tagBDSMDaddy's Good Little Fuck Toy

Daddy's Good Little Fuck Toy


"What are those noises?" Daddy wonders, as he enters the front door of his house.

A rhythmic 'uh, uh, uh' is coming from the Livingroom. Daddy silently slips off his work shoes and moves to where he can look into the room.

His stash of porn DVDs lay across the floor. On the big screen TV one man fucks a girl from behind while another shoves his cock into her mouth. And there's his baby-girl, his Toy, staring at the screen, with her lips parted and skirt hiked up, sprawled across the couch. Her hand rigorously slides up and down on her exposed pussy.

Daddy watches, fascinated, as his baby girl's fingers disappear inside her wet slit, over and over, every time emerging covered with pussy juice. She begins to moan louder, throws her head back, and Daddy decided it's time to step in.

"What do you think you're doing, little girl?" Daddy demanded loudly.

Toy jerks upright with a yelp, eyes wild, hair dishevelled, caught 'red-handed'. She pulls her fingers out of her pussy, but they drip with nectar that Daddy can smell from across the room.

As the porn star on the big screen gets fucked in every hole, Daddy storms into the room to stand over his little Toy. In desperation, she pushes down her skirt and turns off the TV.

"Daddy! I didn't think you'd be home so soon!" Toy says in a too-high voice.

He looks down at her, her face flushed, ample chest rising and falling as she tries to recover herself. No mercy, Daddy decides.

This naughty girl needs to be punished.

"Turn around and get on the couch." He says firmly. Toy hesitates, but after glancing up at Daddy's stern look, she quickly moves to obey. "Kneel on the sofa and hold onto the back. That's it baby-girl... you can rest your head on the back of the couch as long as you keep your ass high in the air for me."

Toy gasps as Daddy slides her little skirt up, revealing her bare bottom. He stands there for a few minutes, taking in the curve of her ass cheeks, and the wet pussy between them. His cock is growing, pushing against the pants of his suit. "Oh, you naughty girl, playing with yourself to Daddy's porn."

He brings his palm down hard on her ass. She yelps and jerks away. "Stay still baby-girl, or the next one will be harder!" Daddy threatens. Toy whines but moves back into position, holding herself as still as possible as Daddy's hand slaps her other ass cheek, and back and forth. He pauses to fondle her stinging cheeks, now hot to the touch. Tears squeeze from the corners of her eyes, from the white hot pain, and from the chagrin of knowing her pussy juices are now running down her thighs for Daddy to see.

"Tell me baby-girl, why did you do it?" He asks in a kinder voice.

Toy doesn't know what to say. Whack, a hand comes down, not just on her ass, but across part of her pussy too. She yelps in surprise. Her heart is pounding, breath coming fast.

"It's okay to say it... Daddy knows why, he just wants to hear baby-girl admit it." He rubs his hand over her smarting ass cheek, but this time Toy feels his fingers trail across the tender inside of her thigh... along the edge of her mound. She shivers, and involuntarily moves towards his fingers.

"If you don't tell Daddy what you want..." His hand leaves her ass, and she realizes he's about to spank her again. "No, Daddy, wait, I'll try!"

Daddy's hand comes down lightly, this time gently smacking her soaking pussy. Toy gasps, and cries "Oh Daddy... that's what I want... I want to be touched there..." She wiggles her backside, rubbing her pussy against his hand. "Please, Daddy!" Toy cries, and his fingers slip easily inside her dripping snatch. She moans with delight and bucks into his probing fingers.

Daddy finger fucks his baby-girl with two fingers, while another finger slides back and forth over her clit. That's when he notices the toys on the floor.

"Baby-girl – did you play with Daddy's toys too?" He demands. Toy gasps. "Daddy, I didn't, I swear, I just found them. I don't even know what to do with them!" She cries.

"If you ask nicely, maybe I'll show you." He says, removing his fingers from her hole and cupping her slick mound, rubbing and circling with his palm and fingers, from asshole to clit. "You want Daddy to show you, hmm?" He asks.

"Yes Daddy, please show me!" She begs in a husky voice.

Daddy reaches down and picks up a shiny butt plug, his other hand still massaging her slippery cunt. He puts the toy on the couch, and picks up the bottle of lube. Toy gasps as he squirts lube all over her ass crack – it feels cold and strange. His fingers gently rub the lube around and into her puckered rosette. "Relax for Daddy" he murmurs, probing until her anus allows his finger entrance. "Oh, what a good little girl!" He says approvingly. Her low moans turn into a gasp when Daddy positions the butt plug at the entrance of her tight little asshole, and begins to work it in.

