Daddy's Good Little Bad Girl


At last Daddy slowly pulled his tool from her, popping himself from her cummy slit with a satisfying Plop! She was so satiated and so tired that she almost don’t care, but she felt a small smile crease her lips as she turned to her side to watch him. Daddy stood up next to the bed and bent to brush the hair gently from her eyes. She wished he could stay and hold his little girl longer, but she knew that neither of them was quite sure of when Mom would come home. And it wouldn’t do at all to be caught in bed together. He gathered his clothes under his arm. She curled up into a ball, reaching between her legs to idly feel her daddy’s warm goo right where she wanted it to be – dripping from her well-used slit.

“Was I good, Daddy?” Dawn whispered through her exhaustion.

Daddy paused at the door and looked back at his precious daughter. “Yes, baby. You’re Daddy’s good little bad girl.”

Thanks for reading - I hope you liked it. Please do vote, and also feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you thought. I have a bunch of other stories that you might like also, and I hope you’ll be able to enjoy them too. I'd love to hear what you think of them all. Thanks again! - Rock

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/17/17

Hope she's happy.

She finally got her daddy to impregnate her or aren't we supposed to think about that?
This was well written I'll concede that but these details are always conveniently passed over like they don't matter.more...

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