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Daddy's Girl


She was home from high school...finally. All day she had been having naughty thoughts tumbling through her little mind...thoughts that made her tingle down below in her white, French cut, thong panties. They were forbidden thoughts of her Daddy that made her 18-year-old pussy so wet and hot!

She had been thinking of the time that she had accidently come into the bathroom while her Daddy was in the shower. She had seen him, naked, before he had even noticed her...seen him soaping up the shower. Soaping his whole body, including his cock. Her Daddy had such a big cock!

Then there were the many times that she had heard her parents in the bedroom next to hers...fucking hard and loud. The things that he made her Mommy say! Dirty, nasty, naughty, loud things...things that would make her gasp and run to the wall of her bedroom to get a better listen.

After she got home from school, she ran upstairs to her room, whipped off most of her clothes as fast as she could and went into her parent's room. This was the room where the noises had come from...maybe even the room where she had been conceived those 18 years ago. She sought out her father's closet, found one of his ties, and then descended the stairs again into the living room.

She brought the tie up to her pretty blonde face and started to smell it. She loved the smell of her Daddy. It was a nice, fresh, clean smell...a man's smell. It made her even hornier though!

She plopped right down onto the couch in just her white panties and nothing else, and then started run her hands down her smooth, tight body. She was only 5'4" tall and weighed around 120 pounds. Her long blonde hair was tousled down her back. Her naked, C-cup breasts rose and fell as she sniffed her Daddy's tie and started touch herself.

It was only recently that she had learned how to touch herself...how to make herself feel good. She started to rub down between her slightly spread, slim legs...over the front of her white panties. The thoughts in her mind; the smells in her nose; the touch of her little fingers; the sounds of her breathing...almost all her senses were making her crazy! She started to work her small fingertips up and down across her bald, little, virgin pussy...teasing her tiny clit...thinking of what she would like to be doing with her Daddy.

He had been having a rough day at work. Too many things were on his mind that afternoon, but, most of all, he was happy to be off of work early...for once. Off early enough to head on home and relax for a bit longer than usual...for a change. His car was being worked on that week, so he had one of his co-worker's give him a ride home. Having been dropped off at the curb just around the corner from his home, he entered quickly through the front door...right into the living room.

He was shocked at what he saw! There was his daughter...his little "princess"...hand in her panties...panties that were way too "grown-up"for her...rubbing her pussy. She was so wet; he could see a damp spot right in the front of her panties too...right between her thin, smooth legs.

"Sweetheart, what are you doing?" he asked quickly.

She was stunned...she was caught...caught with her hands on her clit and her nose full of her Daddy's tie.

"Wh-why are you home so early?" she responded in her high-pitched voice, her green eyes big and wide.

She quickly withdrew her hand out of her panties, dropping the tie behind the couch, covering her breasts with her small hands, trying to pretend like she wasn't doing anything.

Her Daddy started to walk over to her on the couch.

"Well, I can see that you weren't expecting me sweetheart, but what are you doing?"

"Nn-nothing. I...I was watching TV," she said.

Her Daddy sat down on the edge of the couch...right next to her and looked over at the TV screen. He smiled. The TV obviously hadn't been on for hours, and the remote control was nowhere to be found. He had lost it the night before after falling asleep on the couch while watching TV.

"You were watching the TV while it was off? Hmmmm...I see, and what was that you were holding?" he said.

His eyes were now fixated on her body...her trim, 18 year-old body. He hadn't seen her naked in many years. From what he had just seen briefly, her nipples were as hard as little pebbles, and her breathing was coming fast now. Her body was so smooth...from her sweet, innocent face, across her neck, down across her torso, past her smooth belly with her cute, little belly button and her long legs.

He couldn't resist sliding his large hands onto her body. He started by moving her hands out of the way and stroking her hard nipples, squeezing them, pinching them, waiting for her to react. He kneaded her firm, teenaged breasts in his hands, feeling her nipples scrape against the palms of his big hands.

"It was nothing Daddy," she breathed to him.

Her body naturally arched towards him...his touch felt so good!

He slid one of his hands down her belly, slipping one of his long, thick fingers under the waistband of her panties, starting to brush right against her bald, little pussy.

"I don't believe you. I think that was my tie you were sniffing and that you were thinking of me...thinking of your Daddy," he said.

