tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Little Boy

Daddy's Little Boy


It was the summer before my senior year in high school and my 18th birthday. My father took me to the strip club down on Main Street. We were enjoying the evening watching all the women dancing when my father turned to me and stated that he was tired. It was one in the morning so I agreed and we started heading home.

Now my father is not that old. My mother and him had me at 16. He was 5'10 and in good shape with short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I had never looked at my father as sexy but all my friends would tell me how good looking he was. My mother left my father and I when I was only 4 to move in with her new boyfriend. I had never really seen my father date since then.

After my father and I got home, I went to take a shower and head to bed. It was about ten in the morning and I awoke to this strange feeling. Something was holding my arms up. I felt a hand on my lower back. Trying to figure out what was happening, I went to turn my head around but as I did something was put over my eyes. I heard my fathers voice behind me say, "You better stay quite or I will make you be quite."

"But dad....." I said.

"I told you, you better be quite. I don't want to hear any words from you." He cut me off before I could finish my sentence. He reached around my head again and this time I felt something enter my mouth. He had put a gag on me. It was not your typical ball gag though. This one was shaped like a mans cock. I was confused but I was unable to do anything. My hands and feet were tied to the bed post and I had this gag in my mouth.

My father started to leave and I wondered what was going on. I heard my bed room door close and then I felt him get up on my bed. He started cutting my shirt off with one hand and grabbed my ass with the other. I started fighting to get loose. He told me, "If you don't settle down I will make this painful. If you settle down and let me do everything I say I will be gentle. "

This I didn't believe. My father has never been a gentle guy.

After he got my shirt off he started rubbing my back and kissing my neck. Again I started to struggle. I didn't want this. I had never thought of a guy as sexy and especially never thought that I would kiss or be kissed by one.

He hoped off the bed for a few seconds to grab something out of a bag he had and then returned. When he returned he pulled my boxers all the way down and grabbed my dick. He started jacking it to make it hard. Once it was semi-hard he put this ring around it. He then continue to jack me until I was fully erect. I tried to fight my erection but, as all men know, its impossible to when someone is playing with your cock. He then grabbed my balls and put another ring around them.

"There, now I know we will both get the pleasure that we want."

I started to cry. I didn't want this. He climbed back up on the bed and started massaging my ass. I felt something cold touching my ass and realized that my father was spreading lube on my hole. That's when I felt it. He stuck a finger in my ass. I cringed and tried to scream with pain but was unable to.

"Oh you are one tight bitch!" My father yelled at me as he tried to enter another finger next to the first. That's when he couldn't handle it any longer and removed his fingers. Next thing I felt was the tip of his cock entering my hole.

He scream "That's it my bitch. Your going to be my bitch forever aren't you?" He smacked my ass and told me to nod my head if this was true. I was in so much pain I was not paying attention. He slammed his dick all the way in and I cringed in pain. It was huge! It had to be at least 10" long and 3" around. I Felt like I was being split in two. He used one hand to pull my head back to his ear and again yelled his question. This time I nodded my head yes just hoping this would all be over soon.

He responded by slowing pulling his cock out and shouting "You like this my bitch? Huh? You want more from your daddy? You want to be daddy's slutty daughter?" All I could do was nod my head and continue to cry.

He slowly started getting into a good rhythm going. After a few minutes the pain started to subside and I started to feel pleasure. All that was running through my head was "How can this be? How am I enjoying this? I'm not gay, am I?" At that point my father reach around and started playing with my nipple. I was so close to cumming but I just couldn't. I was on a constant climax. Dad started moving faster and faster going deeper each time. I could feel his cock start to expand and knew it was coming.

"I'm Cumming" Is all he scream and he had one of the best orgasms he has ever had. His body collapsed onto mine. We laid like this completely still for the next few minutes as I felt his cock grow soft and slowly start to slide out of my ass. My father reached in the bag again and this time pulled out a butt plug. One of the smaller ones so that my ass would stay tight but not too tight.

He asks me if I'm going to be a good boy and not speak until spoken to. I nodded my head and he removed the gag from my mouth. My jaw was sore from keeping it open that whole time. Next he attached a collar around my neck with a leash. He said that if I obeyed him he would untie me and again I nodded. He removed the restraints from my arms and legs.