"Wait!" Toy cries. "Shhhh, that 'a girl, do this for Daddy." He murmurs, leaning over to plant kisses on her neck and back. He also resumes working his fingers on her clit and inside her wet pussy. Toy squirms, and Daddy slaps her ass, just hard enough to remind her to stay still. "That's my good little Toy, you let Daddy slide this up into your ass and you'll get a reward. Shhh, just relax that tight ass." He murmurs. She whimpers, but all of a sudden, the butt plug slides right in.

"That-a girl!" Daddy says appreciatively, looking down at his baby-girl's ass filled with a pretty butt plug. "Time for your reward."

He takes his cock out of his pants. "Hold tight to the back of the couch, sweetie." He says, as he spreads her pussy lips and positions his dick. Toy does, glancing back to see Daddy's hand wrapped around his big dick as he aims and pushes against her wet folds.

He watches the head of his dick push into her. Panting now, he pulls out a little, and pushes just the head back in, teasing both of them. "More Daddy!" cries Toy, pushing back so that she slides more of him into her. His cock loves the feeling and wants even deeper, but he knows he has to remind his Toy of who is in charge. He pulls his dick out of her pussy and gives her a good hard spank.

Toy wails with pain and disappointment. "Daddy, why?" she cries.

"Stay STILL and spread your legs - be a good girl for Daddy." He barks. Toy settles, obeying, now that she understands what to do. She gasps, but doesn't move, when Daddy resumes his slow and shallow pumping into her, gradually deepening. She wants to scream from the terrible and wonderful pleasure and frustration. "Daddy fuck me deep please! Harder, please, please, please fuck me hard and deep Daddy!" Toy cries, trembling from the effort of staying still, needing so badly to impale herself hard into him.

"Oh you slutty little girl, needing Daddy's cock so bad..." Daddy moans, and he can no longer stop himself from ramming it hard into baby-girl's willing hole. And then there's no pretending, just animal fucking, him ramming her hard, her screaming and lost in lust. She feels it build, and then her juice is running down her thighs, and being splashed everywhere by his persistent pumping.

Suddenly he pulls out of her pussy, and slides the butt plug out of her ass. "I'm going to shoot my cum up your ass." He growls. He also grabs a vibrator off the floor. "I'm going to fuck your ass while this is inside your pussy." He states.

Toy shudders but a squirt of wetness comes from between her legs as Daddy slides the vibrator in easily. She feel its rhythmic vibrations all through the most sensitive part of her, as she feel's Daddy's dick probe her tight and sensitive asshole. He reminds her with a few gentle slaps on her ass cheeks and murmurings to relax her tight hole even more, before his cock slides in up to his balls.

Once it's in, Toy feel owned in every way. She feels paralysed, an indescribable dark heat filling her. Daddy's cock slides out and then all the way back in, slowly at first, but quickly gaining speed.

"Take my dick up your ass, you hot little fuck toy... such a good, dirty girl, Daddy's good little cum slut, letting me fuck and cum in any hole I want to!" He groans loudly and shudders hard against her.

Daddy's cock fills her asshole with semen. She feels every pulse of his dick as it pumps cum deep inside her body. The fast vibrations from the vibrator, the fullness in her ass, and hearing her Daddy's blissful release all combine into a growing pulsation deep inside, overflowing outward into blissful waves of pleasure. She cries out with abandon as the sensation goes on and on and on. Daddy grunts in unison as her ass milks his cock for every last drop of cum.

He slides the vibrator out of her, turning it off before they fall sideways onto the couch, his cock still clenched between her ass cheeks. He holds her, his chest against her back, praises her. "Fuck, that was amazing baby... you deserve a fucking Oscar for that scene. I've been fantasizing about it since we started planning but... that was so much fucking better than I could've imagined!" Toy nestles into him, proud to tears of how well she's pleased her Daddy Dom. She sighs as his dick slowly slides from her asshole.

To her surprise, she feels the butt plug being pushed back into place. "Daddy, what are you doing?" Toy yelps.

Daddy stands and looks down at his beautiful Toy. "I want to take my wonderful little girl out for a nice dinner." He says. When she still looks perplexed, he grins and explains: "And I want my cum to stay inside your ass all night long." He chuckles at her gasp. "That's right baby-girl. When I look across the table at you, ordering from our server, or toasting with a glass of wine, I'm going to know my cum is still inside of your asshole. And you're going to know I know it. Isn't that right?"

Toy looks up at her Daddy, feeling like a corked bottle of wine. He leans back down to take her chin in his hands, kiss her lightly on the lips, and whisper "Who owns you, baby?"

"You do Daddy" Toy whispers back.

"Good girl" he smiles. "Now go put on that red dress we picked out last week, I'm famished!"

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