to either of them and as an only child that must of hurt but I told them I needed to get on with my life too.

6 months or so later I had started to develop my breasts and I was preparing to go into surgery to have implants as I had now decided to make the first stage of transition full time, meeting with my mother and discussing things she said that although she was sorry to loose her only son she will happily embrace her daughter especially after I showed her pictures of me dressed as a woman.

I knew at some point I had to tell my father but after the discussion with my mother about their split I knew it was not going to be to hard to tell him, my mother had made me swear to his secret as she had caught him having sex with a transvestite in their bed and that is why they had split.

My mother told me that my day had always been slightly effeminate behind his big macho exterior and that he had many affairs with guys and trans girls before she had decided she could no longer handle knowing what he was doing behind her back, I now wondered if this was the reason why I had become who I now was.

With all the ups and downs along with the emotional problems I had long ago given up my daytime job as now my escorting was bringing me in £500 plus a week just from working maybe 4 to 5 hours a week, I had always wondered how such beautiful women never seem to work but have a comfortable lifestyle and now I thought I had it figured out.

I knew at some point I had to tell my father but after what I had learnt about him I knew it was going to be easier than I first thought, arranging to meet him with a trans friend by my side for support we met in a favourite coffee shop in town and I decided skirting around the issues was not going to work so I would just tell him straight.

Expecting him to be surprised I sat looking at him slowly drinking his coffee and looking over the table at me and my friend, and then finally he said well I wish you all the best but I want nothing more to do with you.

Standing and dropping a £10 note onto the table for the drinks he simply chucked on his jacket and left leaving me feeling numb inside, knowing his dirty secrets that I swore never to reveal to anyone I swallowed back the tears and pain and decided to just get on with my life.

Knowing I had my mothers support I then dived head long into my surgery having B cup breast implants and surgery to my face along with fat reductions and other jobs to give me a perfectly feminine look, I knew the risks and the costs but knew I needed to do it and the next few weeks were agony both physically and emotionally but I had my best friend Chloe a non op Ts and my mother by my side the whole time.

Leaving hospital some weeks later and dressing in clothes that clung to my new body and breasts for the very first time felt amazing, I knew I still had my cock but for some reason I felt that wouldn't matter yet and I was happy in my new life, the same night I went out with my trans friends and all the comments I got made me feel a million dollars also I met a gorgeous guy who got the shock of his life later that night but that's for a later chapter of my life.

All the time I had continued escorting to pay my bills and my now expensive tastes for clothes, shoes and socialising as a gorgeous woman, my best friend helped me a lot as we were of the same build but she was a stunning big breasted blonde and I was slightly less busty and with long dark hair just past my shoulders with the tips brushing my breasts, standing around 5 feet 9 out of my heels with a slim waist and a full butt I always drew attention.

Managing to get into a size 10 had been a lifelong dream and since my surgery I was now able to wear clothing I had lusted after as a transvestite, slinky short dresses to show off my 32 inch legs and figure hugging mini dresses for sexy nights out and in with clients or lucky guys.

One morning I awoke to the sound of my flat mate having wild sex with her over night client and not able to stay in my room and have to listen to it I decided to chuck on my jeans and a nice warm jumper and head to the café with my laptop, slipping out of the flat and down the street I couldn't wait for the first coffee of the day.

Stepping in and finding my favourite sofa free I made myself comfortable and one of the waiters brought over my regular order of a large latte and left me in peace to wake up a little, popping open my laptop and logging into my work account I saw I had 3 emails, 2 from regulars and one from a new guy I had not spoken to before.

Opening the email up it said he was a professional mid 40's guy looking for a new experience with a beautiful trans girl so thinking it was the normal kind of mail I get I sent my cut and paste reply with my phone number so he could call before booking and with that I went back to a popular auction site to spend more money.

As I sat relaxing my flat mate suddenly showed up with a guy and promptly dumped herself down next to me before telling me what a great fuck he was, replying yes I heard babe she got the message and shut up. He didn't stay long and as soon as he finished his coffee he said I will see you soon and got up and left.

Telling Chloe about the email I had got she agreed it was the normal kind of mail we usually received and as she checked the email address he had left she looked at me and said he has the same surname as you, looking again I noticed the initial before it was the same as my fathers and as we sat discussing the possibility that it could be him my mobile rang.

Looking first at the email then my mobile it was the same number he had left for me so answering it politely I got chatting about what he was looking for and as usual he wanted straight forward sex no strings just a fuck then leave which said to me this was not to be a first time experience for him but I decided I would meet him anyway.

Making the booking for early evening we ended our conversation and in moments he had booked me online so I could confirm his details, asking Chloe to stay in tonight I said to her I have this horrible feeling deep in my gut that its him.

As usual we spent the day shopping and enjoying the attention we always got from guys around the town but soon enough evening was upon us and as I showered and prepared myself for my client the thought that it could be my father just would not leave me, asking Chloe what should I do if it is him she simply said ride him until he cums then call him daddy.

