Daddy's Little Girl Ch. 02


“Yes, master,” I said numbly. I could not believe what I was hearing. I was dizzy and my mind was whirling as my head was flooded with all different kinds of thoughts. I was scared; I was excited; I was needy. I was sexually aroused more than I have ever been in my whole life.

“You will serve me completely. Do you understand what I mean by that?” he asked slowly, quietly, almost like a teacher instructing a pupil.

“Yes master.” It had to mean sexually, I knew. I could not wait to serve him sexually. My whole being was begging to serve him and please him. I wanted to please him now!

“Now clean up the kitchen,” he ordered and sat back down at the table, ignoring me while he drank his coffee and read the newspaper. Oh, how he knew how to tease me! With a whimper and shudder of need rolling through me, I stood and began about my duties, clearing the table, bowing my head respectfully, taking the dishes and walking to the sink. Out of the corner of my eye, I looked at him and shook with need, but quickly turned away for fear of being beat. While I stood at the sink washing the dishes, I felt utterly a slave. I used to do the dishes before, but now it was different. I was doing them for my master. He had commanded me. Just the thought of even doing the most servile of tasks was making me drip with sex. My little cunny was soaking wet and I could feel my juices slick between my thighs, running down like a river. I could smell it too, even as I did the dishes. I was wet just from washing my master’s dishes!

“Take your robe off,” my daddy said without looking up as he sipped his coffee. I looked over to him and not saying I word, I untied the kimono and slipped it off my shoulders. “Let it fall to the ground,” he ordered next and like a good slave, I obeyed him. The silk fell to the ground and I stood naked before him. My nice rounded ass wriggled so near him, begging to be fucked and I shivered just in anticipation. I wondered if he could see the goose bumps all over my body. I was sure he could see the wet juices from my cunny running down my thighs. He walked over and I could feel the heat from his face as he picked up the kimono and walked back to the table, folding the tiny garment and laying it over one if the chairs and went back to his reading and coffee. I tingled all over as I quickly finished the dishes, washing them and putting them on the dish rack. I scrubbed the sink out, too, something I never did before, just to please him and show him what a good slave I was. My cunny was quivering and I could feel my muscles flexing trying to clamp onto something, anything. I would have finger fucked myself if I didn’t think I would be beat for it. I needed his touch. I would beg for his touch.

When I was finished washing the dishes, I folded the dish towel after drying my hands and folded it and laid it down on the counter and walked close to him and fell to my knees, in the position that I knew he loved and that I loved so much. My knees were wide and shaky and my palms faced the ceiling as my head was high, but my eyes lowered deferentially to him. This naturally thrust my pert and firm breasts toward him and I wondered if he noticed how swollen and achy my nipples were right now. I wondered if he knew how much I needed his touch right now. He had to because the scent of my cunny was heavy and thick. I had never smelled myself so clearly before now. I never knew I could be as wanton and lewd as I was. But I loved it!

Without looking down at me he spoke in his smooth voice that I loved so much. “From now on, you will not be allowed clothes without my permission. Your normal attire will be what I desire you to wear. And for right now, I desire to see my slave girl nude.” He stopped and sipped his coffee. “You will remain barefoot in the home all the time. You already know the things I like and the way that I like them done and you will continue to do so, except now you shall do them as my slave girl. I will have rules set forth for you and you will obey them to the letter. No slacking. I will keep you under the strictest discipline and I will punish you as necessary.”

“Yes, yes, master,” I stammered as my head swam at the thought. He was keeping me as his slave girl and I loved it. I wanted to jump up and please him. I wanted to suck on his cock and taste his seed, feeling his hot cum deep in my belly. I wanted to feel his seed in my cunny warming it up. I wanted to feel his fat cock inside of me. I was his slave and he was my master.

Finally he turned to regard me and without warning, he backhanded me hard across the right cheek. My head snapped back and I whimpered but I fought myself to touch my cheek and I did not break position. I did not move. My eyes were big and stunned as they looked back up at him. He had punished me. But why?

“While you knelt before me, you had looked upon your master without permission,” he said calmly sitting down, regarding me with a piercing look that made my skin hot. He was appraising me and studying me. The without warning he backhanded me across my left cheek, sending my head snapping and my head spinning. “And you tried to manipulate me into giving you sexual pleasure by the way you dressed this morning. That cuffing was for trying to manipulate me.

