tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Little Angel

Daddy's Little Angel


I picked Darlene up from school on a warm and muggy Friday afternoon. Since the divorce from her mother, 6 years ago, we alternated weekends, and this was my weekend to have my daughter. She spotted me from across the huge lawn and screamed, " Daddy!" As she raced toward me, then flew through the air, she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist.

"Honey, please settle down. You're going to break Daddy."

Feeling my arms, she smiled proudly, and said "Oh Daddy, you're the strongest man I know. I get just so happy when I see you I can't control myself."

Once again her hands locked around the back of my neck and she planted a hard deep kiss, attacking my inner mouth with her hungry tongue before I could stop her. She had surprising strength in her petite though muscular arms, from years of gymnastics, and I wasn't able to break her hold until she released me.

It was hard to reprimand when she offered such a beautiful smile, but as sternly as I could, I said, "Honey, now we talked about certain things a father shouldn't do with his daughter, and kissing like that was one of them. You're being very naughty, and it has to stop."

"But I'm so happy to see you Daddy and it feels so good to kiss you like that. Don't you like it too Daddy?"

"Yes, Sweetie, Daddy likes it very much, but what would your Principal think if she caught us kissing like that?"

"But Daddy, is it wrong to show the world that I love you more than anything? You're the smartest, strongest sexiest man on earth, and I just want to show the world how proud I am of you."

"Baby, I love you to death too, but some things just have to be done in private, and some things are just too naughty to do even in private between a daughter and her Daddy. You're 18 now, almost a woman, so we just can wrestle, bathe and sleep together like we did when you were tiny."

"Oh Daddy, I'm still tiny at 4'11" and even though I am 18 now, I will never be too old to express my love for you."

"Let's go home now and I'll fix you a nice dinner, give you a nice back rub, and then you can give me one. Fair enough?"

"That's fine Pumpkin, but Daddy wants you to think about what I said and stop being such a cute little tease and start behaving like a proper young lady."

She took my hand and we began the walk to my apartment as she gently scolded, "Oh Daddy, you're such a kill joy. Can I help it if I love kissing and touching?"

"It's wonderful that you are such a warm and loving person Darlene, but you just need to reign it in until you find that special boy."

Suddenly my Baby Girl swung around in front of me, stopping me in our walk and with an evil grin, grabbed my crotch, and said "I found my special boy."

I nearly screamed as I quickly scanned the neighborhood to see if anyone could see, then put both hands on her shoulders and leaned down to her tiny frame, embarrassed and furious.

"Young lady; never ever do that again."

She poked an index finger between her moist pouting lips and said in her cute little baby talk, "I'm sawweyy Daddy. I shouldn't have grabbed your penis like that"

"That's right young lady. In addition to being very wrong, you could have hurt Daddy's testicles. Men are very tender down there."

Something about that little girl pout and those huge brown eyes could always melt my heart and get her out of any mess she was in with me.

I had to smile, even as I tried to act stern and "OK, just don't let it happen again Honey."

She smiled that killer little girl smile, took my hand as we entered the doors to my apartment complex.

The whole way up in the elevator she was looking up with that same wonderful grin and rubbing up and down on my arm. We exited the elevator and entered my unit and the first thing she did was kick on her shoes, throw her uniform skirt on a chair, and march into the kitchen in just her shirt and panties.

It was all I could do to keep up with this cute little bundle of energy, and when I reached the kitchen, she was bent over, showing her flawless tight ass, pulling pots and pans from the cabinet.

"Honey, you really need to wear more clothes when you're visiting Daddy."

"Please don't make me Daddy. It's so much more comfortable to cook in my shirt and panties."

"But Baby, those panties are so sheer that I can see all of you."

"Don't you think I'm sexy Daddy? Remember, you were the one that gave me these panties for my 18th birthday?"

"Yes Sugar. I remember giving you the panties, and yes, I think you are very sexy, but that's beside the point. It's just not right for Daddy's to see their daughter's nearly naked."

Moving seductively towards me, she wrapped her hands once again around my neck, and in a sultry tone said, "Well Daddy, your little girl still loves her Barbie collection, but she also loves to dress like the grown woman, and if you tell me I'm sexy, that is just heaven to me. You're the one I want to be sexy for."

