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Daddy's Kitty


I thought it was just going to be another day off. I had lazy plans, sleep late, wake and bake, the three S's (Shit, Shower, and Shave) then either go for a ride or go see a movie with my best friend. Hell I didn't care what I did as long as it didn't involve work or cleaning. I did get to sleep late and when I woke I felt great, I laid in bed and stretched then I just laid there enjoying the feel of the cool sheets against my naked flesh. My nipples hard and throbbing as the sheet moved against them with my every breath. Slowly I urged myself out of bed and towards the shower. It was hot and very relaxing I had the uncontrollable want to stay there forever, but not wanting to waste my only day off I forced myself out only to hear the dreaded beep of my cell phone telling me I had missed a call or a text message.

I groaned and grabbed it, I was instantly relieved when I saw that the text wasn't work. It was a guy I use to work for, Daddy P.

The text read, 'Hey girl long time no see, actually I saw you yesterday but you were so busy you didn't see me. I stopped in again this morning to say hi but it's your day off. Stop by the house if you get a chance. Princess misses you.'

A surge of excitement sped through me so fast I had to re-read it. Princess is his pit-bull and what a sweet girl. I use to clean house for him whenever he had his band over for a night or weekend or week for that matter. I'd go and clean around the sleeping bodies, make breakfast at 2 in the afternoon, and make sure Princess was taken care of while everyone was comatose. I've always had a huge crush on him, it started the second day I worked for him. One of his band member woke up to the smell of bacon and came to the kitchen in his underwear. His Johnson large and in-charge as he grabbed me around the waist.

"I love a girl that can cook." he whispered.

I froze with fear, the rock scene was never really my thing and I suddenly had flash backs of all the horror stories that go along with the rock and roll world.

I opened my mouth to speak as this strange mans tongue licked up my neck.

"Hey man, hands off my goods." Daddy P's voice rang deep and serious.

The band guy raised his hands up as if in retreat and took two large steps back.

"Whoa! Sorry man. Didn't know she was off limits." he claimed quiet gallantly.

I didn't say a word, as a matter of fact I didn't even turn around I just continued to make the bacon.

"Well she is. And spread the word man I don't have time to be chasing you asses around play keep away from the kitty."

"That's cool man." He said as he started to leave the kitchen then his voice came through again and I knew he was leaving, "Hey but I can still have some of that breakfast, right?" He asked.

It was only then that I snuck a peek at Daddy P. He smiled at me with a wink.

"Well you might have offended her, maybe she'll say yes if you take out the garbage." He informed his band-mate.

I grinned, "And shower." I mumbled not thinking anyone could hear me but the band-mate yelled through the living room.

"Hey breakfast comes after showers. I'm first!" He laughed and ran for the shower.

Well I've got to say, that was the most embarrassing day of my life because, although I had four clean guys seated at the table, not one of them had any clothes on. Daddy P stepped up to me and placed his arm around my shoulder,

"Well you got them smelling better at least." He chuckled and kissed my cheek. I quickly excused myself to go walk the dog.

As I was finding the leash I heard a different band member mention going with me but the first one that confronted me earlier spoke up,

"I wouldn't man, P's already staked claim."

"Aw but sharing is caring, we are bros."

"Not this one man, her name is not Sharon. You should have seen him. He wasn't joking." the conversation was dropped after that and they started taking music.

I loved it when they started talking music they were all at there best then, being serious and not screwing around but the moment the music talk stopped they became crazy again, drugs, girls, running around naked, breaking things. It was then that I usually went home only to return the next morning for clean up duty.

I haven't seen him in a few weeks since I started this other job, that is taking up all of my time so to get this text was a very exciting moment.

I replied to his text with,'Princess misses me? Is she the only one? You mean you and the boys don't miss my breakfasts? I'm not doing anything today I guess I could drop by and cook you up a quickie....Breakfast. Lol.'

The last text to me was, 'Quickie is not in my vocabulary but I'd love you to drop by. Text me when your in the lot.'

I said ok and finished getting dressed. What does it say about me that I chose to wear the shortest pair of short I have and a tank top? Something that I bought three years ago but never had the guts to wear. I did text him when I got in the parking lot. He owned an old warehouse that he redid the interior to look like an old castle the down stairs part was a basic warehouse only with a stage and a skate ramp and many more "toys" for the boys to play with. They have even been known to bring in the four wheelers and dirt bikes and ride them around inside. But upstairs was the living quarters that looked just like walking into mid-evil times. He even had a dungeon area where they've shot some cool videos. As I entered the upstairs the front door was opened and Daddy P was leaning against the door frame.

