tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Little Girl Ch. 01

Daddy's Little Girl Ch. 01


It was my summer break before going back to college. I was 19 years old and still a virgin and scared to death about the possibilities of becoming a non-virgin!

I had just gotten home from my date with my boyfriend Mark. He liked it when I would dress revealing for him. We had never gone all the way. He had touched my pussy and I had touched his cock a few times but that was all that ever happened. I am just too scared to do it. Sure, I have had a few girlfriends go down on me, but that is so different than having a big fat cock inside of you.

I leave Mark with a kiss goodbye and another raging hard on. He tells me that it is okay and that when I am ready he will be waiting for me. I just don’t know if I will ever be ready.

I walk into the house and find that my dad’s office light is still on. I need to talk to someone about all this, so I walk into the study. My father has always been a very handsome man. He has a chest that most guys my age would die for, big thick arms, a nice smile and a very thick COCK! This was the first time I had ever seen it, but he was at his desk standing with a full hard on, jacking off.

I could feel a familiar twinge between my legs. I stayed back and watched for a few moments, not wanting to interrupt him. God, he looked so good stroking himself. My mouth began to water, imagining what he would taste like in my mouth. I had never thought about doing things like this with Mark. God, I wanted him. My knees were getting so weak I needed to come so bad. I had on a plaid skirt that was short enough to allow me to reach my hands between my legs and start rolling my clit back and forth between my fingers. God, it felt incredible. I tried not to moan when I came but I let out a faint sound. I knew that he was going to come and see what the noise was so I tried so very hard to compose myself.

“Princess, is that you?”

Trying to sound as if nothing was wrong…”Yea, Daddy. Sorry I...umm…umm…stumped my toe coming down the hallway.”

“Well don’t do that sweetheart. Are you okay?”

“Yea I am fine. Can I talk to you for a minute Daddy?”

“Sure Princess, come over here on the couch, just give me a minute to turn off my computer.” I sat there so nervous, wondering if I should just go ahead and go to bed. I was so scared to tell him what was going on between Mark and I. But Daddy and I had always been so close, I just knew he would have the answers that I needed.

“So, what’s up baby girl?” He said as he positioned himself on the couch only mere inches from me.

He was occasionally looking down at my breasts and I could just make out the hard lump in his pants. This was going to be much harder than I thought.

“Well Daddy you see I am having problems with Mark. It seems all the he thinks about lately is sex, and I am not sure that I am ready for all that. Sure we have made out pretty heavily several times, but I am so afraid to go all the way.” Breaking out into tears, I said, “Oh Daddy! I just don’t know what to do. I am so scared.”

Gathering me into his arms, he comforted me saying, “Sweetheart, it’s okay. What do you expect boys to think of when they see you. You are so very beautiful. You have a body just like your mother’s when she was your age.”

I felt Daddy’s hands so slightly rubbing on the outside of my thigh. It was giving me Goosebumps all over and making my nipples very hard. I knew that he could feel their hardness pressed up against his chest.

Then, he began to slowly feel upwards to my ass. I was in such a daze that I did not want to stop him, it felt so incredible. He was grabbing and squeezing my ass, suddenly he shifted slightly so that he could see my face.

“Princess, you aren’t wearing panties!”

“No, Daddy I know I am not. Mark likes to eat me out sometimes, so I don’t wear them when we go on dates anymore.”

“No wonder you have this boy wanting you. You need a spanking, you have been very bad!”

“Daddy, you have not spanked me in years.” I said jerking myself up to a sitting position.

“Well I am going to do it now. Bend over my knees right now young lady.”

I resisted a little but he pulled me onto his knees and raised my skirt to reveal the full sight of my round ass. He began to softly spank it, with each lick getting harder and harder.

“Daddy, please stop that hurts. I promise I will never do it again. Never Daddy!”

My cunt was dripping wet by the time he was done spanking. He lightly rubbed over my sore ass where he had left his red handprints. He even bent down to kiss both checks a few times. I could feel my pussy practically dripping wet. He slowly ran his fingers down the length of my ass to reveal my swollen wet pussy lips.

“Oh My you are wet my darling. Would you like Daddy to take care of that for you?”

God yes! My fantasies were coming true. “Yes Daddy please.”

“Ok Princess. But you must say…Yes Daddy please eat my cunt until I beg you to fuck me.”

“But, But Daddy…I have never been fucked.”

“Say it Princess!” He growled.

“Daddy please eat my cunt until I beg for you to fuck me.”

With that Daddy ripped my shirt wide open and shoved my skirt down my legs. He left on the heels that I had borrowed from Mom though. When he ripped off the shirt, he realized that I had not worn a bra either. He grabbed both my nipples and began to painfully twist them.

“From now on Baby Girl, when you are at home, you are never allowed to wear a bra or panties. That is just so that I can do this.” He said as he continued to twist and play with my nipples.