She gasped!

"I know that you think of your Daddy every time that you feel like this."

He started to rub her hardening little clit, and she started to open her legs a little wider. His hands were big and warm, and they were all over her nearly naked body! Her mind started to race at ten thousand miles a minute.

"Nn-no Daddy...I...I wasn't doing anything."

He started to slide the tips of his first two fingers inside her wet, super-tight little virgin hole. He smiled...a wider smile now.

"Don't think your Daddy hasn't seen you looking at him in the shower. What did you think I did after I saw you peeking at me, out of the corner of my eye, as I was washing up a few months ago?"

Her green eyes were as wide as they could be now...he had known about her!

He started to finger fuck her virgin-tight pussy...just barely going in and out of her. As one hand was over her bald, wet, hot, little pussy...his other hand started to slide her soaking wet panties down.

"Your Daddy touched his cock in the shower...got it all big and hard. It felt so good knowing that you had been watching me! Now, were you thinking of your Daddy while you were touching yourself just now?"

She said nothing. She could only look up at him with wide eyes and a gaping mouth, spreading her legs even farther so he could slide his fingers even deeper inside her.

"Your Daddy thinks about you all the time sweetheart. You're so pretty...Daddy's pretty little princess. Daddy loves thinking about his sweet, little girl's pussy all day long."

"OH!" she cried out.

The words that her Daddy said to her and his fingers wiggling their way deeper in her than hers had ever been before overwhelmed her. She was slowly being filled up by her Daddy!

His two big, thick fingers were buried all the way inside his little princess' pussy now...pumping in and out...getting all wet from her little hole. She was so hot inside for her Daddy!

He continued, "Daddy can't help it! My sweetheart's sexy little body is too much for me to ignore. Those slutty outfits that you wear to school...those skimpy bathing suits that I buy for you? They drive your Daddy absolutely wild!"

He leaned his head way down between her spread legs to lick her exposed, stiff clit, while still finger fucking her.

"Oh Daddy!" she moaned.

"Mmmmmmmm...tastes just like your Daddy's dreamed of...so sweet and good!" he moaned in return.

He started to suck on her hard clit and wet, bald lips...sucking them into his mouth and feeling her clit throb against his tongue...between his lips.

She let out an even louder moan finally, "Daddy...DADDY...I was thinking about you Daddy," she finally admitted. "I was thinking about you when you came in...except...I-I was thinking about sucking on your big cock!"

Her dirty words made him hard as stone in his pants now. He quickly stood up and started to unzip his pants.

"Are you sure that's what you really want sweetheart? Your Daddy's cock is SO hard for you right now!"

He looked down at her face and said, "Do you want to see it?"

She quickly nodded and moaned again.

He couldn't believe his good fortune! He pulled his big, fat, hard cock out of his pants, showing it to his little princess.

He was SO much bigger than when she had seen him in the shower. Eight hard inches of Daddy meat and SO fat too...her Daddy was almost six inches around in circumference!

He gripped the base of his bloated, oversized cock in his hand, and it swelled even fatter and thicker than ever. Then, he pushed it right up to her lips.

At first, he just felt her smooth lips up against the end of his fat cockhead. Then, she looked up at him again and started to part her sweet lips, sliding her tongue out from between them, starting to lick the wide head of her Daddy's big cock...swirling her wet, little tongue all over his big knob at the end of his steel-hard dick..

"Such a good girl for your Daddy," he whispered to her. "Show your Daddy how you wanted to suck it."

She started to move her wet lips down his fat, hard cockshaft. His cock was already leaking pre-cum right onto her tongue as she closed her lips around it. She kept looking up into his hazel eyes as she sucked on him. It was his turn to gaze wide-eyed at his little princess' cock sucking skills.

"Am I doing it right Daddy? Does this make your cock feel good?" she breathed. "I LOVE the taste of my Daddy's big, fat cock!"

"Oh God sweetheart...that's Daddy's good girl!" he said as his legs started to tremble a bit.

"I promise that I won't tell anyone about this Daddy. I just want to be my Daddy's good girl. Show me what you like."

He put one of his hands on the back of her neck, pulling her sweet, little velvet mouth farther down on his cock. He started to pump and fuck her pretty face then, sliding his brick-hard cock in and out of her little mouth....moaning the whole time.