Princess came running to the door as she heard my voice saying hi to Daddy P. I glanced inside and realized that the guys weren't piled on couches and the floor.

"Where is everyone?" I asked as I cuddled and played with the dog.

"They are on tour, I couldn't go this time. I hurt my back." He informed me. I stood up becoming serious,

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do to help?" I asked as he stepped to the side to let me in.

No sooner was the door closed when suddenly he grabbed me and shoved me against the door his body pressed against mine as his eyes searched mine.

I should have been scared, my heart should have been pounding with fear, but it wasn't. I was excited, I have been dreaming of this day for three years.

His hand caressed up my arm to my neck and stopped in a choking position but he made no move to tighten his grip. "I'm tired of playing games with you. Tease and flee that's your game. It ends now. Your mine, you have been for a very long time and you obviously know this or you wouldn't have stayed single for this long. I'm going to ask you this only once and I want the truth. Are you mine?" He asked. His eyes boring deep into mine.

My hand gently caressed the arm that held my throat.

"Yes Daddy, since the day I started working here." I whispered.

With that his mouth engulfed mine in a mind blowing kiss. My legs went weak as my pulse raced. His free hand glided up my arms to caressed my breast. A soft moan escaped my throat as his thumb rubbed my neck reminding me that he was in charge.

When the kiss broke I was breathless but he didn't miss a beat as he grinned down at me.

"You've been teasing me for too many years now and I think it's time you received your punishment. Go to my room and get on your hands and knees in the middle of the bed and wait for me." He ordered, excitement and fear ran threw my entire body.

I glanced up into his eyes and knew he wasn't joking. His hand traveled from my throat to the back of my neck.

"Now!" He ordered sternly as he gently pushed me in the direction he wanted me to go.

I had to force myself not to run, my legs wanted to go as fast as my heart. As I made it to the room I couldn't remember if he mentioned my clothes so I decided I'd leave them on as I crawled up onto the bed and waited, and waited, and waited until I thought he wasn't going to come.

Fear welled up inside me, maybe he did say something about clothes, maybe he wanted a fight, maybe he re-thought this and decided against it, or maybe he just doesn't like submission. Then I began re-thinking the activities and wondering if I had done something wrong. I was actually lost in thought when he finally entered. I didn't see him and when he touched me I jumped.

His hands lightly traveled up the back of my thighs to my ass. He squeezed so hard tears sprung to my eyes. He groaned softly as he squeezed them again this time pulling the rough fabric of my shorts up to rub in my secret spot.

I moaned softly as I felt his fingers sliding up the leg of my shorts to hook around to the other leg, he pulled them down just enough for his knuckle to rub against my wet lips. I threw my head back and moaned and he took the opportunity to grab my long hair. Holding my hair in one hand he stroked my swollen lips with the other. I almost sobbed as he pulled his hand away.

"You've been a very good girl so far." He said as he yanked my hair back pulling me into a kneeling position with him at my back. He turned my head using my hair as he kissed me again. His other hand caressed my stomach to my tits where he squeezed hard enough to make me whimper then he pulled my nipples taunt and let them go so that they bounced back. My hand reached back and caressed his hard cock through his pants, his kiss grew harder, rougher, more determined. He broke the kiss and held my head in place so that I couldn't reclaim it. I couldn't stop the pout that formed on my face.

"There is no rush, little kitty. I like to play." He chuckled smoothly as both of his hands glided down my quivering flesh to the front of my shorts that he masterly unbuttoned. His hand slipped inside and instantly found the prize. Wet and waiting patiently. Daddy P turned me around to face him as he unbuttoned his own pants and let them drop. I could feel the heat warm my cheeks as he guided my head to his hard throbbing rod.

I hungrily engulfed him deep in my throat. He moaned as his hold remained tightly in my hair as if he were afraid to let go. He demanded me to look up at him while my mouth worked his cock and even though there where times when my eyes left him he didn't scold me. The better suction I got the harder he face fucked me. I gagged a few times but that didn't stop him. Suddenly he yanked my head from his cock and growled. I shivered.

"Stand up and strip for me." He ordered, I gulped hard. He knew I was shy and there must have been something in my eyes that told him I didn't like this idea.