He then picked me up and sat me down on the couch. He pulled my ass to the edge and spread my legs very far apart. He began licking my nipples and grazing his teeth against them. My whole body felt like it was on fire. I was tingling from head to toe and ready to explode at any moment.

He sat up and slowly began to rub his hands over my nipples.

“You know Princess, I have been dreaming about this day for a very long time. I have watched you walk out of this house in skirts that were so short I could see your little ass if you sneezed”

His hands wondered lower onto my belly and upper thighs. He rubbed gently only using the tips of his fingers, causing my whole body to quiver in delight.

“ I have watched your tits bounce up and down when you are walking by me. And even sneaked into your room at night and jacked off watching your beautiful naked body.”

My eyes peered at him in amazement at what I was hearing. I could not believe that my father wanted me as much has I had always wanted him. His hands were on my inner thighs leaving rings of fire wherever they went. My pussy felt as though it might explode at any moment.

“Honey, I am not blind. I am just a man. And tonight I want you to become my lover. I want to make you become my little slut. Is that okay with you Princess?”

“Yes Daddy, yes it is. I am just so scared.” I spoke but I was barely able to. His hands were getting closer and closer to where I wanted them most.

“I want to make you learn how to suck my cock until it is rock hard. I am going to teach you how to deep throat it and make me come in the back of your throat. You are going to love swallowing my come…do you understand me Princess?”

“Yes, Yes Daddy! I understand. Please eat my pussy Daddy! Please. It feels so good. I wanna come Daddy!”

Still his fingers remained far from where I desperately needed them.

“ I will let you come in due time my Princess, but first you must learn the rules of our little game.”

“Yes Daddy.”

“ I am going to make you beg to fuck me. You will learn to take my cock in your ass and beg for more. I will make you scream with pleasure. And I will eat your pussy until you squirt your juices all over my face. Is that okay with you Princess?”

“Yes Daddy, yes. Please, Please, make me come. I will do whatever you want Daddy!”

With that my father lowered his head to my lovely shaven pussy lips. He began to nibble on my inner thighs first and then went further down my legs to my feet and ankles. He bit, licked and kissed my toes. Excitement shot right through me until I could feel my clit throbbing with anticipation.

So, carefully he made his way to my cunt. Starting on my pussy lips, he licked and sucked them. I grabbed onto the cushions of the couch and began thrusting my pussy towards his face, silently begging him to devour me. He Thrust my legs open up into the air and told me to hold them there.

My pussy was now spread wide open and I could feel his breath on it. I laid back and close my eyes as his tongue began to slowly flick against my hardened clit. His hands wondered up to my full D cup breasts where he began to pull, twist, and tease my nipples. God it felt so good to have my Daddy eating my cunt. The sight of him down there pleasing me was much more than I could take.

He began to suck harder and harder when he felt my clit beginning to throb. The more he sucked the more I came. He had me screaming and writhing under him. Begging for him to keep going!

“Oh Daddy, please don’t stop! Please fuck my cunt with that tongue of yours Daddy! Please, please fuck me Daddy! I want to feel your big hard cock in my tight wet pussy! Please Daddy let me feel you!”

He made me come several more times with his face buried between my legs. He would pull and pinch and twist my nipples making me come harder and harder! I was dying to see what his big, fat dick would feel like in my hot cunt.

Daddy began to finger me, one finger at a time until he had three of them in me. It hurt so badly but I could not stop coming. I was screaming with pleasure. I wanted nothing more than to feel him inside me.

After giving me many, many orgasms he got onto his knees and leaned up to kiss me. I kissed him back. Our tongues meeting and twirling around the others. His hands were still on my breasts while he was kissing me.

He sat up back onto his knees and helped me up to a sitting position. His crouch was right in my face.

“Have you ever tasted a cock in your mouth Princess?” Slowly he began to unzip and remove his pants.

“No Daddy I have not. Mark has asked me too, but I was afraid that I would do it all wrong.”

“Oh baby, it is so easy and I am sure that you will love it. Here hold onto it, stroke it like you would a soft kitty cat.”

“Daddy , your cock is so big. I don’t know if my mouth will fit around it.”

“Of course it will sweetheart. Don’t you worry about all that; you are doing a fine job of stroking Daddy’s cock. Oh yea Princess there’s the spot. That is the most sensitive spot on any man’s cock. God yes!”

I was slowly running my hands along his cock up and down the underneath side of it where I felt a large thick vein. I kept slightly rubbing my nails up and down his cock. He was so hard and so big. I wanted to see what he would taste like in my mouth.

“Now, Princess I want you to get on your knees in front of Daddy. Yes, just like that baby. Now I want you to lick the head, the sides, underneath, the balls and everywhere else. Lick and kiss it all over.”

