Daddy's Little Girl


"Daddy?" Ashley asked.

"Yes honey?" I said.

"Last one in the pool has to clean the grill!" She yelled as she ran across the patio and jumped into the pool with a big splash before I could even get out of my lounger.

"Cheater!" I yelled as I ran to the pool and did a cannon ball that landed just a few feet from Ashley making sure to splash her.

Ashley and I splashed around and swam together for about an hour or two before we got tired and decided to relax in the hot tub for a while. Ashley and I both sighed as we lowered ourselves in to the hot water. Once we got settled in the water, we started talking.

"So, what are your plans for your prom sweetheart?" I asked.

"I dunno Daddy. A couple of guys have asked me, but I might just go solo," Ashley replied.

"Why's that?" I asked, curious as to why she would want to go alone if someone had asked her to go with him.

"Well the majority of the guys think they'll get lucky because its prom, and I just don't want that," She explained.

"That's cool honey," I replied with a smile.

Ashley smiled back and we talked about a few other things for a while before we just sat back and relaxed in silence. I had my head back and my eyes closed when I heard Ashley gasp softly. I opened my eyes and turned my heard so I could look at her and noticed that she was squirming around in her seat quite a bit with her eyes were closed.

"Are you ok sweetie?" I asked softly.

Ashley's eyes shot open as she gasped. Apparently she had forgotten I was there. "I-I'm fine Daddy. The water just feels so good. That's all," She answered between shallow breaths.

As I watched her, I noticed Ashley's pelvis slowly lifting off her seat until it broke the surface of the water and she gasped again, only louder this time.

"Ohhh," Ashley moaned softly.

"Ashley?" I said softly. I felt like I was in some kind of trance or something. Here was my daughter in our hot tub with me, obviously using the water jets to get herself off.

"Oh God! I'm sorry Daddy it just feels so good that I can't stop," Ashley said breathlessly.

I didn't know what to say, I just sat there slack jawed and in shock. My body seemed to have a mind of its own because I could feel my cock getting hard.

"Oh God! Oh Daddy! It's happening, I'm gonna cum!" Ashley panted.

My eyes popped out of my head for the second time today as I heard those words. My little girl was about to get off right in front of me. Me, her own father!

"Oh Yes! O-o-o-h-h!" Ashley stuttered as her orgasm washed through her trembling body.

I watched as Ashley's body trembled and convulsed with her pleasure only a few feet in front of me. When it was over, her body slowly sank back down into her seat and Ashley was panting softly.

"I can't believe you just did that in front of me!" I said in a mixed tone of outrage and disgust I wasn't really sure I was feeling as I got out of the hot tub. I stalked through the house to my bedroom, fully aware that there was a large tent bulging from the front of my swim trunks.

"Daddy I..." Ashley called to my retreating back. It broke my heart as I heard her start crying. "I-I-I'm sorry," She whispered through her tears when I was out of earshot.

"Good going Ashley, you really fucked that up," I said to myself.

I got out of the hot tub and wrapped my towel around my body before slowly walking after my daddy while I tried to figure out what to say, how to fix this.

"Does he hate me now? Is he disgusted by me and what I did? I wondered.

As I walked down the hall towards our bedrooms, I noticed the door to his bedroom was partially open so I pushed it open a little more and peeked inside looking for him.

"Daddy?" I called softly.

There was no response, so I stepped inside. I heard some noise coming from the bathroom so I walked towards it but froze when I heard my name.

"Ashley, how could you do this to me? Oh fuck baby girl, you're so fucking hot. Ohhhhhhh. Oh God, yes, take my cock. Oh fuck yes Ash, take Daddy's big hard cock. Uhhhh, uhhhh, ahhhh," My Daddy was saying softly. "Yesssss," He hissed then became real quiet.

A couple of minutes later, I heard the shower come on and I ran as quickly and quietly as I could to my room.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" I said to myself in total and utter disbelief.

When my brain started working again, that's when I figured out it was time to take things to the next level. A little later that day Daddy and I had dinner and watched a movie. It was a quiet night, neither one of us knew what to say to each other. After the movie, we said our goodnights and our "I love you's" before we went to bed. I laid in my bed for a couple of hours waiting for Daddy to fall asleep. Around midnight climbed out of my bed wearing just a baby doll t-shirt, since I don't wear panties when I sleep anymore, and made my way to Daddy's bedroom. He always left his bedroom door open at night unless mom and him were having sex. I peeked through the door to make sure he was really sleeping. He was, so I slipped into the room and moved to his side of the bed. I slowly and carefully pulled the blankets down, trying my best not to disturb him. I smiled when I saw that daddy slept naked. Even soft his penis was pretty big, at least four inches long.

I took a deep breath steeling myself for what I was about to do, and then I reached out with a trembling hand and gently touched my daddy's penis for the very first time. Daddy moaned softly at my touch, and I froze as I waited to see if he'd wake up or not. When he didn't I took his penis in my hand and gently caressed it. It was kinda weird watching and feeling it become hard and grow longer and thicker in my hand. Daddy unconsciously spread his legs for me as I continued stroking his hardening cock. With butterflies the size of condors in my stomach, I leaned forward and licked the tip of my daddy's cock with my tongue, tasting his precum, and then I took Daddy's cock in my mouth for the first time.