"Such a good girl. OH that feels so good!" he yelled out.

He was already starting to feel his big, heavy balls swell up with hot cum. He was pistoning as much of his fat, wet cock in and out of her little mouth as she could take now...her cheeks were spread WIDE by his thickness.

He reached down with his other hand to start to finger her wet slit again while she sat on the couch...rubbing her hard little clit with the tips of his fingers while he pushed his cock into her throat. His fingertips rolled around and around her swollen clit...faster and faster.

"Daddy wants his little girl to taste his cum," he breathed to her. "I'm gonna write my name all over your tongue and right down your throat, if you'll be Daddy's good girl and take it all."

She felt waves and waves of pleasure roll all over her body...her Daddy's fat, throbbing cock was pressed all the way to the back of her throat...and his fingers were dancing over her pussy. It was all too much for her.

Her sweet release came hard as she started to cum. She spread her legs wide as she moaned on his cock, then she felt something that she had never felt before when she had played with herself. She was actually squirting hot girl cum from her wet pussy all over his big fingers! She squeezed her legs together hard on his hand.

"Oh Daddy...it feels so good!!" she moaned.

She exploded all over his hand and down across the couch. Her face was flushed red as she looked up at her Daddy's face and gripped hard on his cock down at the base with her little hands. She could barely fit her slim, little fingers around her Daddy's fat meat as she stroked him with a steady rhythm.

Then it was her turn to drive him over the edge as she said, "Daddy, you're making me cum...oh my God...you're making me cum now...please cum on my tongue, Daddy! I want you to cum right now...I want to taste you all over my tongue and right down my throat. I'll be a good girl, I promise! Anything you want, Daddy...just please let me make you feel good!"

"Oh shit!" he bellowed.

She continued as she stroked his wet cock as hard as she could, "Will you give it to me now, please?"

Then she closed her wet lips as far down on his big cock as she could go...sucking as hard as her little mouth and throat could muster.

He closed his eyes, leaned his head back, and pumped his cock one last hard time into her sweet little throat...moaning so loud. Then he came like a fucking fire hose.

"OH FUCK!" he bellowed.

He shot a HUGE, white, hot, creamy load all over her throat and tongue...so much cum that it oozed out from around his cock and between her sweet, little lips; out the corners of her mouth. As he pulled his cock out of her mouth and finished cumming, he stroked his cock with one hand and shot the rest of his heavy load onto her outstretched tongue.

He watched and smiled as he saw her lick her lips and the corners of her mouth to get every drop of his Daddy juice. She had slid her tongue out to catch the rest of his hot, Daddy cream as he finished cumming...holding her mouth open so that she could catch every drop on her tongue like it was liquid gold. That's how much she loved her Daddy's cum!

She giggled a bit while she sucked the rest of his cum off of her lower lip.

"Mmmmmm...you came so much Daddy. It tastes so good sliding down into my belly."

She smiled wide at him as he leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"I can't stop thinking about you Daddy...all the time...I mean it!" she said.

"I know sweetheart. It's OK...your Daddy loves you so much," he responded. "Come with me now."

He picked up their clothes and led her naked up the stairs to her bedroom. His little girl's room was mostly painted purple and still decorated with many, many Disney movie posters. Why she still felt the need to have her room setup like a little girl's room he never understood, but it didn't matter right now.

Before he tossed her damp panties aside in her room, he brought them up to his nose to sniff his little girl's pussy scent.

"Daddy! What are you doing?!" she exclaimed.

He smiled at her, "Only the same thing that you were doing with my tie sillyhead. You know, my favorite part of doing the laundry is sniffing my little girl's panties."

She gasped as her pussy got even wetter at his naughty comments. She liked the feeling of walking around her house totally naked with her Daddy; a super wet pussy and naughty thoughts in her little head.

"You're so bad Daddy...I love it!" she said as she giggled again and hugged him tight.

He was much taller than she was, about a foot taller to be exact, and, as she hugged him, she felt his still hard cock press up against her belly.

"Daddy...you're still hard!" she exclaimed as she looked up at him, got up on her tip-toes, and kissed his mouth.

