tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Little Allie Angel Ch. 01

Daddy's Little Allie Angel Ch. 01


Allie walked into her father's house. It had been years since she had been here, after her mother divorced him she went to live with her mom for several years. Now determined to see the man that had created her she stride into the living room. Within five minutes her 6'1 190 pound father walked out and was stunned to look at the beautiful 19 year old his daughter had suddenly become. Running up to her he squeezed his 5'7 petite daughter.

"God Allie, I have missed you so much these last 6 years."

"I missed you too daddy. And might I add that you look a lot better than you did last time I saw you." she said getting a little turned on by his warm embrace, and something distinctly standing out in his jeans.

"Well, I started working out, but you, my god, you have grown up. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen." He was trying hard not to let his erection show.

They finally let go of their warm embrace, and Allie went ahead and sat herself on the couch. Her father, Dan, sat in a recliner right across from the couch.

"So, honey, what has been going on with your mother?"

"She has met several guys, has one over nearly every night, most of them are hot, but none are as hot as you dad."

"Ah, thank you darling," he said hesitant as he noticed that Allie's pink panties were showing from under her blue skirt while she was sitting on the couch. Getting even more turned on by this, but determined not to let her catch him peeking at her panties, Dan decided to get up.

"Daddy where are you going"

"I'm going to go ahead and bring your suit cases in, how about you get ready and we can go somewhere to dinner tonight."


Dan walked outside and brought the suitcases in, and walked over to the room that Allie was going to be staying in. He set them down and went back to the computer that he was using before Allie came over.

About half an hour later, Dan heard some moaning from down the hall. His first reaction was that maybe she was hurt, and he ran out of his room into the hallway, when he realized that those sounds were coming from his own daughter masturbating. He quietly opened her door and peaked in, to find his daughter pushing a dildo into her tight pussy. Subconsciously Dan opened the door and pretended to be shocked.

"Oh Daddy I'm sorry. I didn't mean to, this will never happen again." his daughter said when she noticed her tall muscular father standing in her room watching as she moved a dildo in and out of her pussy.

"It's ok, I am just wondering why you decided to do this with a dildo instead of asking your father who would do anything for you?"

"You would really be willing to do anything for me, even if it maybe a little immoral?"

"Of course honey, now I need to know a few things."

"Sure, what do you want to know?"

"Well, where did you get this appetite and this dildo?"

"Daddy, you aren't going to like this, but down in Florida with mom, I was spying on her and this stud she brought home, and I was finger-fucking myself while he was pounding it hard into her. And I got so fucking turned on that I started moaning and yelling, and they saw me. They asked me if I wanted to join them in a threesome, and I knew I would be an idiot to pass up on this opportunity. So, he fucked me, and took my cherry with him. For the last two years it has pretty much been like that, my mom brings them home and we both fuck the hell out of them. I would estimate I have had at least 460 guys cum in my pussy. After about 4 months of nightly fucks, I was beginning to get so fucking horny that I would have to masturbate myself about a dozen times a day. God, I have been so horny for the past 2 years that it is amazing that I could ever get a damn thing done at all. But after those first four months my mom did me a huge favor and bought me a dildo. That dildo has probably been in me over 3000 times, and I love every inch of it. It can't compare to a real live cock, but when my pussy tells me I am horny, it has to do. I shouldn't have told you all this daddy, are you mad at me?"

"Mad, what the hell are you talking about little lady? I am thrilled to have a sexy daughter that loves to fuck so much. Now these guys that you fuck, do you really love them, and care about them?"

"No way Daddy, they provide me with what my pussy craves, and I provide them with what their dick so obviously craves. I have never fucked a man that I cared about. That is why I want to fuck you daddy, I care about you and love you, and want to see what that experience is like."

"I love you too darling, and if that is what you desire, then that is what we should do."

"Oh, thank you Daddy, you are the greatest," she said just like she had as a little girl.

"Darling, I have some condoms I can put on if you just give me a minute."

"No Daddy, I want all of you here and now, my burning pussy can not take another minute of this."

"If you say so." Dan said as he leaned down and started kissing his stunning daughter. Nearly immediately she moved her tongue against his, as if in a struggle to see who could get the farthest in each other's mouths. Dan moved his hands down to feel his daughter's 36C breasts. Almost immediately Allie's nipples stood on end as she felt her father caress her beautiful breasts. Dan started to leave Allie's mouth and started kissing his way on down her chin and neck. He finally reached her shirt and Allie decided to take it off. Since she never wears a bra Dan had perfect access to her sweet tits. He started kissing one of his daughter's nipples while squeezing and playing with her other breast. Allie started moaning as she felt her father sucking her tits, she knew this man knew how to please her more than any other man she has had. Within minutes Dan was done sucking both her breasts and knew that it was time for him to move to his own daughter's warm and hot pussy. He kissed his way down her navel and past her triangularly shaved pubic hair into her wet cunt. Dan stuck his tongue in and was greeted with an exquisite taste unlike any other that he had ever had.