"Ohhh yesssss," Daddy moaned in his sleep but he still didn't wake up.

I smiled around Daddy's cock and I slid my mouth up and down his shaft. I was able to get about three quarters of it in my mouth, before I'd have to stop and pull back to the head. Daddy's cock got even bigger and harder as I sucked on it. His hips started pumping up and down as I kept sucking on his cock.

"Mmmm, ohhhh," Daddy moaned.

When I felt his cock start to throb and pulse in my mouth, I knew he was about to cum, that's when it happened.

"Wha-what the? Ashley what the hell are you doing?" Daddy said looking down at me as I was sucking on his cock. "Ahhhhhhh!" He cried as he shot his hot load down my throat.

I moaned as I swallowed every drop of his cum as it shot from the end of his cock.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" Daddy moaned as he threw his head back on his pillow.

When I couldn't suck anymore cum from his cock, I pulled my mouth off it with a loud plop. I looked at Daddy as he recovered and waited for his reaction. It didn't take long.

"Ashley, what were you thinking? How could you have done this?" Daddy asked me softly.

"I-I-I did it because I love you and I want to feel what its like to be loved by you," Ashley said.

"But honey, I do love you. I love you more than anything else in this world, but we can't do this kind of thing. Not only is it wrong, but it's against the law and both of us could get into a lot of trouble if anyone ever found out," He said.

"I don't care about all that stuff Daddy. Look, you asked me before why I didn't have any serious boyfriends, and the real reason is because I love you and I want you to be the one to make me a woman. I want you to be the one to take my virginity Daddy," I said.

"I-I can't do that honey. I just wouldn't be right," Daddy said.

"Don't...don't you love me Daddy?" I asked tears starting to form at the corners of my eyes.

"Of course I do!" Daddy said.

"Oh, so you just don't want me then," I said sadly.

"Its not that either, it just that... that..." Daddy said, hesitating as he tried to find the right words.

"So you do want me?" I asked hopefully.

"Ash, I could lose my job and even go to jail if anyone ever found out," Daddy said.

"But you do want me?" I asked still more hopefully.

Daddy looked me in the eyes for a long time before he said anything, and then finally he said, "Yes honey, I do want you. But I can't have you, its just not right," Daddy told me.

"I want you too Daddy and I don't care whether it's right or wrong. Being with someone you love can't be wrong. It just can't. And, I want my first time to be with someone I'll always love and who will always love me no matter what, and you're the only man that I'll ever be able to say that about Daddy," I told him.

"Ashley, that's nice of you to say, but it still doesn't change things. You're still my daughter," Daddy said.

"Daddy, I want to be more then that. I want to be your lover. I want you to have me the way no other man will ever be able to have me," I told him, as I climbed onto the bed next to him.

Daddy was about to say something, but stopped and just stared at me with his mouth open. It was pretty obvious that he hadn't realized before that I wasn't wearing any panties. This was the first time he has seen my pussy since I was little girl. That fact that I was still hairless seemed to surprise him a lot too.

"Do you like what you see Daddy?" I asked.

"I uh...I..." Daddy said unable to form a sentence.

I pulled off my t-shirt so that I was as naked as he was, and then I leaned against him and caressing his chest I asked him, "Daddy, please make love to me. Please be my first Daddy."

That seemed to be the straw that broke the camel's back because Daddy turned on his side and brought his lips to mine and kissed me. It started out as a simple kiss, and then I felt Daddy pushing his tongue against my lips so I opened my mouth to him and his tongue slipped inside. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and they swirled and rubbed against each other in a dance of passion. We both started moaning as we kissed and I moaned even louder when I felt one of Daddy's hands start caressing one of my breasts.

"Oh God. Daddy that feels so good," I moaned, as I pulled away from our kiss panting with desire.

Before I could even get used to what I was feeling, Daddy took the nipple of my other breast into his mouth and gently sucked on it and flicked it with his tongue. And then, Daddy started lightly pinching, pulling and twisting the nipple of my other breast with his hand.

"Ohhhhhhh," I moaned in pleasure and put my hands on Daddy's head.

Daddy switched to sucking the nipple he had been pinching and pinching the nipple he was sucking.

"Ohhhhhhh yesssss," I moaned again as Daddy devoured my nipples switching back and forth between sucking on them and teasing them with his hand.

And it only got better after that, because Daddy started kissing down my body over my tight belly stopping for a few seconds to tease my belly button with his tongue before continuing his journey downward.

"Oh baby," Daddy said softly when he saw how wet I was.

Daddy didn't waste anytime burying his face between my legs or his tongue in my pussy.