"Still hard for my best little girl," he said back to her as her reached down and cupped her teen tits in his big hands.

Her nipples were still hard, and her Daddy's warm hands felt good against her smooth, bare skin. She had to bite her upper lip as he started to knead her breasts harder.

"Mmmmmm...my little girl's tits are getting soooo big," he marveled. "Now, be a good girl for Daddy and help me off with the rest of these clothes sweetheart."

She had a hard time resisting the urge to grip her Daddy's big cock again, as it was still bobbing up and down right in front of her, but she did as she was told to...like a good girl always should.

She started by getting his pants and boxer briefs down across his body so that they could fall to the floor. Then, she started to unbutton his shirt...all the while her Daddy was licking his lips and still playing with her firm tits.

He frowned a little as she pulled his shirt off of his body, as he had to take his hands off her body briefly while his sleeves came off.

It felt so good to finally be playing with his little girl! He had been dreaming of doing things with her for a long time. Now, he was finally naked with his beautiful little girl in her room, and he didn't quite know where to begin!

"Come and lay down with me sweetheart," he said as he picked her small frame up by cupping his big hands under her firm, teen ass, moving her over to her bed.

She squealed and smiled brightly at her Daddy as he whisked her through the air...just like he used to do when she was a little girl...landing her safely on her unmade bed.

He lay down next to her on her twin bed and started to kiss her again on the lips. He could tell that she didn't quite know what to do with her mouth and tongue when she kissed him so he said, "Let me teach you how to kiss like a 'big girl'. You want to be a 'big girl' with your Daddy, don't you?"

"Oh yes Daddy...teach me to be a 'big girl'. I'll do anything that you want," she breathed to him.

His cock jumped at that phrase again...anything that he wanted. What a good girl she was for her Daddy!

"When I kiss you again sweetheart, open your mouth a little bit and let me put my tongue in your mouth, then just roll your tongue slowly around mine and suck it a little with your mouth."

He leaned in, kissing her, and she did exactly as he asked. Their tongues rolled around and around as they embraced in a slow, wet kiss.

"Mmmmm...now I want you to stick your tongue in my mouth and do like I just did. We'll go back and forth," he said.

She was a quick learner. She eventually started to suck on his lower lip as they withdrew from one kiss. Her wet tongue felt so soft against his lips and tongue.

"Did I do it right Daddy?" she smiled at him. "The girls at school say that adults French kiss like this all the time."

He smiled back at her, "Yes sweetheart...that's right, and that's how I want you to kiss me from now on...when we're alone that is. You're going to be Daddy's 'big girl' now. Now hold your Daddy's big dick in both your little hands, just like you did downstairs and French kiss me like a 'big girl' does."

He moaned into her mouth as she kissed him and squeezed his big, fat dick with her little hands. She had a hard time again getting her hands around his fat cock.

"Daddy...it's so big! Do all boys have big cocks like this?"

He became very stern with her as he replied, "If I ever catch you with any other boy's dick in your hands like this, your Daddy will be very upset with you."

"Yes sir, Daddy...only Daddy's big dick is for me," she squeaked.

His dick felt like it was alive in her hands, pulsing and throbbing so thick and hard.

He started to run his hands down her back as they were facing each other on her bed...her hands full of his thick meat...his hands running down again to her firm, little ass...cupping it and kneading it in his big hands. He started to roll over on top of her, and her legs naturally spread wide open for him.

"Press your Daddy's dick against your little pussy sweetheart," he demanded.

"Yes Daddy," she said as she smeared his fat cockhead over her soaking wet pussy lips.

She gasped again as she felt him throb hard against the soft, wet folds of her virgin pussy.

He reached down and helped her tap the fat head of his dick over her bald, little pussy and clit. Her clit throbbed so hard for her Daddy when he did that!

"Do you know what your Daddy's going to do now sweetheart?" he asked her with a wicked grin on his face.

She was too busy enjoying the feeling of his big, throbbing dick against her hard, little clit to respond.

"Daddy's gonna put his big dick inside his little girl for the very first time...and it's going to feel soooo good!" he breathed.

"DADDY, it's too big to go in there!" she cried.

No way could she ever imagine something THAT big inside of her. When he filled her up earlier with his fat fingers on the couch downstairs, she almost felt that she would break open!

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