I had been cuffed. That was what it was called. “Ye-yes Master,” I stammered, trying to keep control of myself. Even been cuffed like that, I could feel my cunny quivering with desire for him. What a slut I was.

Looking down, I felt my heart skip a beat and my skin crawling as I heard his pocket knife snapping open. So many times I had watched him sharpen it and for some reason he was opening it. My breathing was quick and ragged, waiting, anticipating. I felt the cold steel at the base of my neck, still and quiet but so loud, sitting there. I tried not to jump but it was no use, my body quivering feeling the sharp instrument of his power on me. I hoped I would not be beat for moving.

“You will please me or die,” he said simply, quietly, calmly. “You are my daughter, but you are my slave. And you will be pleasing or die. It is that simple.” My eyes looked to his, questioningly, quietly, fearfully, and he did not cuff me or cut me so I thought it was tacit permission to look upon him. In his eyes saw resolve and steel. I could also see desire and wanting. I knew that he wanted me but he would keep me under strict discipline and that I would be under his will. Master would set the limits and the terms of the relationship, not me. The blade at my throat taught me of his steel will, which I saw in his eyes.

”Yes, master.” It was all I could manage. Looking boldly into his eyes, I asked, “Master, may your slave girl pleasure you? May your slave girl attempt to bring you pleasure?”

“Doe she beg for the opportunity to pleasure me?” he asked.

“Yes, your slave girl begs it.” Then without thinking I added, “your slave girl begs to please her master. She begs for the opportunity to be what he needs.”

“You may attempt to do so,” he said, turning his chair to face me. He seemed disinterested and that only made me want to please him more, to interest him. “But let it be known that if you are not completely and fully pleasing to me, you will be beat.”

I shuddered at the thought. “Yes, master,” I said softly. There was a moment of silence and I felt awkward not knowing what to do. It was obvious that he was waiting for me to please him. He had accorded me the opportunity to try and please him, and now I must try to do so, it was clear. Slowly and shyly I edged closer to him on my knees and he opened his knees for me giving me access. I could see the bulge from his cock in his pants and I shuddered just thinking about it.

Without even thinking, I leaned in and kissed his right knee. My eyes closed and I felt warm all over, a shiver running through me and my belly on fire. I kissed the other knee and slowly moved forward in between his knees. Gently, I undid his belt and fumbled with his button and zipper on his pants. After untucking the shirt from his pants, I saw his pelvis and lower stomach, hard and strong with rock hard abs, with a little bit of hair starting at his navel, what I liked to call the happy trail. I giggled at the thought and leaned in and kissed him. As soon as I put my pouty lips on his stomach I felt his stomach tighten and a ragged breath and I knew he was excited. I got a chill just knowing that I was sexually exciting him and that drove me on. I leaned in again and kissed him again, this time more lingeringly and longer with my tongue flicking out to lick his stomach and his pelvis. I was rewarded with his hips bucking forward lightly in response to my kisses and licks.

I pulled his pants down as he lifted his hips to assist in this and I gasped when his fat cock sprang up all hard and beautiful. I took a deep breath and caressed it to my cheek, lovingly worshipping the cock that not only gave me such pleasure, but also was the same cock that had given birth to me. What a wonder this was, I thought to myself as I inhaled his scent and felt the warmth of his cock against my cheek. I placed a loving kiss at the tip of his cock, right at the pea slit and then slowly, lingeringly swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and I felt it jump lightly in my hands. Looking at the glistening head, I swirled my tongue around it again, tasting him and feeling him grow even more aroused.

Looking up into his eyes I thrust my head down pushing his fat cock into my mouth, savoring the taste and pressing light pressure against the bottom side of his cock with my tongue as I sucked him in. This was so hot, looking into his eyes as I sucked on him and I could feel my clit throbbing and my cunny aching. Slowly I bobbed my head down on his cock making slurping sounds as he hit the back of my throat. I relaxed and soon felt his entering my throat as I gagged lightly but was intent on taking all of daddy’s thick cock into my mouth. I was rewarded by a deep groan from him as he lifted his hips to meet the thrusts of my mouth down onto him.