"Oh, Daddy, stick your tongue up my pussy. Make me a slut, make me your slut, take my cunt and all that is with it, make it your own Daddy. Please, Oh God, Keep sucking, Fuck me with your tongue, Fuck your nasty incestuous daughter with your experienced tongue. Make me Cum, Make your nasty young daughter Cum on your face. Oh Daddy, you make me so fucking horny, It is so fucking horny to have my own father tongue fuck me. Oh God, I think I am about to Cum. My young cunt is going to come on my own Daddy. Oh, Daddy please let me Cum. Keep tongue fucking your nasty daughter. OH DADDY, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, I'M CUMMING. DADDY YOU HAVE MADE YOUR OWN FUCKING DAUGHTER COME ON YOU WITH JUST YOUR TONGUE. Oh Daddy I love you."

"I love you too sweet heart. Now do you think that you could help me with the erection you caused?"

"Oh Daddy I would love to."

Allie moved, and let her father lie down at the head of the bed. She pulled off his shirt revealing muscles and well-defined abs. And then she unbuttoned his blue jeans and lowered his boxers. Staring with amazement she saw her father standing tall at almost nine inches. Most all the guys she had been with were pretty large, but they were only 7 or 8, now she had her own father being the man that was the longest. She moved down and took the head into her mouth. Being the largest that she had ever taken in, she wanted this to last a while. Allie slowly lowered her mouth onto his cock, and made sure to take in every aroma and taste she could. Before long, she started moaning, as she felt her own father's manhood lodged in her mouth. Allie slowly started to speed up, as she became more entranced with the thought of sucking her own father's dick. Then Allie felt her father's hand grab the top of her head and he pushed her face more and more onto his cock. He also started running his hand through her long black hair while she made moaning and sucking noises. Allie decided that she would try to deep-throat the monster in her mouth and within twenty seconds was able to take all of her father inside her mouth.

"Oh Allie, Dear, keep sucking your father's dick, keep it up, Oh my nasty slut, take all my manhood in your mouth, go ahead continue sucking your father's hard cock. Oh Daughter, keep my nasty cock in your incestuous mouth, please daughter I need this, please keep deep-throating all of your father's nasty cock. Oh lovely Daughter, I need you to keep this up for your horny nasty daddy. OH FUCK, OH FUCK ALLIE. I AM CUMMING, KEEP SUCKING ME I AM CUMMING, I AM CUMMING IN MY DAUGHTER'S FUCKING MOUTH. OH THANK YOU DAUGHTER"

"Any time Daddy" Allie said right after finishing up her father's Cum.

"How was that honey?" Dan asked his daughter.

"That was wonderful Daddy, but I really wanted you to fuck me, I have always wondered what it would be like with you."

"Alright then Honey, your wish is my command." Dan told his beautiful daughter as he watched her get on top of him and sit on his cock.

With ease Allie lowered herself onto her father very slowly. She knew that this was a big one and she was probably going to be expanded from this. Taking it one inch at a time Allie lowered herself several inches and then her father started to push up into her, giving her the ride of her life. While she was riding his cock she put her hands down on his well defined abs and tried to grab hold of them. And while Dan was watching his daughter go up and down and sway her big tits, he reached out and grabbed a hold of them. He moved his fingers on top of her nipples and he pinched them to make them hard. By this time he saw his voluptuous 19 year old daughter screaming out with joy as she had slid all the way down his 9 inch pole.

"Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy, I can't believe it, keep fucking me, that's right keep fucking your young daughter. Send that pole into my womb, Put that fucking donkey dick inside your young daughter's womb. Fuck me with what you created me with, Please Daddy, Fuck Me. Split my pussy in half with your monster. Please Daddy, Keep Fucking me, I need your Cum, Cum Daddy, Please Cum in my pussy. Spurt your seed inside me, Please spurt your sperm in me, I need it like I need you Daddy. Please Daddy Fuck your nasty incestuous teen daughter, give my pussy all of you Daddy. OH FUCK, OH MY FUCKING GOD. I AM ABOUT TO CUM...YOUR BABY GIRL IS ABOUT TO COME WHILE FUCKING YOU DADDY. AH, YOU'RE CUMMING DADDY, YOU ARE CUMMING. DADDY YOU ARE MAKING YOUR LITTLE GIRL COME. OH DADDY, FUCKING YOU IS MAKING ME CUM. DADDY I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING!!!!!!!"

She suddenly collapsed on top of him.

"Oh Daddy, that was the best Fuck I have ever had. I want to do it again soon."

"Oh believe me daughter, We will do this again very soon and very often. I love you."

"I love you too daddy."

The End (Of Part One)

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