Daddy's Little Girl


I dozed for a while until suddenly I became fully awake and alert! I could feel something hard pressing into my buttocks! Dad's penis had become hard and was pressing against me through his trousers!

"Dad?" I whispered in the dark; wriggling my buttocks and trying to squirm free.

"Its ok; you know I won't hurt you," he whispered back as I struggled.

He held me down in his lap and I could feel his penis rubbing against my buttocks through the layers of material. My Father stroked my thighs and his other arm snaked around my waist holding me down into his lap. He was thrusting his hips and I could feel that my skirt was beginning to ride up my waist so that now his erection was rubbing against my panties through the material of his trousers.

"Dad we have to stop!" I whimpered.

"I think this is going too far!" I snivelled.

"You promised me that you would make me happy and I promised you that I wouldn't hurt you," he whispered back, still nuzzling at my neck.

"Have I hurt you? Is what I'm doing hurting you?" he asked; the tone of his voice now stricter.

"No," I answered.

"Just let me do this for little while; it makes him feel good, and your Mother liked it a lot," he said.

My Father was right; he hadn't actually hurt me; and in a way it was sort of comforting rocking back and forth in his lap.

I relaxed, and for about fifteen minutes I was content to let my Father rub his penis against my buttocks as I swayed gently back and forth in his lap; his hips thrusting up in time with my rocking. My skirt was rucked right up around my waist now and Daddy's penis felt rock hard against my buttocks. The material of my panties hissed against the gusset of my pantyhose as his member, still trapped inside his trousers, rubbed itself in the crease of my buttocks. It was getting warm down there and my own sex organs were emitting a nice tingly feeling.

Father had moved both of his hands down to my lap and as one of them fondled my stockinged legs, the other hand crept across to the front panel of my satin panties and just rested there, his fingers gently caressing the satin material.

Then he suddenly lifted me up in his lap and one of his hands began to fumble with his flies; as I heard the ominous sound of his zipper opening I again began to struggle and whine. I was tottering with my heels resting precariously on the floor as I tried to push myself out of his lap. My Father held me around the waist firmly with his other arm.

"Now, now, now!" he said determinedly, "Stop being silly!"

"I told you I won't hurt you and I won't! But you have to trust me!" he said.

I stopped fighting and allowed him to lower me down into his lap again, determined that if he hurt me I was going to struggle for all I was worth!

But he didn't hurt me. He sat me back down in his lap and I could no longer feel his erection on my buttocks. I stopped the last of struggles and leaned back against him again.

"You won't hurt me will you Daddy? You love me don't you?" I whimpered.

"I love as much as I loved your Mother," he said and turned my head and kissed me hard on the lips.

Then I felt my Father's hands push my thighs tightly together in his lap and he started gently thrusting up and down again.

His erection was now between my thighs!

It felt hot, smooth and hard against the skin of my thighs through the silky material of my pantyhose. It didn't feel at all menacing and if anything it was soothing compared to the feeling of it jutting into the crease of my buttocks. I let my Dad probe his erection between my thighs feeling the heat of his throbbing organ through the gauzy nylon. After a while I could feel my pantyhose become a little wet where he was rubbing against them but it still felt nice and comforting.

He was raining kisses on my lipsticked lips and I felt the lipstick smear across my face as his kisses became more fervent. I found this was a little disconcerting but decided not to anger him any further. I pushed my buttocks down into his lap and wriggled my hips hoping that he would like it and that it was the sort of thing Mom might have done for him. His erection was now trapped in the Vee of my thighs rubbing against my nyloned thighs and the silken gusset of my panties.

The nice tingly feeling had returned as Daddy's erection rubbed against my crotch through the gossamer material of my underwear.

Dad was gasping and moaning between the kisses and although I somehow knew what we were doing was terribly wrong it didn't matter because it was our special secret and I was making my Daddy happy. I was doing the special things that Mom used to do for him when she was still here; the special things that made my Father happy.

Then he reached down between my legs and he took hold of his erection and slid it under the material of my panties so that only the gusset of my pantyhose prevented it from touching my naked skin.

Now I did begin to struggle again but it was a half hearted effort, and the when Dad's fingers ripped a hole in the gusset of my pantyhose the sound had a finality to it that matched my utter compliance.

I screamed into my Daddy's mouth as his penis entered me; the pain was almost unbearable.

He covered my mouth with his lips; still kissing me as he twisted my head around and gasped into my mouth.

"Hush! Hush! Hush!" he panted, "The pain will ease; I promised you I wouldn't hurt you and I know that now I have; but if you keep still it will be ok."

I forced myself to relax as his member expanded inside me, slowly working its way deeper and deeper. I found that if I concentrated and relaxed the muscles down there that it didn't hurt as much.

When he was fully inside me I felt full and stretched to the limit; his erection throbbed inside me as we both sat completely still; my muscles relaxed and to my surprise the nice tingly feeling started to return slowly replacing the pain.

I lifted myself up a little and it started to hurt again, but not as bad. I pushed down and it hurt some more but this time the tingly feeling was stronger than the pain. I leaned forward a little until my heels rested on the floor; and then I ever so slowly began to ride up and down on my Father's cock.

At first the movements were infinitesimal; but as I became more accustomed to his penis filling me up and throbbing inside me I was able to slowly increase the amount of his member that I let slide in and out of me. After a few minutes his penis was sliding easily in and out of me and Dad was thrusting in time with me as I rode up and down in his lap.

Leaning forward with my heels on the floor I couldn't turn my head to kiss him but the warm tingly feeling emanating from my crotch and the sound of by buttocks slapping against his lap as I rode him more than compensated for the pleasure of kissing him.

Dad's hands gripped my thighs so tightly that he tore my pantyhose and I felt his fingernails dig into my sensitive skin. I rode up and down on him as he groaned and gasped, my own cries of pleasure mingling with his in the gloomy lounge. His sweat and my perfume combined with the musky smell emanating from our sex organs enveloped us in a steamy miasma.

I didn't know how long I was supposed to keep doing this for my Father but he was obviously getting immense please from it and as long as the nice pleasurable feeling kept building up from crotch I was happy to keep doing it all night if I could!

Then my Father's fingers clenched my thighs in a vice like grip and he pulled me down hard into his lap. He thrust up hard and groaned and I knew that something special was happening as my heels drummed on the floor.

His penis convulsed as he released himself deep inside me; he reached around and squeezed my penis, milking me until I ejaculated and flooded the front of my silky satin panties with my own warm semen.

Tomorrow Daddy would come to watch me, his only son, play football on the hallowed ground of our town's college football field; but tonight I was Daddy's little girl!

The End

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