I could not get enough of his cock as my head bobbed, lightly sucking on his as I felt him fucking my young mouth, licking and sucking at him. I pulled his fat cock out of my mouth and licked and kissed down the shaft of his cock and at the base I swirled my tongue there before going low and sucking his balls into my mouth, stimulating them with my tongue while my small hand lightly stroked his cock.

“That’s it slave girl, suck your daddy’s balls,” my master said in a throaty whisper. I could tell he was excited. “Suck on your daddy’s balls like a good girl.”

“I want desperately to be a good girl for my daddy. I want my daddy to make me into a good girl. I want my master to show me to how to be a good girl for him.” I quickly sucked his balls into my mouth again before licking them with the flat of my tongue and then went lower to the sensitive skin between his balls and his anus. His cock jumped in my dainty hand as I stroked him and he groaned when he felt my tongue there.

Licking back up to his balls and his thick shaft, I kiss and worship his cock lavishing it with my tongue and lips back up to the large head, wishing it was inside me right now. I kissed the tip again and squeezing light just behind the head, I looked and saw his pea slit open up and I licked and kissed it, flicking my tongue against it. He moaned loud and I knew I was doing good, only driving me on. I rubbed the head of his cock against my cheek, my eyes half closed as a warmth shot through me that I could not explain. God, I loved him! I loved him so much!

“I love daddy’s cock,” I breathed with the head of his cock against my cheek. “I love my daddy and I love his cock.” Then I got back to pleasing him, sucking his cock into my mouth again, harder and faster, gagging on it as it hits the back of my throat, slurping and gurgling. I didn’t know how aroused sucking cock could make me but here I was sucking my master’s cock and I was afire, my clit was burning and my cunt was dripping, dripping! Wanting to be fucked so bad I sucked his cock fiercely, mouth fucking myself, slurping and licking at him while my head bobbed up and down.

His cock was growing harder and thicker and I could feel it jumping and throbbing in my mouth. I loved the things I could do to him. I was so proud that I could make my daddy, my master so excited. I was so proud that it was me that was sucking his cock. “I’m going to cum in your mouth,” daddy growled in a matter of fact voice and my eyes turned to his and got big as I got ready, relaxing the muscles at the back of my throat. I had no desire to be punished again for wasting some of his cum. I wanted to drink every last drop of his hot seed.

Before I knew it he was exploding inside me as he moaned and the hot cum went right down past the muscles and down into my belly, warming me up. I moaned hard as I exploded too, cumming hard, my hot cunny juices splashing out between my thighs as his seed splashed against the back of my mouth and coated my throat until it warmed my belly. I was moaning and whimpering as the orgasm shot through my body and I was warmed all over by his cum. I looked up at daddy with need in my eyes but did not speak because his fat cock was still in my mouth. I moaned and whimpered feeling his hot cum filling my tummy. I wanted it inside me.

“Keep sucking, slave,” my daddy said and I whimpered but obeyed his command. As his now soft cock rested in my mouth, I pushed it deep to the back of my throat and sucked lightly, my cheeks pulling in rhythmically as my tongue swirled and flicked against him. I put my hands on his thighs and when he did not push them away, I wrapped them around his waist and pulled me into him as his cock grew hard again inside my mouth. Slowly and gently, I moved my head up and down, pushing his cock into my mouth. I could feel my cunny growing hot again and my clit aching and I worked harder at sucking him, my nostrils flaring at his scent.

I loved the way he got hard and I was proud that it was me doing it. I was making my Master’s cock hard again! The pride made me wetter and hotter as my whole body worked at pleasing him. My mouth sucked. My tongue swirled and licked. My lips tenderly encircled his hardened cock. My finger nails trailed over his thighs and hips. He moaned and I nearly came just from knowing I was pleasing him. I needed to please him, deep down in inside. Something in me yearned to please my daddy, my Master.

“Ohhhhh,” I whimpered as my eyes snapped open, feeling the burning in my scalp as his strong fist pulled my head away from his cock. My eyes were drawn to the thick seven-inch cock which I loved so much. “Daddy, please!” I begged.

I was answered with a backhand across the cheek which sent my flying to my side. Being cuffed, I lay there stunned, my cheek burning. My whole body ached in need. My heart was racing and my head throbbed as I wondered if I would be spanked and punished again. I didn’t know. I was a slave and it was up to my Master. Fearing punishment, quickly I move to position, rocking back on my heels, thighs wide open, showing myself for his pleasure with my back straight raising the line of my breasts. My nipples were achingly hard and he could tell. My whole body trembled with need.