After a brief pause, she stared up at me with that killer pleading expression and whispered "Daddy, um, would you mind if I undressed you?"


"Just to your undershorts. I just love looking at your big arm muscles and the hair on your chest, and I've never seen you in your undies.......please?"

I ran my fingers through my hair and said "I don't know Baby. It just doesn't seem right."

"Oh please Daddy. It will just be like we're at the beach and you wearing your Speedo."

Knowing I would never win an argument with my little girl, I grudgingly said OK, and she started unbuttoning my shirt. Moving it over my arms, she tossed it on the counter and stood back, ogling my upper torso.

"My God Daddy! You are so built. I am the luckiest Senior at St. Michaels to have a hunk like you for a father."

"OK OK. Enough of the BS, just get on with it."

"It's not BS Daddy. You are REALLY 100% stud muffin."

She bent to remove my shoes and socks, then stood once again to unclasp my pants, push them down over my legs and set them on top of the shirt. Her eyes immediately went to my crotch and I could sense a woman's hunger in my little girl's eyes....then she surprised the hell out of me....

"Ummmm, Daddy, how big are you?....I mean down there."

I was speechless for a good 5 seconds then exclaimed "Darlene, you don't ask or boy or man that question; especially if he is your father."

"I'm sorry Daddy. I didn't mean to embarrass you. Some of us girls measured Johnny Canter, and he was only 4 ½ inches. You look so big down there, even soft, I'll bet you are twice as big as Johnny. Please tell me Daddy. I promise not to tell anyone."

"Knowing you Honey, I know you won't give up unless I tell, I'm 6 ½" soft, and 8 ¼" hard."

"Wow Daddy. You must have been able to fuck Mommy's brains out."

"Darlene! You watch your language young lady!"

"Sorry Daddy. I'll behave. You go in the living room and read the paper and relax while I fix dinner." As I was leaving the kitchen, she gave me a swat on my ass, and when I turned to look at her she had a sly grin and winked at me."

All I could do was retreat to the living room and say, "Behave you naughty girl."

Dinner was wonderful with chicken cordon bleu, potatoes and green beans. After cleaning up we both moved to the living room and Darlene instructed me to sit on the couch so she could show me some gymnastics moves.

She removed her white school shirt and stood before me looking incredible in sports bra and the sheerest of skimpy panties. There wasn't an ounce of fat anywhere on her young body, and the lust I was feeling earlier was becoming full blown again as my erection began to grow in my jockies.

She proceeded to stretch her beautiful young body in every position imaginable doing cartwheels, back springs, front flips and after 20 minutes of a wonderful show, she moved from a handstand, then lowered her fit tanned body into a flawless split. I could actually see the lips of her young pussy and the scarce blond hair as she spread her arms out in the big finale.

Suddenly she grabbed the back of her neck, with a painful grimace and I was concerned. "Are you alright Baby?"

"I think I'm fine. Just a little sore from practice today and now this. I could really use that massage though that you promised earlier."

"Done deal. Let me go get a towel and we can do it on the floor."

When I returned to the living room, my beautiful teen daughter stood with her hands on her hips and a smile on her face....totally naked.

"Darlene, you put those clothes right back on....Now!"

"Don't be silly Daddy. Who ever heard of getting a massage with clothes on?"

I could only shake my head in disbelief and spread out the towel so it covered most of the floor. As I straightened the towel I couldn't help sneaking glances at my daughter. Her naked body was flawless with young pert breasts, sporting firm pink nipples, a rock-hard stomach, and a round but muscular ass. Her sparsely covered golden pussy hair had a light sheen from either her workout or due to sexual arousal. She was truly a vision to behold.

"You're driving me wild Kitten, and I think you are enjoying it."

She spread out on the towel shaking her beautiful ass a little, and sarcastically said, "I can't imagine what you are talking about Daddy."

I knelt down and gave her ass a playful swat, then proceeded to massage my young daughter's soft yet firm flesh. The touch of her skin played havoc with my urges and with my now erect cock. Darlene took a peek back at my crotch, then smiled, pleased with the passion she was arousing in me. I had never been more turned on by anyone in my life, and it was my own daughter. God, it was so wrong, but I found the urges too powerful to resist as I kneaded her beautiful flesh, moving from her shoulders and back down to the twin globes of her ass. She was magnificent and I was incapable of resisting this teasing flawless gymnast.