"Stand up and follow me." He says. I didn't have much of a choice so I did. He lead me to the shower where I was told to cover my body in this lotion. After a few minutes he turned the water on and all the hair on my body went strait down the drain.

Next he removed the cock and ball rings and handed me some clothes to get dress. It was a bra, panties, nylons, a dress, and some black hooker boots. I put the panties on and he came over and tucked my dick away where no one could see it as I put the bra on. Then the dress. It was a black mini dress, barely enough to cover my ass and panties. I put on the nylons and hooker boots on and he told me to sit down. He reached into a drawer in the counter and pulled out a bag of make-up.

"I'm going to show you how to put it on and then you will have to do it yourself from now on. You are my bitch and I now own you. You will do as I say and only as I say. If you disobey I will punish you in ways you will not like."

He did my make-up for me and had me stand up and look in the mirror. Thankfully I had long hair and when I looked in the mirror I really did look like a girl. He told me he was going to take me to the doctor to get the last few adjustments I needed. I was unsure what he meant but I knew that if I said anything I would be gagged again.

We got in the car and started heading to the doctor. Once there we were let strait into a room. When the doctor came in he had a shot in his hand. He told me to bed over the table so he could inject it. My father had set this up before hand so the doctor know exactly what he wanted.

I bent over the table felt hands pulling my nylons and panties being pulled down. As the doctor was injecting the shot my father came up and pulled the plug out of my ass. I felt empty. He told the doctor to go ahead and take a try. I can hear the doctor unzip his pants and then I felt it. The tip of his cock at my ass. My father paused him and again inserted the gag into my mouth.

He turned around and said, " There now he can scream and give away what is going on."

Then the doctor slammed into me. Thankfully he put that gag on my mouth because if he hadn't I would be screaming bloody murder. He was much bigger then my father. He had to be at least a foot long and as wide as a soda can. He didn't take it slow at all. He pulled out quick and slammed back into me even quicker. He kept this up for about 10 minutes and we both started cumming. My father returned the plug to my ass and told me to pull my panties and nylons back up.

He returned his attention to the doctor and was handed a bag. I was later to find out this bag contained female hormones. My father told me that I was going to have breasts like a woman but still keep my dick. I started to protest then remembered the gag in my mouth. He removed it and told me to go wait in the car. He turned to the doctor to thank him and asked how he could repay him.

After I left the room the doctor told my father that he can repay by giving him a blow job. My father dropped to his knees in front of the doctor. My doctor grabbed his head and slammed his dick down his throat. It only took him a matter of minutes before he was ready to cum. My father pulled his head away and asked that he cum in a cup. He would feed it to me later that night as dinner.

Once my father reached the car he told me there would be one more stop. We headed to a tattoo and piercing shop. He pierced my ears, eye brow, tongue, belly button, and nipples.

Once we got home he leads me down to the basement and it had been redecorated. There was a cage in the corner that I was instructed to get into. Once inside he handed me a pill and told me to take it. I was passed out cold.

I awoke to find myself curled up in a dog cage with small A cup breasts. The dick and ball rings had been put back on and I was rock hard. I wanted release and went to go jack myself off when I heard a voice. I turned my head and there was a TV monitor with my father on it. He told me this was to be my room from now on. I was only to be allowed out for when he wanted. If I needed something to drink there was a water bottle in the corner. He would give me food 3 times a day and insert it through a slot. Then the screen went blank again.

I looked in the corner to find the water bottle but it was in the shape of a dick. I was extremely thirsty and knew the only way I could get something to drink I had to figure out how to get it out of that. I put my lips around it and nothing. I bit it and nothing. Then I realized I would have to suck it to get anything out. I started sucking and it tasted horrible. I knew it was not water.

My father reappeared in the room but this time in person. He let me out of the cage and asked if I enjoyed my drink.

I said "Yes but it tasted funny."

"That was the doctors cum you were drinking. That's all I will fill that bottle with. Any time I cum I will fill it in that bottle. Now get over here."

I started to walk and he told me, "No. Get down and crawl like the bitch you are." I crawled over to him and was told to get on my knees and suck his cock like I had that bottle.

It was the first time I ever sucked a mans cock. It was weird. It was soft and hard at the same time. The taste was different. Not bad but not great. I really started to get into it when I heard a door open and close. I turned my head and there he was........


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Loved reading kept me hard the whole time do you have next part ready?

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