Whimpering again softly, I move with his hand as his fist pulls me up off my knees to a standing position. As he pushes me face down on the kitchen table, I let out a groan and spread my legs instinctively, only my tip toes touching the ground. I can feel him behind me, close, almost touching me. I can’t see him, and with my eyes clenched shut I wait for what it to come. Will it be a spanking? Will it be a beating? Will he tease me? I don’t know and with anticipation I wait in silence, my body rigid.

“Ohhhhh, Master!” I exclaim as I feel his large strong hands spreading my ass cheeks, I raise up higher as I feel myself open and examined. My cunny is aching and juices dripping down my thighs. I need him to touch me. I need him to fuck me! I need my Master to use me! I want to beg him but fear being cuffed again for speaking without permission.

My ass wriggles and I moan out loud as I feel his finger massaging my tender virgin asshole. My hips rock back at the sensation and my whole body tensed. I had never touched there before and it was new. It sent pulse waves to my pussy and I whimpered in need. I needed him to fuck me! I needed my Master inside me!

Surprising myself, I whimpered and tried to move my ass back to find his hand again but found it gone. I gasped when I felt his finger at my lips and I hungrily sucked it between my lips. Using my tongue, lips and mouth I gave his finger a blow job, acting like it was his cock. Just the act of blowing his finger was setting me afire! I had an idea where his finger was going and I made sure it was nice and wet.

My tongue trailed out seeking his finger but it was gone.

“Master!” I exclaimed as I felt his finger press into my asshole. The tip moved past the sphincter and I could feel it try to expel the digital invader. My muscles moving and fighting him only made me hotter, contracting and sending waves of pleasure to my cunny. He pushed his finger past the knuckle and soon my hips were rocking back and forth fucking my own ass on his finger. I whimpered and moaned in need. God, I wanted him inside my ass.

As if he could read my mind, he removed his finger and I cried out, waiting it back inside my ass. I wasn’t disappointed when I felt the head of his cock at my anal entrance. “Yes, Master. I want you to fuck my ass.” He didn’t punish me for speaking so I kept talking to him. “Fuck my ass, Master. It’s yours. Take my anal cherry. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I felt the head of his cock enter my ass and pain seared through my body. I clenched my teeth and closed my eyes shut.

Slowly he moved his whole cock into me as my sphincter muscles clamped down on him, tightening on his large member. God it hurt so much! But I loved it! My daddy was fucking my ass! Soon, his whole cock had invaded my bowels and he sat there, reveling in my tightness, feeling my muscles contracting around him. My cunny was aching and dripping, the sensation reverberating through the thin wall between my two holes.

“Master!” I exclaimed again as more pain shot through me as he withdrew his cock leaving only the head inside my anal cavity. My whole body was tight and I could feel the sweat on my forehead. “Master!” I cried out as he took both hips tightly in his hands and drove his cock into me hard and fast. Oh, God, it hurt so much. I had a piece of the table clothe in my mouth and I bit down on it hard while tears rolled down my cheeks.

Every nerve was alive as he fucked into my ass, driving his cock into my bowels, invading me, fucking me, taking me. I was his! Soon the pain lessened and I could feel the burning in my cunny growing. My orgasm was building and I knew I was not allowed without permission. Like water rushing down the river, I was trying to damn it up. I bit the table clothe trying to hold back as my eyes clutched. I was fucking my ass back into his cock, meeting his strokes. He was filling me up so much. My Master was taking my all and I loved it as he fucked my ass. I couldn’t control my whimpering and moaning as we fucked in synch.

“Do you like that? Daddy asked roughly, hoarsely as he panted, slamming his cock into my ass.

“Yes Daddy! I love it. Fuck my ass. Fuck your little girl’s ass. I am yours. I am yours, Master! I belong to you! Fuck my ass and take every hole as your own. Masterrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

“You may cum girl,” he said softly, not letting up his rhythm as he fucked into my ass. I could hear the slapping of skin against my hips as he slammed into me.

I exploded. “Masterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” I yelled as my world went into a kaleidoscope of colors. Every nerve was alive, every muscle tightened as the orgasm washed over me, through me and in me. I’ve never cum like that before as it took me over. I was talking without making sense as my cunny gushed its juices. My whole body rocked.

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