I ran my thumbs slowly up the warm crack of her ass and around her taut soft meat as I tried to put my thoughts far away from this young beauty.

"Mmmmm Daddy. That feels heavenly. Would mind going a little deeper?"

"You're such a nasty little girl Darlene. If I go any deeper I will be exploring you asshole."

"Please Daddy. I want you to."

I knew it was wrong, but as she spread her strong legs wider, I ran an index finger gently around her pink puckered opening, then slowly entered, a millimeter at a time, bringing more moans of pleasure from my tantalizing daughters young lips.

I slowly moved in and out of her virgin bottom until she was rising up to greet my fingers and she moved her hand underneath her to play with her sopping wet pussy. As I finger fucked her young ass, her hand moved faster and faster in her cunt and she cried out in a huge orgasm, slamming to the floor with her chest as I slowed the onslaught with my fingers.

Slowly, she turned to her back and put her forearm over her head, striving to silence her erratic breathing.

"That was wonderful Daddy, but please don't let it end there. I want to hold you and I want to taste every inch of you. I want you to cum in my mouth."

"Please Baby. We've let it go way too far already."

"Oh Daddy, please don't say no. I love you so much."

"I love you too Baby." Knowing it was a lost cause to argue with her I just shook my head in resignation and said "You're so beautiful I just can't say no to you no matter how wrong I know it is."

Against my better judgment, I knelt before her and let her remove my undies and my large organ stood out massively causing a gasp to come from her young moist lips. I could sense the arousal in my young daughter, as the head of my dick glistened with precum.

"It's so magnificent Daddy. I masturbated hundreds of times at Mommy's dreaming of you naked like this, but I never thought it could be this good."

All I could say to myself was 'forgive me Lord' as I slowly lay her back down, then straddled her head with my legs, bring my hard dick and dangling balls within a short 3 inches of her young mouth.

I leaned my head over into her moist blond muff and gently began to kiss and lick her inner thighs and the outsides of her swollen pussy lips. Her scent and taste were intoxicating, and when I felt her young lips suck in the head of my dick I thought my heart would explode from my chest.

She grasped my engorged member in her small strong hand and slowly began to pump me, while her other hand stroked and kneaded my dangling balls. How could my young daughter know how to bring exquisite pleasure to a male?

"Oh Daddy. You smell and taste heavenly."

As my moans of pleasure became more erratic, she sucked harder and further down my large pole, taking my organ as deep as your young throat would allow it. God, it was incredible!

I sucked and licked at her wet warm pussy, then drove my long hard tongue into her, causing her to rise up and scream out in ecstasy. I continued to thrust my tongue into her hot wet cunt as she devoured my huge member and both of us came in a massive gusher.

The salty taste of cum surprised my tiny daughter, but she managed to swallow three quarters of the massive load she brought forth from me. Incredible is the only adjective to describe my feelings, and I moved my leg over her, turned around and bent to kiss her beautiful cheek as a thank you for giving me such pleasure.

I thought our wonderful afternoon of total sin would suffice, but my daughter languidly smiled at me and said, that was amazing, but I'm greedy and want more. I want you to fuck me Daddy, with that beautiful delicious dick of yours.

"Please no Baby. Daddy can't fuck his naughty little girl. What if you should become pregnant?"

"Not likely Daddy. I shouldn't tell you, but I have had a number of sexual affairs, and I'm on the pill for that reason. I should also tell you that I think you have spoiled me as far as being with another male, so from now on; I only want to taste your awesome cock and let you be the only one that has access to my pussy. Right now, I want you to take me in your bedroom and fuck me like you've never fucked another woman in your life."

"You're such a bad girl Baby, but I can't resist your beautiful body."

I bent and lifted her naked young body into my arms, then joined our lips in a hot demanding kiss as we headed down the hall.

I lay her softly on the firm kind sized bed then slowly moved my hungry lips to her small, but perfectly shaped breasts. I nipped, licked and sucked on her delicious flesh as I let my fingers run over her firm stomach leading down to her golden patch of soft fur covering her still sopping pussy.

I didn't know how may boys or men my beautiful daughter had been with, but I wanted this experience to be the most memorable, and relished the thought that she was going to make me her one and only lover from now on.