"This is not a democracy you don't get a vote. Do it and do it now." He said a bit more stern.

I got off the bed and stood in the middle of the room, my arms crossed protectively over my chest.

"NOW!" his voice boomed causing me to jump into action as I slowly peeled my clothes from my body. When I was completely naked he looked at every inch of my body causing me to burn with embarrassment.

"Why are you ashamed? You are beautiful. But, you made me wait. I don't like to be kept waiting therefore kitty's been bad. Kitty needs to be punished so that she knows never to keep Daddy waiting again. Get on the bed with your ass in the air." He ordered.

When I didn't move immediately he frowned at me and I knew that whatever he had planned to do was about to get worse so I quickly crawled up onto the bed and allowed him to position me in the way that he wanted. He shoved my face and chest down into the mattress and pulled my hips up and back roughly.

"I can be nice or not so nice. Do exactly as you are told and I will be nice, hesitate, stall, or refuse and your going to see the not so nice daddy." He explained and then his hand came down hard on my ass.

I yelped into the pillow just as another one landed causing my whole ass to jiggle. I whimpered out again just as his solid hand cracked my jiggling ass again, this time so hard that my body moved up a bit. I knew I'd be proudly wearing his hand print for atleast a day or two. He quickly grabbed me by the hips and pulled me back again.

"Where do you think you are going?" as his hand caressed down my stomach and landed on my dripping wet pussy.

I groaned out and pushed back into his hard throbbing cock. He slipped his finger deep into me and wiggled it tickling my insides. My breath caught in my throat as I rode his hand like a wild woman. I could feel his cock pressed against my ass as I whimpered and bucked.

"Has this ever been used?" He asked as he circled my asshole with his thumb.

I whimpered and shook my head, no. I felt his spit land on my sphincter and the next moment his thumb was pushing its way threw. I muffled my screams in the pillow as he worked his way in.

"This is mine now. Mine. All Mine." He growled as he slid his thumb partly out then pushed it back in. My eyes bugged out,

"Yes Daddy Yes it is." I yelped out asI felt my asshole relax around his thick finger. Then without warning he slammed two of his fingers deep into my pussy as his thumb impaled my tight asshole.

Pleasure overload took over and I screamed out as my pussy and ass flexed repeatedly and I gushed the hardest orgasm I've ever had. Every muscle in my body went on strike at the same time.

I collapsed on the bed in exhaustion. But Daddy wasn't finished with me yet as he rolled me over onto my back and lifted my legs over my head his tongue dived deep into my pussy then into my stretched out ass. My muscles got there second wind as my body began to convulse. I couldn't believe how much pleasure one pussy could endure but it was Daddy's pussy now and I had no say so over the abuse he puts out. But I loved every moment. He licked me deep and when his lips clamped over my clit I screamed with pleasure, but it was when he finally lifted and positioned his cock over my dripping pussy when true pleasure enraptured me. He slammed so deep and hard into me I couldn't stop the quivering legs that laid stretched straight in the air resting on his chest.

I cried out in pleasure as he repeatedly pounded against my soft folds. My muscles tightened as once again he brought me to a mind blowing orgasm. I was sore, my body wouldn't stop shaking. Daddy turned me to where my head was at the edge of the bed then he slammed his cock deep down my throat. He moaned and groaned as he slammed in and out of my mouth. His balls slapping against my nose and eyes,

"Oh good kitty, good girl, make daddy cum. Finish daddy off. Yeah, just like that, yeah." He moaned.

I worked my mouth around his hard throbbing cock as he held my head tightly. I could feel his balls clench as he yanked my mouth off his cock and with one, two, three, strokes daddy unloaded all over my chest.

After he cleaned me up, I cleaned him up with my mouth and laid there for a few minutes trying to regain my senses.

I looked up at him as he relaxed in the afterglow.

"Why do they call you Daddy P?" I asked. He smiled.

"No body but you calls me Daddy. Just P." He answered.

"Then why did you tell me to call you daddy? And I've been doing it for 3 years. To everyone. Even my mom! I thought it was your stage name or something!" I exclaimed. Again that mischievous smile crossed his face.

"If you call me daddy the guys will leave you alone thinking I got claim to you. Beside that, I love the way is sounds coming out of that sweet little mouth of yours. Now shush.. Lets take a nap." He said as he leaned down and kissed me again.

I smiled softly and curled up against him.

"Yes Daddy."

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