I knew her advice would be nothing but harsh but that is why I loved her so much, Chloe had always been there for me since the first night I went out dressed and nervous, plus she had been an escort for over 5 years now and she just had this way about her that the world could not touch her unless she wanted it to and I loved her for that.

As 7pm came around I was ready for him in my best lingerie and a short but very sexy black dress and 5 inch stilettos which made me feel amazing every time I slid them on, its fair to say I have a huge shoe fetish and own over 50 pairs of stilettos in all colours and styles.

The door bell rang and I pleaded with Chloe to answer the door as if it was him I just couldn't face going through with it, deciding to go into the kitchen instead and prepare a couple of glasses of white wine Chloe led the guy into the lounge and then came to see me, her words shocked me to the core as she said you had better have one of those now, its him.

Fighting the nerves off I had to treat this like any other evening with a client so as I slid into the lounge and sat by his side I felt sick deep inside but as he told me how stunning I looked and stroked my legs with a open hand I soon felt our lips meeting and our tongues entwining together, rubbing at his groin through his smart business trousers I discovered just how big he was.

Wasting no time he lived up to what I had thought, this was just to be hard and fast sex with no strings so wasting no more time I unzipped his flies and slid my long manicured nails into his boxer shorts to get a feel of his manhood, still kissing him deeply he undid his belt and slid his trousers and boxers off in one exposing his thick veiny 9 inch cock.

Closing my eyes I slid into his lap and began to suck him gently taking his cock inch by inch into the back of my throat and trying to forget I was sucking off my own father, suddenly feeling his hand at the back of my head he forced as much of his cock as I cock get into my throat choking me and making me gag, releasing me before repeating it over and over again until he was seeping his pre cum into my mouth.

Finally releasing me he said now loose that dress you tart, I want to fuck your arsehole...

I had already planned for this to happen but didn't know that is was him or how big his dick was, as I slid out of my dress and suggested we go to my bedroom he said he wanted me to ride him then and there, groping at the lace hem of my panties as I stood in front of him he pulled them down forcefully and then asked why I wasn't hard for him.

Explaining I never get hard anymore due to my hormones he said well I will just have to satisfy your arse then wont I..

Being something of an expert by now in taking anal I slid a condom onto his fat cock with my mouth while I reached between my legs and lubed my tight little bum for this monster dick to fuck, I knew I was not going to enjoy this at all but little did he know my secret I was yet to reveal.

Sliding into his lap and releasing my bra to let my 34B breasts loose he expertly sucked at my rock hard nipples as I slowly took his shaft into my anus the whole time looking at the picture of me and Chloe together with friends on the living room wall, it was soon obvious I was not enough for him though as he grabbed my waist and ploughed all 9 inches of his meat into my anus making me wince in pain as I took it as best I could.

Bouncing me on his thick cock whilst he continued to pull and suck on my nipples I was trying to enjoy the fuck I was receiving but knowing it was my father fucking me I just could not enjoy it so I had to fake my moans of pleasure as he fucked me harder and harder, after what seemed like forever he asked me to get off of him and lay on my back on the black soft leather of the sofa and as I did he pulled off his condom.

Expecting him to wank over me he said I will pay extra to bareback you, I really do want to cum in your butt girl...

Not really wanting my fathers spunk up me I said I prefer protected sex only but it seems I was not going to get a choice as he already was on top of me pushing my thighs back as I felt his thick long cock entering me again, as he got a rhythm he told me how nicer fuck I was and how he is going to love cumming inside me.

Telling him he was the best fuck I had ever had I could not wait for him to finish as not only was he fucking me hard and rough but the emotions I was going through just did not help me enjoy the sex as I usually do even with guys I may not fancy to much.

I knew his reputation and his secrets but as I felt his full balls slapping my arsehole with each drive deep inside me I moaned and came all over my groin and his cock, now I had given him even more lube to fuck me with he slammed into me harder and faster than ever before in fact so hard it began to hurt me.

Begging him to stop as I was in pain he pushed his hand over my mouth and said I will stop once I fill you with my cum you fucking whore, I was glad that day that Chloe had stayed close by as she walked in with a small baton we keep for safety and said you either get off of her or I will drive this in to your face.

Pulling his cock from my now bloodied and dripping anus he drove back into me one last time unloading his spunk inside me, spurt after spurt first into my anus then all over my stomach and breasts making me feel ill at the sight of him cumming all over me.

As soon as he was spent and sat back to relax he apologised and said he should of told me he likes rough sex, sat looking at him with tears in my eyes I said you don't realise who I am do you?

Shaking his head he replied your just another Tgirl to me..

No longer could I hold it back and as Chloe came to my side I said I am your son or at least I was, you know the one you disowned you filthy pervert.

All of a sudden his eyes widened and he saw past the make up and the surgery and began to cry uncontrollably apologising for what he had done to me, telling me how beautiful I looked and how he missed my mother.

With that I got up and told him exactly what he told me all those months ago, I never ever want to see you again and with that he dressed threw the money onto the coffee table and left.

Collapsing back onto the sofa physically exhausted and emotionally drained Chloe pulled be into her side and as we laid there she softly said I love you and I will always be here for you whatever happens.

Lisa x

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