Still massaging her mound with the palm of my hand, I moved up once again to taste her wonderful lips. I could still smell and taste my cum in her mouth, and it only added to the sense of nastiness and pure bliss.

I wanted to devour my young daughter, and she was up to the task as she attacked my mouth and tongue with a ferocity I had never experienced in a woman before. God my daughter was an incredible lover, sending me higher and higher. Both of us were gasping as we broke the kiss and my Baby Girl cried out in a pleading hungry voice, "Please fuck me now Daddy. I want you so bad."

I was more aroused than I had ever been in my life, so I slowly moved down her body leaving a trail of kisses.

My Baby Girl once again scooted to her side, positioning her moist lips once again at the tip of my bulging rod. The sensations of her moist warm tongue combined with her sucking action were making my head spin.

She encircled my engorged member with her tiny but strong hand and once again stroked me from the sensitive head, all the way down the shaft. Cupping my dangling large balls with her other hand, she squeezed and massaged my sac with just enough pressure to send shockwaves to my brain and my heart.

"My God Princess. You're driving Daddy insane."

I returned to feast on her delicious pussy intoxicated by the hot flowing little girl lust. I licked hungrily at each fold and crevice with long slow full strokes, followed by short fast butterfly licks and kisses.

As our hot passion was stoked even higher, we were no longer just father and daughter, but had turned into two sex starved animals oblivious to civilized, controlled behavior.

With a popping sound, my massive cock slipped from my daughter's mouth and as I gently sucked on the swollen bud of her clit, she screamed, "Oh God Daddy. I want you so bad. Please fuck me now!"

Slowly I released her clit and moved around facing her head. I spread her shapely toned legs, taking in the glorious sight of her gleaming moist pussy.

I moved my body between her legs with my hard member in my hand, and with just the tip of it, slowly moved it up and down her moist hot canal.

"Oh Daddy, please don't tease me. Fuck me hard."

I moved into her inch my maddeningly slow inch she had five inches of my engorged meat buried in her.

She was nearly out of her mind with lust, raising her hips to try and take the remaining three inches of raw hard meat, and as she screamed, "Fuck me hard you bastard," I knew at that point I had teased her long enough, and withdrew all but an inch of my rod, then thrust forward, burying myself deep within her.

I thought she would shatter the windows with her primal scream of ecstasy, as she threw her open legs up to the ceiling allowing me to drive my meat into her hard and fast.

Over and over I slammed into her, and you could hear the sounds of flesh crashing into flesh as both of us met each other with unbridled need.

"Oh Daddy, you're so huge. Fuck your little girl's pussy."

I was losing all control as I was experiencing the warmest, tightest pussy of my life, and every muscle of my body had the one intent of fucking wildly until both of us were totally spent.

The wonderful scent of her wet warm cunt saturated my senses and drove me on, pounding harder and faster, drawing animal whimpers from my beautiful teen daughter.

My Baby was thrashing around the bed as she dug her sharp nails into my back and ass, driving me on to pump harder into her love box like a mad man.

Suddenly I felt her young pussy tighten even more, and as the thrashing and screams became even more frantic, I knew she was approaching another orgasm.

I pumped harder and deeper, and suddenly she screamed in ecstasy as her legs and arms encircled my body, producing a guttural shout from my lungs, and causing me to shoot a huge load of cum, harder than I had ever experienced.

As she crushed me with her young muscular legs and arms, I couldn't move, and I lay deep within her young cunt. The tightness of her love box along with its wonderful spasms was draining me dry, with no movement from either of us.

My beautiful daughter clung to me and slowly silenced her ragged breathing and the uncontrollable spasms of her young body and tight pussy.

Never in my life had I felt such ecstasy or such love, and we slowly regained our breath and senses. I withdrew my huge dick from her body and slowly moved up the bed to join her, and rein gentle kisses of love on her cheeks.

"That was totally amazing Daddy. I never expected that sex could be so good. I love you so very much Daddy."

"And I love you more than anything in the world Baby."

"Daddy, please say that we can make love to each other like that again. I want you to fuck me all weekend long, so I have to walk the halls of school on Monday sore and bowlegged."

I had to chuckle, and also had a strange feeling that my sweet and innocent beautiful daughter was capable of taking anything I could dish out, so I just smiled, totally lost in love for her and said, "I think that can be arranged Baby."

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