"Oh God! Oh fuck yes!" I cried out as I pulled his head tight to my pussy while at the same time arching my hips off the bed. Daddy licked my pussy all over, but he paid special attention to my throbbing clit. Daddy must have had a hard time licking my clit because I was thrashing my hips all over the place, but he kept on licking away at it. First his tongue would circle it one way, and then the other. And then he'd flick his tongue up and down over it before switching to a side-to-side motion. Sometimes he's suck on it or nibble it gently. Before I knew it, I was cumming. It was better then anything I had ever felt before, stars exploded in my head and electric tingles shot through my entire body. Even after Daddy had pulled his head from between my legs my body was still twitching and convulsing for several minutes. When it finally passed, I collapsed on the bed panting like I had just run a marathon. The sheets between my legs were drenched with my cum. It looked like I had peed the bed.

I looked at my Daddy and saw that he was breathing hard and his face was completely soaked with my cum. "Looks like my little girl's a squirter," He said with a huge grin.

"Oh God Daddy that was incredible! I've never felt anything like that before!" I exclaimed breathlessly.

"You haven't seen anything yet baby," He said, as he moved between my legs. "Are you ready?" he asked softly as he held his hard cock in his hand mere inches away from my hungry pussy."

"Oh yes Daddy! Make me yours!" I begged.

With a smile, Daddy leaned forward balancing his weight with one hand on the bed while he used his other hand to guide his cock to the entrance of my pussy. He rubbed his cock head around the outside of my pussy teasing me and lubing it with my juices before slowly and gently sliding it in me for the first time. He had only gotten the head of his cock inside me when he hit my hymen and paused.

"Are you sure you want this honey?" he asked. The concern in his voice touched me deeply.

"Yes Daddy, more then anything," I assured him.

With another small smile, I felt him pull out slightly and then with one hard fast thrust my daddy took my virginity and buried his cock deep inside me.

"Ahhh!" I cried out in pain.

Daddy held his cock inside me with out moving it for a while to let me get used to it while he leaned forward and kissed me softly on the forehead.

"Are you ok baby? Do you want to stop," He asked.

"Yeah...I'm ok Daddy," I said panting softly.

"Do you want to stop?" he asked again.

"No... No Daddy. I definitely don't want to stop. I just need a second," I said, still panting softly.

After a minute or two, the pain started going away and I reached up and pulled Daddy down to me and started kissing him again. Our tongues danced in each other's mouths as Daddy started moving his cock in and out of my pussy. Oh God, it felt so good!

His cock stretched my tight little pussy like nothing I had ever imagined, and his cock was so deep inside was just...just...WOW!

"Oh God, Daddy you're cock feels so good inside me! Take me Daddy make me yours!" I cried.

"Oh baby your pussy feels so good. It's so hot and wet and tight!" Daddy said, as he pumped his cock in and out of my pussy.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, Ohhhhhhh!" I moaned as Daddy fucked my tight little pussy. I could feel another orgasm starting to build deep inside me.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh," Daddy grunted as he thrusted his hard cock in and out of me.

I wrapped my legs around Daddy's ass and raked my nails up and down his back as my climax drew closer and closer. "Oh God, Daddy don't stop I'm gonna cum again!" I cried out.

That seemed to drive my daddy to even greater heights of passion and lust, because he started pounding his cock in and out of my pussy like a jackhammer. His cock seemed to have gotten even bigger while we were fucking. Our bodies were slick with sweat and felt so sexy as they moved against each other. And then it happened...

"OH GOD! OH DADDY I'M CUMMING OH YES! FUCK ME DADDY FUCK MY PUSSY!" I screamed as my orgasm hit me like a runaway freight train.

I screwed my eyes shut and fireworks exploded in my head! My body trembled, convulsed and quaked beneath me daddy's body as my orgasm rolled through me. My pussy squirted my cum all over Daddy's thrusting cock soaking both of our lower bodies and the bed like a garden hose.

"OH GOD BABY I CAN'T HOLD BACK ANYMORE! I'M CUMMMIINNGGG! AAAHHHHHHH!" Daddy yelled as his cock exploded deep inside me as he shoved his cock as deep in my pussy as he could possibly get it.

I could feel Daddy's cock throbbing and pulsing inside me. I could feel his hot cum flooding my pussy. I was so full of his cock that his cum was leaking out of my pussy from around his hard shaft.

When he finished cumming Daddy collapsed on top of me breathing hard. After a minute or two he pushed himself up and rolled over to lie beside me on the bed. We both lay there for a while trying to recover from our orgasms. Then Daddy rolled over and looked at me wide eyed and said, "Oh fuck! I came inside you and I wasn't wearing a condom! Oh shit! Oh fuck! What if I just got you pregnant?"

"Daddy, it's ok. I've been on the pill since I was 14. Mom put me on them to help regulate my periods," I said in soothing tone.

"Oh thank God!" Daddy said and rolled back over and collapsed on his back again.

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by Anonymous07/15/18

not too bad

good story, i know things like this happen as i seduced my daddy more or less like this, don't know why you mentioned about daddy being a cop, it added nothing to the story.

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by Slut4daddie36D01/04/18

Hot fuck!

Loved it! My first time was hot erotic with an older man. No pain as I had been fingered and he used toys in me so it felt great to finally FUCK a cock.
Please keep writing its so hot!!

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