“Like this Daddy?” I began at the base of his dick and ran my tongue up to his very sensitive head. I rolled my tongue around it a few times and barely kissed the top of it, sucking the very top into my mouth. I knew that he liked it by the way he was moaning. I licked and kissed my way back down to his balls where I gently took each of them into my mouth and rolled them around with my tongue.

“Oh Damn yes Princess! Are you sure you have not done this before? You are a damn good cocksucker. But now I want you to take the head of my cock and slowly let it enter your mouth. Be careful not to go down too far yet. Tease me with your mouth baby. Umm…yes, that is the way to do it!”

I was taking the head of his cock and letting it slide in and out of my mouth. Slowly I was going down a little farther and farther. I would take his cock into my mouth as far as I could and the come back up grazing my teeth along his shaft.

“Now, I want to fuck your face baby.”

He grabbed me by my ponytail and shoved my face down onto his cock making me gag. But god I wanted it. He would pull it out and rub the pre-cum all over my tits and face. He pushed it slowly deep into the very back of my throat making me kiss his balls. Thrusting harder and harder into my face.

“God, I love fucking your face Princess. Your mouth is so hot and wet. I want to come deep in you throat. Can you feel it baby? Can you feel what you are doing to my cock? Oh God, yes.” He said as he shot his hot, delicious come down my throat. At first I thought that it would be disgusting and I would not be able to stand it, but he tasted so good. When he was done he did not pull his cock from mouth but instead told me to continue sucking and licking it until he became hard again and then he would fuck his little Princess.

“Did you like that Princess? Did it feel good for Daddy to come deep in your throat? You keep doing what you are doing and Daddy is going to get hard again and fuck your tight little pussy.”

I did. I sucked every drop of come from his slightly limp cock. I nibbled at his head and used my tongue to make circles around it. His cock was so very sensitive. I could tell by the way that he was wincing when I would use my teeth. Burying him deep into the back of my throat again, I began to suck on his cock like it was the best Popsicle I had ever had. Slowly his cock got harder and harder in my mouth until I could feel him beginning to throb again.

He pulled me up by the ponytail and led me to his desk. There was barely enough room for him to lay me on it. But he did. My ass was at the very edge with his hands underneath it. He carefully began to penetrate my virgin cunt. At first it hurt so bad that I feared I could not stand the pain. But when he reached down to suck on my nipples, he shoved himself inside me and I came all over him. God, his dick felt so good going in and out of my tight, wet cunt. I reached my hands behind me grabbing the desk to fuck him harder. I wanted him buried in me as deep as he could go.

I could not stop coming, my pussy was on fire. He was pounding into me so hard. Before I knew what was going on he ripped me from his desk and stood me on my feet. He bent me over. My hips were touching the edge of his desk and my hands sought for something to hold on to. I grabbed the other side of the desk just as he was kicking my legs apart and shoving his hard cock into my cunt again. Daddy grabbed my ponytail and pulled my head back. God, he was so deep inside me, and it hurt so badly, but I was still coming. It felt so good to feel it slip out of me and then slam back into me.

“Does my Princess like it when Daddy fucks her? Does he like it when Daddy shoves his big, hard cock into her?”

“Oh God Yes Daddy. Oh, Oh, Oh, God, Daddy it feels so good! Please don’t stop! Keep fucking my tight little pussy! Please Daddy! Oh God Please!”

He let me lay back onto the desk and began to slowly fuck me. His hands would occasionally slap my ass and make me come so hard against his cock. I could feel his wet fingers beginning to explore my tight ass too. With his cock buried deep in me he slowly entered a finger into me. Pleasures pulsated to my clit and made it throb around his hard cock. He could tell that I liked it by the way I was grinding back into him.

Slowly he pulled his cock from my pussy and I could feel it at the entrance of my tight ass. His hands began to roam my body first playing with my nipples, twisting and pulling on them. And then moving to my clit. Rotating it around with his fingers. Slipping his cock back into my tight pussy for a few more strokes to make sure he was wet enough, he then began to enter my ass. At first it was very slow and burned so bad.

“Daddy, please fuck me. Please fuck my nice tight ass! I want to feel your hard cock there so bad! Please Daddy!”

With that he grabbed me by the ponytail again and SHOVED his cock into my ass and fucked me so very hard. His free hand was busy manipulating my clit and making me come over and over. I thought I would pass out from just the pure pleasure of it all. He was now thrusting into my ass. Pushing his cock as deep as it would go. Slowly he would pull out and then slam it back into me.

I could feel him beginning to throb again. He pulled his cock out really fast and instructed me to get on knees and open my mouth. I got onto the ground with my hands behind my back on the floor supporting me. He spilled his load once more down deep into my throat and made me clean off all the excess.

Gently he lifted me from the floor and held me close.

“ Did My Darling like her first little lesson in becoming Daddy’s little whore?”

“Yes, I did Daddy. When can we do it again?”

He took me back to the couch and laid me down with my legs spread wide and to began eating my pussy again.

Wicked Angel

February 7, 2003

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