Daddy's Homecumming


Daddy placed a hand on my head and turned me to face Uncle Juan. Still on my knees with cum on my lips I looked at smiled at Uncle Juan who had his cock out and was stroking his meat.

"Doesn't she look hot? Don't this little slut looking fucking hot?" my dad asked my uncle.

"Cum here little girl and take care of your Uncle; you've been teasing me too long now you have to take care of it. Put his fat cock between your big tits and make Uncle Juan shoot his load down your throat," he commanded.

I looked at my dad and smile. Daddy motioned me to crawl over to my Uncle and do the same. Slowly on my hands and knees I crawled over to my Uncle. Cupping my tits I put his cock between my tits and began to lower my body on his cock. Just as my mouth wrapped around the head of his cock Uncle Juan exploded into my mouth. His hands pushed my head down as he unloaded every drop of warm cum into my mouth. When he was done I sat back on my heels and looked at both of them.

"See daddy I told you I was a big girl. Did you like that?" I said putting a finger in my mouth.

"Oh yes baby. You are a hungry little whore. You're the best cock sucker I've ever known. Now stand up and take off those little shorts baby. Show daddy that hot little pussy of yours," he ordered me.

Slowly I stood up then I slowly took off my shorts. Then I flicked them to Uncle Juan. After that, I slowly took off my thong and walked over to my dad. When I got to him I dropped the thong on his face. With his legs daddy spread my legs then he pulled me to him. He positioned me over his body so my pussy was resting on the fat bulbous head of his hard throbbing cock.

"Say it baby. Tell daddy what you want," he told me.


"That's right you little slut. You're gonna get fucked hard and deep," he replied.

Then I lowered my body onto my dad sliding down his hard thick dick. I could feel every hot inch as it penetrated my pussy stretching it more than any other man before. It was big, thick and long and filled me up until I moaned with pleasure. We both watched his cock disappear into my pussy until I had completely taken all of it in me. Looking into his eyes I purred and began to slowly fuck myself on his dick. The look in his eyes was pure lust which made me even hotter.

Daddy took a nipple into his mouth and began sucking on it. One of his hands grabbed my other tit and the other hand went right on my ass. He moaned as he sucked on my tit and played with my ass. His hips began moving up and down as he fucked me. With every thrust he fucked me deeper and harder making me moan and grunt. We fucked like animals for several minutes, moaning and grunting and moving our bodies hard and fast.

Then daddy stood up with me picking me up as I continued to fuck him. He walked a few steps then I felt Uncle Juan's hand on my hips. Slowly, they both lowered me until I felt Uncle Juan's cock between my ass cheeks. I began to squirm and move trying to tell them to stop but they held me firm. Daddy spread my ass cheeks as he lowered me onto Uncle Juan who guided me down. When his cock was at the entrance to my ass they stopped for a second, then Uncle Juan pulled as my daddy fell with me onto my Uncle. Uncle Juan's cock drove his cock deep into my ass making me cry and scream in lustful pain. I wrapped my legs around my dad and held him tight until the pain subsided. Nobody moved for a few seconds as I got used to having two fat long cocks in me. Then my daddy whispered into my ear.

"How does that feel baby? How do you like having daddy's and uncle's cocks in you? Come on little slut talk to daddy. Tell me what a nasty little whore you really are. Come on baby tell daddy you like it," he said.

Not being able to talk, I moaned in my daddy's ear. I began rocking my hips back and forth fucking them both at the same time. Leaning back onto my Uncle I held his head in my hands and squeezed my legs around my dad's waist and moaned louder. Then I leaned into my Uncle's ear and moaned some more. Slowly, I began licking his ear and biting it very gentle as they began to fuck me hard and deep. Daddy was playing with one of my nipples as Uncle Juan played with the other one.

"Daddy I'm so wet. Daddy, fuck me harder please. Oh god yes, I love your big fat cock in my pussy. You've wanted to fuck me since I went to see you in prison, right daddy? That's it Uncle Juan fuck my ass, shove that dick in me more Tio. Oh god, this is what you wanted to do to me when I posed for you right Uncle? You wanted to fuck me silly didn't you? You wanted to shove that fat cock deep me in didn't you Uncle? AAAAA. That's it harder Uncle you too daddy fuck me deep. Fuck I've been dreaming about this day since I visited you daddy. OOOOOO god more. That's it Uncle fuck my ass harder," I moaned.

"Fuck yea I did. You teased me too much that day. I've been jerking thinking about you in that little teddy and in those miniskirts. You have such a big round firm ass baby. These big tits were made for fucking and sucking. I'm going to fuck you hard and deep every day from now on. You're going to pose for me and I'm going to fuck you hard. Fuck I knew you were going to be this good. Come on you little cock sucking slut fuck your big Uncle Juan," he moaned back.

"MMMM. Yes Tio. Fuck me like the little slut I am. Fuck I love big cocks in me. Harder Uncle Juan, fuck my ass deep and good," I moaned as I backed my ass up onto his dick.

My dad was sucking on one tit as he fucked me hard while Uncle Juan mauled the other one and moaned into my ear fucking my ass deep. Both men where fucking me hard and deep making me moan and scream with pleasure. I spread my legs as wide as I could and leaned more on Uncle Juan. I had cocks in both holes and I wanted one in my mouth.

We fucked for a long time which made us breathe hard and got us all sweaty. After what seemed like hours I felt my dad tense up then I felt his white cream gush from his cock deep into my hot pussy. Then I wrapped both my arms and legs around him and began milking his dick. I squeezed his cock with my pussy as he let out a loud grunt shooting every last drop into me.

Within seconds of my daddy cumming, I felt more cum being shot into me but this time Uncle Juan began to unload his gooey white liquid into my ass. His hands dug deep into my ass as he held me in place and shot his cum deep into me. He grunted and growled spanking my ass and cumming in it.

Feeling both men filling me up with their juices was so dirty that I squeezed my legs around my dad and felt my own juices flowing down his cock and my legs. I was so hot that I came with both my dad and uncle.

"Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Oh fuck daddy I'm cumming. Oh fuck daddy you're making me cum. Daddy I'm gonna cum on your cock. Daddy oh fuck daddy here I cum. DDDDDDAAAAAADDDDDDDYYYYYYYYY!" I screamed as I came on my dad's dick.

Our bodies went limp as we sweated on each other. All you could hear was the heaving breathing from the three of us. I could feel both cocks going limp in me as we rested from our fucking. Finally my dad got off me and pulled me off my uncle's cock. I smiled at both of them as they gathered their clothes.

I hope daddy loved his home cumming, because I sure did. It was good to have daddy home. I can't wait until we finish resting.

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